Reasons Why Content Providers Struggle Abroad

E-commerce has helped to erase all the boundaries in the global economic arena. In the past, businesses explored overseas markets and set up operation in new regions. It is the same reason why we see content providers are eager to venture into abroad locations.


Many American content-creating firms are motivated by an entrepreneurial drive and desire to make more profits. They look beyond the country’s borders in search of fertile terrain to map out a success plan. The reality of the matter is that some are successful while don’t succeed. The companies that have a better chance of becoming successful abroad are those that initially scout the new territory to recognize the opportunities available and the possible challenges that they may face before.


Currently, expanding your business to an overseas location has become an easy task because international trade restriction policies have been softened. Moreover, more consumers from all regions of the world are digitally connected through online channels and devices. However, that does not mean that all is easy. Many publishers face challenges such as piracy threats, difficult language translations, Jack of internet access, changing government regulations, shifting economic rules, and monetization and payment obstacles.


The CEO of Cue said that the biggest problem that American content firms face is the need to communicate to a global audience with messages that have been built around U.S. consumers. Paul Parreira added that localizing our message becomes a challenge regardless of the product. Another barrier to foreign markets is the conservative nature of foreign governments such as Burma, China, and Arab nations. Such countries restrict access and censor content that conveys messages that are at odds with the political ideology and opinions of the government. Moreover, some governments block content that they deem morally unacceptable or sexually suggestive. Asian countries like South Korea and China require users to register with internet providers using their real identification.


Such laws can promote identity theft. Monetizing content can be challenging depending on the territory because some consumers fear to make an online payment. Moreover, different countries have various forms of acceptable online payments.

Building Your Business with Online Marketing

The world of business is changing fast. For a long time, online presence has been a preserve for freelancers and developers. Today, anyone who is passionate about what he or she is doing and wants to reap real benefits from it must make use of the internet. However, having a website or a blog is not enough to make your online presence felt—you must go the extra mile.


Remember, there are probably millions of people selling the same products as you in the online market. Even when you offer the best of all the products up for sale, you may still score low when it comes to making the actual sales. In short, the success of your business will largely depend on your efforts in trying to stand out of the pack.


Make the First Impression Attractive and Memorable


Before visitors to your website click on the products on sale, they will have already made up their mind about the kind of business they will be dealing with from the first impression. According to, your logo is likely to be the first feature that catches the visitor’s eye, and it would be a big blow to the business if it’s neglected. Do your best to make sure that it delivers exactly the kind of impression you would like to create about the business. In addition, don’t forget to make the taglines informative and attractive enough to leave a lasting impression on the visitors.


Creating the Portfolio


Many people think they know everything they need to create a portfolio of their business. While the work may be of high enough quality, there are the little things that could make all the difference. For instance, outlining the goals of the business and achievements through customer testimonials is superb way of making your website stand out.




If visitors find any difficulty getting at what they wanted, they’ll be most likely clicking off the page in the next one and straight into your competitor’s arms. Therefore, make sure that finding ones way around the website is as easy as possible. In the same breath, details about your products should be available with a simple click.


The use of the internet is one of the greatest ways of keeping in touch with your customers. Due its global appeal, it’s provides the best opportunities for business growth since the customer base is unlimited. Additionally, creating a business website is a splendid means of building a lasting bond of trust and friendship with customers, both local and global.

Reasons Why Online Interaction Platforms Are Dropping The “Social” Tag

About four years ago, many marketing agencies developed because of the explosion of social media. However, the same marketing companies did not want to be identified as purely “social” practitioners and said that they had grown beyond that. Recently, social media platforms have adopted a similar mindset. Several social networking sites are shrugging off the “social” tag. Snapchat recently announced that it is now a “camera company” because of the introduction of its video-recording sunglasses called Spectacles. During press meetings, the California-based company has tried to drop the tag when making its announcements.


Twitter has also tried to distant itself from the idea that it is a social site company. At the Advertising Week, Adam Bain mentioned that his firm had moved its mobile app listing from the social section to the news category in Apple’s App Store. He added that his team witnessed increased downloads of the app almost immediately.


Similar sentiments were echoed by Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer during a press conference in September. Sheryl Sandberg said that it had been long since the company was branded a social network site. There are certainly commercial reasons why most companies are suddenly joining the anti-social wagon. Scott Linzer of Organic Media stated that most of the social companies are working to diversify their portfolio and offer more in the spirit of innovation. Linzer continued by saying that Organic Media was trying to educate brands on how social media has continually collaborated in most forms of communications.


It is hard for an upcoming social media company to brand itself social after observing what has recently happened to Twitter. David Deal said that every enterprise that describes itself as social will always operate under the shadow of Facebook. Nick Cicero, CEO of Snapchat, stated that social media and social networks had undergone an evolution. Cicero added that the companies had to define themselves in a different way because of the evolution. Moreover, the Chief Marketing Officer of Ello said that his firm is not a social media company. He stated that they are a brand that puts creators first.


Viewing Metrics and a Major Conflict of Interest

Considering how many users depend on Google’s search engines, analytics and ad campaigns to promote and sell their businesses, someone should have figured out awhile ago that this kind of end-to-end service lacks a built-in monitor. Simply put, why should anyone trust the viewing metrics provided by a company that is compensated for the success of its own viewing platform?


Although Google and Facebook haven’t been tagged for malicious behavior, both organizations have received poor ratings from the Media Rating Council, with Google losing its accreditation. The metrics Google provided weren’t always an accurate reflection of reality.


The problem isn’t with desktop ads but with mobile ads, and the problem most likely stems from ad blockers. Businesses have no desire to pay for ads that aren’t being viewed, but the existing analytics don’t take ad blockers into account. According to a report from Business Insider, “Advertisers want assurances that the majority of the pixels of their ad were viewed for at least a second or more (and most marketers demand far more than this) and that they were viewed by humans rather than a bot.”


The metrics at issue were DoubleClick for Publishers web impression measurements and Doubleclick for Publishers viewability metrics. Google is updating its technology to better distinguish rendered and viewed impressions. In the interim, this situation has reignited the issue of what has been called the “walled garden” of Google advertising. Marketers and consumer advocate groups are calling for third-party regulations which will hold Google, Facebook and similar organizations’ reporting accountable to outside measures.

Democrats Welcome the Return of George Soros and His Generous Political Donations

Billionaire George Soros had mellowed his donation habits after spending a record setting $27 million in 2004 to try and help get President George W. Bush out of the Whitehouse. Now Soros is back, and his checkbook is opened again to the benefit of Democrats everywhere. To date, Soros has committed over $25 million to support Hillary Clinton’s run for the Whitehouse as well as other political causes if they are Democratic ones, and that amount is likely to rise the closer it gets to election time on It will be interesting to note what that final amount turns out to be.

In his mid-eighties, George Soros appears to be one of the lucky few that age doesn’t seem to affect much. Those of his inner circle say that lately, Soros shows more interest in politics than he has in years. It’s also been said that what motivated him to involve himself once more is politics was more than a desire to see Clinton win. Soros appears willing to spend whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump out of the Whitehouse.

Michael Vachon, political advisor to George Soros has said that with everything riding on this years election, and the fact that Trump is no friend to many of the causes George has worked with over the years is one thing that brought him back out on the political scene. Immigration and criminal justice reform as well as religious tolerance are things Soros has championed for many years and he sees them all in danger if Trump wins a seat in the Oval Office.

Soros desire to help Clinton win over Trump is obviously a big plus for Democrats and George’s desire to help does have a tendency to “rub off” on other wealthy activists. By Soros being so generous with his cash he makes an example of himself others seem willing to follow. Men like Don Sussman, Tom Steyer, and Fred Eychaner among others of the wealthy elite are also parting with big money to support the Democratic cause.

With the backing of some of the wealthiest people in the U.S. it would seem that Clinton has an invaluable edge over Trump, but, only time will tell on that. What is obvious to everyone right now is Soros’s willingness to spend whatever it takes to keep a republican out of the Whitehouse chair of power and protect the causes he’s worked so hard over the years to help. And why not? When one has the kind of money it takes to make actual, positive changes in our society then doing so speaks very well of their character.

His causes are many, and some of them have Soros to thank that they still even exist. George has something else besides cash to donate to a political cause. His command of the spoken world has power to ignite the passions of others to the point they are forced to listen, if not to action. After failing in 2004 to keep Bush out of the Whitehouse, he didn’t give up, Soros simply moved on.

By focusing his philanthropic talents on non-profits of the world, Soros has made a global difference in the lives of many people. Human rights, healthcare, and educational opportunities everywhere all benefit from this mans attentions. His efforts to support those that combat serious issues such as climate change certainly benefit everyone, no matter which political party they may belong to.

How to get your Wikipedia page

Why have a Wikipedia page?

Getting a new business running can be a challenging task. Trying to do this while establishing a quality, user-friendly website that properly showcases your company can be extremely difficult. However, because of Wikipedia’s reputation and agreements with the major online search engines, your Wikipedia page will see a high volume of marketing by being listed as one of the top search results. This can be extremely difficult when trying to advertise a standard web page. Because Wikipedia is not social media, a directory of businesses, or any sort of a news website, it is often overlooked when it comes to marketing because anyone can contribute to it. However, when you create a Wikipedia page it can be a powerful marketing tool if used properly. Wikipedia requires their pages to be filled with quality writing, and will delete pages that do not meet their standards. This will give your business a leg up on the competition by showing potential customers that you care about high quality and will not settle for less.

Do I qualify for a Wikipedia page?

In general, Wikipedia editors look to make sure that the subject and sources are notable. Some of the items that do not qualify as notable include press releases, official company websites, or social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. A key to establishing notability is the source being independent, so they cannot be self-published or related to the topic directly. The professional Wikipedia experts at Get Your Wiki are neutral, meaning they are independent from the topic. Businesses may qualify as notable content, provided the page is done properly. Some things to note are that the Wikipedia page must be civil, done from a neutral point of view, and be free of any conflict of interest.

Why hire a Wikipedia writer?

With Wikipedia having such strong requirements, it can create issues for people that would like to make a Wiki page, but don’t know how to work with the guidelines. Therefore, it’s highly recommended you hire a professional Wikipedia writer. They will create a professional page that meets Wikipedia’s standards and ensure there is very little to no chance of your page being flagged or deleted. If you don’t feel like dealing with the time and energy to go through and check out several Wikipedia editors, just to find out you were flagged and deleted anyways, consider the professional team at Get Your Wiki. The experienced, professional team at Get Your Wiki will create a Wikipedia page that has engaging content and will attract customers for you, while meeting Wikipedia’s guidelines.

Google Acquires FameBit

Google announced on Tuesday that they had bought FameBit to help creators diversify their earnings. FameBit is a self-service technology platform that connects advertiser and creators. FameBit becomes Google’s first influencer network. The tech giants also own YouTube.


The acquisition of FameBit is significant because it will allow Google to have the technology to service brands and creators. The company said that the move was wise because it will help in the generation of more revenue. Agnes Kozera and David Kierzkowski launched FameBit in 2013. The headquarters of the company are in Santa Monica. FameBit has created more than 25,000 videos on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Some famous brands associated with the company are L’Oreal, Adidas, Canon, Marvel, Sony, and Disney.


Google did not disclose the terms of the agreement. Despite the acquisition, FameBit will still run as an independent company and will not undergo any restructuring for now. Kozera and Kierzkowski said that they hoped they would connect more brands to creators because of the good relationship that Google has with large and small brands.


Google observed that many advertisers had increased their spending on YouTube video ads by 50 percent over the last year. Multi-channel networks have become more competitive. Google aims to provide more value for its services and gain more oversight. Recently, the tech giant updated their term of services for creators to reveal paid promotions. Programs that are in partnership with YouTube allow creators to make money from ads, merchandise, and subscription. FameBit will assist YouTube by linking them with other revenue-making enterprises.


Kozera told USA Today that FameBit influencers earn between $2,000 and $3,000 per month. The influencers get paid in the form of cash or gifted products. The acquisition is similar to Twitter’s purchase of New York-based Niche last year. Twitters acquisition helped to connect creators and advertisers. It should be noted that the Google’s acquisition of FameBit will not limit YouTube creators to working with FameBit. Google announced on their blog that they hoped that FameBit’s democratized platform would allow creators and brands to connect.

The Amazing IBEX Tumbler Peaks in Sales

The IBEX Tumbler is an amazing innovation designed to meet all the drinking needs of people. The top rated tumbler ranks first and has been sold throughout 29 US states. The cup has breath-taking features that have given it an edge in the market. So far, the tumbler can maintain drinks in their state, be it hot or cold, for longer than any competing products in the same niche. Its effectiveness has seen to the selling of 20000 units across the US. The demand for the cup in various IBEX holdings skyrockets as more customers embrace this fantastic piece of a utensil.


The flagship features of the IBEX Tumbler include its ability to keep hot drinks hot for 24 hours in addition to keeping ice frozen for 72 hours. For a tumbler, these features are unmatched. The material used in the crafting of the Tumbler is a stainless steel that can withstand the harshest of conditions. It can even take the impact of a speeding bullet! Besides the above features, the IBEX tumbler is also environmental friendly based on the materials from which it is made. The tumbler is fast selling and the stocks in the various outlets are growing rather limited, thanks to the 65% off offer.


Therefore, you might wonder the technology behind the making of this game changer. The walls are engineered with a sophisticated double wall insulation technology hence the ability to maintain the temperatures in their original state. The stainless steel used, which is readily available thick food grade 18/8, is responsible for its strength and durability. It is also characterized with a wide mouth lid which is equally tough. Therefore, contents enclosed in the tumbler are free from contamination. Such qualities are sure to leave its competitors with something to marvel at. In addition to all that, the company that manufacturers the IBEX Tumbler offers a lifetime guarantee for each of their product as an act of assurance on the quality of the product.


Most of the customers have aired out their feelings about this product, most of which are positive. In the current month, more than fifteen thousand customers have left positive feedback on this tumbler having enjoyed its great utility. The cup has changed the lives of several people in the US region with regards to their different beverage consumption habits. Those who love their coffee or tea hot can get the IBEX tumbler to fulfill these needs; at the same time also get to enjoy iced drinks in the right chilled temperatures.

Sam Tabar and His Role in The FullCycle Energy Fund


Sam Tabar has a Master’s Degree from the Columbia Law School. He is also a proud graduate of the Oxford University with a Bachelor of Arts. He became an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP. He would give advice to clients on various issues including funds and investment management. In 2004, he moved to SPARX Group Company. He later became the Co-Head of Business Development and the Managing Director of the company.


Sam Tabar later left the company and joined the Bank of America and later Merrill Lynch. He was in charge of the Asia- Pacific Region as the Head of Capital Strategy and Director. In 2013, he left this company and went back to the legal profession. He served as a legal expert at the Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP until 2014.


Mr. Tabar also has an interest in women empowerment. He has invested heavily in SheThinx and Tribute. His interactions with people from different cultures are aided by his knowledge of many languages. He also founded Go Fund Me. He uses it to raise funds for the needy African people. Go Fund Me partners with the Africa Wellness Initiative (AWI) to get the funds to the people. The beneficiaries of the funds are mostly for the children with health challenges. This way they can get proper medication and afford proper meals.


The FullCycle Energy Fund now has Sam Tabar as its Chief Operating Officer. His main task in the company will be to come up with policies for fund management. He said that he was honored by the role. He was also excited to be working alongside other people in the industry. The company seeks to make cheap fuels that are an environmentally safe reality.


Previous experience and expertise on fund management made Tabar the most suited person for that position. He possesses the required knowledge of the international markets. This will be very beneficial to the company and will keep it ahead of the competitors. His knowledge of the law also helps him in making informed decisions. The FullCycle Energy Fund has had many benefits having Mr. Tabar as its COO.

Return of Goettl Brand to Las Vegas

Since 2008, Goettl brand has again opened its doors to provide quality air conditioning services in Las Vegas. This decision by Kenneth Goodrich is beneficial to customers based in Las Vegas because they will be able to access quality maintenance, replacement and repair services offered by Goettl. The arrival of the Goettl brand has led to the emergence of new job opportunities for local HVAC technicians in the area. According to Goodrich who is the chief executive officer of Goettl, this company is looking forward to hiring an estimate of 50 employees in 2016. Additionally, the number of new jobs will be increased to 250 in the next three years. One of the main objectives of Goettl is to hire veterans in the specified areas. This company is not only focused on increasing employment opportunities but also creating successful careers. Goodrich feels that training and education are equally important besides hiring employees.

What Goettl Plans to Accomplish

This firm’s top priority is offering education to individuals with an aim to transform them to top professionals. Technicians working for this company translate Goettl’s motto to a reality on daily basis with an end goal of achieving great success. In addition to hiring experienced professionals, Mr Goodrich has gone a step ahead to create J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program, an endowment program. This is one of the inspiration he got from his father.

Furthermore, Goodrich has established a scholarship fund known as Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN Post-9/11 Veteran HVAC, with an aim to provide qualified graduating veterans the necessary tools they require for diagnostic activities thus enabling them begin their career successfully in HVAC. One of the most active and recent recipient of this program is Nick Hughes who is looking forward to graduating in May this year.

About Goettl Air Conditioning Company

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1930 with an aim to provide trusted and quality air conditioning and heating services. This company offers a wide array of services ranging from commercial HVAC, energy efficiency, heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality among others. For quite a long period of time, Goettl has been a long family brand. Under the leadership of Kenneth Goodrich, this firm has turned to a successful venture with great returns. Additionally, professionals working for this firm work with an end goal of ensuring clients get better solutions that ultimately exceed their expectations. This has therefore enabled Goettl build a good reputation.