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Improved Communication and Interaction Between Teacher and Parent

When you think about how parents and teachers communicate you often think about the meetings that occur quarterly called the parent/teacher conference where the parents actually get the opportunity to talk with the teacher face to face about how their child is doing in school and the teacher gets the opportunity to go over the child’s grades and areas needing improvement. While these conferences will still more than likely occur, there is a new way for parents and teachers to communicate where they do not have to wait on this quarterly meeting to share information. ClassDojo is an app that is changing the way parents and teachers communicate and helps enhance the education of the child in this regard.

When using the ClassDojo app teachers are able to share photos and videos of the child during the day as the child is interacting with other students while doing class work or projects and even share adventures such as field trips or other events that occur during the school day. The parents are able to see their child at school like they have never been able to before with this app. Teachers and parents are also able to text each other privately by using this app which further opens the door to communication between them and helps create a communication platform like they have never had before.

The ClassDojo app also features a calendar of events as a way that teachers and administrators are able to post important upcoming events for parents to know about and try to attend. This feature is very important and helps parents feel confident that they won’t miss something in the future.

Now in approximately two-thirds of school across the United States, the ClassDojo app is rapidly being placed in schools as a way of creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. Schools are taking advantage of all this app features in order to create open communication lines between parents and teachers and administration staff. No longer do parents feel that they are in the dark about the child’s education and no longer do teachers feel that the parents are as involved. This helps them both to interact for the child’s best interest which only creates a more positive learning environment for the child.

ClassDojo is certainly changing things for the good and all classrooms can benefit from its use on a regular basis to improve the education of the student.

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Ranks tops Other Communication Applications

The world is constantly changing with emerging technological solutions to various human problems such as communication with individuals in distant locations. However, companies like Talk Fusion have managed to keep up with the challenge by continuously developing services or features to enable individuals to achieve their communication goals effectively and efficiently. Consequently, its newest feature, the Video Chat, has shown tremendous results in a number of nations by topping the list of communication platforms.AppBrian, Android’s Market discovery feature, showed that Video Chat is the top communication or networking application in Indonesia. In addition, the application is ranked as number 20 and 5 in Switzerland and Japan respectively. The application can currently be downloaded from various platforms such as the Google Play Store and iTunes.

The news or report has been received well by the Talk Fusion team such as its VP of Training and Development, Allison Roberts. He views the performance of Video Chat as a revelation of the outcomes expected from free trials. He was impressed by the performance of just a single product from Talk Fusion and hopes for better results upon the release of the company’s free trial products.

Free Trial Applications

Interested parties of the expected launch for the free trial applications will have an opportunity to sign up for the applications through They will also enjoy a thirty-day complete access to all the products free of charge.

Remarks from Other Individuals

In addition, the application has received positive remarks from other parties such as Nancy Burling from the Grand Blue Diamond. She proclaimed her love for the Video Chat, especially due to its High Definition quality images. Consequently, she said that Grand Blue Diamond utilizes the application to communicate to individuals across the globe. Susan and Susan Baan from Diamond are also excited about the future of Talk Fusion. Original information can be obtained from

An In-depth Look at Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has managed to institute itself as number eight among the online video providers in the world. Started from just an idea in 2007 by Bob Reina through the help of his IT proficient friend, it utilizes a marketing team of independent representatives in an excess of 140 nations worldwide. Its products range from video email, Live Meetings, Video Newsletter, and the popular Video Chat App.