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Presidential Campaign Online Marketing

Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, has held this powerful position for nearly eight full years now. As many may remember, this election was of great significance because Obama’s election meant change for the world as the first African American reigned in position of President. Obama knew that he had to work diligently to score the votes of the citizens of the U.S. used each and every opportunity to present his case to the public. Online marketing was one of the beneficial techniques used during his campaign days.



Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the 2016 Presidential nominees, and as each candidate attempts to gain the vote of each American citizen in order to gain this powerful position, they’re also heeding in the direction of President Obama and using online marketing to help them with that task. With so many people online these days there is little wonder why online marketing is one of the top techniques used by Presidential candidates.



A few online marketing statistics:



  • More than three million businesses and individuals use Facebook to reach customers new and old. There are approximately 750 million people using Facebook each month.
  • Content marketing provides three times the number of leads as traditional marketing techniques.
  • Email marketing is still one of the most preferred methods of communication for customers.
  • Approximately 93% of all individuals base their decisions off of information they’ve learned from social media platforms, particularly Facebook.
  • The key to capturing a customer, or in the case of an election a voter, is to capture their information the minute they visit the website. In the 2008 election, Obama’s homepage immediately requested a name and email address, and even offered a free bumper sticker upon request. That’s a score for double marketing in one, Mr. Obama’s team!


Online marketing works, even if you’re running for a position like President of the United States. President Obama’s campaign stands as one of the most successful in online marketing history. Both Presidential candidates can learn quite a bit by following in the footsteps of our current leader.


3 Ways to Improve Your Brand Reputation Online

According to Google, the vast majority of consumers (about 97%) use the Internet to search for businesses. And this is the reason why billions of brands are vying for the top spot in the search rankings. Therefore, the challenge for a business is to become more influential than the other businesses.


Online marketing tactics have changed; you can’t rely on old methods to build your customer base. Here are different ways you can build your brand’s reputation online.


Be Consistent with your Branding


It can’t be said enough; consumers prefer to buy from brands they are familiar with. Communicating with the consumers through a consistent brand voice provides your business with creditability and recognition. Businesses use several channels (blogs, different social networks, and document sharing sites) to reach out to customers; therefore, displaying a consistent branding strategy across all these channels is important.


Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing has skyrocketed in the past year to become the darling of the marketing world. In the past year, 60 percent of brands implemented the strategy in their marketing plan. This number is expected to rise by 15 percent in 2017.


In this strategy, a business reaches out to an influencer (a blogger, Instagrammer, celebrity, and YouTube star) and work with them as brand advocates. To find a good influencer, you can carry out your own research or partner with a company that will connect you with top influencers.


Press Release Marketing


Press releases are an efficient and affordable marketing tool to enhance brand visibility and recognition. If Google News picks a press release about your company, then your brand will receive additional coverage.


Even though these strategies can push your brand to the right direction, remember that building a reputation takes time and won’t happen overnight. Apply these strategies consistently, and you will nurture a stronger reputation for your business.

The Importance of Human Activism in Political Liberation and Freedom

Political freedom has been realized by the existence of different types of human activism around the world. Many people have been made aware of their rights to life and privileges found in their respective constitutions. Freedom comes with a price and many people who fought for freedom and liberation ended up being killed. This was the beginning of human activism that took a positive turn towards ensuring every person around the world is treated equally.

This has seen rise to many activists across the world that have fought for liberation among countries. About Thor Halvorssen he is a leading and renowned human activist that has been participating in the liberation of oppressed people in the society. He is the founder of Human Rights Foundation that was established in 2005 with its headquarters in New York City. Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela from a powerful family of a government minister and a vocal mother. He started her activism process while in Harvard University where he contributed as an editor of the university publication.

Through this process, he garnered a lot of experience and courage that saw her move to become a well-known and famous human rights advocate.His depute in the world of activism was evident when his father was detained without trial by the Venezuelan company when he was serving as a powerful cabinet secretary. This sparked street protests that were led by Thor Halvorssen where they demanded the release of his father who was innocent of the charges against him. The protest went on until the international communities gave their voices concerning the issue ion Venezuela. After the intervention of Amnesty International, Thor Halvorssen’s father was released and given a position on the Pan-American committee. Thor Halvorssen has also invested a lot in the film industry. He has produced many films that have hit the global limelight.


3 Effortless Ways to Improve Facebook Interactions for Businesses

You probably know that Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. We use Facebook to chat with our friends or share different contents such as videos, photos, and document files. For businesses, Facebook is a top source of traffic and sales. Additionally, it is a number one spot for branding.


Most businesses understand that Facebook advertising is a vital part of any good social media marketing plan. But even with this knowledge, some businesses still fail to share posts that draw attention to their brands. So if you are struggling to attract followers and user engagement, read on, we shall discuss various ways through which you can boost engagement and drive sales with your Facebook posts.


  1. Use Facebook videos


Research shows that we watch more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook each day. That’s incredibly high! The thing is when Facebook users scroll through their newsfeeds, these videos that automatically and silently play capture their attention.


These videos are super easy to upload; you can upload videos directly to Facebook from your device. So why not use Facebook Videos to get your engagement level on a higher ground


Ideas for video content


  • Expand on any recent blog post topic
  • Talk about your flagship product
  • Address frequently asked questions


  1. Ask Questions


Even though fill in the blank type of posts have proven to be effective in the social media spectrum, very few businesses have taken advantage of this method. This method not only helps businesses to engage their audiences but also helps them to find out what they like and dislike and their opinions on different subjects.


Questions and fill-in- the-blank type of posts urge users to interact by answering questions and filling in the blanks. With just a simple question, the business and the user can interact at a personal level.


  1. Facebook Contest


This is another excellent way to increase your overall Facebook user engagement. This option creates excitement as it rewards loyal fans. Through this option, you are sure that you will get users to visit your Facebook page regularly to check if they have won.


Contest ideas


  • “Share this picture and win.”
  • “Like and comment to win.”
  • “Share your talent.”
  • “Post to page to win.”
  • “Caption This to Win”



Taking On An Industry With Online Marketing

When it comes to business, one is always going to take on an industry. Therefore, it is important to decide on the desired industry. It has to be something that one is passionate about. While some people may have one passion that drives him throughout their whole life. There are others who may have a lot of different passions. For instance, there is one person that has decided that she wants to take on the fashion industry. She is not only wanting to provide some of the best styles for the customers, but also some better working conditions for people that are providing the clothing.


Whatever industry that one decides on, it is important to do marketing. Some of the easiest ways to market a company is online. Marketers could use a lot of media in order to get the marketing. Among the common ways to market a business is through social media. Social media is one of the easiest ways to spread awareness about a company. Also, social media profiles tend to rank highly on search engines. As a result, people do not need to worry too much about search engine optimization. As long as the website and all of the social media platforms are regularly updated, there will be a steady growth of customers.


For instance, with the woman running the business called Arrowroot, she had to figure out the issue on how to market and spread awareness of her business. Fortunately, her husband was available to provide the marketing and the financial aspects of the business. Therefore, more customers are learning about the company. When it comes to online marketing, a lot of it is like the traditional style of marketing. It involves making a lot of announcements and reaching out to people so that awareness of a brand will be spread.


Arthur Becker Says Being Vibrant and Vital is Essential to Any Success & He Should Know

Author Becker has a passion for improving the world around him. He has devoted his life to finding things that need improvement and making them better. He has used this passion to establish a long career of success. In a recent IdeaMensch interview, the current managing member of Madison Partners, LLC, an investment firm whose primary focus is on the real estate and early stage biotech sectors, spoke of his life, his philosophy, and his passion for business and investing.

The investment entrepreneur stated that he got the idea for Madison Partners during his time at NaviSite and further developed the foundations of it during his tenure at ZINIO, where he has previously served as Chairman and CEO from 2012-2015. He developed an interest in both the real estate market as well as the biotech sector during this time. The activities that would later lead to the Madison Partners started humbly enough by his expanding his own investments in real estate by increasing his holding in the condo markets of Miami and New York City.

Mr. Arthur Becker says that in order to bring ideas to life one has to be able to stay flexible, both for the long run as well as on the day to day living of one’s life. One has to also be able to balance the passionate drive for development with realistic understanding and critical thinking. You must also have informed and intelligent tenacity, a skill that he says is without a doubt the key to anyone’s success in business. He also states that it is important to be open minded and listen to one’s colleagues and to the trends of the market that you are in. Again, the key here is to be flexible in your life, bother personal and professional.

Being flexible in his personal life is something that he has mastered as well. Arthur remains a devoted father to his two children and a caring friend to his former wife, wedding and fashion designer Vera Wang. He also enjoys a wide variety of personal interests and hobbies, that keep him young and vibrant. This above all else is the foundation essential for any success in life, he believes. You have to stay active and vital if you want to succeed.

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Why Ecommerce Brands Should Leverage User-Generated Content

With more than 24 million online stores in the e-commerce industry and lots of brands competing for undivided attention, an e-commerce entrepreneur may find it challenging to position themselves in front of their target clients. However, you can stay ahead of the competition and boost sales if you understand the power of user-generated content.


But what is user-generated content or UGC? UGC is authentic, unpaid content created by users of a certain product. It can be in the form of comments, testimonials, tweets, pictures and Facebook statuses.


So why should your company leverage user-generated content? Here’s how UGC can help you achieve your company’s goals.


1) Improves Brand Awareness


Besides SEO, social channels like UGC are a powerful driver for brand awareness. Statistics has it that 37 percent of consumers use social networks to research a product before making a purchase. In another research, 52 percent of customers say that watching videos give them confidence in their purchasing decisions.


It is, therefore, essential for brands to track reputation and unveil consumer insights. You can as well add reviews to a third-party site since users tend to view them as more reputable.


2) Enables You to Provide Better Customer Service


You can only improve your customers’ experience by identifying and understanding how consumers feel about the product.


Create loyal customers by allowing the existing ones voice their feelings and thoughts about your brand. This way, you will know their grievances and resolve any of their problems. Furthermore, providing a platform where people can air their opinions about your product encourages them to stay on your website longer and freely discuss their problems with other customers.


3) Nurtures Trust through Authenticity


Research shows that 92 percent of online consumers rely on recommendations from others. The big problem is that entrepreneurs spend most of their time running paid ads and making captivating posts to lure people to purchase from them. This alone does not give consumers enough reason to do business with you if you do not show real testimonials from real users.


Social proof assists companies to become more transparent and reputable.


4) Increase Website Engagement


User-generated content makes consumers feel more connected to you. Users know that you value their experiences with your brand and in turn, they will be more engaged and place you top on their list.


Rather than placing photos of your products on your website, it is better to include user-generated content images. This technique encourages visitors to purchase your product.



Will VR Technology Change Marketing Forever?

Virtual Reality has been a topic of discussion for years, but there has been significant progress in 2016. While there is still a lot of work to be made before it becomes an established technology, now is the best time to look at the significance of VR in business and how it will affect marketing.


What is VR?


Virtual Reality is the use of computer hardware and software to create a simulated environment. Unlike conventional user interfaces, VR immerses users and enables them to interact with 3D worlds, placing them inside the experience.


VR technology is becoming cheaper thanks to the increase in new developments and consumer interests. This is creating a massive demand in the marketplace as well as brands that want to try out the technology.


Why is VR Very Effective?


Those with little or no experience of VR will probably wonder what all the fuss is all about. Here’s how VR is effective:


1) Immersive – A more visually and engaging technology is more immersive than television, social media, and mobile devices. The immersive nature of VR creates the possibility of consumers returning to your content to check out on any details they missed the first time.


2) Novelty – VR is the newest technology. It is cool and is something that has never been seen before. This already creates an attraction in the marketplace.


3) Story-basedVirtual Reality is typically rooted in storytelling. It is so natural that when a new technology emerges, it affects how stories are shared or told. You have the formula for success if you have VR as a visual medium for storytelling.


How Virtual Reality Is Being Used


The VR technology has a huge potential in marketing. Here are some of the uses of this technology:


  1. a) Customer Education – Involving consumers in a certain topic is surely one of the best ways to teach them. For instance, giving consumers a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on during the production process gives them a connection to the brand.


  1. b) Amazing experiences – You can instantly transport your clients to any scene in the world, thanks to Virtual Reality. Marriot International recently partnered with Relevant and Framestore VR Studio to take customers on virtual tours of vacation destinations like London and Hawaii. The technique was a huge success.


VR technology gives marketers endless, exciting and promising advancements in the marketing industry. It is a powerful technique of revolutionizing the way marketers engage with consumers, which will create a lasting effect on many businesses.



Wilhelmina Austin Launches Brown Agency after Acquiring Heyman Talent-South

It was the beginning of October 2015 when Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South to re-launch as The Brown Agency. Combining the two, which are among the most trusted agencies in the region renders The Brown Agency to be the only full-service talent agency in Austin and among the best in Texas. The two joined forces pulls out the outstanding strengths and controls from both entities to bring out a stronger organization.

The formal agency, Wilhelmina Austin was launched in 2010 by Justin Brown who was the supreme head. With time it became one of the most respected and trusted agency in central Texas for modeling talent. On the other hand, Heyman Talent-South had become one of the most prosperous agencies in Austin for acting talent. Merging the two entities and launching a new one, the Brown Agency gave their customers an all-rounded portfolio of skilled talent. The combination also opened doors for more talent opportunities across the country.

The main offices of the Brown Agency will be in Dallas, headed by Justin Brown serving as the CEO as well as the president. Michael B. Bonnée, the founder of Heyman Talent-South, will apply his experience in the theatrical unit of the Brown Agency.

Justine Brown applauded the merging of the two companies and said that it is an action that has led to the birth of a full-service agency. He says that the transaction is an integral part of their strategic growth and increased commitment to serve their great talent as well as their clients. Brown added that the two companies are good in picking the best, developing them on a better market level so as to deliver the most professional and dependable talent.

“We are now able to do this on a larger scale,” Justin Brown said.

Michael B. Bonnée also expressed his happiness to join the Brown Agency by saying that the co-joined knowledge, talent and experience is a very exciting opportunity.

Although they did not give the details on the financial bit of the transaction, a formal celebration of the launch was planned to happen thereafter.

About The Brown Agency

Brown Agency is a full-service entity offering model and talents expertise. It was formally known as the Wilhelmina Austin before combining with Heyman Talent-South to form The Brown Agency. The company has grown to the top-notch where it aims at the big market standards and expectations that have never been experienced in Central Texas. They have worked with big brands such as Dell, Louis Vuitton, L’oreal, Toyota and other well-known companies in the world.

Most fashion models have graced the runways for the Austin Fashion week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week and many more shows. “We are only as good as our talent,” Justin Brown always says.


Mobile Apps Lose Impact

Growth in the app market is slowing. TechCrunch reports that Flurry released a study on January 12 that states app growth has only increased by 11 percent over last year. Marketers looking to engage demographics through mobile apps will have to get inventive and understand the changing landscape.


Many users are concerned about a lack of privacy. They are uncomfortable with their private data being mined through social apps so they have turned to apps that seem to offer greater privacy. This could potentially explain why the personalization category, as measured by Flurry, reports a 46 percent decline in user engagement. Consumers don’t want to be tracked and they don’t want to be told what they like. They do like a few things. Apps that offer smooth mobile payments are preferential and app categories like shopping, sports and especially business and finance are seeing more users. Marketers would benefit from turning their attention from social platforms to apps that reach a specific market.


In other words, knowing where your preferred customer lives online may become less important. Instead of following your customer, let them find you by positioning your advertising and marketing on channels relevant to your industry. This old-school strategy might offer more marketing success than invading, or appearing to invade, a potential customer’s privacy.


If your business lies within an industry suited to provide app-based services, especially in the above mentioned industries that are witnessing continued growth, then it makes sense to keep your apps. First, run an audit to see how useful the app is in attracting customers and making conversions. Then, ensure the app is useful and efficient.


TechCrunch predicts marketers will mine contact lists, use email and will witness a rise in app mergers and acquisitions as well as the fading of venture capital-backed apps.