ClassDojo Is Creating A Better Mindset Around School

ClassDojo is an educational platform made to increase the communication for students, parents, and teachers in the classroom. This unique program allows parents and teachers to be more engaged with their kids. While in the classroom, instructors can use the ClassDojo program to connect to any students connected to the app to give notes and offer feedback. It also shows the progress of the student and their skills relating to teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership. ClassDojo is getting a lot of use, and most schools prefer their platform over others.

This app allows for the sending of photos, videos, stickers, notes, and messages from teachers directly to students and parents without any trouble. Because of this, parents can experience more moments from the classroom along with their kids. Teachers are able to post on the Class Story as well, which is a news feed that is private to show specific moments that happened in school. This feature is only usable by verified teachers and parents.

For several years the quality of learning and educational programs have continued to grow and develop into more effective tools that can help instructors and parents more effectively teach their kids. For many kids, parent involvement is often needed for them to fully develop and learn, ClassDojo is an excellent tool for accomplishing this. ClassDojo supports an assortment of 35 languages and offers parents access to their children’s profiles. In order to be a part of the ClassDojo rooms, parents will need to receive an invitation from their child’s teacher.

Students are not excluded of course, they can make their own accounts and take part in the app as well to keep up with their performance. Students need only ask for an invitation from their instructors to get started. The app is easy to use and safe for kids, however any student under the age of 13 will need parental consent before many of the ClassDojo features will become available. While using the app, students will be able to check notes, feedback, and more from their teachers. No personal information is required from parents or students to signup on ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is a proven and tested educational platform that has been helping parents and instructors become more engaged with their students with better communication. This unique program will continue to help build more positive and engaging environments for students in school.


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China, The European Union, Politics And George Soros Move To Gold

George Soros may be very smart, he might seem to have the golden touch when it comes to the stock markets, but what he really has is a degree from the London School of Economics, and over 55 years of investment experience. He seems to know exactly which way to go, and he famously called the decline of the British Pound in 1992, leading to an enormous windfall for him. That said, there have been a few cacophonous hoots falling from the mouths of those that are very familiar with the stock markets that the bear may indeed be upon us. George Soros has recently returned to doing some trading and making some moves in the markets. He is concerned there is going to be a reversal-of-fortunes soon, and for this reason he has started to position a fair amount of funds in gold and gold stocks.

Gold has long been considered a venerated parking place for copious amounts of cash when markets seem to be heading into choppy waters. It was Mr. George Soros anomalous return to the office earlier this year that garnered a lot of attention. He is concerned about the markets and what might come, even going as far as to start directing trades and taking more of a role in day-to-day operations of his massive hedge fund. This would indicate he is not sure what is coming, and as he is famously a Hilary Clinton supporter, these moves could also be precipitated by the absolute bizarre rise of Donald Trump, and how he is now basically a contender to hold the highest office in the land, and to become the leader of the free world.

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Politics and the financial markets merge in an election year, and are inexplicably wound together until November 3 of each election year. It is pure speculation, however, that Mr. Soros thinks Donald Trump might become President. What he has said, however, is that he is worried about China. China buys millions of dollars of our debt in the open market, just about daily, and this makes many people nervous. Mr. Soros, however, is concerned with capital leaving China, and again politics comes into play here, but it is about how any real reforms in China will likely forever be hampered by the political climate. Reform will never be long-term as long as the government remains as it is.

Mr. Soros is also concerned about the European Union. It appears that the U.K. might leave the Union, Greece was a recent huge caveat about financial instability in the Union, and the migration crisis that was recently a humongous problem for the EU caused great financial distress. There are warning signs on all continents at this point, and Mr. Soros, who manages over $30 billion dollars for his family and other investors through his hedge fund, does not command so much attention because he is normally wrong; in fact, quite the opposite is the case. There may be a long-term, protracted sideways movement in the markets, but if that is not the case, the downturn could be upon us, and if Mr. Soros feels better putting enormous amounts of dollars in gold, perhaps the rest of us should, at the very least, take note.

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Reducing Poverty And Underdevelopment In New Jersey

Underdevelopment in New Jersey is a major problem that is being addressed with development loans from companies like Devco, and what Devco has created a process that makes development simpler for every city. Cities are trying to raise tax dollars to use for their programs, and they need to get more people into jobs that will prosper. Social services get overloaded, and that brings most communities down to a slow crawl. The report from the Press of Atlantic City shows that Devco is offering the best development programs for cities in New Jersey.
There are cities like New Brunswick that need loans to build new hotels and casinos, and these new hotels and casinos will bring in new jobs and revenue for the area. An area that was filled with poverty or blight can be brought back from the brink of disaster because just one hotel or casino will be enough to create jobs and a large tax base. Other businesses will move into the area, and these same businesses will create their own jobs. They will build a community that is so large it is impossible to remember what it looked like before it was developed.

Devco comes up with the plans for all these developments, and they provide the money for each development. They make it easy for a city like New Brunswick to change whole neighborhoods in a heartbeat, and it also provides a plan for doing so in a reasonable time. The city can say that it has the loan for a new hotel or casino, and they can announce a timeline that will please the people of the city. The city has something to look forward to, and they will have thousands of citizens who now have jobs and a new lease on life for the first time.


Laidlaw & Company Helped My Mom Retire

I knew very little about investments when my mom told me that her retirement accounts through work were not doing anything for her. She knew that she wanted to retire in a couple years, but she was afraid she would have to work several more years before retiring. I decided to start looking for a place that could help her, and I actually ended up on the phone with James Ahern at Laidlaw & Company. They have a small boutique firm that helps people with investments, and I sent her over immediately.

My mom also got to talk to James Ahern, and he talked her through the process of fixing her accounts. He could not guarantee that she would retire on the spot, but he did tell her that they could make some changes to alter her future. She was able to fix her accounts such that she could retire on time, and she also has other investments now that produce extra income for her. She uses that income for my kids, and it is really nice to know that she can send them on special trips and help pay for all these cool opportunities that they get through school.

I am investing with Laidlaw & Company now because I want to have the same kind of income source and investments that my mom has. They will get my accounts in shape fast, and we are working with the same broker. It is nice to have one family broker who is very helpful for both of us, and the broker even talked to my mom about setting up a trust for the kids. This is the best thing that could have happened to our family, and Laidlaw & Company helps keep our finances in much better condition than they were before.


Startup Culture is the Key to Russia’s Future

The Russian economy has been slowing for a while, Alexei Beltyukov thinks that encouraging entrepreneurship is one way to get it going.

The Russian stock market, known as the Moscow Exchange, has seen a drop of more than 10% since the struggle in the Ukraine began. In conjunction with the market fall the Ruble has continued to lose ground against the dollar and the Russian economy has seen zero growth. All of this has led to wealthy citizens and professionals with in-demands skills leaving Russia for Eastern Europe in record numbers.

Alexei Beltyukov, one of the founders of the Skolkovo Foundation, says that the Russian government needs to do more to support small businesses and encourage entrepreneurship. The Skolkovo Foundation has already helped more than 1000 entrepreneurs have benefitted from tax breaks and grants sponsored by the foundation. According to the Moscow Times the Skolkovo Foundation has helped create more than 13000 new jobs in Russia.

While the Skolkovo Foundation has been doing great work, Beltyukov believes there is even more work to do to encourage entrepreneurship in Russia. That encouragement needs to start with the Russian government encouraging people to start new businesses and making it easier for those businesses to thrive.

Alexei Beltyukov told the Twittersphere he believes that the start up spirit within Russian is the best hope for improving the Russian economy and is convinced that encouraging more entrepreneurship in Russia will improve the lives of all Russian citizens. Follow Alexei on Facebook, and see his latest project at

The WEN by Chaz Line: The Results of One Experiment And The Explanation Behind it

Advertisements are designed to encourage people to buy products. That is why when a hair care product is being advertised the results will always be amazingly shiny, soft, full and luxurious hair. Consumers are always a little skeptical, for good reason, about the actual quality of the line of items for sale. They want to be certain that the money they spend will get them the result they want. This is why a beauty editor decided to experiment with the WEN Hair by Chaz [] cleanser for herself. She documented her experience as she used the product and included the complete report on Would it give her more beautiful, healthy and shiny hair than she has ever had before?
The short answer is, no. However, that is not the whole story and may not even be a true representation of the actual quality of the WEN line  by Chaz Dean. Using the product on her thin, fine hair she experienced more shine than normal and increased volume directly after use. Unfortunately, her hair also had a hard time retaining a curl and would look flatter and greasy if she skipped washing her hair for a day. Anyone with basic hair knowledge will recognize the signs of hair that has been over-conditioned. Naturally straight, thin and fine hair is more manageable when it is not as sleek. Her problem may not have been the brand, but the formula she chose. In this example the tester used the product only for a week and the WEN company itself suggests that it will take approximately three weeks to see the complete results.

The Wen hair by Chaz line is not shampoo.  Sephora sells this 5-in-1 cleansing conditioner that puts a number of the products women use into one bottle. It was designed by Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean. He created a line made with only natural products that would protect hair and allow it to retain its own, healthy oils. It can be used by any hair type or texture. The line also includes a mousse and styling creme to boost the appearance and an intensive treatment for hair that is especially damaged and dry. This is the basic collection, but many other products are available as well. Since the choice can be confusing to someone new to the product, the Wen hair ebay website can even provide a recommendation for their customers with an easy hair questionnaire. Best of all, the products are always sold with no-risk, a money back guarantee.


The Impact of Compliance Officer Helane Morrison in The Official World

I know that most hedge funds and financial institutions were previously dominated by men. Women did not actively participate in the banking and investment sector. Hall Capital is a hedge fund management firm that is located in San Francisco Bay area. The investment firm stands out from the rest since it is managed exclusively by three very intelligent women. The firm was started in 1994 by Kathryn Hall who beat the odds and achieved her desired dreams of working in the financial world. I believe that to reach where it has reached has not been easy, but the firm has exceptional and brilliant leaders. A cursory look at the firm’s employment portfolio will reveal that all the employees have a rich educational background raging from law to business management.

I was impressed to learn that the firm manages over $ 24 billion worth of assets. This is a very impressive figure for a firm that was started a little over ten years ago. The firm’s CEO Kathryn Hall observes that good business ethics and practices have gotten the firm where it is today. I have no doubt in my mind that the firm is very influential and respected in the Bay area where it is located. Hall Capital Partners has some notable clients such as the late Warren Hellman of Hellman & Friedman. It has such high moral values that some of the most influential and respected San Francisco families are associated with it.

Among its directors is Helane Morrison who is its chief compliance and legal officer. I know that she is a very respectable and ethical person with a very high moral standard. I first heard about her while she worked at the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission where she got rid of corruption and embezzlement. Being a very curious person I decided to look her up and see her educational background. I was impressed by what I found. Helane has a Journalism and Law degree from NorthWestern University and California Berkeley School of Law respectively. After her clerkship she joined Howard Rice, Nmerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin as a partner.

Pulled by the need to perform more she moved to the US Securities Exchange as an enforcement officer. She was later appointed as the head of the Exchange San Francisco office. I deducted from the foregoing that she is one of the most notable women in San Francisco.

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Diversant Is Certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise Which Provides IT Staffing

The largest African-American enterprise that provides IT staffing in the United States. Being a Minority Owned Business Enterprise, they understand what it takes to have the right staff in your office. They offer not only IT staffing, but IT staff augmentation. The creative and diverse company offers direct hire.

It’s the dedication of the Diversant staff that shows integrity and high values and the team works together. The respect for others and is constantly and foremost professional. With the high respect of diversity in all types, the staff automatically promotes and stands firm on their belief. Professional training is encouraged and knowing that diversity allows their employees a chance to think outside the box and be creative when problem solving. Communities are considered when building strong ties as a way to connect you to a variety of businesses. Diversant maintains strict and solid principles. The satisfaction of partners, consultants and customers is the main goal. The high principles of Diversant keep them striving to continue to accommodate the needs as they appear.

Being diverse and creative allows healthy competitive results to various groups. Programs are offered to promote workplace diversity.

Diversant, LLC is an Info Technologies (IT) staffing company that was founded in 1994 by John Goullet who at this time serves as Principal. Goullet has experience as a computer consultant and IT staffing account executive. He has experience at Computer Sciences Corp. and has proven experience with Information Technology throughout his work history.

Goullet’s persistence and determination has embraced the growth of Info Technologies and has won awards, and mentioned in Inc. magazine as one of Americas rapidly growing private IT company. His abilities to lead makes him a successful entrepreneur both with previous and present challenges. It’s his numerous successes in the IT market that keeps him ahead of the game.

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Highland Capital Management to ‘Snap Up’ Significant Securities Bonds in Argentina

Before Argentina President, Mauricio Macri took office on December 2010, the country have been shut out of the global markets following its record debt default of $95 billion in the year 2001. The country have been unable to pay holders of its restructured foreign law bonds after failing to pay another debt in July 2014.

However, with the country planning to make its long expected return to international bond market by raising roughly $12 billion next month, Highland Capital Management will stand to be one of the beneficiaries. The asset management hedge fund that oversee over $19 billion in emerging market and credit hedge funds, will snap-up substantial amounts of securities prior to being the biggest holder of Argentina’s $4 billion of notes payable in 2033.

The company strategy to invest is a good sign for the country as it tries to sell a huge amount of debt to pay for settlements with holdout creditors among them, billionaire Paul Singer. It also means that the purported distressed debt investors who have accumulated into Argentina recently may remain to be buyers of the country’s debt despite its exits default. On a different platform, Highland Capital Management will be the biggest winner when the court eventually lift the ban that prevented Argentina from paying its restructured debt.

About James Dondero

Dondero is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. He has more than 30 years of experience in equity and credit markets. Since its establishment, Highland Capital pioneered Collateralized Loan Obligations market as well as developed credit solutions for retail and institutional markets across the world.

Prior to managing the hedge fund company, James Dondero career began as an analyst at Morgan Guaranty Training. Dondero was the Chief Investment Officer at Protection Life GIC subsidiary since its establishment in 1989. He was also the corporate bond analyst and portfolio manager at American Express.

Dondero earned his highest honors from the University of Virginia. He was designated a Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Public Accountant after graduating from Mclntire School of Commerce with majors in Finance and Accounting.

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