Google Rolls Out the News Feed Feature for Android and iOS

Google is one of the most innovative companies on the planet today, and the technology it offers has continued to change the lives of billions of people across the globe. Continuing its drive to make technology an integral part of our lives, it recently introduced the new and more personalized news feed that would consist of videos, articles, blogs, and other viral and latest content.

The news feed would be personalized as per the interests of the user and make it easier for the user to get all the recent news and updates from the categories that interests them. The latest news feed is available through the company’s flagship app called Google, and is currently available for both iOS and Android. The news feed would draw information from your search history as well as from your browsing pattern, ensuring that you get the news you are looking for.

The primary aim of the news feed rolled out by Google is to make it a choice for other popular applications people use throughout their day, like Twitter and Facebook. These are also the applications that apart from being a social network also act as a news feed and a source of viral content feed for the end users. Google News Feed aims to be exactly that and more. However, as the feed is being introduced, the Google Now feature being taken off the grid by Google, and the updates slab would make its place in the interface.

Google says that it would ensure that the users get the relevant sources and news in their feed. Google stated that the focus would be on relevance, and not only on the latest per se. It would mean that something of importance from even a year back may appear on the feed if the algorithm calculates that it might be of interest to the users.

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