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Shea Butter – Quality is Key!

Shea butter is a solid oil that is removed from the nuts of the Karite trees (also known as the Mangifolia tree). The Karite tree is found in Africa, this tree bears edible fruits, the shea butter is found inside the nut of these fruits. The nuts are removed, crushed and boiled in order in order to remove the incredible butter they produce.

Shea butter is rich in vitamin A, E and essential fatty acids. The natural properties make it a fabulous nourishing moisturizer. The organic moisturizers in this butter virtually match the natural oils produced by our sebaceous glands. Shea butter is versatile, its natural (and smells amazing) you will love using it on your hair AND you body.

There are many ways of using Shea Butter on your hair. You can warm it up to liquefy, apply to hair and leave on for a period of time before shampooing, this will deep condition the strands, leaving your hair feeling luxurious for days. After heat styling, a small amount can be applied to smooth and shine. Shea butter also does wonders for curly hair, apply a tiny amount before twisting.

There are many options when it comes to purchasing Shea butter, however, doing a little research is worth your time. You want to find the most organic and unrefined product, this will ensure that the natural properties you are desiring are intact. EuGenia Shea is a family-owned business that focuses completely on providing Shea butter products. This successful company is run by a daughter and mother (a Ghana native), and the former President of the Global Shea Alliance.  Their website has many options for shea butter, and it’s worth checking out Eugenia Shea for yourself

EuGenia Shea has a solid reputation of selling the highest quality product. The business model of focusing squarley on one primary ingredient ensures they only want to be associated with the purest product. Eugenia Shea butter goes a long way, because it so completely matches our own bodies chemistry you don’t need to use a lot to reap the benefits.

Eugenia Shea offers a handful of products to try. The everyday Shea, the Pregnancy Shea and the Dermatological Shea butter. They also offer a Gift pack which includes a sample of all to try.

Doe Deere’s Makeup Brand Is Fun And Colorful

Makeup can be fun and colorful and anything that a girl wants it to be. There are so many good makeup brands out there, and many of the newer brands offer more unique items to those who are hoping to create a look of their own. No matter what a girl decides to put on in the morning, though, she should always be making sure to have fun with it. Makeup is supposed to be about allowing one’s inner self to show through, and when girls remember that they should love their makeup more than ever.

Doe Deere is a woman who has loved makeup for most of her life. She even decided to start testing out all of the different items that were available to her for a time, and she posted the looks that she created with those items online. Through doing that, she gained a large fan base, and that is part of what encouraged her to become an entrepreneur. She had many ideas of things to do when creating makeup, so she put all of those ideas together and formed her very own brand. She created bright, dark and glittery makeups and just had fun with all that she could do for her brand.

Many of the newer brands offer items that are quite fun, and every girl should make sure that her makeup excites her. She should pick up the kinds of pieces that will allow her personality to shine through, and then she should be sure to have fun with her makeup

Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Succeeded In Her Career Because Of Her Training

There can’t be too many career paths that are more complicated and that require more hard work than becoming a cosmetic surgeon, but Dr. Jennifer Walden did not let that scare her off when she was first setting out. She knew that she had all that it took to become a cosmetic surgeon, and she tried for success. She was excited to get started and give her career her all, and that is what she has done since day one. She has tried her hardest to never let anyone down with the kind of surgeries that she has performed on them, and that is why she has done so well in her practice.
Not too many people are able to do the kind of work that Dr. Jennifer Walden has done, and not too many people are able to take the practice that they have started up and to move it across the country while still keeping it popular, either, but that is what she has also done. She has made her career into something so great that people will come to her no matter where she is. People know that they can trust her to do well in the surgeries that she performs, and that is everything to them.
So, when someone wants to get started on a tough career path they should think of Dr. Jennifer Walden and how hard she worked to make her career happen. They should think of the kinds of success that she’s had, and they should realize that any bit of work that they put toward making their career happen will be well worth it. As Dr. Jennifer Walden has proven through her career, good training is everything. As long as one knows what to do, and as long as they do their best all of the time, then they should be able to succeed in their career.

Lime Crime Helps Beauties Standout

Most people have hopped from one makeup brand to another, often hoping to hide this or that. The strange thing is that most will eventually find that they aren’t really showing their true selves because they are so focused on hiding things that most people never even notice until it is pointed out. More and more people are finding out about Lime Crime and are stopping their brand hopping. Lime Crime is a unique company that provides beautifully wide ranges of colors for beautiful females and males to truly express themselves and stand out.

The founder of Lime Crime set her standards high by offering cruelty-free and vegan products on that come in a large range of shades from heavenly pastel-sherbet colors to the most vivid jewel tones and richest blacks. Lime Crime can be found online and off in select stores as well as on the faces beautiful models in the trendiest of runway shows. The colors truly are versatile and can be used to create subtle looks, bold looks, and everything in between. Customers will not find plain beige and brown colors from Lime Crime because everything pops beautifully, even the subtle shades. It is unclear how they Lime Crime has managed to do this but they have.

Lime Crime prides itself on creating colors for everyone to truly standout with rather than hide their personalities and blend into the masses. Lime Crime is worn by beautiful, creative, unique, fun, unapologetic, and vibrant women and men around the world. This company has filled a void with their product color ranges and cruelty-free/vegan standards. Lime Crime’s colors are true to color and are long lasting no matter which shades are chosen.

Some of Lime Crime’s most popular products are the Venus: Grunge Palette and Velvetines. Venus: The Grunge Palette gives provides eight amazing shades such as Venus, Creation, Divine, and Muse, all in one beautifully packaged palette. Users become artists with this palette that includes reddish tones and neutral shades. Lime Crime’s Velvetines are the original liquid to matte lipstick and are available in 16 different shades such as Utopia, Suedeberry, Pansy, and Black Velvet. The Velvetines popular color offering makes people collect every single shade.

Lime Crime offers eye, lip, and nail makeup that is anything but ordinary. Those who want to be ordinary wear anything else. But, when people want to standout beautifully and express their personality, they choose makeup from Lime Crime.