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ClassDojo Is Creating A Better Mindset Around School

ClassDojo is an educational platform made to increase the communication for students, parents, and teachers in the classroom. This unique program allows parents and teachers to be more engaged with their kids. While in the classroom, instructors can use the ClassDojo program to connect to any students connected to the app to give notes and offer feedback. It also shows the progress of the student and their skills relating to teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership. ClassDojo is getting a lot of use, and most schools prefer their platform over others.

This app allows for the sending of photos, videos, stickers, notes, and messages from teachers directly to students and parents without any trouble. Because of this, parents can experience more moments from the classroom along with their kids. Teachers are able to post on the Class Story as well, which is a news feed that is private to show specific moments that happened in school. This feature is only usable by verified teachers and parents.

For several years the quality of learning and educational programs have continued to grow and develop into more effective tools that can help instructors and parents more effectively teach their kids. For many kids, parent involvement is often needed for them to fully develop and learn, ClassDojo is an excellent tool for accomplishing this. ClassDojo supports an assortment of 35 languages and offers parents access to their children’s profiles. In order to be a part of the ClassDojo rooms, parents will need to receive an invitation from their child’s teacher.

Students are not excluded of course, they can make their own accounts and take part in the app as well to keep up with their performance. Students need only ask for an invitation from their instructors to get started. The app is easy to use and safe for kids, however any student under the age of 13 will need parental consent before many of the ClassDojo features will become available. While using the app, students will be able to check notes, feedback, and more from their teachers. No personal information is required from parents or students to signup on ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is a proven and tested educational platform that has been helping parents and instructors become more engaged with their students with better communication. This unique program will continue to help build more positive and engaging environments for students in school.


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