Greg Talks about His Life and Career and the Secrets behind His Massive Success

The 37-year-old Greg is a renowned entrepreneur, a master trader, internationals speaker and a philanthropist. Greg established the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003, which consists of Learn to Trade, one of the leading global trading education company based in London, Sydney, Johannesburg, and Manila. Action Group also includes SmartCharts Software, a company that specializes in providing the trading technology, Capital Index, and FX Capital. The enterprises represent Greg’s passion and commitment to enhancing the lives of other people through education, coaching, strategy and support.

In an interview published on idea mensch, Greg talks about his life and career and also reveals the secrets behind his success. Greg has brought so many ideas to life where a huge percentage of them have grown to be a success. When asked to talk about where his ideas come from, Greg is quick to note that his ideas were partly born out of boredom.

Initially, Greg Secker was working for a large asset management bank, in the United States. Greg, later on, moved back to the United Kingdom where he concentrated on his trading. After he had traded for some time, he decided to start teaching people how to trade. He believed that this would inspire him more that just sitting behind trading screens at bank halls all day. His main agenda was to motivate people and give them the same tools and ideas that made him succeed. With time, the passion turned into an obsession.

About Greg

Greg kicked off his career in Thomas Cook Financial Services. After working in the company for a while, he then moved to the Foreign Exchange Business to run a brand new enterprise called the Virtual Trading Desk. It was the first real-time Forex trading platform that allows customers to receive real-time quotes for large foreign exchange transactions.

His career progressed swiftly, and he was appointed the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation. He had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s best traders. He was so successful that his forex account grew to the extent that he decided to leave the company and start up a trading floor from his home. It was the beginning of the successful business ventures that he owns today.


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