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Sam Tabar, Attorney and Financial Advisor

Sam Tabar is a licensed attorney, investment specialist, world traveler, and life of the party. His achievements have only been superseded by his passion for life. Honors student, high-profile attorney, and director at Merryl Lynch are just a few of the roles Tabar has filled. To say that he is a unique individual is surely an understatement.


Sam Tabar attended the prestigious Oxford University from 1997-2000. He graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence. He then went on to earn his master’s degree in Law at Columbia University from 2000-2001.

His extracurricular activities while attending Oxford included rowing and ballroom dancing. At Columbia he served as associate editor of the Columbia Business Law Review.


After graduating from Columbia, Sam Tabar went on to become an attorney at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates in New York. He worked at Skadden from May of 2001 to March of 2004.

His next career venture was becoming the Managing Director at Sparx Group/PMA. His tenure at Sparx spanned over 6 years, from February of 2005 to March of 2011.

His greatest career accomplishment came when he took the role of Head of Capital Strategy at Merryl Lynch. He was a director there from February of 2011 to September of 2012.

After Merryl Lynch, Tabar parlayed his skills to Adanac LLC, BVI, to serve as Director. At Adanac he guided the company in real estate investments and startup venture capital.


Sam Tabar is no stranger to the world of linguistics. He has a native fluency in both English and French. He acquired a working proficiency of Japanese while directing Merryl Lynch Asia-Pacific.

His greatest passions are travelling and hosting events. He enjoys seeing what the world has to offer, while partaking in the finer things in life among family and friends. Check out Sam’s IMDB profile for a little more.

He also remains an avid investor, leading the world in the next big innovations.

2015 Will Be the Year of the Color Marsala

In 2015, get ready to embrace a fresh, new perspective on color. What was once thought as “magenta” will be reborn in the fashion world, and with layouts for industrial and modern designs, and as the go to hue for chic interior decorating. 

Delightfully refreshing as it may sound, this is no mere fluke. Pantone, the official resource for color palettes, has picked “Marsala” as the hue of the upcoming year. Marsala joins other prestigious hues such as “Tangerine Tango,” which was selected as color of the year, for 2012.

The new color will pop up everywhere in Bernardo Chua men’s fashions, pet accessories, and cosmetic products for women and in color swatches for homeowners to select as the perfect decorating choice for both paint and furnishings. The color has just the right amount of swagger; it is not too bold or too subtle. It combines the richness of red wine, with a subtle brown undertone, but not too much.

The Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman and David Shah, the Editorial Director believe that the hardest thing about choosing a color of the year is to avoid clichés. Leatrice said that, “colors are chosen based on what the public wants and this particular color is one that people will relate to as “nurturing.” Leatrice also added that Marsala is a rich color that will hold well as a textured upholstery fabric.

Target Features Adorable Child Model With Down Syndrome


Children of all ages and races are all special in their own way. Each one has a smile meant to add light to our often grim world. Too often in advertisements we see adorable children but they are all type cast. Majority of child models are Caucasian and the few that are of an ethnic descent have a very light skin tone for their race. Do advertisers fear using a wider variety of faces with different features will reduce sales? Beyond the issue of skin color there is another group of beautiful children that is often overlooked; those with down syndrome. One major mass retailer has taken a very proactive step by adding an adorable little girl with down syndrome to their holiday add. Target absolutely made the right decision by breaking out of the cookie cutter child model role. All children are beautiful in their own way and should be just as desirable to advertisers as anyone else. Bravo Target, keep up the good work! That seems to be the general consensus among Igor Cornelsen and the rest of the corporation’s largest shareholders.

McDonald’s New Attempts At Marketing For More Customers

McDonald’s is facing another marketing issue. Their attempting to grab the attention of a younger demographic, but portraying themselves as a significant charity supporter. According to researchers, it is believed millennials, 25 year olds, are more drawn to brands that have a history of giving back.

McDonald’s also tried new menu ideas like the, McWraps. These wraps were supposed to redeem the chain’s hamburger reputation. The McWrap however; basically brings their kitchens to a halt as employees attempt to assemble all the fresh ingredients they require. But Keith Mann brings up a good point, this idea hurts the ‘fast’ food service one expects from the chain.

They are also attempting to target schools by sponsoring children’s sport teams; and creating the McTeacher Nights. These are attempts to get the families back to the Golden Arches.

McDonald’s is seeking third party marketers to help them in their plans to catch the attention of more people. It is being said the chain should be focusing more on its menu than it’s charitable efforts. They need to put out the word that they’re a well-intentional company that has good food.

Christian Broda: A Distinguished Career in Finance

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Christian Broda has carved his niche in the world of finance as both an economist and an expert in the field of finance.  Broda is the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management in New York City.

Broda’s background is impressive.  His long record of working in the field of economics dates back to 1997 where he graduated from the Universidad de San Andres in Argentina with a degree in Economics.  He holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT), which he received in 2001.  From there, Broda worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  He went on to get his tenure as professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

There have been numerous articles written by Broda that were published in the American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics.  The papers focus on topics regarding international trade and finance. A portion of his writings also include advice for hedge fund start-ups.  Broda’s work in finance has earned him a familiar spot in the press.

Broda is also affiliated with the National Bureau of Economic Research, where he is a faculty fellow. He also holds a post as Associate Editor of the Journal of Development Economics as well as a position as co-editor of the IMF Economic Review.  He is a member of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA).

At Lehman Brothers, Broda served as Chief International Economist, and he served at Barclays Capital as Head of International Research. He has also worked for Columbia
University and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He is an associate editor of the Journal of Development, and is a faculty fellow for the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The publications and areas of research that Broda has focused on have been trade and international finance.  His work has earned him the prestigious title of James S. Kemperer Scholar in 2006.  In 2005 and 2008, he was bestowed with two National Science
Foundation (NSF) grants to fund his research in economics.

The findings and insights in Broda’s research have resulted in invitations to speak at renowned banks and universities around the world.  Some of those institutions include the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the Bank of Japan, as well as the European Central Bank (ECB).

Dr. Broda’s distinguished career promises to not only move the state of economics forward, but also the status of Duquesne Capital Management where he is Managing Director.

Mark J. Ahn Has Delivered Multiple Achievements In The Public And Private Sectors, With Expectations Of Future Successes

Mark Ahn, Ph.D. is a multifaceted and highly accomplished professional. As you can see from his Twitter his academic credentials are matched only by his professional accomplishments in business. In addition to his credits holding adjunct professorships at Portland State University and Carnegie-Mellon University, he is the principal at Pukana Partners, Ltd., providing consulting services to biotechnology and life science companies. Additional credits include serving as President, CEO and Director of Galena Biopharma.

His affiliations are numerous and include, former Chairman of Science and Technology Management at Victoria University at Wellington, NZ, Vice President of hematology at Genetech, Inc. and affiliations with various companies such as Bristol-Myers, Squibb and Amgen. He founded Hana Biosciences which was later acquired by Spectrum Pharmaceuticals.

He received his BA from Chaminade University where he also received his MBA. He obtained his MA from Victoria University and his PHD from the University of South Australia. He has additional academic achievements with fellowships at Essex University in Economics and at the Aspen Institute.

He is well published, with many publications and books. Mark Ahn has published over 50 publications, many articles in well established academic publications. He has publish several books with at least 2 in biotechnology. His book publications include, ‘Making the Case for Biotechnology’ and in 2012, co-written with Mark Leuchter and ‘The Prophets Speak on Forced Migrations.’

A recent article was published in 2014, in the International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management. The article entitled, ‘Enhancing Corporate Governance in High-Growth Entrepreneurial Firms,’ discusses the importance of the board of directors and advisory groups in facilitating success among start-up, venture capital companies.

He is active in social media including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Frequently speaking openly about the successful investments that he’s found over the years.

Among his many accomplishments Dr. Ahn created a leadership project in The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). The Center for Civic and Community Engagement’s primary goal is to encourage and build not-for-profit leadership, research and careers in the tri-state communities within New York state and New Jersey. During his tenure as an adjunct professor at TCNJ, Mark J. Ahn developed the leadership program to be self sustaining and enduring. The initial 2-years of funding, was secured with plans for its continuation. In addition, course curriculum was designed and implemented with a certificate program.

Dr. Mark J. Ahn has many achievements under his belt with the expectation of many more to come. His accomplishments cover not just the corporate realm, with his biotechnology affiliations and successes. He has bridged the gap between the public and private sectors, building sustainable projects in academia and those expected to spread out into surrounding communities.

How Do Successful Startups Govern Themselves? Mark Ahn Speaks Up

Dr. Mark Ahn is a founding principal at Pukana Partners, and their firm offers consulting to life science companies around the world. He has experience with new startups, and he has done research on how startups are governed. He shares this information with students at his classes at Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon University, and he has shared this information with The Street.

Your Board Of Directors Are Not Your Buddies

People can be friendly with their board of directors, but they cannot be buddies with this board of directors. The board of directors must be a carefully chosen set of people who will help to guide the company. The people who are placed on the board of directors should be veterans in business, and they should be veterans in the industry where the business operates. Business that put “yes men” on their board tend to fail.

The Board Of Directors Work With Management

The people who founded the company are managing it on a daily basis. They are the eyes and ears of the board, and they must be able to talk to the board about how the company is performing. If the two sides of the table are not talking in a civil manner, it is impossible for the company to move forward.

Healthy companies have spirited conversations in the board room, and they spend a great deal of time in strategic planning. Dr. Ahn surveyed many companies, and he found that many of them would prefer to spend more time on strategic planning in their meetings.

When a business is starting from scratch, they need to think about the information that Dr. Ahn has found. His findings point out how startups can remain successful for more than a year. The businesses that do not heed this advice could be doomed to failure.

Profiling Future Leaders of Business: Jared Haftel

I wanted to start profiling the future of business.  The people that I’ve researched, that seem to be really coming up in the world.  And so, these are the names that you’re going to want to follow.

Found Jared Haftel via social media too, so you can give him a follow on Facebook, as well as Twitter.  This is a career that you’re going to want to follow.

Jared Haftel is a Duke University graduate. He graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Mathematics, Science and Economics. These degrees shaped Haftel’s career after school. After graduation, Haftel started pursuing opportunities in the investment banking field. He has held several key positions in his blossoming career.

Jared started as an intern at Credit Suisse in 2008. After the internship, he landed a job with Merrill Lynch as an investment banking analyst. His job involved tracking commodities information, focusing on chemicals, metals, mining, defense and aerospace industries.

Haftel also worked for the Bank of America as an Investment Banking Analyst. Since 2011, he has been working as an Associate at Vector Capital. Haftel is also an MBA student at the Stanford School of Business.

As an experience banker, Jared gives advice to fresh graduates preparing to start their careers in Investment banking. According to Jared Haftel, the following are some of the things you need to do to land an Investment Banking job.

Understand that your resume will be processed quickly. Jared observes that job seekers should understand that managers receive hundreds of resumes. This means that they hardly get time to read every detail in those resumes. The banker will only take 10-30 seconds to make a judgment about your candidacy. So to ensure you get a better chance, you should try to make your resume at least 1 page. You only need to include the basic details about yourself including the school, internship experience and GPA. According to Jared, these are the most important facets of any investment banking resume.

The job seeker should also not exaggerate. It is always tempting to put more personal details in the resume. Most people think that this fluff will make them the better candidates. But, Jared has a different view. He believes candidates should only go for the facts and leave out the other details. Chances are that there will be someone in the interview schedule who schooled in the same college, and will know that you are lying about your achievements.

Jared also advises job seekers to focus at least 50% of their resume on work experience. Things like internship and any other position that the candidate held in the industry should be included. This information shows that the candidate knows ins and outs in the industry. The information will also convince the employer that the candidate can be trusted to produce good results. They will not waste a lot of money and time training the employee about the work environment. Jared says that this is the best way for any candidate to break in, and for their resume to get noticed by the employer.

According to Jared, after writing the resume, the candidate should allow an insider to review the resume. The professional will help the candidate to correct some of the areas that are not well written. They will also help the candidate to organize the resume, to make it easy for the employer to go through it. Bankers look for candidates with the best organized resume because they believe this can translate to good organizational skills in the job. The insider will help the candidate to remove any fluff and other unnecessary details.

Skout’s Brilliant Social Media Business Model Attracting Millennials

Skout is a app designed for networking, meeting new people and, primarily, dating. Skout is one of the largest friend finding and dating apps in the world and has millions of downloads and loyal followers. The company has been around since the mid 2000’s where it was initially created as a software development company that later turned to social networking and dating.

Skout is unique in a few key aspects in relation or comparison to a lot of other networking and dating sites. One of the main ones is that it is almost completely global which means that whether you are looking for someone seven miles away or several hundred, you are likely going to find someone interesting using Skout. The app utilizes a very easy to navigate dual pane interface with lots of color and user-friendliness. All interactions will be made primarily through the action buttons to the upper left of the screen which consist of: buzz, look at me, chats, notifications, profile, my favorites, points, user settings, Skout blog and finally, Skout safety. Most of these are self explanatory the only button that people might be confused by is the Look At Me button.

Profile inputs are very simplistic but not restrictive and allow the user to enter their, age, ethnicity, height and a short about me bio entry. And despite that small amount of information, it’s helped a lot of users connect in the long term as well.  Avatars are usually mandatory on most dating or even other networking sites, but they aren’t on Skout. This means if you are a little shy or cautious about posting pictures of yourself, even just the one, online you don’t have to worry, now you don’t have to.

Skout also features a very unique and relatively new app function called Shake to Chat. Once you have initiated a shake to chat session, you simply shake your mobile device with the app still open and running and you will nearly instantly connected to another shake to chat user shaking at the same time somewhere around the world. It might sound silly but it’s a fairly original and spontaneous way of finding new and exciting people (after all there’s a certain type of person and that shakes their phone to talk to random people and boring probably isn’t in their CV).

When “shaking” both of the connected individuals profiles will remain anonymous for the first forty minutes of conversation whereupon they will become visible. Sort of like speed dating only it isn’t solely used for that purpose. Despite the success of this newest feature the company has been having many complaints from people whom get a little overexcited when their shaking and so the company put out a statement which flatly reads that they will, “Not be legally responsible for any mobile devices which ‘Take Flight,’ whilst utilizing our app.” If nothing else the folks at Skout seem to have a good sense of humor.

The bottom line is that Skout is a unique, original, easy to use and fun dating and networking app that is neither costly nor time consuming (unless you want it to be).  That’s why it’s faster growing than both Twitter and Facebook at the moment.

Is FreedomPop the Future of the Telecom Industry?

The wireless telecommunications industry of the United States is one of the most active, vibrant and profitable in the world; after all, this is a market that can boast coverage and penetration rates higher than 100 percent. Almost 90 percent of all U.S. households enjoy wireless service, and four out of 10 Americans now live in a household where wireless service is their primary means of voice and data communications.

In 2013, annual revenues realized from wireless communications were close to $190 billion. There is certainly a healthy demand for wireless service in the U.S., but it is important to remember that many American subscribers are paying quite a bit each month. In early 2014, a market research study conducted by Cowen and Company revealed that subscribers of the Big Four wireless carriers in the U.S. are seeing on average $148, $144, $141, and $120 on their monthly cell phone bills.

Enter FreedomPop, a Truly Affordable Solution

From a technological point of view, American wireless subscribers are certainly enjoying the benefits of competition and innovation, but they are paying dearly for them. As of 2013, wireless subscribers in major European markets were paying a lot less per month than their American counterparts. In Spain, the average monthly wireless bill was $34; in Belgium $35. Is there an opportunity for U.S. consumers to see such comfortable wireless monthly bills?

Since 2012, a company headquartered in Los Angeles has been offering subscribers the opportunity to enjoy monthly bills that are even lower than in the two European markets mentioned above. The company is FreedomPop, and the personal wireless solutions it offers are often free.

It may be hard to believe that an American wireless provider could offer data for nothing and your calls for free. FreedomPop even offers smartphones and tablets at very low costs. Unlike the major American wireless carriers that spend millions of dollars in marketing gimmicks and complex subsidies to boost their revenues and stay competitive, FreedomPop eschews contracts and piles on the freebies.

FreedomPop customers who need a new smartphone or tablet can certainly purchase one from the company. The prices they will pay will be very reasonable: A subscriber in South Florida can purchase a ZTE Force with a 4” screen, 4GB of memory, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor for just $129. This will include a free trial of unlimited voice calls and text messages plus 500MB of data. After that, the subscriber can stay with FreedomPop for just $10.99 per month or switch to a Basic FreedomPop plan of 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500MB data for free.

Free International Calling and Even More Features

Under some circumstances, FreedomPop offers free international calling and even international numbers in certain countries so that relatives, friends and associates can call from overseas without having to incur in long-distance charges from their own nations. Other features that FreedomPop offers include personal Wi-Fi hotspots like the Freedom Spot Photon, wireless broadband USB modems, and even an ultra-secure Android smartphone to thwart the nefarious efforts of snoops.