Ricardo Tosto – The Man Of The Law

Ricardo Tosto is one of the immense business people of Brazilian law and one of his remarkable strategists. He originated from a little firm, advanced among century organizations in the business case, and in a couple of years set his office among the biggest in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto arranged and acted in the protection of identities and organizations in a few cases that increased national repercussion. Ricardo Tosto upheld for huge Brazilian and multinational gatherings, for lawmakers of different ideological shades, for governments and professional pro bono for Non Governmental Organizations. He knows the cutoff points of his calling and more than once has encountered circumstances of awesome anxiety and pressure in the resistance of his customers. It keeps up a position of respect for the prosecution in his office and animates in its group the preference for great legal battle. It contributed conclusively to the making of laws of extraordinary monetary significance in Brazil. It was a pioneer in the appropriation of a few legitimate systems that came to be changed into instruments of normal utilize. It is the voice of charge in Milk, Tosto and Barros, a bank perceived by the objectivity and the deftness. He framed huge numbers of his present partners, who joined the firm as students. Specifically regulates the administration of the most imperative causes under the care of the firm, figures methodologies and gathers comes about and when there is question, demonstrates the correct way. The workplace is perceived for mass case, exceptionally normal in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto was one of the first to offer the mass activity show, putting it on the bleeding edge of legitimate administrations. While a few workplaces have withdrawn from this model, the interest in these activities keeps on developing and for clients, it is fundamental that there be astounding outer administration.

About Ricardo Tosto: http://whoswholegal.com/profiles/51546/0/tosto/ricardo-tosto/

Susan McGalla: The Woman Entrepreneur and Leader

There’s a lot to be said about women in business. They’re heroes as entrepreneurs, but they’re more impressive and fascinating when they’re able to do all the business work without losing their responsibilities as mothers in their respective homes. Women in business continue to inspire many people, and with them comes along an array of inspiring stories that many people can relate to right now. One of the business women who have an impressive success story to tell is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla: The Consultant With Unique Advice For Women

The power of advice is not tested on how it affects the many, but on how it is responding to the needs of specific clients. This factor is the exact idea of how Susan P. McGalla offers advice to the people to whom she advises. With the programs and expert advice from her P3 Executive Consulting, LLC firm, she can provide branding, marketing and talent assistance to many businesses who want to start their project with limited knowledge.

The passion of Susan to give advice also reached a lot of organizations, including the Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs. Some of the stories she shares when giving speeches are the one about how she grew up in a household with only two brothers and a father who was a renowned acting coach. Her brothers and father didn’t cut him some slack and continued to treat her as part of an equally treated household that didn’t give you special attention just because you’re a woman.

Susan’s success can also attribute itself to the education she got from Mount Union College and Joseph Horne Company. In 1994, she also worked at the American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., and this gave her the edge and experience to know to handle a large scale fashion brand with a huge following.

With the experience that Susan had all through her earlier career, she has taken a lot of control to her job and decided to become a consultant for the best people in the industry. She can offer an insider’s perspective on the business, and with that, she’s able to provide expert insight that can help a company find its right footing. With her experience in all these projects, she still hopes that many women will take her step in pushing for the potentials of their career and should not see being a woman as the hindrance to the success they deserve.

Susan also credits her success to how the environment she had at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania shaped her views on business, women’s career and succeeding in the corporate world. The success that she has also proved that gender indeed would never be an issue in the corporate industry.

Michel Terpin – Leader

A great leader is based upon good morals, work ethic, and overall personality. Personally, I want a leader that tries to connect with each individual. Equality is a dying status. Someone who is fearless to take on all of the hardships is one whom I would admire. Michel Terpin delivers.

I would say Terpin’s strengths are his ambition and determination to make a difference. I haven’t quite figured out the how of my theory, but I am constantly striving for greatness, whether I am focusing on being a more patient mother, a good listener to my friends, or in developing my career. I constantly put effort into every aspect of my life as Terpin does.

Terpin believes that if you’re not working toward a goal, what is there to live for? When you think about it, any decision you make is for the end result. Well, my strength is my strength in doing so. The same goes with writing: There is only so much knowledge you retain from English or Writing in High School. With the ambition to strive for greatness, I use this in constant reading. I also make it a family activity to learn a new word each day: If I could afford to further my education with College classes, I definitely would.

I would say my weaknesses most definitely is my impatience. I have the ability to obtain greatness, but my personality traits can get in the way. I focus a lot on my weaknesses daily, trying to break free of the mold. My impatience in writing can be seen at times. I will force myself to proofread my writing multiple times. I will take a break from my writing, because as I have read in one article, doing so helps you come back to the slate with fresh ideas.

Michel Terpin’s a perfectionist. This is not a particularly bad trait but can at times produce a “racer’s block” because of one’s impatience. I can happily say that I have managed to address that this is an issue and that is the first step towards positive results.

Human Rights Advocate- Avaaz

Various civic and human rights groups have been established to act as the voice of the less fortunate in the community as they advocate for their rights. In 2007 one of the world’s largest civil and human rights activist organizations was formed and it was named Avaaz. Avaaz was primarily created to advocate for several issues among them; climate change, poverty, corruption, human rights as well as animal rights. The founders of the organization gave the body a name that is similar to what they do. Avaaz means voice because they are a voice of the world. Avaaz can well be described as the mediator of the world and which strives to fill the gap between the world we have and the world we desire in the future.

Avaaz is an international organization which advocates in more than 15 languages. The group empowers individuals as well as other human rights and civic groups through the internet to voice their concerns regardless of their origin and size. Avaaz which has its existence in over six continents take responsible action in signing petitions, organizing both online and offline actions, lobbying and calling government, as well as funding media campaigns and direct actions. Avaaz does all these to empower the world to make decisions that will affect them positively.

Avaaz is an organized group which each year it makes sure that it has strategized its priorities through members’ polls. Their ideas are polled and their over 10000 members make sure they have tested the ideas weekly. The human rights and civic group; Avaaz is well organized, and each week the staff emails their members for them to make a decision whether to take part in the campaigns. The body treasures their members and allows them to make their own decisions regarding any campaigns set to take place. Avaaz campaigns and actions are set on values.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/avaaz

The Passion Of Gregory Aziz For The Railroad Business

Gregory Aziz is one of the few leaders in business who find the best ways and ideas to propel the further growth of a company. As the CEO of National Steel Car for over 23 years now, Gregory J Aziz continues to inspire others and fuel the growth of the business he’s in with his excellent experience in engineering, quality assurance, and manufacturing. The reputation he has built for making North America one of the leading producers of railroad freight car also ensures Greg James Aziz the status of outstanding leadership and stellar management skills.

Greg Aziz got his education at Western University and took up Economics before producing a company that is a leader in the railroad business. This education doesn’t mean that Greg is now complacent in doing the business he led into the best in the industry. He continues to challenge himself and raising the bar to what a business should be in the industry that it belongs.

Raising The Bar of Leadership

Greg Aziz is giving the deepest sense of purpose to whatever he does and to the company he leads. The dedication of Greg has also given him the strength to provide an unmatched level of passion for the railroad industry. Greg uses his passion and core values as a fuel to provide a kind of leadership that is rooted in the desire to serve the people and the society with the most ethical standards.

Greg is also raising the bar of leadership by making sure that he gains the trust of the customers to provide them with the best quality railcar options for many different delivery needs. The high delivery performance that Greg brings to the company also makes him an outstanding leader who gave the railroad company an ISO 9001:2008 certification.

With Greg’s leadership, the company he led has now received recognition and honor with the TTX SECO award 13 given to it consistently for at least ten years.

Past Achievements Are Not The End

National Steel Car will not stop at the laurels that Greg was able to provide for the company. With the unceasing passion of Greg James Aziz to continue to address the demands and needs of businesses who need railroad service, he now handles a 2000-strong workforce and employees who pride in being part of Greg’s passion for quality service.

Greg’s employee workforce is the key to making him the top leader in the railroad business, and Greg appreciates their work by providing them with all the perks and benefits that they deserve.


Madison Street Capital Continues to Build

Investment banking is not a niche a lot of people are aware of. It is one of the areas which is still growing, and people should earn more about it. Companies work hard to be better than their competition, and Madison Street Capital reputation proceeds them by a mile.

It is not an easy task. An article found on PR.com talks about their extraordinary journey, its ups and downs and how important it is not to give up when things become hard. It is a field that requires integrity and honesty because Madison Street Capital work on building relationships with every client. Learn more:


The company brings openness and honesty as well as its experience to the table. This international investment banking company has headquarters in Chicago. They are proud of their employees and their expertise in the business world. They understand the field of corporate finance because of how passionate they are about their job.

Madison Street Capital works with the projects other companies would turn down because they are complex. With specialization in mergers in acquisitions, taxes, bankruptcy and corporate governance as well as placement advice for their private clients.

Now they have office locations in Chicago, Oregon and India and Ghana as well. They continue growing because of their style and approach to these projects.

The company worked with DCG Software Value which is one of the leaders in software analysis. They merged with another company – the Spitfire Group. It was a big project and not every investment banking adviser would be able to tackle it.

When the annual M&A Advisor Awards come around the hard work pays off. Recognition comes from the firm as well as for their employees as well as the leaders who are steering the ship. Authorities and leaders in the corporate finance world also look at them for inklings of what the markets will and how they will change.

This success inspires people to work with investment banking. Individuals who are just starting out in the industry look towards those who are already successful and this is a prime example of hard work paying off and translating into success. It also teaches the employees to work ethic that the company can be proud of. They learn from the markets, they learn from each other and their clients as well. It is important to take risks and not be afraid while still staying proud of the way the company works.



Find the Best Health Insurance Solutions with USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is a wholly owned subsidiary of the USHEALTH Group which comprises of a group of insurance companies that provide health insurance to those seeking health insurance solutions. Based in Fort Worth, Texas it is the mother company to insurance companies such as Freedom Life Insurance Company and the National Foundation Life Insurance. The companies are dedicated to offering the best insurance solutions to its clientele that cannot be matched by any other company in the insurance market. Their innovative solutions are what keeps them going and puts them ahead of the others.


To ensure that they continue having the best insurance products which are market-oriented and can withstand the competition. USHEALTH Group created its subsidiary the USHEALTH Advisors which is tasked with the role of ensuring that their products are market oriented and are in line with market trends. USHEALTH Advisors is the sales and marketing side of the USHEALTH Group. Its headquarters are based in Grapevine, Texas.


USHEALTH Advisors was awarded the BBB status in 2013 due to its exemplary customer service. These BBB ratings are only given to companies that have shown commitment to offering the best customer service experience and observe the best customer service practices.


The company also offers attractive career opportunities for those who want to be insurance professionals. They will take you up, train you and make you the best in the market through its innovative products.


USHEALTH Group has been in operation for over a decade. It was founded in 1982 as Ascent Assurance Inc., and it has grown ever since to become a leader in the life insurance sector commanding a huge market share in the American insurance sector.


The insurance sector always experiences a high level of customer turnover and low levels of customer loyalty. But this trend does not affect USHEALTH Advisors as the company has a different approach in handling its customers which have made most of them stick with them for a long period. They strive to create long-term relationships with their clients by offering custom made insurance products and the best c ustomer care services that cannot be matched.


Betsy DeVos’s undertakings in Business, Charity, and Politics

Betsy DeVos is a well-established American businesswoman who is acknowledged for her contributions to charity, politics, and the education sector. She has been a held several campaigns to support the use of school voucher, charter schools, and school choice. Betsy is the wife of the founder of Windquest Group and former Amway CEO, Dick DeVos. The Forbes Magazine ranked the DeVos family as the 88 richest U.S family in 2016 with a net worth of about $5.4 billion. In 1989, they started being involved in charity work by founding the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The organization is committed to donating to support critical activities such as education, politics, Christian mission, and art. It has helped in transforming the lives of low-income communities.


Mrs. DeVos has been a great supporter of the Detroit charter school system. She is committed to enabling children across the country to access quality education. Betsy is currently part of the Foundation for Excellence in Education and formerly served as an administrator of Alliance for School Choice, All Children Matter PAC, and the Acton Institute. She was once a volunteer at the Grand Rapids Public Schools, and this motivated her to campaign for the transformation of the U.S education system. Mrs. DeVos wants to ensure that children can join learning institution that they could like. She has supported Potter’s House School and the Success Academy Charter Schools, which are organizations that support the school of choice program. President Trump appointed her as the 11th secretary of education.


Besides her charity work, Betsy has been in politics for about three decades. In 1982, she joined the Michigan Republican Party and was elected to serve as a delegate in 1986. As from 1992 to 1997, Mrs. DeVos was appointed to serve the Michigan division of the Republican National Committee. Her contributions to the party were outstanding, and in 1996 she was named as the Michigan Republican Party’s chairperson. Betsy has supported Republican Party candidates by assisting them to raise funds for their campaigns. She gave over $150,000 to facilitate the re-election bid of President Bush in 2004. The DeVos family has been the Republican Party’s greatest donors, and they have offered more than $17 million since 1989.


Mrs. DeVos’ career as a businesswoman has been successful. She is a co-chairperson of the Windquest Group, which is a private firm that was founded by her husband. The main ventures of the company include clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos has invested in Neurocore and are also members of its board. The firm has specialized in offering therapies for autism, anxiety, and depression. The couple has established a chartered high school that is known as West Michigan Aviation. The institution is acknowledged as one of the leading in Michigan. Her husband once served as the CEO of Orlando Magic.


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From Rags to Reaches, a Story of Nick Vertucci

Success comes as a result of hard work and determination. This is true To Nick Vertucci who was brought up in a poor background and managed to spring up and become a prominent serial entrepreneur. He lost his father at the age of ten. The death of his father made his mother work long hours to support them. At the age of 18 he was living out in a van, and his life was financially low.


After struggling for several years, Nick began selling computers, a business that changed his life significantly. He enjoyed the idea of being his own boss, and he got married at this time. However, things didn’t go as smooth as he expected. The dot com crash of 2000 dissolved all his finances. He went from riches to zero as he had not invested in his future.


For over 18 years after 2000, things had not gone well for him. He lost his home and everything he had to debts. Finally, a breakthrough came. He was invited to a three-day real estate training seminar. Although he was reluctant to attend the meeting, he decided to attend after his friend assured him that the workshop was worth attending. To date, Nick Vertucci acknowledges that as the best decision he has ever made.


After listening to the speaker, he felt motivated and renewed. From that day, Nick found the answer to his troubles. He continued to train and study issues related to the real estate. It took him ten years to gather enough information to start his journey in the real estate industry. He struggled in the industry until he developed a system that helped him make money in the real estate segment.


When he made it and called himself a millionaire, he vowed to help others through teaching them his system. To date, Nick has helped many people get out of debt and make money in the industry consequently transforming their lives.


About Nick Vertucci


Nick Vertucci is one of the prominent real estate entrepreneurs in the United States. Mr. Vertucci holds a high school diploma from Canyon High School. He is the founding CEO of NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA) that brings solutions to problems that face real estate investment. The school teaches people on how to succeed in the real estate industry using the same system he used to make his fortune in the sector. Today, hundreds of NVREA have gained world lessons and experiences that are enabling them to achieve their goals.

Troy McQuagge – Achieving Success for Four Consecutive Years

Mr. Troy McQuagge is an integral part of the business community. He is a corporate executive as well as an entrepreneur. Up to date, Mr. Troy McQuagge is a at the position of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President for a Texan health care company under the name of USHEALTH Group, Inc.


Mr. Troy McQuagge was born and raised in Panama City, Florida but he is currently based in Texas in a town called Coppell which is located around Dallas. Mr. Troy McQuagge received his higher education from the renowned University of Central Florida. After Mr. Troy McQuagge had completed his studies at the university, he pursued a career in the industry of health insurance sales. Mr. Troy McQuagge pursued a career in that field for most of his professional life. In 1983, Mr. Troy McQuagge became a part of the company Allstate Insurance where he worked for quite a few years. In 1995, he decided t switch it up and so he became a member of the business of UICI/Health Market. Mr. Troy McQuagge spent more than a decade working for UICI/ Health Market before he moved on with his professional career.


In 2010, the professional career of Mr. Troy McQuagge took a turn when he joined the company of USHEALTH Advisors. His professional establishment achieved new heights as the company was a perfect fit for him and his visions. Mr. Troy McQuagge assumed the responsibilities of the President and chief executive officer of the division. USHEALTH Advisors is a division of the mother company called USHEALTH Group, Inc. While Mr. Troy McQuagge was at the head of the business of USHEALTH Advisors, the company increased its rate of health insurance sales and thus profitability. Mr. Troy McQuagge managed to achieve that by appealing to an audience under the age of 65.


The professional accomplishments of Mr. Troy McQuagge did not go unnoticed. In the year of 2011, Mr. Troy McQuagge was appointed to the same positions of President and CEO but his time of the mother company USHEALTH Group, Inc. Such kind of an achievement is no news when it comes to Mr. Troy McQuagge. He had previously served at Health Markets Agency Marketing Group where he was appointed to the leadership positions of President and Chief executive officer. During his time at the company, Mr. Troy McQuagge led the business to immense success and the company achieved more than 1 billion in yearly revenue.


The year of 2016 brought a lot of success to Mr. Troy McQuagge as well as for the business of USHEALTH Group, Inc. Mr. Troy McQuagge was the winner of two gold awards from two different competitions both of which are highly prestigious. In 2016, Mr. Troy McQuagge became the gold winner in the competition hosted by CEO World Awards and so he was named the Most Innovative CEO in the Insurance industry. The reason for his success was the fact that the share price of the USHEALTH Group, Inc. had increased ten times since 2010 – 1,093% to be exact. That increase helped the business expand tenfold as well which made the company of USHEALTH Group Inc. one of the leaders in the United States of America in the business of health insurance. Since Mr. Troy McQuagge was appointed the posts of President and Chief executive officer, he had the company increase the sales and achieve record profits for four years in a row. CEO World Awards is held every year. There are participants from all around the globe. The award ceremony is held annually in Silicon Valley in the United States.


Another achievement that Mr. Troy McQuagge had in the year of 016 was winning the gold for Best CEO of the Year. The prize and the competition are hosted by the prestigious One Planet Awards, It is a great honor to be chosen for the title as the One Planet Awards is one of the most coveted recognition in any in any industry. Mr. Troy McQuagge won the award among participants from all around the globe. The past professional success of Mr. Troy McQuagge weighed in on his chances of winning but the deciding factor was his performance over the course of the year of 2016. Mr. Troy McQuagge continued to deliver as well as he had over the four years of his tenure.


USHEALTH Group, Inc. has become one of the top forces in its line of work. The company is known for its innovative approach and skilled team. The successes of Mr. Troy McQuagge have also been contributing on a significant scale to the fame of and quality of service of the USHEALTH Group, Inc. The business has a permanent home in Texas as the headquarters are in the city of Fort Worth. UsHEALTH Group Inc. operated in terms of sales and distribution through a division called USHEALTH Advisors. There are agents throughout the United States of America which can be located easily through the PPO service on the site of the business. USHEALTH Group Inc. has a vast set of premed health coverage plans. However, the company also offers an even more flexible solution for its clients. They can create a health coverage plan of their own in order to have the most suitable plan possible. USHEALTH Advisors is known for the highly skilled agents who are extremely helpful and work with clients providing top notch counseling.