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Amazon Prime Air Takes Flight

Looking to expand their already massive footprint when it comes to online retail, Amazon showed one of the 40 cargo planes it plans on using in order to help speed up the delivery time to its ever-growing customer base. Amazon already has 11 of the leased planes in service, which are presently delivering packages to those individuals in the company’s Prime Loyalty program.

Amazon plans on getting the remaining 29 planes in the air over the next two years. The one displayed for media was the first to be fully branded. The words “Prime Air” can be seen on both sides of the plane, with the company logo on the bottom.

The effort was sparked in part by the company’s continued growth and the push to avoid the debacle that took place during the 2013 holiday season. Relying on other transport services like UPS and FedEx, bad weather helped cause delays for packages that were scheduled to be delivered before Christmas.

Despite the addition of the planes, Amazon will continue to work with FedEx, UPS and others. The main reason is the sheer breadth of the number of packages they deliver in a given year, which was estimated at one billion in 2015.

Amazon’s growth continues to mean huge profits for the company, with development of other delivery mechanisms, like the use of drones, continuing. That was made easier when the Federal Aviation Administration established rules regarding the use of drones. Those rules will go into effect on August 29.