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Vijay Eswaran: From Obscurity To One Of Asia’s Most Successful Businessman

Vijay Eswaran has gone from obscurity to create one of Asia’s most successful multilevel marketing companies. One of the keys to his success has been his ability to offer quality products and services at affordable prices. Another of the reasons for Eswaran’s success has been his ability to recruit independent sales representatives that are highly motivated. Those sales people treat the business like it’s their own. For many, QNET has enabled them to lift themselves and their loved ones out of grinding poverty and given them hope and a sense of independence.

Eswaran was born in Malaysia and graduated from the London School of Economics. While in the United Kingdom he became aware of multilevel marketing. It so drew his interest he decided to earn his professional qualifications in it with a company called CIMA. When he went to Southern Illinois University in the U.S. to earn his MBA, Eswaran worked part-time with a multilevel marketing company called Synaptics. This gave him more experience and a better understanding of multilevel marketing. He essentially became an experienced multilevel marketing professional.

When he returned to Malaysia he was offered the opportunity to open a branch of the Cosway Group in the Philippines. Eswaran jumped at the opportunity and within a few years he had turned it into one of Asia’s premier multilevel marketing companies. The e-commerce company sells a wide range of products. They include wellness, travel, telecommunications, media, corporate investments, and luxury products. The company has a presence in about 10 countries, regional offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, and their headquarters in Hong Kong.

These days Vijay Eswaran is celebrated throughout Asia. Forbes Asia voted him one of the 48 Heroes of Philanthropy. He is also in great demand as a speaker business and management forums. Eswaran has also started several organizations designed to help the less fortunate. Two of those organizations are the Vijayaratnam Foundation and the RYTHM Foundation. He also has mentorship programs and a number of other community based programs all over Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. This has helped to make Vijay Eswaran an even more beloved figure. Vijay Eswaran’s Twitter is linked here.

In order to help as many people as possible, Eswaran has written a series of books. His first book was entitled In the Sphere of Silence. Published in 2005, the book talks about Eswaran spending an hour in silence at the start of each day. It also discusses his personal life management philosophy. Eswaran’s second book is a collection of reflections and thoughts about life. It’s called In the Thinking Zone. He’s also written 18 Stepping Stones and a collection of some of his photography. Eswaran also developed and released Thought of the Day, an interactive program.

Basic Economics, featuring Christian Broda

Supply and demand, guns and butter.. Isn’t that all that economists study? Economics is often very complex; economists must utilize calculus, statistics, intensive research, and relate their findings to real-world situations. Economics may been seen as strictly business-related, but the study of economics is also a social science. Economists apply their research to a myriad of human behaviors.

There are water economists who focus on how finances are related to water, and how different variables affect the price of water. Land economists study worths of land across regions, and provide recommendations on where to buy land. Other economists may analyze the company the work for, and provide recommendations on how to boost profits.

Economists Christian Broda research the markets they study intensely, gather all pertinent information, then create outlooks for that market. Monitoring market trends and predicting what direction a market will travel is very important for the entirety of a business.

For example, an economist may feel that a company should switch its focus from Product A to Product B, as profits associated with Product B are substantially higher. If the company alters its views and targets to match the prediction, but Product B doesn’t actually sell, that company may incur thousands or millions of dollars in sunk costs from switching to accommodate Product A.

Economics may been seen as strictly business-related, but the study of economics is also a social science. Economists apply their research

Christian Broda is more than familiar with these concepts, as he holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Broda was an Associate Professor of Economics from 2005-2008, and Tenured Professor of Economics from 2008-2010 at the world-renowned University of Chicago, which arguably has one of the most outstanding Economics departments in the United States, if not the entire world. Before he taught Economics at the University of Chicago, Broda worked in the International Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and was an Associate Editor for the IMF’s Economic Review. Talk about an impressive work history!

Currently, Mr. Broda serves as a Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management.

Sender and Rurality

My art is personal to me. Because of this, I had no idea how to market my art because I have always made it simply for myself, and the love of creating art. It is very realistic, but also very bucolic. This is because I am from a very rural area, and many things are simply beautiful in area like this. For example, we are a hundred and fifty miles from any city. This is not easy because Texas has many cities, and I am situated between two of the largest cities in the country. These are Houston and Dallas. Combined they have double the amount of people of New York state. However, the stars seem like they can be easily touched. The area is also very ranch and farm laden, so there are many subjects for artists like me.

I have been painting for at least 35 years now and when a collector contacted me, it actually scared me. Next, I did not believe them. I finally accepted their call, and she wanted to see all of my art. It was like letting a stranger fondle my wife. Her next move was suspiring. She unrolled a canvas, looked at it, ran to her car and drove off. I literally thought that I had been hit by high-level art grifters. Because I had no basis for value in my mind of the price of my art, I was actually gratified that someone wanted my work enough to come to my home in their nice car and steal my work. However, she returned with a rather large check. The check was so large that I talked to my wife about selling the collection, and I actually had no right to not accept that money because we needed it. To my surprise, the check was for that one piece. She had it in her gallery a single day before someone paid that sum for my work.Check out this article by ArtNews on Adam Sender.

Additionally, the check was minus her commission. I also did not realize that she had no idea that I had so many works, but she was happy. This is the effect that collectors have on the art business. As I researched this, I found an investor that was also a collector named Adam Sender of New York. He did for contemporary art what she had done for my life. Sender found these obscure underpriced, but really deftly produced contemporary art pieces. Simply collecting these pieces made their values rise greatly. However, when he sold this work all at once, the contemporary art world exploded in both interest and in value. Collectors are invaluable for the art world. They are almost as necessary as the artists because my work would have never been seen if it were not for my collector.

HRF Gives Messi Heat for Gabon Visit

If you are looking for one of the best in the world of soccer, you really can’t go wrong with Lionel Messi. As a star forward for Barcelona, he shows the ultimate in skill on the soccer field. Like other well-known celebrities, however, Lionel Messi is no stranger to some controverial actions. There are dictators throughout the world, and sometimes a professional athlete will visit their country for motives known only to them. Lionel Messi recently visited the country of Gabon, and normally there would not be a problem with an athlete visiting another country. However, the country of Gabon is led by a dictator named Ali Bongo, and there have been some extremely intense human rights violations alleged at him.

Gabon has been ruled almost 50 years by the Bongo family, and there have been some recent accusations that are very disturbing. The local media in Gabon have uncovered a scandal in which children mysteriously disappear and are killed and their organs are harvested for human food. Recently French police actually raided the villa of the Gabonese leader to find evidence of these human rights violations.

On July 17 of this year, Lionel Messi visited the country of Gabon. Messi has his own charitable organization that lobbies for the rights of children. He also serves as a UNICEF advisor for the purpose of promoting youth education. Consider these facts, it would give most individuals some serious pause to visit a country where human rights violations are allegedly occurring that on par with Nazi Germany.

Lionel Messi’s decision to visit this country did have a purpose: he was meant to be the guest of honor and lay the first stone for the African Cup of Nations tournament to be held in the country in 2017. However, the fact that the Bongo administration refuses to investigate these terrible child human rights violations would mean to the casual observer that Messi’s decision was a poor one. Other issues have come up, including the fact that accusations have been made that Messi was paid 3.5 million pounds for the trip. Of course, the Argentinian and Gabon embassy both categorically deny that this is the case. According to them, Messi accepted no payment at all.

Because of Messi’s visit, he has become at odds with the Human Rights Foundation, which champions the cause of mistreated people worldwide. After reading this story, I have to say that I am appalled that Messi would visit a country with a record of such horrendous humans rights violations without thinking it through first.

Selling Your Home Made Simple with The 990 Company

Selling your home can be stressful, tiresome and draining because it requires a lot of work from you as the homeowner, realtor/agent. Here are several key steps to get you on your way to selling your home.

Find a realtor – It helps to get advice from those that are in the real estate business. They will be able to give you the information that you need to become a successful seller. The realtor can discuss pricing, negation, inspection and marking tactics so that you know how to market your home for others to see.

Make the property easy to look at – Be flexible for potential buyers to see your home. Some may come in the early morning, late night or the weekends. Do make sure to accommodate others schedules. Make sure to also be out of the home so that potential buyers can be able to move around without feeling watched. They will be able to make a better decision and discuss pros and cons.

Include the amenities in the neighborhood – Although buyers want to see the home, they may also want to see what surrounds the home such as nearby recreation, schools, parks, dining and shopping. You want to market your home and everything surrounding it.
Have a reasonable offer on your home – You should consider the value of your home. Look into the pricing of other homes in your neighborhood that have sold or being sold at the present moment. This gives you some information to look into before pricing your home.

Selling your home can be simpler and stress free with The 990 Company.

A company that has been around since 1988 it continues to thrive with much success by helping homeowners sell their home. So how does this work? A home seller will reach out to you, the agent and you offer them The 990 opportunity as add on to your commission listing plan. There are many perks to being an agent of The 990 Company. The 990 Sellers automatically send you buyers from their open houses so it’s less work for you to do. The best part is that you as the agent offer homeowners who want to sell their home a way to save money. It’s quite simple to be a part of this great benefit. All you need to do is reserve a zip code, watch a training video, get your promotional items and pay $200 a month to get your license. You will also be the only agent in your zip code because of the way the program is designed. This 990 sells homes program is a month to month basis so you can cancel at any time. The consumer website is

How Capital Management Improves Business Operations

Short term financial decisions need sufficient capital. Capital management is an accounting strategy that aims at achieving the right balance between working capital, current liabilities and assets for the operation of businesses. The balance helps the business to maintain cash flow that is at the right levels to ensure the business is able to meet all its financial obligations.

1) Maximizing net collections
Maximizing collections is the basic way capital management ensures that a business achieves sufficient cash flow. Businesses will normally have loop holes in collections. Good capital management ensures that all the loop holes are unearthed and eliminated. This will divert the money back into the business. The strategy also ensures that the business will always have enough money for its operations. This helps to avoid things such as late salary payment to staff and delayed purchases.

2) Computerized systems
Traditionally, capital management required lots of staff due to the amount of data analyzed in the process. Computer systems have been created to support the works of these highly talented staffs. The computer systems are programmed with lots of information to help them process data and make instant decisions where human beings would have needed several hours or even days before reaching the same decision. The decisions are based on preset rules. The systems are designed to adapt to changing business requirements. This helps firms to cheaply modify the systems without having to buy a whole new system when changes occur.

3) Trust
Businesses provide capital management firms with lots of critical business data. This data is expected to be securely stored. Its access should be limited to only people working on it. Leakage of such data can negatively affect the performance of a company hence the need for privacy. Every data stored in computers should have multilevel passwords. The computers should also be heavily protected against cyber attacks.

Claudio Loureiro is an example of an individual who uses capital management to ensure the success of his company. He co-owns Heads Agency Curitiba with other investors. He resides in Rio de Janeiro. He is a successful advertiser with several years in the field.

Businesses are advised to embrace capital management. This accounting strategy will help them achieve sufficient cash flow necessary for their success. They should always work with reputable capital management firms.

Best Areas For A Businesswoman

Pittsburgh based Susan McGalla is an executive consultant who has previously worked with American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal. Currently, she is on the board of HFF Inc. and Magee Women’s Hospital. Her career began in the managerial and marketing field before she joined American Eagle Outfitters and later, opened her own consultancy services. Susan McGalla is just one example among many who prove that businesswomen can do well in any field. Even so, there are some areas where businesswomen have statistically done the best.

Home Business

The best option for women who are tired of juggling work and personal life, and want to be independent is working from home. Working from home has a variety of benefits and not just women but men too are preferring to work from home. First of all, there is flexibility of schedule. There is no need to wake up early in the morning and rush to go to work. Women can choose to set their own schedule, their own working hours, choose when they want to take a vacation, allow themselves weekends off, and even decide the number of hours they want to work in a week. For women who want to stay at home and have time for their children without worrying about finances, this is a great option.

Finance and Consultancy

The next field where women have done tremendously well is finance and consultancy. This is the field where Susan McGalla made a name for herself as well. This is also one area of business where the demand is greater than supply and, as such, women who pride themselves on their financial or managerial skills can definitely make a mark in this field. Consultancy is a great option for women who have a specialized background in finance, real estate, stock market, law, or any other field. The main characteristics that employers look for when they hire people for this field are – hardworking attitude, quick wit and thinking, ability to multitask, micromanaging and time management. Hard work and intellect are necessary for almost any business, both for men and women in the industry.

Personal Care

Women have found success in personal care businesses as well. This includes salons where men and women can come and get their makeup done, get a haircut, spend time in the spa, and enjoy other luxury services. This could be a small business at first and grow on to become bigger – even become a chain salon with national or global reach. A similar extension of this is small tuition business where women can teach children, depending on their own educational qualifications and interests. It is also possible to have a flourishing pet sitting service for pet-owners who need to go out for a couple of days and want someone to take care of their pets. Nanny service is also a female led industry.

There is almost no area where businesswomen have not done well. Susan McGalla is just one example of what businesswomen can achieve when they pick the right field that matches with their talents and interests.

The Motivation of Business Leader Vijay Eswaran

What I like the most about Vijay Eswaran is his business motivational skills. He can take just about any worker that has been down and out and make this person flourish. Vijay has the skills to motivate because he has been able to work and build a true empire. He has spent a large part of his life dealing with all type of different issues. He has become someone that is able to help people change their moods and become much more productive. He has documented much of this in his writings.

Vijay Eswaran has explored topics on finding your passions and arising from your stupor and becoming fully conscious of your environment. This is a big deal for those that may have been struggling with some type of issue that prevents them from truly becoming productive. What Vijay does is help people expand their mental capacity by truly challenging them to look at their environment. He has a positive attitude on life, and he encourages others to see everything as a learning experiences. He doesn’t see anything as wasted time or error. He only sees life and situations as learning experiences.

Eswaran has become an influence to those that work for the company where he is a CEO. At his company QNET he provides a strong sense of encouragement to the multitudes of workers that are in the field of direct sales. It takes a strong personality to work in the world of direct selling. People have to be able to cope with rejection. They have to be able to do cold calling and establish relationships in business with complete strangers. It is a challenging type of job, but there are lots of people that want to endeavor down this path. These people that are employees of QNET must be ready to get inspiration from anywhere that they can find it. Hopefully, the masses that want to engage in direct selling will have the foresight to look to Vijay Eswaran (YouTube) and take heed to his wise council.

Outside of his advice for personal growth, Eswaran has also become a big giver to charities. He has managed to keep a spirit of philanthropy that has allowed Eswaran to gain even greater exposure. That is originally how I discovered him. His giving spirit has been something that has challenged those that are trying to move up in the workforce. He has been able to become the success that he is today because people love him. People love him because they know he gives back. His giving back is what makes people get on board and patronize him for his charity efforts. His giving inspires others to patronize his QNET direct-selling company.

CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray’s contribution to the Investment firm

This is a private global equity firm that specializes on leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions. It was originally started in 1984 as Chemical Venture Partners but over the years through changes, it became CCMP which stands for Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P Morgan and Partners. It officially and independently started operating in 2006. It mainly invests in four sectors namely, Consumer/Retail, Industrial, Healthcare, Energy. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has established a reputation as a world class investment partner through its active management and value creation model. It has over 50 employees and has offices in New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. CCMP in general invests around $100 million to $500 million of equity for every transaction.

CCMP has focused its investments on four industries. With deep understanding of issues and opportunities in these four industries, CCMP has been able to establish itself as the number one partner of choice among companies operating in those sectors. In the Consumer/Retail it has invested over $7.1 billion in consumer/retail companies over a span of 31 years led by Thomas Walker and Richard Zannino. In the Industrial sector, it has invested in a period of 29 years, an amount of $5.5 billion in industrial companies and is led by Timothy Welsh. In the Healthcare sector it has invested $1.6 billion on healthcare facilities and overseen by Kevin O’Brien and Jonathan Lynch. The fourth sector it has invested in is the Energy industry with investments amounting to $1.5 billion in energy companies and is headed by Christopher Behrens.

CCMP Capital consists of a team of experts who are generally categorized under the following positions. At the top are the Managing Directors, followed by the Executive Advisors, Principals, Associates and Analysts, Investor Relations, Legal and Compliance, Finance, Administration. CCMP partners with management teams at each step of their investment process, and after coming to an agreement, they closely monitor their initiatives through constant evaluation processes.

CCMP was once led by Stephen Murray, who was the CEO of CCMP before his passing on. He was one of the founding partners of CCMP. He was raised in New York, went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree at Boston College, later on pursuing a master of business administration from Columbia University. In 1989, he joined the private equity and leverage unit of Manufacturers Hanover, one of CCMP’s pioneers; in 2005, he became the head of the bank’s buyout. He had also worked before at the CCMP predecessor firms such as J.P Morgan and Chase Capital Partners. Stephen Murray also actively involved himself in charitable activities, for example, being on the board of the Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York.

Economists Need to Give Their All to the Job

When someone chooses to live as an economist, that individual needs to be willing to give their all to the career that they have chosen. Those who are looking to truly make it as an economist need to do all that they can to become the best economist, and that means dedicating their life to the job. When someone is looking to be one of the best economists out there, that individual needs to be willing to put in the work that is necessary for that to come about. It is important that anyone is trying to become an economist is ready to put in a lot of time and effort.

An economist needs to dedicate their life to the job so that they have the time that they need to learn all that they need to learn. They need to have time available to study and to educate themselves. They need to have time available to learn all that they need to learn about the world of finance and about economics. They need to be able to keep up with changing times, and they need to spend time reading the news. They need to be able to work toward gaining the knowledge that will help them do well at their job.

An economist needs to give their job all of their effort, they need to be willing to work hard at what they do. Those who choose the career of being an economist need to be ambitious. It is a career that takes a lot of time and effort, thinking and commitment. They need to be ready to do all that they can to look out for those who hire them. They need to push themselves and try to succeed at what they are doing.

When it comes to the economists who do try hard and who gain success by doing that, Christian Broda is a good example. He is a man who has dedicated his life to his job and who works hard to make sure that he is all that he should be. He doesn’t shy away from hard work or deep thinking. Christian Broda is someone who will do whatever he needs to do in order to be one of the best economists out there, and more individuals need to seek to be like him as much as they can. They need to be willing to work hard and to dedicate their lives to their job.