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The Use of Virtual Reality Revolutionizes the Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is significantly evolving with new technologies popping up from different regions of the world. The current trend, which is the integration of virtual reality in the automotive industry, has facilitated many processes ranging from the production to the shipping of ready goods. This is evident in several manufacturing industries where this sophisticated technology is used to run simulations to test the viability of the motor vehicles under production. Buyers of cars can also walk through the market via the virtual reality technology to know what car to purchase depending on their various utilities.


The driving simulator has also been integrated with virtual reality to provide logistics such as warnings on impending dangers, distance coverage, fuel level checks and rate of consumption among others. Below are some of the possibilities in the automotive niche, thanks to virtual reality technology.


The Lexus Company has integrated virtual reality in the design of their recent vehicle installments. It includes the driving simulator which runs on the VR Cave. It provides a dome through which a projection of the landscape is shown. The components of the dome include cylinders arranged to tilt and rotate depending on the orientation of the car at any given time, therefore, giving the driver a surreal driving experience.


The EVOX Images is also another company that has used the VR technology to customers’ advantage. Most people seeking to purchase new cars are often confused with the appropriate car to buy. Going through myriads of companies present today is rather painstaking. Therefore, EVOX has come up with image simulations and 3D depictions of almost all the car models and brands online. This gives the customers a sneak peek into the various cars in the market enabling them to make a choice.


Vroom has done tremendously well in virtualising showrooms. While partnering with the HTC Company, Vroom is looking to expand their digital showrooms. The initiative will give their customers the pleasure of being able to view both the interior and exterior of their prospected vehicle models in all angles. They can then place their purchase via the company website, thanks to virtual reality technology.


AppReal-VR, a virtual reality development company, is also on the prowl to revolutionize the industry with innovations in both the idealization and execution processes of car production. They are also after creating a virtual showroom for their products. The company specializes in computers, mobile phones, and specialized technologies.