Betsy DeVos’s undertakings in Business, Charity, and Politics

Betsy DeVos is a well-established American businesswoman who is acknowledged for her contributions to charity, politics, and the education sector. She has been a held several campaigns to support the use of school voucher, charter schools, and school choice. Betsy is the wife of the founder of Windquest Group and former Amway CEO, Dick DeVos. The Forbes Magazine ranked the DeVos family as the 88 richest U.S family in 2016 with a net worth of about $5.4 billion. In 1989, they started being involved in charity work by founding the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The organization is committed to donating to support critical activities such as education, politics, Christian mission, and art. It has helped in transforming the lives of low-income communities.


Mrs. DeVos has been a great supporter of the Detroit charter school system. She is committed to enabling children across the country to access quality education. Betsy is currently part of the Foundation for Excellence in Education and formerly served as an administrator of Alliance for School Choice, All Children Matter PAC, and the Acton Institute. She was once a volunteer at the Grand Rapids Public Schools, and this motivated her to campaign for the transformation of the U.S education system. Mrs. DeVos wants to ensure that children can join learning institution that they could like. She has supported Potter’s House School and the Success Academy Charter Schools, which are organizations that support the school of choice program. President Trump appointed her as the 11th secretary of education.


Besides her charity work, Betsy has been in politics for about three decades. In 1982, she joined the Michigan Republican Party and was elected to serve as a delegate in 1986. As from 1992 to 1997, Mrs. DeVos was appointed to serve the Michigan division of the Republican National Committee. Her contributions to the party were outstanding, and in 1996 she was named as the Michigan Republican Party’s chairperson. Betsy has supported Republican Party candidates by assisting them to raise funds for their campaigns. She gave over $150,000 to facilitate the re-election bid of President Bush in 2004. The DeVos family has been the Republican Party’s greatest donors, and they have offered more than $17 million since 1989.


Mrs. DeVos’ career as a businesswoman has been successful. She is a co-chairperson of the Windquest Group, which is a private firm that was founded by her husband. The main ventures of the company include clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos has invested in Neurocore and are also members of its board. The firm has specialized in offering therapies for autism, anxiety, and depression. The couple has established a chartered high school that is known as West Michigan Aviation. The institution is acknowledged as one of the leading in Michigan. Her husband once served as the CEO of Orlando Magic.


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