Never Ever Google These Things


In the more than 20 years Google has been around, people seem to Google just about everything on the planet. Did you know there are know there care some thing you should never Google? Some of the things you should never Google are sex offenders, photographs of people who died horrible deaths after the fact, websites like Meatspin that show gay men having sex. Speaking of men having sex, you want to stay away from that shows three elderly men in bed having sex. You want to stay away from Kids in a Sandbox because they are not just playing with shovels and pails with sand. All things never to Google.


Mostly it us safe to say do not Google anything that has to do with any kind of sex. Stay away people who have committed horrific crimes and definitely do not Google bodies involved in horrid accidents, stay away from child abuse websites. Just about anything else is fine.  So don’t forget, the internet isn’t all Marvel sex fan art, there’s some even more disturbing stuff out there.

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