Ricardo Tosto, The Advocate To Big Corporates And Government Officials

In a developing country like Brazil, where newer companies are always making their way into the market, the need for good corporate lawyers has never been this prevalent. Big and small businesses alike understand the importance of good corporate lawyer and are always on the lookout for the same.

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer from Brazil who has come to the rescue of numerous different companies and businesses in the country. He is known to be one of the top corporate lawyers in the country, whose skills are revered across the sector. He is extremely well versed in corporate law and can fulfill all the needs that one might have a lawyer of his kind. He has an incredible amount of knowledge in the field, which is what has helped him rise to the top and stand among some of the best.

Ricardo Tosto is a classic example of what one can achieve through hard work and determination. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon, which is why he always had to work immensely hard to get to where he is today. He worked his way up the corporate rungs to make it to the big leagues. He has become an icon of what a good corporate lawyer should be.

In addition to his knowledge, it is also the incredible skill which he possesses which has made him as good as he is. He is brilliant at financial analysis and can understand perfectly what a company needs when they are in a tough situation.

In addition to corporates, Ricardo Tosto has also offered his services to a large number of government officials in the country. He has also helped several government organizations, which were in need of legal help. He is one of the most sought after corporate lawyers in the field, which is why even people in higher up positions in the government turn to him for help to learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/ricardo-tosto#/entity

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Besides being focused on his work, Ricardo Tosto also believes in contributing to the poor members of the society. He regularly donates to organizations that are trying to improve the community and help people.

Felipe Montoro Jens on How To Improve Basic Sanitation in Brazil

Brazilian infrastructure specialist Felipe Montoro Jens has encouraged a move by his government to partner with the famous National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES).According to the president of Tata Brasil, Edison Carlos the move will improve the basic sanitation department of Brazil in various ways such as the resources, administration and the structure. In addition to this, Mr. Montoro also revealed that it is also bound to minimize the waste in the country significantly.


90% of Brazil’s basic sanitation services are done by the citizens themselves and 70 % of these people are funded by the government. The entry of a private entity like BNDES means that the sanitation services will improve greatly. However, the public entities may also continue providing the services because they have experience in dealing with such matters. If both institutions can run concurrently, then the sanitation issue is bound to improve within no time.


The bank will use customized surveys to fasten the sanitation projects in the states they work in. In addition to this, each state will have a detailed project adaptation to suit the area it is located in. The scarcity of water is among the impediments to the implementation of the sanitation project. However, if the government can provide enough water sources to both entities, then the sanitation of the country is bound to improve.


Edison Carlos who is one of the leaders of a Brazilian basic sanitation company, also pointed out that water management is the key to providing the best basic sanitation in the country. Private companies have better technology compared to public companies, and they can also manage the water well thus making it easier for them to be successful.


About Felipe Montoro Jens:


Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure specialist. The Brazilian professional is on the board of various developmental organizations. Felipe Montoro Jens has a degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and an undergraduate from Getulio Vargas Foundation.


Learn How Madison Street Capital has Become a Reputable Organization

Madison Street Capital is a global investment-banking firm based in Chicago. Their services include corporate advisory services, valuation services for both public and private enterprises, financial opinions and more. Core values like integrity, excellence, and great leadership are part of the Madison Street Capital reputation.


The services that Madison street capital offers help their clients to position themselves in the worldwide market. The company works with its customers to achieve the goals they have set. Their record of accomplishment is incomparable to none. They ask you to judge them by the benefits they bring to a firm. Their clients have entrusted them due to their efforts and dedication to helping in many cases.


The path to top notch reputation


Getting credit


Madison street capital announced in 2014 that it had provided advisory services to important care industries at Illinois based firm. Through its help, the firm was able to select a suitable lender and secure a commercial loan. The CEO of necessary care praised Madison street capital and said he was extremely pleased.


Recognition of the co-founder


In 2015, National Association of Certified Valuations and Analysts named Anthony Marsala in the 40 Under Forty awards. The program is known to honor young leaders who have an excellent record in valuations, mergers and other similar efforts.


Making it to the finals of awards


In the 2016 summer, Madison street capital was M&A Adviser Awards finalist. Finance professionals give the award to firms who have set up a good acquisition, financing or restricting deals. Also, Madison street capital was nominated as the top boutique investment firm of the year.


Award won


Madison street capital is the winners of turnaround award that happened in January 2017. There were more than 300 nominated for this award.


Merger assistance


The year 2017 has been the year where Madison Street Capital continued the work of providing companies with wise decisions on merger transactions. One of the notable mergers is between The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value.


Investment projects


One recognizable project is serving ARES Security Corporation as the sole advisor for an investment transaction that involved minority subordinated and recapitalization debt. Madison street capital was trusted to do this highly complex operation.


In conclusion, Madison street capital participated in several charitable donations over the years. For instance, they donated money after the damages caused by severe weather in the eastern and Midwestern US in 2011. They also give to charity groups like Red Cross.

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Talking About Gender Diversity With Successful Entrepreneur Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is circling news everywhere as one of the most successful women today, and she is also helping other women reach the same triumph position that she was able to conquer. How? Susan McGalla has the philosophy that gender equality is becoming a thing, but it needs a push forward to really impact today’s society.

According to charts about the subject, companies around the world are not favorable to gender diversity, and some departments are strictly only hiring men for many years in the market. The animation and gaming industry, for example, is notoriously known for only supporting the male gender. Susan McGalla talks about this reality.

According to her, the highest positions in an enterprise are even harder for a woman to grasp. She, however, was able to reach her position as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development in Pittsburgh Steelers. Not bad right? But Susan McGalla struggled a lot to reach the spot where she currently resides.

Her lifetime struggle began when she was chosen to participate in the American Eagle Outfitters by the time it was almost 100% men that filled all employees spot at the company. That reality, however, did not stop her from becoming the renowned President of the American Eagle Outfitters, a position that she later abandoned to found her startup: P3 Executive Consulting, extending her knowledge of the executive business to a real company owned by a woman. Her success key? Being confident at all times and dedicating more than anyone else. Through her hard work, she conquered her job not because of a gender but because of her valuable asset for the company.

In Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan McGalla is very famous and is a potent figure for women who are rooting for gender diversity in companies that commonly only hire men. There are charts that show a certain progress in the equality part, but it is taking too long. McGalla advises women to do the same as her and go fight for their business careers with all of their forces. Apart from being a big part of the companies that she worked for, she has also had the position as the trustee of the University of Pittsburgh. After that, she became the director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, a work experience that taught her a lot about the personal side of business models.

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How JustFab CEO Adam Goldenberg Puts Digital First with TechStyle Rebrand

Adam Goldenberg is the well known co-CEO of fashion empire JustFab and Fabletics, the brand taken to global success with the fuel of founder and front woman Kate Hudson. JustFab Inc recently underwent a purposeful re-naming and is now TechStyle Fashion Group. This move was highly intentional and purposely brings the company’s digital-first business model to the absolutely forefront of the company: within the name itself.


Goldenberg’s company, Fabletics, was founded as a digital first platform to provide high quality athletic apparel to women at a membership style price model that was affordable without sacrificing style. The company has skyrocketed int he three years since its founding from a startup seeking funding with zero users, to a fully funded company that is now showcasing positive cashflow and able to boast over 400 million users across the world. Goldenberg was recently interviewed on CNBC where we spoke about his passion and vision for his company’s continued growth. He believes in the opt-in pricing model and most of all he wants to provide a great product that consumers really love. He cited that among his user base, most people order on average of three to four times a year and while he prides himself on being a digitally versatile company, in the end it is all about the product being one that is truly loved and valued.


In fact, the company received a $1 billion valuation in 2014 and investors looked to the brand as the next big thing in digital-forward fashion. By utilizing big data and metrics to provide the consumer with what they want, Goldenberg states that he was able to predict market demand within 95%, meaning that there is less waste of inventory. That savings, in turn, can be passed on to the consumer.


2017 promises to be a big year for Goldenberg, TechStyle Fashion Group and Fabletics. Fabletics recently announced it would be expanding its size offerings to meet the demand of more people that wanted to take advantage of the quality, trendy offerings Fabletics has.


Goldenberg has a vision of how technology should meet the fashion runway and both should work together. As early as 2006 he founded his internet brand incubator Intelligent Beauty and four years after launched JustFab, now TechStyle. In an article on the 3 LA CEOs you Need to Know, he stressed the importance of transparency in his companies in all of his companies and the return value that comes from listening to the customers needs, reaching them through digital platforms and consistently putting those needs in focus.


Legal Help of Ricardo Tosto

By understanding the work that Ricardo Tosto provides, you’ll have a high comfort level by knowing that you’re getting the most experienced professional around to help you out. He is as a Brazilian attorney who practices in the Oliveira Carvalho area. When you learn more information about the work that he provides, you will be better able to feel confident about working with him and his prestigious law firm. Ricardo Tosto is Brazilian and is known as one of the most top quality lawyers in the country for the areas of law that he specializes in.

Think about these tips as you look to lean on the service that he offers.

What types of law can Ricardo Tosto help with?

In terms of areas of law, Ricardo Tosto can help you with a litany of commercial law cases. Whether the case is heard before a judge or is simply carried out with out-of-court negotiations, you will need to have an advocate who understands these issues.

Throughout the course of his career, he has received accolades and prestige that has lost at the top of the field in Brazil. You will be able to get a great deal of legal experience on your side when you return to the law firm of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogdos. This is a company that helps people with things like credit recovery and bankruptcy cases. Tosto is a cofounder of this law firm and has been an avid advisor to individuals and companies in all different sectors.

In terms of his accolades, Ricardo Tosto has been recognized as part of the Legal 500 and is an accomplished political writer as well. He gives several speaking engagements every year related the areas of law that he is familiar with. When it comes to his educational accomplishments, Ricardo Tosto holds an undergraduate law degree, in addition to coursework related to business extension schools.

By understanding the type of work that he provides, you’ll be in a good position to hire Ricardo Tosto for any commercial litigation work that you have. Let this article guide you toward learning more about any area of commercial or civil law that you need help with, as you turn to this law firm for assistance.

Glen Wakeman Shares the Secret of Success

There’s little to argue when one talks about the difficulties inherent in starting a new business. Anyone who’s managed to get through that process is well aware of how difficult it can be to start a company from the ground up. However, some people who’ve been through it have dedicated themselves to the idea of making it easier for others. One of the more notable examples is Glen Wakeman. He’s the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC.

But more than being a CEO, he’s also a mentor. This is one of the most amazing things about Glen Wakeman. He’s not just made it big, he’s using that experience to help enrich the market as a whole. In doing so he’s been able to create something far more important and unique than might be apparent at first glance.

For example, he keeps a regularly updated blog to share some of his thoughts and experiences. At first glance the most apparent fact is that it’s advice and experience written by a successful and insightful businessman. But as one reads further it becomes more apparent that he has a scope of experience far beyond the norm. Much of this is due to the fact that he’s a world traveler (Doral Financial). Not in the sense of just going to a different country. But in the sense of actually taking in what those countries have to offer. He’s a world citizen in the truest sense of the phrase. He’s currently lived in six different countries. And Wakeman has conducted business in 30 or more countries.

The importance of this can’t be understated. Like many younger businessmen he came of age in a world economy. He’s well aware of the fact that the business world isn’t limited to a single country. Putting up a website and selling goods and services online means that the entire world has become a market. It’s also a rare company these days which doesn’t operate in that manner. This is one of the biggest reasons why Wakeman’s advice needs to be carefully considered by anyone considering getting into the business world. He’s a world citizen who has a lot of advice to give about the nature of the worldwide market.

More here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doral_Financial_Corporation

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Matthew Autterson; The Investment Manager with a Background in Finance

Investment management is the management of securities and assets. It is done with the objective of meeting certain financial goals that are in the best interests of the investor. Investors can be mutual funds, pension funds, charities, and insurance companies. Investment management is practically for anyone who wants to achieve certain financial goals. Private banking is when investment managers provide portfolio management services to private investors. Asset management is the management of collective investments.

A large investment fund will have many people working in different roles within the company. They include compliance employees, internal auditors, marketers, fund managers, and financial controllers. The investment philosophy of the managers determines its overall success. The managers play the biggest role in what the fund chooses to invest. The work of an investment advisor is to do an assessment of the needs of each individual and the profile of their risk. They should recommend an appropriate investment after doing all of this. Some of the most successful investment management firms include Goldman Sachs, Vanguard, and Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire Hathaway has been in operation for many years. It focuses on investing in long term funds. Successful funds tend to look at the long term and holding these assets over a long period.

It is important to note that Matthew Autterson is an investment management professional based out of Denver. Matthew Autterson has many years of experience in the industry. This helps him to provide sound advice in good time. His expertise allows him to understand the goals of the client and to come up with the most appropriate mode of investment for them. Matthew Autterson checks on the investors from time to time after coming up with an initial plan. He does this in order to make sure that they meet their goals and that everything is working well. He is a licensed Life Insurance Agent. He is able to advise on long term insurance issues correctly. Matthew Autterson is also an adjunct professor at North Iowa Area Community College where he taught financial management.

Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory Continues to Impress

When a former Swiss investment banker and his two partners decided to create a stronger startup environment in Switzerland in 2014, one wonders if the envisioned the level of success that they have achieved. The Swiss Startup Factory is the product of Mike Baur’s desire to bring the excitement, innovation, and passion of the technology world to the forefront of the Swiss business world. Baur has also formed the Swiss Startup Association where he is currently a Director. The Startup Factory has been quite impactful on the overall tech scene in Switzerland, and it continues to grow in its reach each year.


The program is for three months and is available to early-stage startups that are selected through a rigorous application process. The projects that are invited to join the accelerator receive many benefits. The Swiss Startup Factory is there to help these early-stage projects to reach a stronger and more sustainable point in their growth trajectory. By providing funds and support at the early stage, the accelerator can help many projects avoid failure. It is at this early stage that many projects flounder and face confusion and a lack of direction during this time.


The projects that are selected for the accelerator receive everything from office space and admin services to capital raises and funding. Perhaps the most useful of all the support that they receive during the three-month program is the introduction to potential capital partners as well as a very strong and vast entrepreneurial network. It is through this network that the projects can receive on-going support and direction long after they have left the Swiss Startup Factory. The program thus far has been quite successful and its structure continues to evolve as the needs of the project leaders change.


Mike Baur continues to feel great enthusiasm about the startup culture as a whole, and specifically how he can change that landscape within the Swiss business environment. Baur has studied abroad and in Switzerland for his graduate education. He holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, which is located in the state of New York in the United States. He also has an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. He continues to explore how the startup culture of Switzerland can grow and adapt in order to further encourage great innovation within the country. The Swiss Startup Factory has accomplished a lot in its first three years.