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3 Ways to Improve Your Brand Reputation Online

According to Google, the vast majority of consumers (about 97%) use the Internet to search for businesses. And this is the reason why billions of brands are vying for the top spot in the search rankings. Therefore, the challenge for a business is to become more influential than the other businesses.


Online marketing tactics have changed; you can’t rely on old methods to build your customer base. Here are different ways you can build your brand’s reputation online.


Be Consistent with your Branding


It can’t be said enough; consumers prefer to buy from brands they are familiar with. Communicating with the consumers through a consistent brand voice provides your business with creditability and recognition. Businesses use several channels (blogs, different social networks, and document sharing sites) to reach out to customers; therefore, displaying a consistent branding strategy across all these channels is important.


Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing has skyrocketed in the past year to become the darling of the marketing world. In the past year, 60 percent of brands implemented the strategy in their marketing plan. This number is expected to rise by 15 percent in 2017.


In this strategy, a business reaches out to an influencer (a blogger, Instagrammer, celebrity, and YouTube star) and work with them as brand advocates. To find a good influencer, you can carry out your own research or partner with a company that will connect you with top influencers.


Press Release Marketing


Press releases are an efficient and affordable marketing tool to enhance brand visibility and recognition. If Google News picks a press release about your company, then your brand will receive additional coverage.


Even though these strategies can push your brand to the right direction, remember that building a reputation takes time and won’t happen overnight. Apply these strategies consistently, and you will nurture a stronger reputation for your business.