Fighting Big Pharm

In recent years, J. Kyle Bass has been working to reduce drug costs by challenging questionable patents. Together with Erich Spangenberg, Bass has identified pharmaceutical patents that they believe to be either weak or abusive, then request that the patents be reviewed to determine whether they are legitimate. At the same time, Bass and Spangenberg short-sell shares in companies whose patents they believe are questionable and conversely purchase stock in companies whose patents they believe truly represent innovation.

Some of the patents being challenged by Bass and Spangenberg include Propofol an anesthetic marketed as Diprivan and Suprenza, a weight-loss drug selling for $120 per thirty tablets. According to experts, the practice in which companies try to extend patents on products shortly before they expire (called “evergreening” or “product-hopping”) is among the forces keeping drug prices high. Bass believes that many patents, and also patent extentions, are “an unreasonable use of government regulation to enshrine monopoly power to the detriment of the public at large.” Bass believes this system needs to be changed for the better or we will be doomed to pay increasingly more for the same drugs we’ve already been buying for decades.

Despite insisting he was doing it for a noble reason, many experts have dismissed his claim that he’s actually trying to help patients. Here’s how the “scheme” works: Bass and Spangenberg pick out certain pharmaceutical firms, short-sell their stocks, then challenge one or more of their patents via a front organization set up precisely for this purpose, called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Inevitably the stocks go down, Bass and Spangenberg get a few million in quick money, and the pharmaceutical companies’ prices go up and their motive to fund medical research goes down.

Some might wonder why Bass would do something that can hurt so many people. Why would someone who had previously been doing so well sink so low in order to make even more money? According to Jim McTague, “Bass has had a dismal time of it recently….Suddenly, the former luminary can’t seem to get anything right.” News reports back up this claim saying that Bass “lost somewhere around 30% in 2014, the mirror opposite of the industry’s best-performing hedge-fund managers.”

But, of course, no one tells it better than Bass himself when speaking to Bloomberg. “It’s nice to win all of the time. When you are not winning and everyone else is, it makes life difficult.”

How Entrepreneurs Like Dick DeVos Are Changing the Face of Philanthropy

I believe that the best type of success can be achieved by entrepreneurs who are philanthropic and charitable. People who find a way to make a profitable business out of what they enjoy tend to be the happiest people. One reason is that they are very passionate about what they do. As a result, they tend to work a little harder at their jobs. This also brings them some kind of satisfaction that leaves room for their compassion. As a result, they contribute to causes like the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts. The fundraiser that was started at that place for a project has surpassed its goals thanks to the contributions of many.

One of the contributors is Dick DeVos. He has contributed money up to the millions through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation to mulitple causes. He is also no stranger to hard work. He has been working for his family business starting as a child. He was one of the greeters of the company when it was held at the home of the basement. This has introduced him into the world of business. He was able to learn how business works and also how to be an effective leader. Watch the video below to see DeVos’ political leadership in his homestate of Michigan.

He has discovered his passion at a young age to make contributions to society. He has not only provided some great service to his clients, but also made them feel appreciated. This is a very important trait to have when going into business. One has to have a love for people. If one is all about selfishness, then he is going to be limited in his success no matter how far he goes. Dick’s success has proven to be unlimited. This is due to his ability to work tirelessly for hours at a time and his willingness to keep people satisfied and give to the people that are at a disadvantage. 

Business owners often have the freedom to pursue their goals. They also are the most able to send forth money to charitable organizations. They also have more emotional energy in order to care about others that are not as fortunate as they are. At the same time, they have the self respect in order to not allow people to walk all over them. They can also direct others to different resources like the JFK Center for the Arts where they can make contributions. This project will provide plenty of new opportunities.

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Tipping Made Handy That Much Better

In the past few months, there has been an ongoing conversation as to whether those working in service industries should get paid tips for their services. Some restaurants and business have done away with tipping and paid these employees more to compensate for the lack of tips. Other businesses have encouraged customers and potential customers that their employees should be tipped more often, but there is no definitive guide to whether these people should be tipped or not. Handy has decided to make a tipping feature for their app to make it both safer and more convenient for customers to tip cleaning professionals.

Handy essentially acts as a forum, message board, or bulletin board in the sense that people are able to list handyman services on the app. The majority of the listings come from actual home cleaning professionals, with the other twenty percent distributed among plumbers, carpenters, painters, and other people who perform services on, with, around, or under a home.There has been a push recently towards businesses becoming more oriented towards small, centralized jobs, better known as “gigs.” The growing “gig economy” has allowed Handy to flourish, along with similar apps such as Uber. Handy has been compared to Uber in the sense that many people working towards completing gigs such as driving people around or cleaning one’s home.

Handy never takes money as a fee or any form of service charge from its customers — only from the cleaners themselves. The average Handy cleaner earns approximately twenty dollars an hour, which around twenty percent is taken to help upkeep Handy. This is the only time that Handy charges money. Any money that is given as a tip will not be subject to this twenty percent tax.

Mr. Umang Dua and Mr. Oisin Hanrahan founded Handy when they were bunkmates at Harvard Business College. Fortunately, it turned out very well for them. Handy has always made an effort to be oriented towards customers for ease of use, rather than towards just making money. Handy is free to download, and very highly reviewed by everyone who has used Handy.

Why Is Investing In Gold So Attractive?

Investing in gold is one of the most attractive ways of spending retirement dollars, but investing in gold coins from the US Money Reserve has the added bonus of being fascinating. The gold coins produced by US Money Reserve are beautiful pieces that may be kept in the family for generations, and the Money Reserve consistently releases new coins for collectors who are looking for new ways to park their money. This article explains why collecting coins with the US Money Reserve is so fascinating to investors.

#1: Gold Coins Are Easy To Assess

Every investor purchases gold coins from the US Money Reserve for a set price, but the beauty of the coin is obvious once it is received. These coins may be traded for their beauty, and their value will increase over time given their rarity, weight and other qualities. Investors may spend quite a bit of time looking into the background of each coin, and other investors may value certain coins highly. The coin trade may become so intense that investors move coins around every year for a profit. There are no sales made, but every investor ends up with more coins that are worth quite a bit of money.

#2: Gold Is The Most Stable Investment Anyone Can Make

Gold has been the standard currency in the world since the beginning of time. The pharaohs and their people used gold coins as money, and gold coins provided by the US Money Reserve have their own value. The price of an ounce of gold has been trending up for over a century, and gold traders often leave their money in gold reserves until such time as they need to collect. Even world financial crises do nothing to impact the price of gold.

#3: The Coin Designs Are Legendary

The coin designs held by a family could become heirlooms that continue to grow in value over the years without a single sale. The family may pass the coins own for generations before a sale is made, and the final sale will represent a massive profit for the seller. Everyone in the family line ultimately benefits from the value of each gold coin.

Gold coins are a safe investment that may become a commodity worthy of trade. Any investor may purchase coins from the US Money Reserve, and the gold coins will continue to grow in value until the moment they are sold.

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Things You Should Learn About CipherCloud

Technology changes that have happened in the world have led to a series of improvements that have helped to make life better. For businesses, modern technology has served to offer a better way to manage entities. This is highlighted in the way marketing has become easier not forgetting transacting is now an easy process and takes no effort for both the client and the investor. Most people have opened online stores, where they have been able to connect with thousands of customers. Making payments is also processed through online platforms that are trusted. Many have praised modern technology to have offered a better chance to explore. However, there are serious concerns that people have been struggling to deal with. Such include security while transacting online. There are many fraudsters who pose as real sellers, and most important to note is the fact that hacking has become rampant and more inevitable. This has motivated companies like CipherCloud to come up with strong security software that has assisted in the process of curbing fraud online.

CipherCloud is a leading security company that has been operational since 2010. They have been identified as one of the few companies that have succeeded in the fight against hacking and fraud. This has been possible with the development of security tools and software that has assisted to offer security while transacting online. CipherCloud is also more concerned about offering information to users so they can protect themselves while using different platforms online.

Working with well experienced professionals is something that works to place any company at a better position. This is something CipherCloud has capitalized on and hence the great performance they have been able to record. CipherCloud has always maintained a keen eye in the hiring process. They have worked to ensure the professionals hired to join the company are proven individuals who have been in the industry for some time. Most importantly, they have given much emphasis on creativity and commitment to offer the best. Hiring is not the end of the process of making the company better. They have a program that helps workers to gain more skills and knowledge about the industry. Regular training offers workers a chance to familiarize with recent developments in the tech arena.

The company has opened several offices with their headquarters situated in London. Data encryption is a field that calls for one to have creativity and to be keen on creating a system that cannot be bypassed. This is something CipherCloud has excelled in. They have designed different software suites that can be used to track activities on the web and to seal a website against incidences of hacking. This is one of the areas they have proved perfect and reliable.

The Leading Coffee Companies in the Market

For the longest time, coffee has been part of people’s culture . With a great demand for coffee products, several companies have left a mark in terms of providing high quality coffee products. They have been able to cater for the almost all demands from coffee lovers with operations across the globe.

One such company is Organo Gold. The coffee company was established in 2008 by health blogger Bernardo Chua and has operations in more than 39 countries with over 1 million distributors across the world. Through Bernardo Chua’s experience of multi level marketing, the well reviewed coffee company continues to enjoy strong global operations. Organo Gold’s coffee is unique because it contains ganoderma, which is derived from a mushroom that is a well respected herb in ancient Chinese medicine. According to Shi Jean Lee, a renowned doctor for the Ming Reign, the long term use of ganoderma assures long life and builds a healthy body.

The Organo Gold founder commonly referred to as Bernie by those who know him, was born in the Philippines and has worked for many years in multi level marketing. Initially, he worked at Gano Excel first in the Philippines before expanding the company to the western world. He is well known due to his leadership skills that played a key role in growing Gano Excel. He left the company in 2008 to establish Organo Gold and has made the gourmet coffee company a successful network marketing corporation. He is a recipient of Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal. Bernado Chua serves as the CEO of the Vancouver, British Columbia based company that not only offers coffee that tastes excellent but also makes people to feel good, and has just expanded into Turkey.

The second coffee company is Starbucks. The coffee company was established in 1971 by three individuals Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl. It offers pure quality and excellent coffee in addition to delicious beverages. Starbucks has over 21,000 shops across the world. The coffee company endeavors to make their venture environment friendly. It composes coffee and utilizes recycled paper in addition to using ingredients that are environment friendly in producing its extraordinary coffee.

Costa Coffee is the other great coffee company. It is one of the fastest growing coffee chains across the world. It is also the biggest coffee firm in the United Kingdom. Costa Coffee is the second biggest coffee chain in the world with over 3,000 branches. The distinctive feature about the company is its hospitality. It is for this reason that Costa Coffee is not under the food and beverage industry but rather under the hospitality industry.

BMG Sponsors Marcelo Melo As Newest Athlete Under The Stewardship Of Ricardo Guimaraes

Recently, BMG bank announced a new sponsorship for tennis player Marcelo Melo, after signing a commercial agreement with the sportsman.
According to the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) world ranking; Marcelo Melo occupies the number one position in dual sport. Ricardo Guimaraes says that BMG bank’s logo will be exhibited on the sleeves of Marcelo Melo’s game uniform, training gear and other materials. The athlete said that the signed contract would assist him in preparing for the next Olympic Games that will take place next year in Rio de Janeiro.
Marcelo Melo noted that the help from the sponsorship was important for it enabled him and his partner, Ivan Dodig, to be double champions at the Master 1000 Paris. The bank wants to augment their projects so that they can win more titles and prepare well for the upcoming sporting event in the world.
The partnership that was signed in early November comes with a wealth of value. Ricardo said that the investment was worthy, as Marcelo Melo arrived in Brazil amid celebrations after conquering another tournament. This time round, he carried the doubles championship trophy that he won together with his partner, Ivan Dodig, in the 1000 Master of Paris. It was the Brazilian’s fourth uninterrupted win.
This year alone, Marcelo Melo has won in the Tokyo and Vienna championships, ATP’s 500 Acapulco, as well as Rolando Garros and Master 1000 Shanghai. BMG bank embraces the tradition of valuing sport and talents in the state of Minas Gerais. It also sponsors various categories in Brazil especially the visibility and prominence of sportspeople on the international stage. Ricardo Guimaraes points out that it is imperative to support athletes that are committed, dedicated, and disciplined. According to Ricardo Guimaraes, Marcelo Melo has displayed excellent abilities thus deserving the opportunity.
Ricardo Guimaraes is the president and owner of BMG bank. He has played an active role in the management of the company for more than 30 years. BMG was established in 1930. Ricardo Guimaraes is a top financial analyst not only in Brazil but also across the world. In 2004, Ricarrdo received the Grand Collar of the Legislative Merit award. He has been supportive of all sports besides being a successful businessman. Ricardo Guimaraes also values sports promotion especially sponsoring professional athletes in enhancing their careers. In 2010, he established the Ricardo Soccer BR1, which is an investment fund that deals with football athletes. BMG continues to register impressive consumer base besides enhancing its profitability margins.

Freedom and Its Price

Yeonmi Park is a young North Korean woman who wrote about her escape from her home land. She is a human rights activist and an author. Defecting from North Korea to China in 2007, she writes about her incredible journey. With such detail and emotion, her journey becomes your journey as you read this unimaginable story. Her book was published on September 29, 2015.

Born on October 4 1993 in North Korea, Parks came from a well connected family. Her father was a civil servant and her mother was a nurse for the North Korean army. She also had an older sister. When the economy collapsed in the 1990’s, her father was caught smuggling on the black market. Sentenced to work in a labor camp, her family was cast out of their former life style. With no work and no food, the decision was made to try to defect. When her father was released, the date was set. Her older sister left before the rest of the family and they lost touch with her. Her father became sick and stayed behind, but would follow when he was healthy enough to make the journey. With help from human traffickers, Park and her mother made it to China. Here they were forced into the trade that had helped them escape. After two years, Park and her mother made it to Mongolia. They were later reunited with her older sister. Then they were aloud to travel to South Korea where they still live. Her father did recover enough to make the trip to China, but was diagnosed with colon cancer and died in China.

The story isn’t a pretty story. It is a story that needs to be told. This amazing young woman tells her story in a riveting fashion and makes your heart leap and yell in victory for the chance they took to be free.

Kyle Bass: Does He Know The Future?

Controversial hedge fund manager Kyle Bass hit the financial scene running in 2008. He successfully predicted America’s sub-prime lending crisis. This was the crisis that American politics was responsible for, but that was blamed on lending organizations Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Bass saw that they were lending to constituencies who wouldn’t be able to pay back what they had borrowed. Naturally, this would create a bubble that would burst. And burst it did.

Later, Bass predicted a similar bubble-burst in Japan that resulted in the government meting out packages of stimulus to its citizens. Currently Bass has his eyes on China, and believes within the next several years their own bubble will burst; this time because the country has been making loans which exceed its GDP.

But Bass isn’t only concerned with the economic markets of first-world countries; he’s also got some strong opinions about pharmaceutical agencies. A great example is Clovis Oncology. Recently Clovis Oncology’s stock plummeted seventy percent, before jumping right back up to within two points of where it was before the drop. Bass called the stock market’s reaction “overly punitive”, and pointed out that there was a great variety of potential yet resting with Clovis. He also pointed out that the reason for the stock-market drop is slightly spurious; but to understand his reasoning will take several moments.

Firstly, Clovis Oncology had a stock drop because the FDA found their clinical trials were not representative of their latest drug’s effectiveness in cancer treatment. But according to Bass, even if the obvious inference to number-fudging is true, Clovis isn’t the only pharmaceutical organization to employ such techniques. Bass notes that AstraZeneca used Asian patients for clinical trials on a treatment that was already known to work better for ethnic Asians than Caucasians to whom the drug was being marketed.

So when Kyle Bass refuses to withdraw all support from Clovis Oncology, it is indicative that he’s either got good reason to believe the organization will yet be successful, or that he’s got something up his sleeve. A point toward the former would be Ruca, Clovis’ as-yet unavailable pharmaceutical. Bass believes Ruca will be very successful; or that at least it has exceptional potential.

But again, UsefulStooges was first to show that Kyle Bass has shady ties. One example would be Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Kirchner is a socialist from Argentina, and while Kyle Bass is himself an Argentine, that’s no definite excuse for his affiliation with Cristina.

Bass currently is a hedge-fund manager, and is based out of Texas. Whether or not he knows the future is certainly debatable. What is certain either way is that he’s managed to profit from ups and downs in the markets, and shows no sign of slowing soon.