Getting Empowered Through Susan McGalla

Women have for a long time been marginalized, especially by men that dominate a majority of positions in companies around the globe. Whereas human perceptions have changed over the years, other institutions still hold on to their cultures and traditions. Apart from being adamant in employing women, they have failed to offer equal opportunities to the few that have had a chance of getting corporate positions. To this end, a vast majority of the women have lost hope in white collar employment amid growing concerns from parastatals and NGOs.

Despite the high disparities, there is a particular category of women that have chosen to take the bull by the horns. Although finding formal employment has proven to be more of a challenge, some women have made it their choice to start and run individual businesses. Others who are already in the formal sector have endured all to get executive positions in their firms. One good example is that of Susan McGalla, a lady that has worked for many institutions as top leadership. Because of her confidence, resilience, and hard work, Susan has been able to influence change in companies that she has been part and parcel. In so doing, she has set a challenge for women all over the world that they can become anything or anyone they so much desire provided they set goals and work hard to achieve them.

Susan believes that every single person has a talent, which if nurtured can bring the very best out of an individual. Being unique is what has contributed to Susan’s success as a corporate leader. Apart from playing an active role in other people’s businesses, McGalla has also chosen to employ herself. To this end, she has transformed to be one of the most sought after entrepreneur and investor. Companies that Susan McGalla currently runs include The Pittsburgh Steelers and an American football team in Pittsburgh. Above all, Susan is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, a company that has introduced higher levels of services to the market.

So phenomenal is Susan to the extent that she has also ventured forth into retail and fashion. With more than thirty years of working experience, Susan knows how to start and operate a business to become a successful entity. As a hard worker, McGalla has been able to achieve a lot in life as compared to other women. Therefore, she urges women, especially the young ladies to pull up their socks and tap into opportunities whenever they present themselves.

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