Philip Diehl Was A Guest on the Enterprise Radio Show with Eric Dye

President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl was a guest on the Enterprise Radio Show. Host, Eric Dye asked Diehl for a close-up view of the gold market as it appears today. One of the questions referenced the market volatility, especially in today’s unpredictable market trends.

Philip Diehl presently holds the position of President of the U.S. Money Reserve but served as COS of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Both these positions afford Diehl history of the United States dollar and trends of the past and vision of the future. Diehl credits his education of the bullion and legal tender to experience in the gold market and the history of the gold bullion worldwide. Diehl also served staff director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and was appointed by Bill Clinton as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint during Clinton’s term of office.

It is a fact that the United States Gold is the purest gold on the market. The purity of gold from other areas have, in many cases, been altered and counterfeited and are not considered the purest gold. Also, the US Gold is backed by the Federal Reserve to be pure gold. The products of the U.S. Money Reserve are gold, silver, and platinum backed by a strong economy.

Eric Dye also asked Diehl what he felt was the biggest impact on the gold market today. Diehl answered that question with a brief list of the top four criteria for volatility in the gold market.

• The 2008 crisis felt by millions of people created fear in the market, and that fear pushes for quality. It created stronger demands for the quality of gold. The quality of gold plays a big role in wealth, and the purer the gold quality, the more secure the wealth.

• Electronically Traded Funds (ETF) has increased the purchase and sale of gold, filling the demand.

• The ETF of gold also provided the bull market in 2011, but it took from the bear market.

• The increase of value in the dollar offsets the growth demand for gold and adds pressure to the crisis. The result of adding pressure to the larger markets like China where approximately 65% of the retail demand for gold worldwide comes out of India and China. Diehl reminded us of the old saying “What goes up must come down.” The U.S. Money Reserve is an educated group of professionals who know market trends and the patterns of gold values both up and down.

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What Russia Wants From the War of ISIS

As the United States and the European Union continue to take the fight to the Islamic State, they’ve been willing to accept the assistance of an uncommon ally. But, as George Soros points out in his op-ed for Project Syndicate, that may not be a wise position for them to take.
While both the US and the EU have political and economic investments that make fighting ISIS imperative, Russia, Soros points out, seems to be working against those ends insofar as its tenuous allies are concerned. Since their bombing campaigns have coordinated with the formal Syrian Army, Russia has helped to displace more than 20,000 people in the south towards the Kingdom of Jordan, and more than 70,000 have fled to Turkey. These numbers continue to increase with rapidity.

To combat the seriousness of this displacement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made the rounds in the region in search of solutions to the refugee crisis that has bled into Europe. Her most significant advancement has been in offering Turkey a promise of relocation for 200,000-300,000 refugees a year to Europe if the Turkish government could keep them from fleeing to Greece, a country dealing with its own problems. This attempt at management is playing right into Russia’s hands, according to Forbes billionaire Soros.

Russian President Vladimir Putin faces a great deal of troubles in his country. For years his political acts have made him the target of economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation, hastening the country’s march towards bankruptcy. And though his approval rating is high with the Russian people, that popularity remains so due to his promises to fix the economy. Once that goes, so does his support and political leverage to maintain power once elections take place in the fall.

Putin’s best method to avoid collapse of the Russian economy is to rush the EU into a collapse of its own, forcing them and the US to lift sanctions, driving commercial and political influence his way once people feel their European leaders have failed to maintain the promises they’ve made all these years.

This wouldn’t be a difficult task to accomplish. Throughout its existence, the EU has been plagued with crisis after crisis, and since the credit crunch that crippled Greece and the global financial meltdown of 2008 they’ve been less apt at managing themselves. Even Angela Merkel seems cognizant of the EU’s delicate state, citing a refugee crisis that goes without management could undue the union.

While ISIS posses a true threat, as do any individual or organized actors of terrorism do, they do not pose as immediate or direct a threat to the European Union as would any formal government that chose to take umbrage with them. However, it may be more difficult to counter Russia’s aggression than it would to quell recruitment by terrorist organizations by making integration of refugees a priority.

Philip N. Diehl and George Soros Warn of a Possible Economic Crisis

Philip N. Diehl was the 35th director of the United States Mint. He is, currently, the President of U.S. Money Reserve, a company which offers for sale gold and silver coins produced and certified by the U.S. Mint for investors wanting to hedge against an economic collapse. While at the U.S. Mint he was the originator of the 50 states quarter program, which was highly popular with coin collectors. His tenure there saw a dramatic rise in sales and operating efficiency for the U.S. Mint.
Diehl was recently interviewed by Eric Dye on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. He was asked what was the biggest difference between products offered by his company, U.S. Money Reserve, and other companies offering gold and silver coins and bullion for investors. Diehl stated that the biggest difference between his company and others in the industry is the U.S. Money Reserve’s commitment to customer satisfaction. He made it clear that customer satisfaction is what separates his company from the others in the industry. Diehl feels that this sense of providing customer service and satisfaction should be evidenced at all levels within his company.
Eric Dye asked why people should be buying silver and gold. Diehl responded by saying that gold and silver investments are a hedge against an economic downturn, and warned that the value of the dollar is at an all time high and will, eventually, re-adjust. But in case of a major collapse of the American economy similar to 2007-2008, gold would be the right investment as it always has value. Some world currencies have lost not just a little value, but a large percentages of their value during an economic re-adjustment. In this era when George Soros and others are worried about another economic collapse, investors should consider adding silver and gold coins to their holdings.
Dye asked, “why are coins preferable to bullion?” Diehl replied that some bullion on the market has been adulterated but U.S. gold and silver coins are fully certified by the U.S. government.
Philip N. Diehl brings his experience gained at the U.S. Mint and his sense of innovation and dedication to customer service to the benefit of the U.S. Money Reserve, and will confidently direct it into the future.
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Halvorssen’s Path of Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen founded The Human Rights Foundation, based on the ideas expounded in the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The non-profit organization is wholly dedicated to the cause of defending human and liberal democratic rights the world over. There are a number of individual and social rights that have remained part of their founding policy for years. At the same time, its rights control the government in its legal manipulation of the public. Although it is forceful in its defense, it in no way condones or instigates violence.

Although the fight for human rights itself is the main work of HRF, there are many other human rights related activities it engages in. For instance, it has several branches related to raising awareness and educating about human rights. They educated from very basic stuff like what makes a free society, what such things matter, and how to nurture and sustain such an environment to advanced, specific stuff like a closer look and criticism of current leaders and governments. The HRF has a current, detailed program about educational awareness projects.

Halvorssen was born in Venezuela in 1976. In 1993, human rights became very personal to him. At that time he was a freshman at college and his father was unfairly arrested, tortured, and beaten. With the help of Amnesty International, Halvorssen achieved his father’s release. And Thor Halvorssen didn’t stop there. He has remained deeply entrenched and committed to the human rights cause up to the present. He himself has been in some sticky situations.

His mother has also been active. In 2004, she was shot while attending a peaceful protest in Venezuela. During the protests, governmental security people opened fire on the crowd. Halvorssen himself wrote an article about the event which led to the arrest of those involved in her shooting. However, Halvorssen is not only in human rights for the protection of family. He is committed to protecting the rights of all humans. In the 2004 incident, he also secured justice for 13 other victims who were shot.

Madison Street Capital Expects 2016 to be a Good Year for Hedge Funds

Madison Street Capital recently published an article that appeared on and titled “Madison Street Capital Provides 2016 Outlook for Hedge Fund M&A.” The firm stated in its overview of the hedge fund industry that the industry ended 2015 on a positive note with 42 global hedge fund M&A deals that were announce or closed. This was up from 32 M&A deals that were completed by the end of 2014, and the volume of these 2015 transactions was also higher than in 2014 by 27%. Much of the hedge fund M&A transaction activity occurred during the fourth quarter which Madison Street Capital views as a positive sign for 2016.

The overall hedge fund industry performance was mediocre during 2015, yet assets held by hedge funds were at record highs. Institutional investors are allocating assets to large hedge funds in order to maximize their investment returns and offset their liabilities. Smaller hedge funds are having trouble attracting institutional investors and are under performing. Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha believes 2016 will be a strong year for the hedge fund industry, and he expects to see some opportunistic consolidation to occur between hedge funds who can bring together distribution and product offerings.

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that works with small to mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries such as aviation, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate. They are headquartered in Chicago and have offices in India and Ghana. They are a full service investment bank whose services include M&A transactions, asset management, capital restructuring, and providing financial opinions and business valuations. Madison Street Capital’s professionals also advise hedge funds on M&A activities, capital restructuring and portfolio valuation.

Madison Street Capital has been recognized and awarded for being one of the top firms in the investment banking industry. Over the years, the firm has helped numerous companies achieve their financial goals and expand their business. Their move into the global emerging markets in Asia and Africa has help to fuel its growth as they are fast becoming one of the more successful investment banks in the US. The article on Madison Street Capital’s overview of the hedge fund industry can be found at and

Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães Weighs-In On The New Anheuser-Bush Incentive Plan

Some beer drinkers consider themselves beer experts. They experiment with different brews and breweries and then decide which craft beer will be “their beer.” Having a craft beer that a beer love can own as “his” is important, but a large number of those beer lovers don’t realize that the St. Louis based brew master, Anheuser-Bush, may be the company that owns their favorite craft beer.

The craft beer market in the United States has skyrocketed in the last few years thanks to a new group of American beer drinkers. Foreign investors have also played a part in the surge in craft beer sales, according to Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães who is also a beer investor and lover. Brazilian breweries make a pretty good beer, and they control the market because the government has controlled imports for years. But beer making and selling is changing in Brazil, and it is also changing in the United States.

Over the past five years, AB InBev has invested in several craft beer companies. AB InBev recognizable brands like Budweiser and Bud-lite have lost market share due to the surging craft market. In order to win back that market share, AB InBev is offering American distributors an incentive plan that could put $200,000 a year back into their bank accounts. All distributors have to do is promote AB InBev craft brands instead of independent craft brands.

Anheuser-Bush will reimburse the distributor for half of the marketing and retail display costs. That plan started at the beginning of 2016, and one distributor has already agreed to follow the plan. According to banker Ricardo Guimarães, the plan is considered a payoff to gain market share, and in his opinion, that kind of deal should be illegal. The United States Department of Justice may agree with him. After receiving several complaints from craft breweries, the DOJ is investigating the AB InBev plan.

Ricardo Guimarães is familiar with plans that push small businesses out of business. Guimarães is not just a banker, he is a wealthy businessman that has interests in mining, coffee, cattle, beer and soccer. The Guimarães family bank, the BMG Bank, sponsors soccer clubs. The bank has become one of the most recognizable banks in the country thanks to the three letter orange logo that soccer players wear on team jerseys during matches. BMG Bank is a very profitable bank and Ricardo Guimarães is a respected business man that happens to love the game of soccer.

The AB InBev incentive plan may sound good to Anheuser-Bush investors, but it’s not a good deal for consumers. Even the distributorships will find that selling one company’s products exclusively doesn’t work in the long run, and the beer distributing business is certainly a long-run venture.

Urbana Proves There’s More To Life Than Business

The latest technologies are changing the way we all live our lives as social media makes it easier than ever for us all to show our interests to the people we know and admire. Jon Urbana is perhaps best known as the owner of Next Level Lacrosse Camp and a businessperson with Ellipse Technologies, a laser and pulsed light technology provider bringing the latest hardware to North America. Although Jon Urbana spends a large amount of time on Twitter he links his work life to his social media accounts to bring the latest news to his followers.

Over the course of his life Jon Urbana has spent a large amount of time enjoying various different sports and leisure activities that have formed a major part of his life. Urbana starred as a lacrosse player for Villanova during his college years, which saw him become one of the best known college players in the U.S. Despite leaving his playing days behind him the lacrosse expert has looked to maintain a presence within the game in the form of his coaching academy taking place each year in Colorado. Urbana believes the best coaching can enhance the lacrosse experience for any young person as they are encouraged to become active members of the community.

Alongside the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Jon Urbana looks to provide assistance for good causes in Colorado and the wider community through a series of fund raising efforts. The care and protection of animals has been a major area of concern for Urbana, and features heavily in the fundraising activities he undertakes to provide funding for local charities.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Over the course of his life Jon Urbana has developed a number of interests that highlight the different areas of his personality. One area of interest that has featured heavily in the Tumblr entries and social media posts of Jon Urbana is photography, which is largely based on the travels the former lacrosse star undertaken. Jon Urbana is also interested in the history of this art form and the photographers who have influenced him.

The importance of credibility in Yeonmi Park’s story

Yeonmi’s story began when she fled from North Korea on March 31, 2007. Thirteen years old Yeonmi had too cross the Yalu River during the night with her mother heading to neighboring China without an Idea of what to do next. They had to endure a harrowing journey across China, before they finally went to South Korea using a plane. Although her father managed to escape North Korea to join to her, he later died of untreated cancer. From the story, Yeonmi had an exceptional character to survive the journey since she had to endure abuse and starvation along the way.

Her story has inspired many readers and has put North Korea under spotlight for the various human rights abuses committed by politicians. As it has been the custom in North Korea, the Government has produced a different version of the story to discredit the key parts. The Government released a propaganda story on NK News titled “Park Yeon Mi, The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot” meant to ridicule Yeonmi and her mother. The story has portrayed Yeonmi and her mother as agents of the United States. There are also doubters outside North Korea who have discredited her story saying there are discrepancies and inaccuracies in the story and about the state of her country.

On her part, she has defended the truth of the story saying some details were changed to protect part of the family members she left in North Korea. Events such as sexual abuse have been covered in shame in a way she described as a reason to hide her secrets. She describes in her book “In Order To Live” that her mother was raped in front of her after she offered herself to one of the traffickers threatening to rape her. She says it was difficult for her to admit she was raped at the age of thirteen. published the main article found at

The point is that the stake is high for the people of North Korea and all the refugees worldwide. Exaggerating the facts undermines the action needed to shape the country from concerning political persecution and narratives of widespread human rights violations.


Australia’s Most Popular YouTube Sensation

Stars are popping up all over popular social media sites whether they’re known for their comedy, baking expertise, gaming advice, or beauty tutorials. Now it takes less than a minute to upload and share a five second video with hundreds, even thousands, of people all over the world. This modernized way we as the human race has built connections, started communities, and given people without guidance a person to turn to even for the simplest things. Wendy Huang, a widely successful and popular YouTuber and blogger from Australia, has created an entirely new career helping women with beauty, diet, make-up, and hair tutorials.

The Wonderful World of Wengie has become Australia’s number one Asian beauty channel and is run by Wendy herself with the utmost care and dedication. Though her blog started as a side project to help her connect with customers at her old job working, the blog itself has flourished into a massive community aimed at women of Asian decent who have little representation in the media. With predominately European and white models gracing magazines not all hair and make-up tips work for women who have different features. Wengie herself felt that strain back when the internet was based off forums and chat rooms. Since Huang had no help of her own she began experimenting with make-up to find the best application and look for her features.

If you venture over to her website you’ll find a myriad of topics Wengie goes over as well as a link to her YouTube tutorials and bright, colorful pictures of her personal space, her street style, make-up, and hair styles. Wengie also reviews trending Korean beauty products which have been gaining popularity in the world of beauty. Her blog posts are informative, sometimes personal, but always aimed at helping or discussing a topic her fans would benefit from. Huang’s deep dedication is apparent in the loving care she gives to her fans and blog. The consistent updates, happy replies, and helpful tips she’s given has helped countless women of Asian decent who would otherwise be left in the dark.

Darius Fisher Named As One Of The Top 50 Innovators In The World

Entrepreneur and tech startup founder Darius Fisher has been heralded as one of the top 50 most innovative individuals in 2015. Fisher has founded Status Labs along with fellow partner Jordan French several years ago. The firm deals with digital advertising and public relations. Its claim to fame is online reputation management.

Darius Fisher is the man to call if you are having troubles with your reputation on the internet. The tech wizard and entrepreneur has developed a strategy where the impact of scandals, smearing and negative publicity can be minimized for high profile individuals. Fisher’s firm is headquartered in the city of Austin, Texas. The company has seen tremendous growth since opening its doors in 2011 in Austin. Fisher now employs over 30 people and has expanded his company into South America. The firm has a strong presence in Brazil, where it works with politicians, executives and celebrities to protect reputations and minimize negative publicity that arises in the media. Darius Fisher has also expanded the company’s operation in his native United States by opening an office in New York City.

Fisher has seen the great potential of New York City and its numerous CEO’s, business and government leaders as needing digital reputation management services or crisis management in the present and future. Such smart expansion moves by Darius Fisher has lead to the his company seeing astronomical growth over the years. The presence of Wall Street, the NYSE, and numerous NGOs, make New York City a perfect place to set up shop for Status Labs. It also allows the company to establish strong networks leading to more clients in the world of finance, politics and lobbying.

Darius Fisher founded status labs, and he continues to work diligently to improve the formulas and techniques for changing search engine results for his customers.