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Michel Terpin – Leader

A great leader is based upon good morals, work ethic, and overall personality. Personally, I want a leader that tries to connect with each individual. Equality is a dying status. Someone who is fearless to take on all of the hardships is one whom I would admire. Michel Terpin delivers.

I would say Terpin’s strengths are his ambition and determination to make a difference. I haven’t quite figured out the how of my theory, but I am constantly striving for greatness, whether I am focusing on being a more patient mother, a good listener to my friends, or in developing my career. I constantly put effort into every aspect of my life as Terpin does.

Terpin believes that if you’re not working toward a goal, what is there to live for? When you think about it, any decision you make is for the end result. Well, my strength is my strength in doing so. The same goes with writing: There is only so much knowledge you retain from English or Writing in High School. With the ambition to strive for greatness, I use this in constant reading. I also make it a family activity to learn a new word each day: If I could afford to further my education with College classes, I definitely would.

I would say my weaknesses most definitely is my impatience. I have the ability to obtain greatness, but my personality traits can get in the way. I focus a lot on my weaknesses daily, trying to break free of the mold. My impatience in writing can be seen at times. I will force myself to proofread my writing multiple times. I will take a break from my writing, because as I have read in one article, doing so helps you come back to the slate with fresh ideas.

Michel Terpin’s a perfectionist. This is not a particularly bad trait but can at times produce a “racer’s block” because of one’s impatience. I can happily say that I have managed to address that this is an issue and that is the first step towards positive results.