Susan McGalla and Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is highly encouraged in today’s world. Women are coming forward and gaining higher acceptance in the corporate sector. Nowadays, a lot of women are joining the business sector though; it is still dominated by men. Susan McGalla is one such strong woman who is making her way in business through leadership and intelligence. She is the founder of P4 Executive Consulting LLC and is one of the most successful and powerful marketing and branding consultant in the United States.

Susan McGalla is a strong supporter of women empowerment. She believes that women are a significant part of the society that cannot be ignored. They need to be encouraged to join corporate sector as women nowadays are well educated and have the power to run businesses too. They just need to realize their true potential. McGalla is a prominent speaker and has spoken at various seminars. Recently, she spoke to the students of Carnegie Mellon University at a conference organized by the students. She guided young female entrepreneurs and gave them some tips and tricks to achieve success in their career. She also highlighted the importance of education for women and encouraged students to get higher education so that they can support their families and themselves. Education is vital for all walks of life. It should be given top priority. In order to excel in their professional life, women need to be well educated and knowledgeable about their work. Along with education, they need to acquire some professional skills as well such as communication skills, critical thinking, public speaking and much more.

Susan also advised students to manage their finances properly right from the start of their career. In this way, they can help themselves in the time of financial crises. Planning and careful managing of expenses should be taught to women as it is really important. Working women should try to perform really well in their jobs and try to work with consistency although doing a job is really tough, but women have to be strong in order to make their mark in the society.


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