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White Shark Media: Choosing The Right PPC Management Service For Your Business

You probably already know that pay per click advertising is the quickest way to get targeted traffic to a website. And, there are several PPC traffic sources that businesses can use to reach their target audience. While there are several advertising platforms to choose from, Adwords is a well established platform that provides quality traffic.

If someone is searching the Internet for the product or service you provide in your business, it is vital your website or ad shows prominently in the search results, or it will never be found by potential customers.

White Shark Media has the resources and skilled professionals that will ensure that your business is found by those looking for what you offer.

Advertising agencies offer advertising solutions to businesses and organizations. These firms develop advertising programs for their clients’ business, products and services.

Established advertising agencies sign up clients, design and execute various advertising campaigns, and improve advertising messages to meet the needs and preference of each client and market reaction.

The advertising specialists at White Shark will typically consult with clients frequently throughout the advertising campaign creation and development process, to make sure that the client is satisfied with the campaign setup and management.

These PPC specialists will discuss your needs with you and get to know your business and find out about your expectations, your products and your company progress, before creating a campaign that effectively portrays the uniqueness and value of your company.

According to Glassdoor, The team at White Shark Media is proactive and transparent about how the advertising campaigns are performing and what they can try to improve on the nest time. They invest the time and effort to keep the campaign running perfectly, and make changes whenever necessary, ensuring the highest returns on investment possible in your situation.

If you are already running a PPC campaign and need help improving on your returns, then let the team at White Shark Media perform a PPC Audit in order to determine what your biggest priorities should be and what needs to be done.

If you have not yet started running PPC campaigns, but want to get started, then contact the team at White Shark Media to schedule a consultation and have a discussion which might just have a positive impact on your future.

Visit White Shark Media at their website to find out how their PPC management services can benefit your business and help you become successful.

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Find Out The Reasons Digital Advertiser Should Demand Transparency

Digital advertising industry is one of the worlds with opaqueness right from the early days of ad networks. As ad networks are the intermediaries between the publishers and advertisers, they are in a position to be largely non-transparent resulting into extremely high margins and limited reporting to either the publisher or advertiser. However, ad networks facilitate the execution of large scale advertising and enabling advertisers to reach a large audience in different locations.

Since ad networks lacked transparency, everything changed with the advent of the programmatic advertising. There was a breakthrough in dividing the buy-side technology and sell-side technology. Although this division was assumed by many to be useful for transparency purposes, the word “transparency” and the way ad networks use it means visibility. However, which part of the advertising is made visible? The following are some forms of transparency advertisers can demand.

Advertisers can demand inventory availability from their ad networks. This problem was somehow solved by the introduction of the real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic advertising. However, although it is possible to view the exact domains where your ad is running, there are still many platforms that do not provide such information.

The second thing advertisers can demand is targeting data from third parties using platforms like the demand-side platform (DSP). The problem is that it does not provide lots of transparency. While there are other tools advertisers may use to access targeting data, it means an extra burden of cost and time than would rather be if marketers could provide the data.

The other bit of transparency which the advertisers deserve is where their ads are shown. Unfortunately, there are many tech companies which pretend to be DSPs but do not provide performance reporting to their clients. It is part of providing a detailed level of visibility. It should be made available in real-time if possible because there is no reason in 2016 why a company may not be able to provide the data. It is also important for advertisers to know their ad budget, especially what is paid to the vendors and the media. Whether the advertiser is dealing with DSP or ad network, it is a vital aspect of transparency.