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I Helped My Friend Make The Switch To Beneful Brand Foods

I don’t mean to judge, but I don’t understand why some pet owners don’t take the health of their pet seriously. I have a friend that has been feeding her dog a store brand dog food for years, and her pet has been sluggish, sick, and unhealthy a lot of the time. She absolutely refused to believe that it was the dog food making her pet sick, and I recently decided to examine the food that she was feeding her dog. After looking at the dog food, I saw that the ingredients were nothing but a joke. I couldn’t point out one real food that was in the bag of dog food.

I only buy Beneful dog foods because I know that the ingredients are real, and it’s perfectly balanced for nutrition, just for my dog. I suggested to my friend that she should try Beneful for her dog, but her only excuse was that her dog has no problem with the dog food she has been feeding him for years. When my friend said she was leaving town for a few weeks, she asked me if I would watch her dog. I told her I had no problem watching her pet, and I decided to do a little experiment.

When I got my friend’s dog, he was so lazy that he didn’t even want to walk around. My friend left me a bag of her store brand dog food, and I put it to the side, and I chose not to feed the food to her dog at all. Instead, I took my own money, and I bought an extra bag of Beneful, so both my dog and her dog could have Beneful. After a few days of her dog eating Beneful, I started to see a bit of a difference.

I noticed that her dog would run to his bowl when it came time to eat. After a few more days, he wasn’t as lazy as before, and he began to run around with the other dog. A week had passed, and he was more energetic than before. After three weeks, you would never know that this was the same dog, and he no longer would throw up like he used to when he was with his owner. When my friend came back for her pet, I told her that I fed him Beneful, and she couldn’t believe how much better her dog looked and behaved. Needless to say, she now has chosen to only feed her dog Beneful!

The New Powerful Beneful Advertising Campaign

If you haven’t seen the new “I Stand Behind Beneful” Beneful advertising campaign, you are really in for an inside look at the inner workings of the Purina company. As reported by PR Newswire, Purina launched a new campaign directed at dog owners across America, making use of dog owners within the Purina company to tell this new compelling message.

Staff members in all different departments and levels at Purina are chiming in about how they not only enjoy creating the Beneful brand, but how it is the only choice they would ever give their own dogs. Filmed at the Purina factory in Atlanta, Purina associates are talking in great detail about how Beneful utilizes only wholesome and all-natural ingredients in wet, dry, and even dog treats. Wet food is full of the proteins that every dog loves, from chicken, pork, beef, and lamb.

Listen to Purina associates from accounting coordinators, performance managers, to ingredient mixers, as they explain how they would only feed their dog the best possible food on the market and how Beneful is the only choice for them. Having seen from the inside how love and caring is just a part of the baking process, these team members all are in agreement that in order to help a dog live a longer and healthier life, it all comes down to the foods they are fed. Each member speaking on behalf of Beneful echo the message that there are no short cuts when it comes to preparing this Purina brand dog food.

The staff members at this Georgia factory are not just creating dog food for your pets, they are feeding it to their own dogs too. That commitment and dedication to providing a healthy alternative for dog owners across America is the foundation on which this brand has been created. The “I Stand Behind Beneful” campaign was simply a rallying cry from concerned Purina associates, but it has turned into a nationwide message for providing your dog a new choice from a brand you can trust.