Best Investment Advice from the Experts

Everyone loves to tell you about the winners in their lives. How they won $100 on a $2 bet on a long-shot horse at the track. Or the $1,000 lottery ticket they bought at the grocery store. What they don’t mention, of course, is that they were still down $350 at the track, and they’d spent close to $2,000 in losing lottery tickets over the past year.
Investment stories and advice too often come in the same format. Joe’s barber told Bill to buy Microsoft at $10. He did, but then he sold at $20. If Bill had held on for the long run, he could have retired early.
The best investment advice doesn’t come from hot tips or rumors or someone who claims to have a secret formula for pickling investment winners.
When trying to quantify the best investment advice, why not go to proven investment winners and hear what they have to say?
Six of the most successful financial investors of all time are listed below with some their snippets of sound investing advice.
Sir John Templeman: “If you buy the same securities everyone else is buying, you will have the same results as everyone else.”
Warren Buffett: “Whether socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.”
Nathan Mayer Rothschild: “Information is money.”
Peter Lynch: “Buy what you know. Everyone has the brainpower to follow the stock market. If you made it through fifth grade math, you can do it.”
John Maynard Keynes: “Invest, don’t speculate.”
Thomas Rowe Price Jr.: Invest in growth stocks for the long run.”
Two common themes run through these words of wisdom: have knowledge and buy for the long run.
Most competent investment firms today preach those principles to their clients.
Madison Street Capital, a Chicago based international investing banking firm, is one such company that prides itself in delivering integrity, excellence, and leadership in providing financial advice to their clients.
The experienced professionals at Madison Street Capital advise clients through each phase of the investment process from buying through selling while striving to maximize the customer’s investment results. Long range investing in well-know, financially sound businesses and financial instruments is always at the forefront of their investment strategies. The firm specializes in providing their clients with valuations on the business structure, goodwill value, and intangible assets of potential investment options utilizing Madison’s fairness and solvency opinion services.

From National Park Heritage, A Ski Resort Manager Is Born

Andy Wirth has been the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Resort for the past five years. The 52-year-old is the grandson of Conrad Wirth who was National Parks Director from 1951-1964. CEO Wirth’s great-grandfather, Theodore Wirth, helped design the Minneapolis system of parks. In his own right, Andy Wirth brings a lot to his job as Squaw Valley CEO, including 25 years of hotel and resort experience. In 1986, Wirth held several marketing positions with Steamboat Springs Resort. By 2007, Andy Wirth was appointed CEO and vice president of Intrawest. Intrawest had taken over Steamboat Springs in 2007. In 2010, he resigned his position with Irawest to run Squaw Valley Ski Resort where he is in charge of all the marketing decisions. Born in Neubrucke, West Germany, Wirth earned of Bachelor of Science degree at Colorado State University and has attended Edinburgh University, located in Scotland. Prior to his work in hotel industry, Wirth was a ranger in Rocky Mountain National Parks and San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. Wirth’s wife Karen is a real estate lawyer. He has three children from a previous marriage. The Truckee, California resident is an avid sportsman as well. Andy Wirth loved going skydiving.
In 2011, Andy Wirth became a certified skydiver in Perris, California. On October 12, 2013, Wirth had a skydiving accident that nearly ended his life. Wirth joined his friend, JT Holmes, a mountain athlete, and others for a day of skydiving in Davis, California. On October 13, 2013, Wirth realized that the pilot had not dropped him near the drop zone. Having to deal with power lines , strong winds, and a vineyard, the CEO decided it was safer to land in the vineyard. Trying to slow down his parachute, he ended up veering to the right, and so, with his right arm he grabbed on to a nearby pole. The pole had torn off his right arm from the shoulder on down to his middle fore arm. He had to have his arm surgically attached. Wirth thinks the cause of the accident was because the pilot did not drop the CEO down at the drop zone, and Wirth descended at 2500 feet instead of 4000 feet. The surgery to reattach Mr. Wirth’s arm lasted 12 hours and required 12 units of blood. Since the accident, Andy Wirth is involved Disability Sports, an organization for physically and intellectually disabled people.

Heads Propaganda Recognized As a Leading Advertising Agency in Brazil

Heads Propaganda is a Brazilian advertising company and is ranked among the 20 largest domestically owned advertising agencies in Brazil. Heads Propaganda is also among the five advertising agencies in Rio de Janeiro. This agency has a philosophy that aims at building an agency from the inspiration of life.

The agency has a commitment to working with originality, passion, and knowledge so as to gain the deepest and broadest sense of this world. Heads strive to offer unlimited advertisement in accordance with eclectic seasons. It also focuses on contributing beyond the advertisement. The company is committed to connecting to a converging and competitive environment in terms of communication.

Heads team believes that original ideas can be able to create and foster relationship thereby cementing them. The team wants to have a coherent and strong client-agency relationship as well as brand customer relation. Heads Propaganda has built a bold name for its great performance, and it was chosen in 2011 to be among the best communication agencies within Brazil by Great Place to Work Institute.

The agency has customers such Volvo, the Apothecary, Petrobras, and Shop South Federal Savings Bank. Claudio Loureiro is the co-founder of Heads Propaganda. The agency was born from the mind of a dreamer. Today, it has been recognized as among the largest advertising companies in Brazil.

Loureiro was also in charge of bringing onboard the director Woody Allen. Loureiro is always searching for new advertising forms to add on to the company’s work. He is actively checking what’s new in advertising. While Loureiro may have unusual ideas, they do always work out. He believes that the company’s success comes from the risks it takes.

Heads Propaganda has invested close to $9 million. It has also bought as well as renovated some four-story property in Ipanema. In 2014, the company invited the former Secretary General of the UN who is also a winner of Nobel Peace Prize to Brazil during the celebration of 25 years since its existence. This was a great opportunity for the company to appreciate and recognize the milestone it has achieved since its inception.

The agency has been combining knowledge and has kept up with innovations and technologies. This has created opportunities for growth of the company. The company was formed from the dream of establishing an own business that involves art and nurtures relationship in businesses. It was founded with the dream of having a business activity that has an eye to brands as well as product strategies, according to Loureiro.

White Shark Is The Place For Up To Date SEO Advice

It can be tough to make your website or internet content stand out from the crowd. Google Algorithms and proper SEO techniques are changing all the time. What should you do to improve your odds in a crowded online market?

In the past, it was easy enough to get by with a bit of search engine optimization research – but these days, there is more and more emphasis on quality content over SEO. This can make it a bit harder to stand out, but anyone who has a mind for quality content online will still find plenty of success.

There are countless information resources and SEO services online, but White Shark stands out in particular for its excellent reputation as a digital marketing agency, as well as its articles helping readers with aspects of SEO and online marketing.

White Shark has helped to double sales for prominent businesses such as Titan Engines, and the agency is also highly praised by many other companies with an online presence. Not only does White Shark offer outstanding paid services, it has free content packed with useful tips.

White Shark  blog  gives some great advice on what you need to attract an audience.

First off – yes, keywords do matter to an extent. However, you can’t just spam a keyword, or even keyword variants, and expect to get results. Smart keyword usage is key. Choose a relevant keyword or phrase to use, and sprinkle it through your content wisely. Your content’s title, main headline, and images are excellent places to start. Repeating the keyword just a few more times in the content itself is also a good idea.

Of course, in order to get those effective keywords in the first place, proper research is essential. You can use Google to get an idea for what people are searching for, or you could even use dedicated keyword tools such as Übersuggest and WordStream. White Shark recommends Google Trends in particular, due to the tool’s ability to display regional interest and related searches, among other features.

Regardless of what tools you use, it’s important not to just mindlessly look up keywords, but also think of the search intent behind them. Why are users searching for particular phrases, and what exactly are they looking for when they use them? This is absolutely essential when creating quality, searchable web content.

Guidelines For Real Estates

For quite some time, it has been difficult for most buyers and sellers to make decisions based on buying, selling and renting real property. A real estate refers to all immovable things such as buildings, fixtures, fences, appurtenances scrubs and trees on a particular piece of land. Several types of houses have been built with an aim of accommodating different types of families, for example, the single-family detached house and multifamily detached house. Most investors believe that real estate is the best business to invest in because the moment one is educated on the best ways to get high returns, he or she can focus on cash flow. Cash flow refers to the amount of money one gets every month from rental houses.


One of the persons who have shown great interest in real estate development is Boraie Development LLC. Boraie is a 73-year-old man who hails from Dayton in New Jersey. He is the CEO and head of Boraie Development and was the first person to see potential in New Brunswick in the 1970s. Boraie had a great vision of bringing back the life of a dilapidated town by constructing new projects that aimed at improving the lifestyle of the city. He started his first project of rebuilding New Brunswick in 1972. People thought he was over ambitious when he began buying vacant rooms and dilapidated buildings in Brunswick block. Boraie was able to renovate the building to a panoramic view seen today on Albany Street. This renovation that brought class to the city was completed in 2003 from the 1980s and 90s


Boraie also thought of an idea that would bring rapid growth to the town, and this was the need for a top flight residential unit. He visualized the style used in New York City and took it as an idea of starting a condominium building. Boraie is working on his latest project “The Aspire” in New Brunswick, which is a luxurious residential unit on Somerset-street. Boraie also gives credit to the people he shared the same vision and said they have been of great help.


Several factors are to be considered before buying or selling a house such as the price, size and even the impression the home makes. It’s advisable that one takes time before deciding on what’s appropriate for them.

Lime Crime Helps Beauties Standout

Most people have hopped from one makeup brand to another, often hoping to hide this or that. The strange thing is that most will eventually find that they aren’t really showing their true selves because they are so focused on hiding things that most people never even notice until it is pointed out. More and more people are finding out about Lime Crime and are stopping their brand hopping. Lime Crime is a unique company that provides beautifully wide ranges of colors for beautiful females and males to truly express themselves and stand out.

The founder of Lime Crime set her standards high by offering cruelty-free and vegan products on that come in a large range of shades from heavenly pastel-sherbet colors to the most vivid jewel tones and richest blacks. Lime Crime can be found online and off in select stores as well as on the faces beautiful models in the trendiest of runway shows. The colors truly are versatile and can be used to create subtle looks, bold looks, and everything in between. Customers will not find plain beige and brown colors from Lime Crime because everything pops beautifully, even the subtle shades. It is unclear how they Lime Crime has managed to do this but they have.

Lime Crime prides itself on creating colors for everyone to truly standout with rather than hide their personalities and blend into the masses. Lime Crime is worn by beautiful, creative, unique, fun, unapologetic, and vibrant women and men around the world. This company has filled a void with their product color ranges and cruelty-free/vegan standards. Lime Crime’s colors are true to color and are long lasting no matter which shades are chosen.

Some of Lime Crime’s most popular products are the Venus: Grunge Palette and Velvetines. Venus: The Grunge Palette gives provides eight amazing shades such as Venus, Creation, Divine, and Muse, all in one beautifully packaged palette. Users become artists with this palette that includes reddish tones and neutral shades. Lime Crime’s Velvetines are the original liquid to matte lipstick and are available in 16 different shades such as Utopia, Suedeberry, Pansy, and Black Velvet. The Velvetines popular color offering makes people collect every single shade.

Lime Crime offers eye, lip, and nail makeup that is anything but ordinary. Those who want to be ordinary wear anything else. But, when people want to standout beautifully and express their personality, they choose makeup from Lime Crime.

Brian Torchin Helping Medical Professionals in the Job Market

Choosing a career in the health care industry is a pretty good idea considering all the options out there for job opportunities. On top of that the medical field is always going to need workers because there will always be patients. People who enter schooling for nursing or other medical related jobs are aware of this. What they may not be aware of is how to go about finding a job. It’s almost a full time job trying to find a job. There are jobs out there, but applying and getting called for an interview can be hard since a lot of times positions will fill quickly.

Brian Torchin is an expert when it comes to the health care world. A chiropractor, Torchin is aware of how applying for jobs in the medical field works, which is why he started Health Care Recruitment Counselors. Torchin was schooled at University of Delaware and pursued a degree in exercise science. Then he was accepted to New York Chiropractic College. Torchin has opened and managed many practices in several states including Florida and Delaware. He knows what kind of employees to look for in a practice and is therefore able to help his business clients find good employees. From the other perspective, he is aware of how difficult finding a job in the medical field can be, and is able to help his clients find jobs suited to their needs.

The staff at Health Care Recruitment Counselors are experts when it comes to the medical field. HCRC is based out of Philadelphia, but services clients world wide. They assist clients by searching daily on the companies huge database of active practices seeking employees as well as searching through listings not currently in their database. They schedule interviews and handle contract negotiations between employer and employee. The company’s focus is mainly on chiropractic practices, but also partners with hospitals looking for chiropractors, physical therapists and other positions. In short, although chiropractic positions are their speciality, the company is by no means limited to it.

Torchin also wrights a blog specifically for HCRC clients to help those on both the employee and employer end of the business. He is very open with the fact that a staffing agency may not be for everybody, especially those looking to stay in a job for a long period of time; however, those having trouble finding a permanent job can join a staffing agency such as HCRC and find something much quicker. Also those who want variety in their work life might enjoy going through a staffing agency where they can learn new skills through many different jobs.

Brian Mulligan Has Been Brave In Taking On New Challenges

Some people are more willing to take on challenges in their careers than others, and Brian Mulligan is one of those brave people. He has always been excited to try something new in his career, and he has worked at many different sports and entertainment companies through the years, serving as chairman, CEO, senior executive adviser and more. He has done all of the work for all of the different companies to the best of his ability, and he has left each of those companies better off than it was before he started working for it.
Brian Mulligan is a man who seems to do well in each new challenge that he takes on. No matter what he is doing he seems to always know how to do it right. Whether he is doing sports writing or working as the CEO of Brooknol Advisers, where he is currently employed, he is always doing something great. And because of that, he has become someone that people look up to when they think of an ambitious man.
Too many people slack off in their careers. Too many people see challenges as something to be feared instead of something to be embraced. And all of those people could learn a thing or two from Brian Mulligan and the brave way that he has embraced everything that has gone on in his career.
Brian Mulligan could have just stuck with any one of the jobs that he has had through his 30 year career, but instead of doing that he decided to be bold and try to take on some new challenges. He filled up his career with all different kinds of work, and he has excelled in each thing that he has done. Others would do well to try to copy a few of the things that he has done, so that they can have a better chance of succeeding in their careers. Brian Mulligan seems to really know what he is doing, and it will be great to see what kind of a challenge he decides to take on next in his career.

Matt Landis Excels On and Off the Field for Notre Dame

matt landis sweater

The University of Notre Dame is globally recognized as a prestigious academic university as well as a premiere research institution. For students that pursue athletics along with their education, an extra layer of challenge and complexity is added to their studies. However, this allows students who excel to truly shine. For the men’s lacrosse team, many players on the team have managed to find the perfect balance of student and athlete.
matt landis lacrosse
Well before joining the ACC in 2012, the Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse team was a club sport. In 1981, the Fighting Irish team officially became a varsity program and competed as part of the Midwest Lacrosse Association for the next 12 years. In 1994 the Fighting Irish team became a member of the Great Western Lacrosse League which was an NCAA Division I college conference. During the next 15 years, the Fighting Irish would make 11 NCAA Tournament Appearances and five NCAA Tournament Final Fours. In 2010 they became a member of the Big East men’s lacrosse conference which was a newly established NCAA Division I conference. In 2012, the men’s lacrosse team joined the ACC which is the highest level of competition for collegiate sports. In 2014, they made it to the NCAA Finals, losing to Duke in the final round.
matt landis sweater

The current roster for the Fighting Irish lacrosse team is filled with notable student athletes. As many senior level players are focusing on leading on the lacrosse field, they are also pursuing their future off the field. Seventeen players sacrificed having a fun-filled summer and headed to the corporate world instead. Using Notre Dame’s extensive corporate alumni network and career resources, these players completed internships at top companies. These internship opportunities ranged from General Electric to The Riverside Company to Morgan Stanley.

Among these notable student athletes is Matt Landis, who completed his internship at The Riverside Company. In addition to this prestigious accomplishment, Landis also works part-time while managing a full time course load with the School of Business. His 3.6 GPA within this rigorous program makes him a remarkable student in and of itself.

matt landis black and white

As a starter for Notre Dame, Landis’ athletic schedule is 30 hours per week at a minimum dedicated to the team. He is a two-time monogram winner with Notre Dame and won the ACC Men’s Lacrosse Defensive Player of the Week in 2015.

Why Now May Be the Best Time to Invest In Gold


For the past few months, the media has been on a tear regarding investing in gold. Pundits and naysayers alike are constantly disregarding gold plays, actually indicating that gold is not a commodity worth looking into.
Nothing could be further from the truth. When you take several factors into consideration, most experts realize that now is an opportune time to purchase gold. A bear rally is expected in the next few months, a rally that may very well take gold up anywhere from 10% to 30% in value according to precious metal experts. This amount is substantial when compared to the rate of return for other investments in the market.

But with the outcry against gold, now is the perfect time to consider buying the metal. In fact, there is so much of an outcry against gold, the market in general is basically betting against it. If smart investors know anything, is when people start to rally against gold, it’s usually the perfect time to begin to purchase it.

Experts believe that gold selling in the next few months will start to decline, and even at this moment seller exhaustion is beginning to appear in the market. While there has been a great deal of movement, many commodity experts do not believe the selling trend will continue much longer. When that selling trend slows down, and the bear market begins, those who wisely invested in gold will begin to see substantial gains for their smart play.

Gold experts believe that over the next two quarters gold will rally because of a decline in bearishness in the general market. Because of that, they believe that gold will trade in between the $1100 and $1300 per ounce over the coming six months.

Precious metals companies like U.S. Money Reserve are experts in gold and silver distribution. They specialize in gold coins, and the selling and buying of gold, silver and platinum coinage. They have a large staff of over 100 specialized individuals, including gold research professionals, gold specialists, appraisers and more. The company offers an extensive range of collectible coins and mints, including coins that are authorized by the U.S. Congress.

If you have ever considered investing in gold, now is the time to learn more about doing so, and how you can take advantage of the upcoming changes to the gold market. Over the next few months, prime opportunities will arise for investments in the market that can reap substantial rewards.