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Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye Beauty Product Looks Fashionable

Lime Crime, which is a beauty company, have created a product called Unicorn Hair Dye which is very innovative. This is one of the newest and organic beauty products by their company. People will want to try this because the dyes are made from vegan ingredients so no one needs to count on bleach or peroxide for hair dye. This product has thirteen different shades of colors which comes in tint formulas. These tints can last up for a little over a week, and after several washes, and it provides full coverage if the costumer is not happy.


What’s unique about this product is each container of dye is affordable just under $20. It is not designed to damage your hair. Because this conditioning formula is made especially with the purest, vegan ingredients, people do not need to worry about using this product. The dye will not ruin the colors on your clothes and sheets. This product is only made to color your hair. It has been proven that the unicorn hair dye will fade away gradually by itself. For anyone who may want their hair to fade away faster, they can use a cleansing shampoo just by simply washing it several times until it is gone.


What makes Lime Crime an interesting company is that it is very fashionable, and so many people will like how their products are used for their hair. Lime Crime’s goal is to help create makeup in a fun way and how it makes you feel positively. It has become an unusual leader in the public eye.


With so many variety of products they offer, it sets new standards for performance and quality. It has begun to change the face of beauty with multiple choices by the products they produce. This company also wants their customers to express themselves openly, to help create attractive looks and the feel of fashion alike.


Get Remarkable Lime Crime Products With Intricate Colors

Lime Crime has just revolutionized the way they create colors by taking it to the hair dye platform with thirteen new colors to choose from. Their colors are not based with bleach or ammonia and are still known for being vegan and completely hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. Their hair dye containers offer their customers a full 700 ml with each jar. Get a maximum of up to 12 washes with their permanent dye and 10 washes with their tint. Thousands of women and guys around the world are totally unapologetic about their color options. LC offers radical colors like Metallic and Purple Sorbet.


Their super-foil cosmetics are great for bringing color to your eyelids and lips. You can choose from a wide direction of eyeshadows and lipsticks. Their velvetine matte products go on smooth and finish with a perfected dry mold. Their waterproof cosmetics stay in place throughout your day and hold under the harsh camera lights for many celebrities. You’re invited to mix and match their colors for the perfect blend. You can visit their YouTube channel for creative ways to mix, match, apply, and blend LC products. Get great clothing items and accessories from their sister company, Dolls Kill.


Choose from many fantasy-inspired colors that will give you remarkable shades, changing the way you think about color. Your friends will admire your new color options and you love the way you look in your signature selfies. You can set your own color trend with thousands of their social media Instagram followers that total 2.4 million. Enjoy a product that won’t smudge when you eat or drink. Match your outfits with a wonderful blend that will transform your mood or your compliment your outfit.


Get Lime Crime dyes and cosmetics exclusively from their website with many promotional and first time offers. Join the thousands of people around the world that choose to let the inner unicorn inside out with a burst of color.