Human Rights Advocate- Avaaz

Various civic and human rights groups have been established to act as the voice of the less fortunate in the community as they advocate for their rights. In 2007 one of the world’s largest civil and human rights activist organizations was formed and it was named Avaaz. Avaaz was primarily created to advocate for several issues among them; climate change, poverty, corruption, human rights as well as animal rights. The founders of the organization gave the body a name that is similar to what they do. Avaaz means voice because they are a voice of the world. Avaaz can well be described as the mediator of the world and which strives to fill the gap between the world we have and the world we desire in the future.

Avaaz is an international organization which advocates in more than 15 languages. The group empowers individuals as well as other human rights and civic groups through the internet to voice their concerns regardless of their origin and size. Avaaz which has its existence in over six continents take responsible action in signing petitions, organizing both online and offline actions, lobbying and calling government, as well as funding media campaigns and direct actions. Avaaz does all these to empower the world to make decisions that will affect them positively.

Avaaz is an organized group which each year it makes sure that it has strategized its priorities through members’ polls. Their ideas are polled and their over 10000 members make sure they have tested the ideas weekly. The human rights and civic group; Avaaz is well organized, and each week the staff emails their members for them to make a decision whether to take part in the campaigns. The body treasures their members and allows them to make their own decisions regarding any campaigns set to take place. Avaaz campaigns and actions are set on values.


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