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New Chairman Takes The Mantle At Capital Group

Timothy Armour is the Chairman of Capital Group Companies. He is also positioned as the Chairman of Capital Group’s Management Committee and Capital Research and Management Company, Inc.

At Capital Group, Timothy was also occupied as an Equity Portfolio Manager, where he was obligated in his duties to develop customized investment plans and solutions for clients. Armour has 33 years of experience in the investment industry. He acquired quality experience in investment earlier in his career at Capital Group, while formerly serving as an Equity Investment Analyst where he interpreted financial data and public records of global telecommunication and other U.S. service companies to calculate their stock value.

Tim Armour obtained his Bachelors Degree in Economics from Middlebury College upon graduation. Prior to his employment at Capital Group, Armour also contributed to investment research while employed with other companies. Timothy Armour served as President and CEO of Morningstar from 1998 through 2000. Before retiring from the company in 2008, Armour continued to serve Morningstar as an investment analyst.

There, he performed series of analysis on Morningstar’s financial records and reported data from investment research to the department of stocks and funds. After leaving Morningstar, Armour landed a position with AARP in 2008 and served as Director of Portions before joining the associate member program at Capital Group in 2014.

In 2015, Capital Group’s Board of Directors elected an announced Timothy Armour as the Chairman of Capital Group Companies. The circumstances that surround Armour’s appointment to Chairman is attributed to the previous loss of Capital Group’s fellow and former Chairman, James “Jim” Rothenberg. Capital Group was bereaved by the death of their longtime Chairman.

Capital Group’s Board of Directors have poured out their most honorable respects to James Rothenberg by appointing Armour as Chairman in his place to continue the prestigious legacy that Capital Group conveyed for serveral generations in the reflection of brilliant and diligent managers like Rothenberg. Timothy Armour has pushed the company above their limits ever since he took his rightful place where Rothenberg once stood.

Janet Yang, a private investment analyst, gave her perspective on Capital Group and the promotion of Timothy Armour to chairman. According to Yang, Capital Group generated assets of over $1.4 trillion. She stated that Capital Group is a legendary role model to the culture of investment, and she credits their pristine acheivements to brilliant portfolio managers like Armour and agrees with his promotion.


The Ultimate Wealth Management Advisory Firm, The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is a research service company that deals with wealth management advisory. Their headquarters are located in Winter Garden, Florida. They offer research services to anyone looking forward to achieving more in life. This includes aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their life, investors who want to manage their wealth wisely, persons who want to retire early, and anyone who want to have a better and happier life.

Their mission is to guide their clients to the life each customer desires. In order to achieve this, the company provides the clients with resources that have been tested and proved to have beneficial effects on the lives of individuals in the field of real estate, finance, retirement, natural health, among others. The mission is incorporated from the time you become a member. The client is given The Midas Code book free as a bonus for membership.

The experts, as well as the product contributors, are bestselling authors, multimillionaire entrepreneurs, successful stock market investors and many others. This wide range of professionals is a valuable asset since the combined experience from the experts’ various fields benefits the clients. The main aim of the professionals is to ensure every client achieves the success of what he/she is looking for.

The Midas Legacy seeks of ways to give back to the society. The firm provides regular donations to several organizations. They include:
• Florida Sheriff Department. The company was recognized as a Gold Business Member due to its donations to this department.
• Give Hope Foundation. This is a local charity committed to offering support to children battling cancer.
• St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It is a pediatric treatment and research organization established in 1962. The facility concentrates on children’s tragic diseases.
• Wounded Warrior Project, which is a charity for wounded veterans of military activities.
• Salvation Army. It is an organization that aims to feed, clothe, care and comfort people in need including children, trafficked people, etc.
• American Society for the Prevention ofCruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

One of the experts is Jim Samson (publisher), who is successful in real estate and entrepreneurship. Jim is also a top selling author. Sean Bower is the chief editor at The Midas Legacy and Mark Edwards is the natural health expert.

Wealth managers offer all financial products available in the universe. The experts in this firm are client-centered. The role for wealth managers is gaining popularity everyday.

A Tribute To The Midas Legacy

Midas Legacy is a research company. The word Midas is drawn from King Midas. He is the King, who had who had the unique ability to turn everything he touched into gold. The Midas Legacy draws lessons from the King. If you want to be successful, look no further. The term success is broad. Isn’t it amazing that Midas Legacy does not limit itself to day to day success? They cover different areas; Money management, personal development, Entrepreneurship and early retirement.

To make success tangible, the institution makes resources available. The Midas Code book and guides in different disciplines such as self-made finance, real estate and business. Experts in these fields are successful in their fields. Jim Samson is a world renowned famous expert in matter real estate and entrepreneurship. Sean Bower is a journalist with links to business journalism. He brings his background in journalism with his expertise in finance to the table. Marke Edwards is a health expert. He focuses on natural medicine. He champions the cause of herbal and natural cures.

The strong sense of mission of the organization is planted in each new member from day one. As an organization, Midas does not only take from society. They have built a legacy of giving back to the community. The Florida Sherriff Association has recognized these contributions. Members represented by one of the experts picked up the Gold Business Member. The contributions to the police department have come a long way to making facilities available to the force.

The Give Hope Foundation is the brainchild of Midas Legacy. Just like the name suggests they give beaten member of the community a second chance at life. This is a not for profit organization. The foundation targets child cancer patients in the Central Florida area. Families in the area have a reason to smile as they are now nourished by the continuous support by the Midas Legacy.

The generosity does not end there’s Jude’s Hospital is yet another outreach by the Midas group. The Beneficiaries’ are children cancer patients and ones with catastrophic diseases. The wounded warrior project is another installment to the community. Here war soldiers who were injured in the line of battle were honored. Victims of September 11 terrorist attacks have benefited the most.

The Midas Legacy has reached out to victims of animal cruelty. The organization believes not only in Human rights but also in animal rights. In collaboration with the American Society for the Prevention of animal cruelty, the Midas Legacy works to make sure residents take good care of their pets. Offenders are arrested and charged in a court of law.

The Midas Legacy Delivers

When it comes to wealth management, there are a lot of companies out there that like to make promises. Whether they actually come through with it or not, that is a completely different story. Nine times out of ten, they are just that: talk. They do not deliver and someone finds themselves in a bad situation. It is because the company they are working for does not have their best interests in mind. The company is only interested in themselves and how they can profit off the money this individual has worked their whole lives to achieve.

That is why when it comes to companies, they do not make them any better than The Midas Legacy. They deliver, time after time, and they truly care for their customers. They know how to talk to people, interact with them, treat them, and get to know them. They know customer service is also an important part of their job. They need their customers to feel comfortable and feel like they are working with a company that is completely legit and will not let them down in any shape or form. They have the experience and they have the experts that have the best possible advice.

One must remember that this is not the type of situation where there is one singular answer that works for everyone. Each person has different things they hope to get out of their life. That is a good thing! It is great when people want something more and they do not strictly want to sit still and do nothing. That does lead to any sort of happiness, whatsoever. It leads to being too content and too comfortable. Sometimes it is a good thing for someone to break out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Retirement is something a lot of people are looking forward to, as they have put in the time, perhaps missed many important events, and worked their tails off. Now, all of the money they have saved, put away, and earned, they want it to go to good use. They don’t want it to go to waste. There is a delicate balance between having fun while retired while also having enough to last someone for the rest of their lives. The Midas Legacy helps others balance their money and get everything they can out of it for the present and for the future.

The Midas Legacy: Early Retirement

If there is one common dream among people, it is early retirement. More often than not, people find themselves working until the average retirement age. Some people work even beyond that. One issue that comes with it is that it is too late. The people who retire have very little energy to live their dreams which they have often had to put on hold for various reasons on Among the reasons that they had to put their dreams on hold is that they had a lot of debt to pay. They wind up working a job that is perhaps not the best suited to them in order to pay off their debt, and then save for their retirement.

Fortunately, there is an agency that is willing to provide assistance for those that are interested in retiring as quickly as possible. One of the firms that are helpful is The Midas Legacy. The experts of The Midas Legacy are willing to work with their clients on this specific dream that they have. They break this dream down into goals which may include getting a higher paying job so that they could pay any debt and save money. For one thing, The Midas Legacy is willing to think outside the box. It also encourages its clients to do the same.

The Midas Legacy is based on creativity. People are encouraged to explore their more creative side when it comes to looking for work. Those that are struggling even with their job are encouraged to look for ways to generate income by doing other activities. Among the people that The Midas Legacy helped are investors, bestselling authors as well as plenty of other types of clients. No one is left out from receiving help from The Midas Legacy.

With The Midas Legacy, it is not all about he money. While money does play a role in the type of help that they offer their clients, it is not the only type of service they offer. They take on every aspect of life with the realization that finances are only one tiny aspect of the life that people lead.

The Midas Legacy Guides the Way

People around the world are turning to The Midas Legacy for advice on how to live a better happier life. They provide their members with the resources needed in many different disciplines including finance, self-help, entrepreneurship, health, real estate, and retirement. The concept encompasses all aspects of a person’s life with the ultimate goal of becoming more successful.

Defining Success

The Midas Legacy allows its members to define success in their own special way. The Midas Legacy are a consultancy firm based out of Winter Garden, Florida that uses specialists in individual fields to guide clients to success. Life is short, and it should be lived to the fullest with the help of the experts at The Midas Legacy. They are a company who looks at the big picture and realizes that helping someone attain their goal of running a successful business ultimately helps others reach their goal of being gainfully employed. Everything is connected in some way and creating positive energy is the first step to success.

Building Confidence

People who have turned to The Midas Legacy experts for support have found a new level of confidence. They include renowned authors, stock market investors, and wealthy entrepreneurs who have the experience needed to guide others. These people are willing to share their knowledge in the hopes of making the world a better place to live.

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The Experts

Jim Samson is The Midas Legacy Publisher expert and is proficient in real estate, trading, and entrepreneurship with several decades of experience. Sean Bower the Chief Editor has combined his experience in business journalism, financial expertise, and self-help in a positive way. His insight was instrumental for many investors. Mark Edwards is the resident Natural Health Expert who is known to speak the truth about health practices and common foods. His dedication to natural cures has changed the way people live.

Charitable Contributions

The Midas Legacy has helped many people achieve their life goals but know that giving back really matters. They have contributed to many important charities such as The Florida Sheriffs Association, Give Hope Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Salvation Army, Wounded Warrior Project, and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The Midas Legacy wants to change the way people view the world and charity to others is part of the plan. Their support for those in need is reflective of the entire business and how leading by example is an effective way to operate any business.

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The Midas Legacy: Taking Over the Research Industry

The Midas Legacy is a research service firm that provides wealth management advisory. The company is based in Winter Garden, Florida. They help entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals. They also strive to assist investors that wish to improve the way they manage their money. The company assists entrepreneurs create jobs for other people. They are different from other institutions since they focus on life aspects that other institutions fail to notice. The company works with various sectors that include self-control, finance, natural health, retirement, real estate and entrepreneurship.

The Midas Legacy assists people develop various disciplines that are important in their lives. They help you understand how you can find alternatives that will contribute towards achieving success. The company focuses on wealth management that most people struggle with. Wealth management has proved to be easier to those who seek the right advisory board. The firm has a workforce that helps clients with the balancing of medicine and natural cures. All these quality services are the main reason anyone should consider the company for research and advisory services.

The company has grown at an impressive rate. Midas Legacy does all the research for its clients to ensure they get the appropriate information for their business. Lately, most people approaching the retirement age have had challenges on saving. The Midas Legacy has experienced employees that help with retirement planning for entrepreneurs. It helps such clients in determining where and how to invest their money. They also teach their clients on the types of investments they should avoid for long-term benefits. The research experts teach investors about minimizing their taxes and how to expand their portfolios.

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Midas Legacy – About Us

Most people believe that investing solely in stocks is the best way to invest their money. However, The Midas Legacy strives to teach that diversity is the key to successful investing. The company’s mission is to guide clients towards achieving their life desires. They achieve the mission by offering capital to members who have a positive impact on the lives of other people.

The company donates funds towards various projects as a way of giving back to the community. Charities that have gained from contributions of The Midas Legacy include the Give Hope Foundation, Salvation Army, Wounded Warrior project and Florida Sheriffs Association. Give hope foundation offers help to families in fighting childhood cancer. The other beneficiary of the company’s donations is St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The funds help the hospital in mitigating cancer and other disastrous diseases.