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Employees Offered Buyouts by AMC Networks

Things are not going very well lately for AMC Networks or the people who own stock in the company. This is because the stock has dropped a hefty 20 percent so far in 2016. This is not a surprise to many people familiar with the TV industry. A huge chunk of AMC’s profits the past six years has come from the massive ad revenue that their hit show “The Walking Dead” has been able to generate. The zombie series is still averaging an excellent 13.2 million viewers for every episode. The problem is that this number is down significantly from when the show was at its peak. In fact, ratings are down eight percent from 2015. That is a tremendous amount of advertising dollars that AMC is no longer taking in.

This has caused AMC Networks to look for ways to save money. A total of 200 people who work for the company were offered buyouts that were voluntary. A spokesman for the company said that they believe 20 to 30 of those people will accept the buyouts that were offered to them. The company wants to avoid the drastic measure of laying off employees because of the bad public perception of their financial stability that it will create. Low viewership of the freshman series “Preacher” is another reason for the poor revenue so far this year. AMC was banking on the show being a hit and a cornerstone of their lineup. However, the viewers have not shown up as they had hoped.