Presidential Campaign Online Marketing

Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, has held this powerful position for nearly eight full years now. As many may remember, this election was of great significance because Obama’s election meant change for the world as the first African American reigned in position of President. Obama knew that he had to work diligently to score the votes of the citizens of the U.S. used each and every opportunity to present his case to the public. Online marketing was one of the beneficial techniques used during his campaign days.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the 2016 Presidential nominees, and as each candidate attempts to gain the vote of each American citizen in order to gain this powerful position, they’re also heeding in the direction of President Obama and using online marketing to help them with that task. With so many people online these days there is little wonder why online marketing is one of the top techniques used by Presidential candidates.

A few online marketing statistics:

  • More than three million businesses and individuals use Facebook to reach customers new and old. There are approximately 750 million people using Facebook each month.
  • Content marketing provides three times the number of leads as traditional marketing techniques.
  • Email marketing is still one of the most preferred methods of communication for customers.
  • Approximately 93% of all individuals base their decisions off of information they’ve learned from social media platforms, particularly Facebook.
  • The key to capturing a customer, or in the case of an election a voter, is to capture their information the minute they visit the website. In the 2008 election, Obama’s homepage immediately requested a name and email address, and even offered a free bumper sticker upon request. That’s a score for double marketing in one, Mr. Obama’s team!

Online marketing works, even if you’re running for a position like President of the United States. President Obama’s campaign stands as one of the most successful in online marketing history. Both Presidential candidates can learn quite a bit by following in the footsteps of our current leader.

Why Consider An Assisted Living Facility


Clearly, the country’s population is getting older. More and more people are people are entering their older years and finding that it is difficult performing some of their daily tasks with ease. Often, they do not have any help or family members available to assist them in their daily tasks. Of course, they would prefer not to be a burden, and remain independent. Assisted Living Facilities provide a way for older adults to remain independent and self sufficient. They provide a number of services for their residents. Some of the services provided include 24 hour supervision, meals, health services, personal care, and much more.


Select An Assisted Living Facility

Certainly, it is important for the older adult and family members to agree on the assisted living facility that is selected. In addition, it is important to realize that assisted living facilities vary in the quality of services provided to their residents. Some facilities provide only the basic services, while others provide full services that might include everything from meals, housekeeping, personal care, daily living assistance, to health and transportation services for their residents. Start by carefully researching to find the best assisted living facility for your older adult. For example, some older adults might only require basic assisted living services, while another older adult requires more customized services.


Visit The Assisted Living Facility

First, it is important to get acquainted with the facility that will house your older adult. Take the time to contact the facility by telephone or email. Ask questions about the facility. Ask the facility to send literature on the facility. Afterwards, if you are still interested in the facility, make an appointment to visit and ask more questions.


The Manse On Marsh

The Manse on Marsh takes pride in offering their residents a very enriching and enjoyable living facility that provides a way for them to stay independent. The facility provides several lifestyle options for their residents that are just like home.


Residents are able to select studios or 1 bedroom apartments. The Manse on Marsh also provides adjacent homes and cottages with assisted living services as required by the residents. Residents receive around the clock supervision, if required. Care takers and medical staff are available around the clock.

Building a Viral Marketing Campaign

Entrepreneur Magazine recently interviewed Jonah Berger about how to build a viral marketing campaign. He said that everyone has something that influences them. He is a business professor at Wharton and author of two best selling book. The books are Invisible Force The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior and Contagious:Why Things Catch On.

From his research he know how things in marketing work and how companies and organizations can get their message heard.Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools to have your message heard. He has studied social influence for over 15 years. Word of mouth is one of the primary ways people communicate says Berger.

He says most word of mouth is done face to face. So while social media is important most interactions are two or more people talking to each other. There are less distractions in talking and often people are sharing information about products and services. When we understand why people share we can write great content for the websites. Word of mouth is the best way to get new customers for your business.

For online social media he says that people share information that makes them look good and smart. He calls this Social Currency. Often they need triggers to be reminded of your products or services.These triggers are sights, sounds, and emotions that remind them of your cell phones or fashion line.

Stories about your product or services, emotions attached to them, and a practical value are all tools you need to sell your products and services. Advertising helps with sales say Jonah Berger. It is not everything but it tries to capture the attentions of customers and should be unique and stand out. Getting them to talk about the content or advertising that you run in person or on social media is important to your success. Advertising reaches customers more quickly than social media.

All types of people use products and services like dry cleaners,clothing,shoes, and lawn care services. When you learn to understand social influence and use it effectively, you will be able to improve your customer service and the ability to attract new customers regularly he said.

The Midas Legacy’s Shortcuts To Early Retirement

The Midas Legacy is a Florida-based wealth management firm that has a unique approach to serving members. The fact that clients are members is the first difference; The Midas Legacy only offers research services to members, they do not execute any trades or make investments on their member’s behalf. For a small monthly fee, member receive advice on real estate investing, entrepreneurship and stocks from industry experts.

Both Jim Samson and Sean Bower, Publisher and Chief Editor, have been quoted in business publications; Samson for his decades of real estate investing experience and Bower for financial expertise. Jim Samson penned the Best Business Blueprints and Real Estate Riches, both of which show members how to create wealth by working for themselves. Sean Bower writes the Wall Street Informer, which shows members how insiders execute trades and become wealthy, even when the market crashes. The Midas Legacy’s third expert, Mark Edwards, truly highlights the firms uniqueness. Edwards is a natural health expert who advocates cures from nature for a variety of illnesses because wealth is meaningless without one’s health.

Samson’s retirement calculator on The Midas Legacy website shows individuals how much they will need for a comfortable retirement. Most people would love to retire early with plenty of money to travel or do the things that they never had the time or the money to do before. Members of The Midas Legacy receive special invitations to the Code Breaker and Raider courses when they are held. These courses teach wealth-building opportunities and uncover retirement loopholes, allowing members to reach their retirement goals faster.

While traditional wealth management firms have their experts invest their client’s capital, The Midas Legacy gives members a financial education, encouragement and lessons from successful traders and investors so that their members can make their own decisions. People who want their own business, those who want to buy and sell stocks and potential real estate moguls can choose their own path to wealth, with research services from The Midas Legacy helping them make wise choices. The Midas Legacy believes that anyone can learn the secrets of building wealth and then take charge of their financial future.

Atlanta Hawks Previous Owners Challenge Insurance Agency

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE) LLC initiated legal action against the New Hampshire Insurance Company. The former owner of the Atlanta Hawks believes that this insurance firm is guilty of breach of contract. The key person involved in the lawsuit is Danny Ferry, who managed the team for a few years. The team’s previous co-owner Bruce Levenson is another big name that appears in this legal action.

According to documentation that has been registered in the Superior Court of Fulton County, the New Hampshire Insurance Company and AIG are accused of breaching a contract with the AHBE. These insurance agencies are also accused of mismanaging coverage such as wrongful termination involving Danny Ferry. The AHBE claims that it has properly reached out to the insurance agencies when conflicts formed with the manager of the Hawks. In the summer of 2015, Ferry and the Hawks agreed to settle on a new deal that voided a previous agreement. In 2012, he signed a contract that was worth a total of 18 million dollars. According to ESPN, when Tony Ressler bought a majority stake in the team, Ferry’s original deal was no longer valid.

Tony Ressler and his staff members do not wish to comment on the ongoing lawsuit that involves the AHBE and the insurance agencies. Surely, it’s in the best interest of the new ownership to stay silent on the conflict that doesn’t directly involve them.

Bruce Levenson is a successful American businessman who has owned the Atlanta Hawks for several years. Besides holding a big stake in this NBA team, he has also played a key role in managing the IT firm TechTarget and UCG. In his personal life, Levenson supports various charitable causes on a national scale. He has generously contributed a lot of money to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

Workville leads in providing Co-working Spaces in New York City

Use of Co-working spaces has been on the increase in the recent past among the freelancers, entrepreneurs, the technology industry, and some companies. The are several reasons that make co-working spaces the best based on the results of a survey in New York; this includes: the people using the co-working spaces value their work and enjoy doing it because there is no internal politics, competition or pressure to perform as opposed to the traditional offices.

Additionally, there are different professionals in one working space, and each has different skills and expertise. They all get a chance to help each other out, and this makes one feel that he belongs to a community. Co-working spaces are always open all the time; therefore, the workers can work any time that they want either the day or nighttime depending on their schedules. However, can be a problem since the workers are not following a given routine but on the contrary, this helps an individual develop self-discipline on personal work. Co-working spaces also give people a chance to interact with others at their will.

Workville NYC gives the people an opportunity to enjoy a flexible, well designed, and friendly co-working space in Manhattan. It has move-in offices, shared offices, as well as open spaces. The occupants also enjoy a café, lounge, and three terraces. Their members are mainly start-ups and small businesses with their location the 1412 Broadway, 21st Floor Midtown West, New York City. They also have fair prices that start at $500-$1500 for different office settings; their conference rooms also go for as little as $100 per hour.

Workville is the perfect place to hold an event. Their lounge area gets a transformation to a right setting for any corporate or social event. Their terraces offer the perfect view of the sunset too. Their activities include meet-ups, fundraisers, speaker series, cocktail receptions, and workshops among others. Workville services range from the setup to the lighting and décor of the event area, and they have partnerships with Michael Page, Gett, Insperity, eBay, and Refinery Hotel among others. Workville, therefore, gives the perfect environment for shared office space in New York.

The Things That Are Sweeping Online Marketing Right Now Are Not What You Might Expect

Seemingly every year there is some new trend or another that takes over online marketing. This is the case because the field is so dynamic and ever-changing. As soon as one strategy starts to fade away, another one takes it place. There are some trends that have taken over this year which are new in comparison to years gone by, and some of them may just surprise you.

Wearable Technology

The future is here when it comes to wearable technology. We used to dream of the possibility of wearing something that could provide us with so much information all at one time. Now, we do not have to just dream of that possibility, it is a reality. The wearable technology put into the market by companies such as Google are helping transform the way that customers get information. It means that marketing to them via these devices is a trend that is sweeping 2016.

Marketing At Ever Step Of A Purchasing Decision

There is a great irony in the marketplace these days. It is the fact that so much more choice has made many consumers unable to make the purchasing choices that they once made in the past. This is true because those customers are simply swamped by all of the options before them and the paradox of choice dictates that it becomes easier to make no choice at all.

Thus, marketers must continue to market to customers through every step of the process. Those customers are intending to make a purchase at some point, but they require a lot more research to get to that decision. Companies ought to market to those customers at every stage of that research process.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa’s Guide into having a Grand Tour of Panama

Panama is a unique country that links Central and South America. It gained its independence in around 1821 from their Spanish Conquerors. They later joined the Republic of Gran Colombia which was a union of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Its strategic location has made the country to be a top tourist destination on WordPress. Nevertheless, it is a country with many business opportunities from its artificial canal. It enjoys good business relations with the United States, a reason why they use the US dollar as their official currency.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is one of thebusiness persons who moved into the country in search of business opportunities. His passion has made him grow into a famous business person in Panama. Besides business, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has developed a strong passion for staying in Panama.

Some of the reasons that make Panama a unique nation from other countries in the world include;

1. Panama Canal
Panama Canal features an engineering marvel that was constructed for almost 17 years. The artificial waterway connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Besides, the ocean is the earth’s most expensive railroad that runs parallel to the artificial canal. The two features account for almost a third of the countries revenue collected from tourists and various economic activities that take place at the channel.

2. Rich biodiversity
Panama enjoys a rich biodiversity of vast landscapes and two coastlines that provide a home for numerous bird species. The beaches on the shores make the most impeccable coastlines in Central America.

The Parque Natural metropolitan de Panama gives visitors a spectacular view of Panama’s natural ecosystem in its natural habitat. Panama City is recognized as the only city with a rainforest.

3. Attraction sceneries
One of the most amazing landscapes that visitors like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa find irresistible when they visit is the Volcan Baru. It is the highest point in Panama that allows one to view the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

After touring all the sites described above, visitors like Figueroa also welcome a tour of El Valle de Anton. This is a town that provides a relaxed yet intriguing environment. Built inside a volcanic crater, the city gives the tourists a break from the warm tropical climate experienced in other places. The high altitude of the crater makes it cooler than any other part of the country. Visitors will also be able to tour volcanic sites within the city as it sits atop an extinct volcanic relic. Source:

Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics renews hope for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients

Seattle Genetics announced their trials for phase 1 of SGN-CD123A for patients who are suffering from acute myeloid leukemia that is relapsed or refractory. This is good new to the patients who have been suffering from the condition.

On September 19th, the company announced that the first patient was enrolled in the trial that is going to have several phases. If the company becomes successful in their trials, it will bring a light of hope for the tens of thousands that are diagnosed with this condition every year across Europe and USA. The disease is reported to claim more than 10, 000 lives each year in America and Europe alone.

The treatment options for acute myeloid leukemia are very limited; the patients rely on companies like Seattle Genetics to offer them hope for life. Seattle Genetics has been in the forefront of ADC development.

Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC’s) are built to contain individual elements that destroy tumor-containing cells. This is an advancement from the conventional killing of tumors that is done via chemotherapy. Chemotherapy has other side effects compared to ADC which has fewer setbacks.

Acute Myeloid Leukemia begins in the bone marrow where the body makes new blood cells and then spreads to the blood rapidly.

The company has cautioned patients that this is only a trial phase and the projected outcome may be different from what comes out of the tests. The tests are a basic level for the development of cures, preventive or treatment techniques that will be developed in future.

Seattle Genetics has been credited before for leading in research and provision of solutions to medical problems. The company prides itself on developing and commercializing antibody therapies that are used to treat cancer patients.

The company is also working on technologies that will enable them to address blood-related cancers and tumors that are solid in nature.

Seattle Genetics has its headquarters in Washington. It is led by Clay B. Siegall who serves as the chairperson and CEO. Mr. Clay has a Ph.D. in genetics received from George Washington University. He also serves as a director in two reputable biotechnology companies.

McDonald’s Fitness Tracker Fumbles Don’t Really Hurt Business

McDonald’s has had way more hits than misses with its marketing strategies over the years. The billions of dollars the company earned thanks to the classic McDonald’s Land campaign is proof the company’s marketing teams are able to hit home runs. The recent marketing strategy with Happy Meals, however, hasn’t been too effective.

McDonald’s placed fitness trackers inside of Happy Meals. Fitness trackers allow those wearing them to keep tabs on how many calories they burned. McDonald’s has long since been trying to overcome the image that the company is connected to healthy eating. An image change could help the corporation maintain the huge stock gains recently achieved. Unfortunately, the fitness trackers’ bands cause skin irritations. As such, they have been pulled from circulation. Consider the fitness tracker to be the Happy Meal toy that failed.

Little controversy is going to emerge from the issues with the fitness tracker. Within the small world of this particular toy gimmick, one can see how a major corporation works at effectively marketing an image. McDonald’s image suffered because the image of fast food ceased to be as positive as it once was in years past. McDonald’s board of directors absolutely realized the company was not going to thrive in the modern landscape without taking effective steps to transform its image and reduce any negative perceptions. A few management shakeups occurred as part of this process.

Things did not look to bright for McDonald’s, but the corporate giant was able to turn things around. The “healthy Happy Meal” concept was one simple marketing strategy that helped with the cause. The problems with the fitness tracker are minor. Overall, McDonald’s marketing and branding endeavors have worked out well.