George Soros Explains How China Is Pushing The World To Another Global Collapse

The Chinese economy has been forecast to fall for the last few years as a shifting economic focus has seen the country struggle to keep up with the changing class system and financial markets. On a number of occasions over the last year hedge fund icon George Soros has looked to explain why he believes he has used his skills to predict a crash in China will soon occur and lead to its collapse; an appearance at the Asia Society in New York saw the latest warnings given of Chinese problems by Soros.

The reputation of George Soros as a financial expert on has been built on a period of success that is almost unrivaled on the financial markets; the hedge fund established by George Soros saw continued growth of a 20 percent average each year from the 1960s to the first decade of the 21st century. This period of success has given George Soros the chance to explore opportunities in philanthropy and politics, but he has continued to take a wider approach to issuing details of the problems the global markets face in recent years.

George Soros has taken his warnings over the future of the global markets to New York and Colombo, Sri Lanka as he looks to warn investors of the oncoming storm of problems on he fears the world is being driven towards. Among the issues China is facing is a shifting economic focus that sees more reliance on consumption and service over the traditional areas of manufacturing and investment the recent success of the nation has been based on.

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The problems have grown in the Chinese economy to include a rising level of credit being issued by banks and other financial institutions across the country. George Soros has joined many different financial experts in stating the volatile markets seen in the early weeks of 2016 are just the beginning of the problems financial institutions around the world will see. Coupled with the many problems in the lowered level of manufacturing taking place in China the many issues caused by lower investment levels in China on are revealed by Soros to resemble those seen in 2016 in the U.S. Soros is now seeking to warn investors that changes in the level of credit seen in China must be made quickly to avoid a rerun of the 2008 economic slowdown.
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Increasing Profits With Video Marketing

Distractions are everywhere. In this day and age, it’s hard to really focus on anything for too long. It’s true for most people. How does that affect the world we live in?

First off it forces creativity. But what do you do? That’s always going to be the question, and it will always be equal parts exciting and frustrating to answer. Can you imagine what it’s like for businesses? Staying ahead of the curve with marketing has to be a constant struggle. What to do, what to do?

A new idea being used is video marketing. Not just links to videos, nope. These videos are right there in the email proper. It’s a brilliant move. If the video starts, of course you are going to look at it. Talk about being creative, if the company puts out a great product, they will see profits soar in no time flat.

Studies have actually been done on how successful video marketing can be. Does a 40% increase in sales sound good? There’s not a company in existence that would turn their back that increase in profit. Alright, we have an idea of what to do. That’s great, but now where do we go to get it done?

One company, Talk Fusion, performs this service. They want their clients to be successful, no matter how big or small they are. They offer both video emails and video newsletters. With many templates to choose from, a company can make their email presentation pop. The same goes with their newsletters, but now more information can be presented. Talk about creativity. This is creativity at it’s best.

Mullen Lowe Brings Forth Greater Sales To Business

Advertising is very important to the success of a business. When someone is able to come up with a great advertising campaign, then he will manage to bring in the sales that are needed for the business to bring in even more profits. One thing that Jose Borghi has learned is that some companies are easier to be creative with than others. For one thing, there are some types of products and services that can be really hard to advertise because of the type of product being offered. However, Jose Borghi’s Mullen Lowe manages to bring forth the creativity needed to get people interested in the item.

There are categories of products that are easy to produce creative advertising for. Among the types of products that one can be creative with are video games on Video games can actually be fun to advertise. This is in fact where the advertiser could shine the most because games are formed on creativity. He has free reign on what he can do with the visuals and the music in order to catch the eye of the customer. As a matter of fact, video games are played for fun. Jose Borghi could have a lot of fun with video game advertising.

Another category that is easy to advertise for is fashion. Jose Borghi’s Mullen Lowe can come up with some of the best advertising campaigns for fashion. For one thing, there is an admiration for people with style. One of the ways to get people to buy from fashion companies is to convince them that they will be really stylish if they buy the clothes from the company. They know how to present the items in such a good light in order to make it attractive to the customer. They could easily advertise for any store.

One of the most important things to do with advertising is to take the time to know the product so that it could guide the creativity. Jose Borghi knows how to present the product in a way that shows a lot of creativity. This is one of the reasons that he is one of the most trusted advertisers in Brazil.

Energy Crisis or Lack of Leadership?

There is an economic crisis taking place in Venezuela which has led to an energy crisis. Some have said that the electricity issue has caused the country to be financially strapped. Others have said that the leaders of the country don’t know how to run the country, which has caused the mismanagement of funds for electricity and other resources. Nicolas Maduro decided to shut businesses down for a week in March. When this didn’t help, he told everyone to take a three-day weekend to decrease the use of power. This plan was put in place for 60 days. Now that the plan hasn’t worked as leaders like Jose Manuel Gonzalez thought, there will be limits on the amount of time residents can use power through the day. While this might seem harsh, it’s not new says Manuel Gonzalez. There have been issues with the electricity as well as the roads and the water system in a country that is rich in oil. This is why many feel that the leadership of the country needs to be examined.


The Latest Predictions Of Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass predicted the subprime mortgage crisis, but his career has taken a serious downturn since then. Now, he is predicting that the economy may make another minor dip. However, he doesn’t seem particularly concerned about the current situation in Asia. Of course, this all should be taken with a grain of salt, given the inaccuracy of most of his recent predictions about the economy. There are some economic forecasters that feel the current economic situation is very shaky. Kyle Bass recently appeared on Fox news with his prediction about the economy. Although he has certainly appeared on television quite a lot lately, these predictions haven’t been particularly accurate.

There currently is a serious economic crisis in Asia. China’s economy seems like it could be on the precipice of disaster, according to some economists. The Chinese housing markets appear to be unstable, and the entire Chinese economy seems to be in questionable standing. Kyle Bass does feel that there is instability in the Chinese economy. However, he feels that this situation is not likely to seriously affect the US economy. He feels that it may cause the economy to go into a slight recession. However, he does not feel that this is a guarantee or even necessarily a likely situation. Instead, he feels that there is a 40-50% chance of this minor recession happening. This prediction was given during his Fox news broadcast.

These days Kyle Bass has quite a poor reputation. There are different reasons behind this bad reputation. He has a bad reputation in terms of the accuracy of his economic forecasts. However, he also has a bad reputation in terms of ethical standards. He has engaged in a lot of unethical activity. This unethical activity has endangered numerous lives. He has caused harm to pharmaceutical companies by denying them medication patents. In fact, Bass created an organization with this purpose in mind. His motivation for doing this is to artificially create lower stock prices, to give him the opportunity to invest. He has profited immensely off of this scheme, and he seems to not care that it is preventing those who need the medications from getting them in time. Kyle Bass also has become known for his shady ties with questionable politicians in Argentina. These politicians have been thought to cause serious harm to the economy of Argentina, and many citizens are disgruntled with their actions. However, Kyle Bass appears to support them regardless.

Keith Mann is a Devoted Supporter of Education Causes

Education plays a significant role in bettering the lives of individuals, their families, and community as a whole. Increasing the number of needy students graduating from college and establishing a professional career is a strategy used by Uncommon Schools to bridge the achievement gap. Keith Mann supports the goal of Uncommon Schools of giving every person a chance to pursue the college education.

During the beginning of March 2015, Dynamics Search Partners together with its CEO Keith Mann organized a fundraising event that was held at Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Financial services community members who raised more than $22,000 to support efforts of Uncommon Schools graced the event. The money raised will sponsor students graduating from a new high school established by the Charter School. The students who completed their high school examination in the academic year 2014-2015 will benefit from the funds.

The partnership between Dynamic Search Partners and Uncommon Schools began in 2013. The goal of the alliance is to establish a reliable avenue for Dynamic Search Partners to help learners in acquiring both practical and tactical skills that will assist them to succeed in college and their careers. Keith Mann plans to establish a meaningful relationship with students that will help them to achieve academic excellence and professional success.

Keith Mann Co-Founded Dynamic Search Partners and currently serves as the Managing Director. The company focuses on alternative investment and hedge funds. Primarily, the firm offers executive search services as well as addressing staffing needs for established equity firms. Mann has used his extensive experience in the executive search arena running for a span of more than 15 years to transform Dynamic Search Partners into one of the respected databases of accredited investment executives.

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Avi Weisfogel: Supporter Of Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel is giving his GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile a give launch. He has donated 2 thousand dollars to give the fund a kickstart. Operation Smile is an international charity that provides surgical procedures for children from families who can not afford them. The organization mainly deals with young people who have cleft palate, cleft lip and other facial deformities. The end goal is to provide every child with a brighter future and a healthier tomorrow. Weisfogel has made statements of support for the organization and believes strongly in their mission of bringing hope to children and families around the world. And article about Weisfogel’s campaign was published by CBS19 News at the beginning of March.

After discussing Avi Weisfogel, the article went on to discuss Operation Smile. It explained that the organizations has medical missions around the world every single year. And while the organization might bring in extra equipment and additional expertise, they try and source most of the services from local doctors and nurses so that all services are provided in the patient’s first language and in a culturally sensitive and appropriate way. The organization was founded in the early 1980s and they have already provided several hundred thousand surgical procedures for free.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters Seminar. Prior to founding this company, Weisfogel has his own dental practice that he had established in the last 90s. His main passion is creating dental solutions to sleep problems. He has been studying and gaining experience in how dental problems can then go on to cause sleep apnea and other related issues. With his knowledge, he now goes around and teaches other dental professionals about sleep apnea and how they can play a role in solving a patient’s problem.

Weisfogel originally attended Rutgers University, where he earned a bachelors in psychology and biology. He then went on to the College of Dentistry at New York University. He offers retreats around the United States, although mainly on the west coast. In 2016, Weisfogel has 4 seminars planned and 2 retreats. There will be 2 seminars in Las Vegas, 1 in March and 1 in October, there will be one seminar in Austin and another seminar in Los Angeles. One of the retreats will be in February in San Diego and the other will be in Arizona. Check out Avi’s educational YouTube video below!

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Ranks tops Other Communication Applications

The world is constantly changing with emerging technological solutions to various human problems such as communication with individuals in distant locations. However, companies like Talk Fusion have managed to keep up with the challenge by continuously developing services or features to enable individuals to achieve their communication goals effectively and efficiently. Consequently, its newest feature, the Video Chat, has shown tremendous results in a number of nations by topping the list of communication platforms.AppBrian, Android’s Market discovery feature, showed that Video Chat is the top communication or networking application in Indonesia. In addition, the application is ranked as number 20 and 5 in Switzerland and Japan respectively. The application can currently be downloaded from various platforms such as the Google Play Store and iTunes.

The news or report has been received well by the Talk Fusion team such as its VP of Training and Development, Allison Roberts. He views the performance of Video Chat as a revelation of the outcomes expected from free trials. He was impressed by the performance of just a single product from Talk Fusion and hopes for better results upon the release of the company’s free trial products.

Free Trial Applications

Interested parties of the expected launch for the free trial applications will have an opportunity to sign up for the applications through They will also enjoy a thirty-day complete access to all the products free of charge.

Remarks from Other Individuals

In addition, the application has received positive remarks from other parties such as Nancy Burling from the Grand Blue Diamond. She proclaimed her love for the Video Chat, especially due to its High Definition quality images. Consequently, she said that Grand Blue Diamond utilizes the application to communicate to individuals across the globe. Susan and Susan Baan from Diamond are also excited about the future of Talk Fusion. Original information can be obtained from

An In-depth Look at Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion has managed to institute itself as number eight among the online video providers in the world. Started from just an idea in 2007 by Bob Reina through the help of his IT proficient friend, it utilizes a marketing team of independent representatives in an excess of 140 nations worldwide. Its products range from video email, Live Meetings, Video Newsletter, and the popular Video Chat App.