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Amazon Selling Meals Kits, Already!

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce portals on the planet and sells just about anything one can imagine when it comes to consumer products. However, the company has been getting adventurous off late and trying out new ventures and products line to explore into.

One of the recent additions to their long list of products on offer to the consumers is the meal kits, which is available in the select places at the moments for the Prime Fresh Members. The Prime Fresh users can order their groceries online, but now they would be able to order the meal kits as well. The meal kits industry has been growing consistently in the past couple of years, and one of the leading firms in this niche is Blue Apron, which has been dominating this industry for a while now.

However, the roll out of the Meal Kits is not open to all the users, and only the select few Prime Fresh users would have the option to order meal kits. The meal kits sent by Amazon are smaller in sizes to the ones sent by the counterparts, HelloFresh and Blue Apron. However, the contents are guaranteed to be fresh and contain all that is needed to prepare a sumptuous recipe of your choice.

The trend of ordering meal kits has been catching up with many people as it eases up the hurdles people have to go through before cooking, and ensures that all that the recipe requires is right there. Even though Amazon is testing the delivery of Meal Kits and the process is still on a trial basis, it certainly hints at the ambitions of the company to take on the meal kits industry in a big way anytime soon. And, one can be sure that when that happens, the counterparts would be more than sad as Amazon is known to wipe out the competition.