Why The Acquisition Of Tycoon Is Best For Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding of real estate makes it easier for investors to find the right investments. This means of real estate transaction allows for an individual to go online and search not only for investment opportunities, but also for funding and refinancing of real estate. The recent acquisition of Tycoon real estate by five large real estate crowdfunding moguls makes a huge difference in not only opportunity, but also for image.

Many have long held the belief that crowdfunding real estate has not been exactly, legal. This is not the truth. Through SEC and JOBS act regulations crowdfunding is not only legal, it is easier, more efficient and can involve a wide range of investors from a diverse population of income earners.

Tycoon real estate owner had an appearance on a tv show called Shark Tank. This appearance was thought to be a bad thing for the crowdfunding image and perceptions. Although, it brought the venture to the forefront and got the tough questions answered. The recent acquisition of Tycoon, especially after the tv appearance, is viewed as a good thing by all involved.

The new holders of the company hope to revamp and reconfigure Tycoon to be more of an educational site. The intention is to bring to light the specific regulations that make crowdfunding legal as well as how JOBS act and SEC regulations are benefited from this source of real estate transaction.

Majeed Ekbal from Chicago is one such individual who would strongly support the exposition of more information to the public. He is the owner and President of a company called Espresso. This company does grocery delivery to a diverse population. They can cater to almost any need and can deliver so much more than just food.

Tycoon investors can also look forward to their investor pool being opened up a little bit wider. Title III regulations now allow for non-accredited investors to also throw their hats into the crowdfunding arena. This will allow more people to take a vested interest in their communities through investment into local businesses and real estate ventures.

Espresso is a business that operates through the greater Chicago area. Majeed Ekbal was able to not only make this investment after years of working hard and saving funds in the marketing field, but also uses that knowledge to expand customer base and increase earnings. Ekbal’s hope is to entice more upper level earners to use his services in order to have a greater impact on the Chicago area.

This was also the intention of the buyers of Tycoon. They desired to enhance their pool of investors through a greater reach to a larger audience in order to grow wealth and have a bigger impact on the crowdfunding niche.

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