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Target Wishes Apple Sales Were Stronger

Anyone who invested in Apple years ago when the concept of a home computer was a novelty would, well, have gotten a fantastic return on investment. Apple has produced an incredible array of new products over the decades and seemed poised to dominate consumer marketing and technology sales for years to come. Target has noted things are not all that rosy in Apple’s corporate headquarters. The word from Target is Apple simple isn’t selling too many products these days because people flat out are not buying.

Target has not been selling a huge volume of consumer electronics products this past year. Apple products, in particular, are not moving. Sales of Apple products dropped about 20% in one quarter alone. Target has experienced some bad fortune this year. Apple is one of the reasons. The retail giant does depend on Apple to move sales figures.

Would a better marketing strategy help generate improved sales? Under normal circumstances, a revamped marketing strategy surely would have somewhat of a positive effect.

iPhone sales were shockingly bad this past year. The Apple Watch proved to be a total bug-riddled fiasco. No amount of creative or innovative marketing was going to move the needle on Apple Watch sales. The product was terrible.

A bit of good news exists on the horizon. Apple has a new MacBook Pro coming out. The MacBook Pro may change sales fortunes as a lot of marketing work is being done in hyping the release. And a new MacBook Pro, unlike an Apple Watch or even a new iPhone, is something people do need. MacBooks are not strictly luxury items.

Both Target and Apple need some hits soon. Extended flat sales do no one any good.