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A Review Of The Remarkable Contributions Made By Dr. Clay Siegall In Cancer Therapy

Dr. Clay Siegall is the co-founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm that is based in Seattle. The entity has been developing targeted therapies for diseases that have not experienced significant mortality improvements over the years. His success with Seattle Genetics is anchored on personal commitment and extensive research. His innate love for medicine inspired him to venture into the field. However, in the course of his study, Clay almost lost a close family member to chemotherapy. This incident pushed him to pursue medicine with the objective of developing innovative cancer treatments that would prolong the lives of cancer patients. Siegall spends most of his time at Seattle Genetics conducting research for purposes of coming up with better cancer therapies. He believes that success comes through hard work and having a deep passion for what one does.

About Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall pursued his BS in zoology at the University of Maryland where. Later, he earned his PhD in Genetics from George Washington University. Clay has authored over 70 publications and holds 15 patents. He co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. He chairs the board of the company. The corporation is a leader in the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Their first drug is known as ADCETRIS. Dr. Siegall is the driving force behind Seattle Genetics’ success. He pushed for the FDA approval of ADCETRIS in 2011. Through collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the company has been able to market the drug in over 65 countries.

Clay Siegall is also responsible for Seattle Genetics’ multiple strategic licenses for its ADC technology with different companies such as AbbVie, Pfizer, Genentech and GlaxoSmithKline. To date, these partnerships have generated over $350 million. Over 20 ADC drugs are under clinical development using the company’s technology. Previously, Siegall worked for the National Institutes of Health, Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute. He is a board member of various companies, including Washington Roundtable, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals and Alder BioPharmaceuticals. Over the years, Clay has received several awards, including the 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the 2013 University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year award in the category of Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences.