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Goettl Air Conditioning: The Real Deal

When it comes to companies, customers know what is going on and they know what the real deal is as they have many resources out there that allow them to find out what a company is about and what their motives are. Because of this, it is up to the companies to be as real as possible with their customers. They need to come across as organic and authentic. They can’t come across as fake, phony, or like someone is bothering them. They need to have engaging personalities and they need it to be real. People can smell it and sense it when it is fake.

That is something that Ken Goodrich will not stand for at Goettl Air Conditioning. He is the real deal after all and this is a man that wears his heart on his sleeve. It is hard not to admire that about the man. When he speaks, people stand up, they listen, and they take it to heart. They know they are speaking with a man that really, truly cares. It is a feeling and feelings can’t be faked. He is a man of results and he believes in getting results at every possible turn.

Goettl Air Conditioning specializes in many things such as repairs, maintenance, and installation. They like to be a jack of all trades, so to speak. The more they can offer the customers, the better off the company and the customers will be. One can never know or guess what kind of problem might be around the corner for a company. That is why it is important to stay ahead of the curve instead of falling behind or getting lost in the shuffle. That has never been a problem for Goettl Air Conditioning under Ken Goodrich and it never will be because of his passion.


Goettl Adds To The Skills Of Its Las Vegas Based Technicians

The Goettl HVAC brand has always been a popular one with people in Las Vegas and has recently been looking to expand its range of skills available to customers like myself who use the company for its range of HVAC servicing and repair options. Owner Ken Goodrich added the Moore Air Conditioning brand that has been a well known part of the Las Vegas, Nevada business landscape for a number of years.

Goettl Air Conditioning Acquires Moore Air Conditioning

I believe the Goettl brand is on course to meet the impressive growth Ken Goodrich has earmarked for the brand in the last few months, which include the aim of increasing business by a huge 50 percent by 2017; Ken Goodrich has been impressing me with the choices he has been making, which include the chance to bring the technicians from the Moore Brand into the Goettl family with the large level of skills and HVAC experience.

My first memories of the Goettl brand come from the technicians from the company being among the most popular in Las Vegas during my childhood, which means I was always likely to use Goettl technicians whenever I had problems with my HVAC system. There has been much success over the history of the brand, which I believe will continue with the ownership of Ken Goodrich.

The Goettl brand was named after the two brothers who arrived in Arizona in the 1930s and developed a number of options and patents for their equipment they created over the course of their lifetime. My own belief is that the continued development of the brand will see Las Vegas play an important role in the vision I believe Ken Goodrich has for continuing the success of this historic brand long into the 21st century.