How White Shark Media Leverages Consumer Complaints

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As for any firm dealing with tens of thousands of customers, it is bound to receive some complaints in some of their areas of operation. White Shark Media is among the leading digital marketing firms in the world, and with the higher number of clients they deal with, some complaints will always arise.

According to, White Shark Media takes a proactive approach to finding solutions to their customers’ problems. Lately, the firm implemented a new system, which counters the complaints they receive.

Among the main complaints the company received, was with their clients feeling as if they were losing touch with their advertising campaign. In the past, White Shark Media utilized some reporting systems, which were not adequate for small businesses to review their AdWords’ performance.

For the company to counter such failures, White Shark Media created a more elaborate reporting system, which sends reports to clients regularly. The new reporting systems allow small business owners to review the usage of their advert budgets. With this knowledge, the firm’s clients have the edge over their rivals.

According to Glassdoor, some of the clients expressed their dissatisfaction with their communication with the customer care. To stop such complaints, White Shark Media regularly schedules meetings, which allows customers to make inquiries as well as get necessary info about their campaigns.

Additionally, there are direct lines to each client representative in the case a customer has an urgent matter, which requires immediate attention.

Many clients felt as though their old accounts for AdWords were outperforming the new optimized accounts. In an effort to combat this, White Shark Media incorporated expertly trained supervisors to spearhead every campaign.

This is a significant way of ensuring that every advertising campaign bounds and leaps in an efficient manner.

Clients also felt that they were at times matched with customer representatives who were not in line with their specific goals and needs.

White Shark now boasts of professional and experienced senior consultants who will be useful in helping pair up clients with the right representatives depending on the needs of each customer. Clients can contact these representatives at any time during the campaign if they need to change customer agents.

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