UKV PLC Is A Globally Known Wine Dealer

UKV PLC ventured into the wine industry in 2015. The main offices of this wine dealer are in Surrey, UK. Mr. Peter Anthony and Mr. Charles Brodie serve as co-CEOs of this company. Mr. Robert John Edwards serves as the secretary.

UKV PLC’s business operations

This company specializes in the marketing and distribution of beer, wine, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages. UKV PLC acquires its Investment Grade Luxury Fine Wine from vineyards in Italy, Spain, and France. The company’s clients are mostly customers who buy wine for the pleasure of drinking, others are collectors who purchase for future financial gain, and some buy with the objective of developing cellars.

UKV PLC is a privately owned wine company that operates independently. It works in collaboration with a diverse network of traders, merchants, and brokers. This company has an extensive supply channel. Together with its network of vintners, UKV PLC works to acquire stocks of champagne and other wines that are in high demand. The firm is also involved in marketing and supplying liquor on behalf of trade customers and private individuals. This company sells wine based on the preference of its clients. Additionally, UKV PLC provides brokerage services for traders who wish to deal in investment grade wine.

Benefits of buying wine from UKV PLC

UKV PLC has a pool of experienced wine consultants that can guide a buyer in selecting the appropriate wine for any event or purpose. The company addresses the needs of its customer by matching them with unique and high-quality wines. UKV PLC provides a broad range of wines at affordable rates. The firm’s consultants are quite flexible – they meet with clients at their preferred location and offer them actionable tips for picking appropriate wines. UKV PLC is an e-commerce business and provides an online platform for its customers to select and buy wine. The company delivers the ordered goods promptly.

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