Vijay Eswaran; Malaysian Great

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the co-founders and current executive chairperson of the Hong Kong-based QI group of companies. The QI group, formed in 1998, is an e-commerce centered corporation with diverse business activities such as retail and direct sales, seminar management, training, telecommunications, teaching, property expansion, lifestyle and leisure, and logistics. The company has offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, but its presence extends to over 30 countries. Dr. Eswaran is also a motivational speaker who lectures around the world on various topics ranging from spirituality to commercial. He has lectured at leading universities, business and leadership forums e.g. the global economic forum as well as the Commonwealth business forums. Dr. Eswaran is also a prolific author, widely known for his book, In the sphere of silence, a book about management that has been welcomed worldwide in many countries and various languages. Some other books by him include, on the wings of thought, 18 stepping stones, and, in the thinking zone. All these books have been published through Dr. Eswaran’s publishing company, RYTHM. Besides, Vijay Eswaran is a notable contributor to newspapers in Malaysia and Sri Lanka through newspaper columns.
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Born in the Malaysian state of Penang on October 7, 1960, Vijay Eswaran scaled the heights of education, culminating in earning a socio-economic degree from the prestigious London School of Economics. He also received professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the UK before relocating to Southern Illinois state university where he received a master’s degree in business administration. Vijay Eswaran also was discussed by

While living in the United States, Vijay Eswaran worked as a part-timer for touchpad manufacturer Synaptics, where he majored in multilevel marketing. Previously, Mr. Eswaran served as chairperson of the Council of the Quest International University of Malaysia. Currently, he is also part of the advisory board of the Global business council and corporate Malaysia roundtable. He is as well a member of the Business Council for sustainability and responsibility Malaysia and Singapore compact. Back in February 2013, Mr. Eswaran was listed number 25 in Malaysia’s 50 richest people by Forbes Asia.

As a philanthropist, Vijay Eswaran has devoted himself to educating, inspiring, and working to create a brighter future for those in need. He uses his RYTHM Foundation, QI Group’s Social outreach body to achieve this. The RHYTHM foundation’s emphasis is on four main areas: education, community improvement, arts and culture, and the environment. The RYTHM Foundation offered $30,000 for UNICEF’s water and sanitation program in flood-hit districts of Bihar.
His Vijayaratnam Foundation for children with special needs also runs the Taarana School in Malaysia since 2011. All these acts of philanthropy have made Mr. Eswaran receive several awards such as the new universal Indian award for charity and business excellence at the global Indian business conference in New York. He has also been named one of the 48 heroes of philanthropy by Forbes Asia, a fete he achieved way back in 2001.

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