There is a Need for Economists in the Society Today

The current complex global economy requires the intervention of economists like Christian Broda. He is one of the greatest and highly trained economists of our times. His skills in capital management and economic predictions have helped a number of his client in averting economic tragedies. Currently he is a professor at the university of Chicago teaching economics. He is a celebrated graduate of an Argentine university with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Common logic demands prudence in every sphere of life. This is the basic rationale of economists and they have proven to be right over the years. Unfortunately, governments and corporate leaders have not been paying attention to the roles and reasoning of economists. This is despite the fact that some freelance economists have been offering a piece of their minds concerning the economy through the media.

Economists are realists and they believe in solving issues more than they believe in getting paid for it. This is why freelance economists are all over the internet blogging about their predictions on the future of the global economy. Television broadcasts have featured a number of economists being interviewed on the global economic status and some of these predictions have turned out positively in the past. The role of an economist is however to present facts backed by research of past economic trends.

More often than not, economists make the right predictions but we realise it when the damage has already done. If people in power and market leaders had listened to economists’ predictions prior to the 2008/2009 economic crisis, the meltdown would not have happened at all. However, with the understanding of how much the economists can help in averting economic problems, the relevant authorities are beginning to pay close attention to their predictions.

Economists are currently being consulted by almost every industry in the economy. They are involved in structuring national policies on business operations, health systems, and the education system among other areas of human existence. Their involvement in these industries is projected to curb the possibility of economic mishaps.

Most importantly, economists are very useful in the financial markets and capital management. Their rationale and expertise in allocating resources in the most beneficial hierarchy of need is proving to be very effective in the economy today. Resources are running low and the population is growing rapidly. Without careful allocation of non-renewable natural resources as advised by economists may bring the world to its knees in future.

Handy, A Safe and Professional Home Service

How would you like your house cleaner, a plumber or a handyman at your beck and call with just a touch of the keypad? Handy, a leader in the cleaning industry, now makes this possible. The entire process takes only about 60 seconds, and in that short minute you book a service professional qualified to come to your home and render the service you require. Each insured service professional passes a background check.

Handy was founded in 2012 as Handybook. Since then its grown to earn $52 million per week in bookings. The average service professional earns about $18.00 an hour. They provide a quality service backed by a money back guarantee. The company is based in New York, and hires freelancers across the country to perform its services. There are 13 cities in its operation, and new offices are opening every day.

You set the time for the appointment, and a reliable, insured professional is assigned to you. Only three percent of applicants to Handy are accepted due to its rigorous screening policies. Handy guarantees against breakage and damage too. Worry about over or underpayment is a thing of the past with Handy.

For the service professionals, its a great deal. They more often make more money than they would on on their own, and they get to screen their clients for location and time. It’s a very flexible system for the freelancers who are serious about working on their own. Single parents take advantage of the free lance system, and it gives them a legitimate income with which they can build credit.

Handy offers all types of home services, but their mainstay is in the area of cleaning. They offer handyman, painting, moving, plumbing and simple electrical work in their line of services. They also offer their professional services to the corporate world. A typical cleaning offers, dusting, wipe downs, floors, garbage, bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

Joseph Bismark Believes in a Close Relationship Between Coworkers

What kind of relationship should two coworkers have with one another? When I think of coworkers spending time together, I know that it is important that they get along, but I don’t always think of them growing truly close. I know that coworkers should be able to work well together, but at the end of the day they are just acquaintances, and it doesn’t seem too important that they have a close relationship. Joseph Bismark seems to think a little differently than I do, and I see that he has a good point. I just might need to change my way of thinking.

In a post on Come On Valerie, I learned that Joseph Bismark believes that coworkers should be very closer, almost like family. This man believes that individuals work best together when they have a close relationship. I think that Joseph Bismark might have a point. It would be good if all coworkers could work together in the same way that family members work together. It would be good if coworkers could work together in a smooth way. It would be good if coworkers could put drama behind them and all get along. It would be great if all of the coworkers out there could become like family to one another. My eyes were opened in reading what Joseph Bismark has to say on the relationship between two coworkers, and I believe that he has a point.

How can Madison Street Capital help my business?

Owning or running a business has a list of risks and complications that can cause the company to either fail or to not start at all. A huge complication that businesses run into is money. A business or company can run out of money before they even open their doors. These businesses fail because they do not know that assistance is available to them in the form of an investment banking firm. An investment banking firm is an entity that offers various services for businesses. These services include raising capital for a company, offer advice to clients regarding the buying and selling of companies, investment management and even trading shares.

Let’s look at one of the main functions of an investment banking firm, raising capital. The task of raising capital is done with the help debt and equity offerings. An Equity offering occurs when a business or company decides to sell stock (the company or business can either be a LP, LLC, membership interest, corporation, etc). With help of equity offering the company or business is able to trade a form of ownership in the company or business in exchange for investment capital. An investment banking firm uses different techniques in the task of securing a debt offering than equity offering. A debt offering allows an investment banking company to exchange a promise to pay some form of interest payment (quarterly, semi-annually, or even annually) and then at a future date, pay back the full principal amount of the investment to the investor for capital. The debt offering could be in the form of notes, debentures, or bonds, which are the most popular form.

The other services offered by an investment company can also aid in a business or company failing or succeeding. For example, acquiring a business can put a lot of financial responsibility on a company. This additional burden can become overwhelming and unbearable for the company. Unfortunately, these types of situations do occur and can cause a company to fail. Instead of obtaining a company blindly, investment banking can do the needed research and conclude whether or not buying a company will be a good idea.

There are many investment banking companies available but there are only a select few that are able to provide you and your company with top tier services. Madison Street Capital is one of those companies. Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that offers a host of services for you and your company. They have offices in various areas around the world including Asia, North America, and Africa. Contacting them for your capital raising needs can help you to succeed and to focus on your company instead of being overwhelmed with financial needs.

Eucatex- Revolutionizing How Textiles Are Created

Eucatex is a textile company founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1951. For over 60 years they have revolutionized how textiles are manufactured. They specialize in wall partitions, various types of treated wood for a variety of uses, paints and vanishes, and also laminate flooring, among other textiles.

In 1996 they were the very first Brazilian business in its industry to receive the prestigious business certification ISO 9001, giving customers and investors the assurance that Eucatex employs the most stringent and honest business practices. The company has 2,201 employees currently and is expanding into other markets with the highest quality textiles for both commercial and residential purposes.

Eucatex currently exports to 37 countries through their four state-of-the-art facilities throughout Brazil. This is a company that has experienced continuous growth. For instance, exports through the first quarter of 2015 grew by 28.7%. This indicated the willingness of Eucatex to continue to enjoy a great working relationship with both its customers and suppliers in general.

Another area where Eucatex has experienced sustained success is in the environment. Its environmental program is known as “The House Of Nature”. The company has helped sustain the various ecological systems in Brazil; this will enable the forests to return to a more normalized habitat and preserve the resources. Over 200,000 acres have been reforested by the company over the last five years. In addition more than 1 million trees have been preserved in its reforestation efforts. As deforestation is one of the biggest problems world wide, Eucatex is currently working on viable solutions to solve this problem for future generations.

Research and innovation is an area Eucatex has excelled over time. Eucalyptus is a natural wood used in a variety of uses and applications, manufactured through various manufacturing processes exclusive to Eucatex. In its research laboratories, various types of paint and varnishes have been created, which are not harmful to the environment and can withstand the outside elements; they’re durable and practical colors.

Under the leadership of President Flavio Maluf, the company has received numerous awards, such as the 2012 Best Corporate Citizenship award by the prestigious Gestao RH magazine. In addition in 2010 it receive an award for one of the Ten Companies With Best People Management Practices, illustrating that when a company treats their employees well, as Eucatex has done, it results in increased customer satisfaction and improved business growth prospects.

Here’s to another 60 years of continuous sustainability growth and success for Eucatex, among the worldwide leaders in the textile industry.

How Your Online Reputation Can Affect Your Business

Let’s assume we are envisioning a search on Google, or some other engine. Naturally, we are seeking out information on a given business or company. We are quick to find our search has resulted in a number of remarks, but despairingly, for every good one there is another not in its favor. There is the assumption that most who bother to write reviews are from those, for some unfounded reason, find themselves disgruntled with either service or product.

This makes for an arduous position for the consumer not knowing what to believe. It has been proven that most people with access to a computer will be of the belief that what they are reading is the truth. Under these circumstances it cannot be overstated that companies and individuals need to keep a close look on what naysayers are writing in their reviews. Your online reputation depends greatly on it.

Perhaps there is one site in particular that generates the most reviews. If you find that keeping a crucial eye on this site finds the traffic waning increasingly, it could very well be due to negative feedback. There are a number of programs one can utilize to forewarn them of activity on their sites. Also be sure and recall that opposing reviews can be found in other places than just your home page.

An intelligent and well known bad review operative by the name of Darius Fisher is an expert in this field. He is a digital crisis specialist adept at pulling the most forlorn companies and individuals out of the depths of despair due to unfavorable reviews. Altering these harsh reviews takes a lot of work, but it can be done.

Darius Fisher is strong in his beliefs that every story is comprised of two sides. In order to maintain the respect a client wishes to have, he feels his story should be told in full sincerity in order for the public to recognize from where the bad traffic of poor reviews possibly came.

Keep in mind as well, as outmoded as it may seem, word of mouth still carries a lot of weight. Pinpoint your finest and choice clients. Offer them something free for passing on the word about you or your product.

Ignoring online reviews is a crucial error in management. Read the remarks that others are posting and be prepared to reply in a manner that will change their negative views in to positive comments.

U.S. Business Mogul Bruce Levenson Helping Tomorrow’s Youths Build A Future

Bruce Levenson’s journey with the Atlanta Hawks has come to an end increasing his net worth by substantial amount. Billionaire investment funds and equity management specialist Antony Ressler bought the top-earning NBA team for an estimated $850 million according to media reports. Bruce and partnering co-founder Michael Gearon Jr. combined efforts with Atlanta Hawks key investors to make the sale a success. NBA products generate substantial profit these days and Levenson is without regret. It’s rumored that he gained 27% extra profit since his bankers commissioned to sell the team set the price extremely higher given the market climate.

Levenson has had measurable success in business throughout his career. Alongside business partner Ed Peskowitz, he co-founded the publishing industry empire UCG (United-Communications-Group) in 1977. The company has since led enormous global expansions and product updates. Earlier this year he sought a buyer for his long-standing investment the professional NBA team Atlanta Hawks. He decided to auction the prosperous NBA team and products for sale back in September last year. Levenson is a key decision in UCG operations and business transactions. This includes acquisitions, mergers, and other development efforts.

Incorporated as a wholly private business, UCG specializes in a variety of products and publishing services. UCG service portfolio includes telecommunications, mortgage banking, news/analysis, technology, health care, data and energy solutions. The company’s GasBuddy app has been creating a buzz in the automotive industry as well. The app assists drivers to discover nearby gas stations that charge the lowest fuel rates. Bruce’s journey is only beginning. Bruce served the world-renowned Publishing house Washington Star in an earlier life. It wasn’t until 2004, Levenson secured ownership of celebrated NBA team Atlanta Hawks along with the prominent Philips Arena.

The young, vibrant business-minded professional undertook managerial roles at prominent U.S. companies, including TechTarget where he held a director position. Levenson held a seat on NEPA (Newsletter-and-Electronic-Publishers-Association) board-of-directors for a fairly reasonable term. As a philanthropist, he’s helped the future generations of youngsters in underdeveloped communities and immobilized by poverty to avail invaluable resources to better education. He’s organized and pursued notable projects as the world-renowned “I-Have-A-Dream-Foundation) president during his term. Bruce served the Washington chapter and he’s still committed to making a positive impact on tomorrow’s children.

Levenson earned received a BA degree from Washington University and a law degree from American University. He has multiple affiliations with several other philanthropic projects for organizations such as the Seeds-of-Peace, the world-renowned SEED foundation, BBYO, Birthright Israel, and others. His contributions to the U.S.-Holocaust museum and ” Bringing-the-Lessons-Home youth program has gone unnoticed. With his mother-in-law being a Holocaust survivor, her story was his source of inspiration. Now 65, Levenson shares his home with wife Karen and his three sons. With homes in Potomac and Atlanta, he leads a comfortable life with his family.

How Faith In A Company Affects Overall Financial Health

According to successful businessman Kenneth Griffin, typically, when dealing with stocks, the higher the profit margin inches up the scale, the healthier the company is. This has not proven true for the Apple Corporation. In the last quarter the principal owner has stated that Apple has seen its largest and most promising profit level. Although, when looking at the company in terms of the health of its stocks, it is falling rapidly.

How can the company show so much profits in terms of earnings, and still not gain strength in the market? There are a number of speculations as to why this may be the case. Earnings, which dictate the level of profits the company makes, are far different than the confidence level of investors.

The loss in stock strength in the market would be attributed to the investors. Apple has not been too much into sharing how some of their recent innovations have been doing in terms of sales. In particular the wearable technology of the Apple watch is in question.

Company front men have stated tat they do not feel now is a good time to reveal the approval or success of the Apple Watch for it would give away insider secrets and harm the standing of that faction of the company. This has not been well received by investors who want specifics in order to decide whether this is a sector that they truly want to sink their funds into.

Many investors feel that the silence from the Apple ranks is solely to cover up failures. These failures are why confidence in Apple has fallen off and the stocks have been dropping. They can obviously the product to make profits, but they need to work on confidence levels.

I Helped My Friend Make The Switch To Beneful Brand Foods

I don’t mean to judge, but I don’t understand why some pet owners don’t take the health of their pet seriously. I have a friend that has been feeding her dog a store brand dog food for years, and her pet has been sluggish, sick, and unhealthy a lot of the time. She absolutely refused to believe that it was the dog food making her pet sick, and I recently decided to examine the food that she was feeding her dog. After looking at the dog food, I saw that the ingredients were nothing but a joke. I couldn’t point out one real food that was in the bag of dog food.

I only buy Beneful dog foods because I know that the ingredients are real, and it’s perfectly balanced for nutrition, just for my dog. I suggested to my friend that she should try Beneful for her dog, but her only excuse was that her dog has no problem with the dog food she has been feeding him for years. When my friend said she was leaving town for a few weeks, she asked me if I would watch her dog. I told her I had no problem watching her pet, and I decided to do a little experiment.

When I got my friend’s dog, he was so lazy that he didn’t even want to walk around. My friend left me a bag of her store brand dog food, and I put it to the side, and I chose not to feed the food to her dog at all. Instead, I took my own money, and I bought an extra bag of Beneful, so both my dog and her dog could have Beneful. After a few days of her dog eating Beneful, I started to see a bit of a difference.

I noticed that her dog would run to his bowl when it came time to eat. After a few more days, he wasn’t as lazy as before, and he began to run around with the other dog. A week had passed, and he was more energetic than before. After three weeks, you would never know that this was the same dog, and he no longer would throw up like he used to when he was with his owner. When my friend came back for her pet, I told her that I fed him Beneful, and she couldn’t believe how much better her dog looked and behaved. Needless to say, she now has chosen to only feed her dog Beneful!

Challenging and Exciting – Squaw Valley delivers thrills

One of the most popular places for skiers to visit in the US is the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, California. The resort offers such breathtaking and exciting slopes that close to 600,000 people show up to ski there each year. It is the second largest ski resort located near Lake Tahoe, and it’s size means Squaw Valley is large enough to offer a variety of experiences. Thirty six hundred acres of great ski runs and 30 chairlifts means there is definitely something for everyone.

Squaw Valley was the site of the World Cup in 1969 featuring four technical events. The slalom and giant slalom for both men and women were held at the resort. In 1960 Squaw Valley hosted the Winter Olympics. That year introduced the first televised games and millions of people got to see first hand the beauty of the location of the games. People were impressed with Squaw Valley, it’s ability to host such a big crowd successfully, and everything the site had to offer. 

There is no lack of entertainment at the resort and facilities include a swimming pool, dining, disk golf and roller skating. Popular summer events in Squaw Valley include a gathering of writers, concerts and wine and beer events. Lovers of music also enjoy several musical events.

Andy Wirth serves as the current President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is the resort’s parent company. Wirth has 25 years’ experience in the hotel and resort industry. After a skydiving accident in 2013 he almost lost his life but survived. Andy Wirth has been awarded the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, the Steamboat Springs business Leader of the Year Award and the HSMAI Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales and Marketing. He was also named 2014 Citizen of the year by Disabled Sports USA.