The IKEA Hike

The popular furniture company IKEA made a prominent movie last year when they voluntarily raised their minimum wage in their United States stores. Sam Tabar said the company raised their $9.17 an hour wage to $10.76 per hour. It was almost exactly a year later the company has decided to raise their minimum wage yet again. The Swedish based furniture company will pay their hourly employees $11.87 an hour which is more than generous to say the least.

This is $4.62 above what the United States federal minimum wage standard is at $7.25 per hour. Market critics have noted that this is a major move for IKEA and a smart one among other tactics. IKEA has been expanding their stores on a global scale at an unprecedented pace. If the company can gain better public relations because of their decision to raise the minimum wage it will make the company look better to consumers overall. Last year’s minimum wage hike for the company helped lead a 5 percent decrease in worker turnover.

The hike also attracted better talent and management within the store. The IKEA Company was on the Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For list in the years 2006 and 2007. Even though the company has dropped out of the sought after list since then, the CEO and executives are hoping that this wage hike will put them back on the list among many other benefits.

Taking a Further Look at Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold

Remember when I wrote about Bernardo Chua about a month ago? I’ve been curious about this outstanding businessman. Why don’t we know more about him? Well… I’ve compiled some information so we do!

Winning a prestigious award or two is sure to brine one some attention. So it’s no wonder that people are talking about Bernardo Chua. He recently made a trip to Manila to receive special recognition. His brand, Organo Gold, was given two People’s Choice Awards. One for “Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee” and another for “Number 1 Global Network Marketing Company”. And he was personally awarded the Dangal ng Bayan Award. 

Of course, that still leaves many people wondering just what Chua and his company are doing to improve the world. It’s obvious that they’re doing something right. But the specifics are a bit more complex. 

One of the most significant accomplishments of Chua and his team of loyal salespeople comes from their relation to a mushroom known as Ganoderma Lucidium. The mushroom combines two amazing properties within itself. It has a unique and delicious taste. And it’s also been a hallmark of traditional Chinese medicine. However, this unique mushroom has remained unknown to a large portion of the world until fairly recently. 

One of Chua’s most noteworthy accomplishments has been the distribution and promotion of products made with Ganoderma Lucidium. It was once something that was isolated within a specific geographical area. And it was isolated culturally in a similar way. Chua was confident in the mushroom’s benefits and decided that he needed to share it with the world. 

That’s why he created Organo Gold in 2008. Chua set himself up for a grand mission. He was going to share this amazing mushroom with people in every corner of the world. And to do so he brought a number of people into the company to help him. 

The results have been nothing less than amazing. In a short amount of time he’s been able to hire over a million distributors. And profits are in excess of $800 million. He’s an amazing success even if one simply focuses on the business side of things. 

But what’s elevated him to the next level of success is his interest in the medical aspects of the plant. He funds a full scientific advisory board which is continually investigating new uses for the mushroom. And in doing so he’s also been able to ensure that his strains are both the most medically beneficial and delicious. 

And that’s what’s most impressive about Chua. He’s dedicated himself to a dream of helping people with his products. He’s brought new jobs to people, new tastes, and even better health.

McDonalds is Planning to Close More Restaurants

McDonalds will be closing more restaurants in the United States. These closings have not occurred since the 1970s. It has seen a gradual shrinking. Boraie Development LLC announced there will be more restaurants that are going to be closed as opposed to any restaurants that would be opened.

This is according to the chain itself.

A McDonalds spokeswoman, Rebecca Hary, did not offer any specific figures. The reduction will be small as compared to the total of approximately 14,300 United States locations. This is a company that has experienced a large expansion throughout most of its history. They have continued to offer their customers very affordable prices. McDonalds had prospered during the recession. Their dollar menu allowed their customers to enjoy many products while saving money.

There has been an entirely new style of burger chains that have experienced growth and obtained numerous customers. McDonalds stated, in April, that they would be closing 700 locations around the world. This would include some underperforming restaurants. They did not make comments regarding the last time that they reduced their United States store base. It has been speculated that McDonalds has not pulled back since it was founded in 1955. It was Ray Kroc who had founded McDonalds.

Removing Trans Fats Could Be Costly

As expected, the Food and Drug Administration has issued an order to food manufacturers to eliminate all trans fats from their products. The FDA is giving them three years to accomplish this. Alexei Beltyukov said that by 2018, their manufacturing processes will no longer be allowed to include any form of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs).

While it’s been proven that trans fats are unhealthy, and eating them can lead to coronary artery disease, heart attacks and strokes, the cost to the companies to remove them could be upwards of $200,000 per product. The FDA said that the overall price tag to bring the manufacturers into compliance would be between $12 billion and $14 billion.

The first trans fats started to be used around 1911 in shortening and then in margarine. Ironically, in the 1950s and 1960s, people were routinely told that saturated fat and butter were bad for them, and consumers were encouraged to use margarine instead. Come to find out, years later, just the opposite is true.

Share the Profits Promotes Increased Profits

What happens when a restaurant eliminates tipping? Not tipping generates triples the profit for the restaurant, while motivating waiters to improve their service to customers. Seems an ideal move for everyone. How did the owner of Bobby Fry, the owner of Bar Marco accomplish this?

The real kicker is that Bar Marco cuts his employees into the profits stated the Examiner. As his profits increased from $3,000 to $9,00 per week, Bobby Fry increased waiter’s income from $35,000 per year to between $48,000 and $51,000 per year. Also, employees receive 500 share in the company which makes the success of the restaurant business also the employees’ financial success. The employees have a stake in the restaurant. The employees have health care and paid vacation which are benefits not perks. Treat waiters well and they perform well for you.There is an interesting twist. In most restaurants, dinners tip the waiters, but rarely, if ever, do dinners tip the chiefs. In Bar Marco, waiters are not tipped, but it is acceptable to tip the chief. It makes imminent sense. The restaurant business is very competitive and depends of the skill and charisma of the chief. Chiefs are the masters of the quality of the food, and its presentation to the dinners.

Many Gap Stores in North America Closing

Gap is planning to close one quarter of all their North American stores over the course of the next several years. These closings are the result of a long lasting slump in sales. They are hoping that things will turn around. Some Gap stores located in Europe will also be closing. However, there has been no word as of yet, on the exact number of stores that will close in Europe.

Sam Tabar considers the legal and financial implications since these closing will result in many losing their jobs. There will be 250 corporate jobs lost, and an undisclosed number of other employee positions also. The company expects to cut 25 million in costs due to these cuts. While Gap has suffered, Old Navy has flourished and been a positive for the company.

In addition to closing many under performing stores, Gap also plans to add different styles of clothing to their line in the hope of attracting additional customers. The company says they are hopeful that these measures will turn things around.

Dan Newlin Explains What To Do During An Auto Accident

Dan Newlin is one of the most successful injury attorneys of Florida. He has a wide spectrum of experience in the field and his first tip to anyone involved in an injury is to clear the mind and think straight. A lot of people are involved in auto accidents – either as victims or perpetrators. For the people who have been hurt due to an auto accident, Dan Newlin recommends a series of steps. Education is the first step to getting justice and knowing about the following steps would help the victim’s lawyer immensely –

Step 1: Call 911 And Let Them Know About the Accident – Dan Newlin says that the first step should always be calling 911 and informing the law enforcement authorities about the accident. When they arrive, victims should cooperate as much as possible and help the police officers see the situation clearly. If the report is finished, then a copy should be obtained.

Step 2: Get Some Medical Attention For Injuries Immediately – With auto accidents, one can never be too careful about injuries. No matter how mild the injuries may seem, it is best to visit the ER and have a doctor examine the injuries. Sometimes, an injury might seem mild at that moment but could later turn into something serious. Being careful is the best course, says Dan Newlin.

Step 3: Dan Newlin strongly suggests that you get contact info from witnesses at the scene – If there are any witnesses at the scene, it is best to note down their information and names. Later, this information can be offered to the lawyers who would have an expert interview these people. If the witnesses are unknown people, they would be “independent observers” in the eyes of the law and would greatly help in the justice process.

Step 4: Click As Many Photographs As Possible – The photographs taken at the scene should include the picture of vehicles and, if relevant, the road hazards such as debris, potholes, et al. Simply using the phone camera can also be helpful. Some examples can be found on Yahoo.

Step 5: Call Your Lawyer – After everything is sorted, the lawyer’s office should be given a call immediately so that the process can begin as soon as possible. Any delay can be problematic. Dan Newlin also recommends calling the lawyers before contacting the insurance company in relation to the accident.

Most importantly, Dan Newlin advises people to remain calm and clear headed.

The New Powerful Beneful Advertising Campaign

If you haven’t seen the new “I Stand Behind Beneful” Beneful advertising campaign, you are really in for an inside look at the inner workings of the Purina company. As reported by PR Newswire, Purina launched a new campaign directed at dog owners across America, making use of dog owners within the Purina company to tell this new compelling message.

Staff members in all different departments and levels at Purina are chiming in about how they not only enjoy creating the Beneful brand, but how it is the only choice they would ever give their own dogs. Filmed at the Purina factory in Atlanta, Purina associates are talking in great detail about how Beneful utilizes only wholesome and all-natural ingredients in wet, dry, and even dog treats. Wet food is full of the proteins that every dog loves, from chicken, pork, beef, and lamb.

Listen to Purina associates from accounting coordinators, performance managers, to ingredient mixers, as they explain how they would only feed their dog the best possible food on the market and how Beneful is the only choice for them. Having seen from the inside how love and caring is just a part of the baking process, these team members all are in agreement that in order to help a dog live a longer and healthier life, it all comes down to the foods they are fed. Each member speaking on behalf of Beneful echo the message that there are no short cuts when it comes to preparing this Purina brand dog food.

The staff members at this Georgia factory are not just creating dog food for your pets, they are feeding it to their own dogs too. That commitment and dedication to providing a healthy alternative for dog owners across America is the foundation on which this brand has been created. The “I Stand Behind Beneful” campaign was simply a rallying cry from concerned Purina associates, but it has turned into a nationwide message for providing your dog a new choice from a brand you can trust.

Dr. Rod Rohrich- Competence and Compassion

Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the most prominent doctors in the field of plastic surgery. Highly lauded as an innovative educator, as well as a compassionate and skilled practicioner, Dr. Rodrich has been recognized several times as one of the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area by D magazine. This ranking was acquired by peer-review, and not subject to paid inclusions or self-nomination.


Dr. Rohrich graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston with highest honors. He then competed his residency in plastic surgery at The University of Michigan. After completing his residency, Dr. Rohrich underwent further training at both The Radcliffe Infirmary at Oxford University and Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard University before joining the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas as an assistant professor. During his time at UT Southwestern, Dr. Rohrich became Chairman of the Division of Plastic Surgery, which was one of the first Plastic Surgery departments in the country. His extensive education and training, as well as his dedication to research and innovation, served to recognize him as one of the most well-respected chairmen and physician leaders among his peers.


Dr. Rohrich has and outstanding reputation for both knowledge and compassion. He is an advocate for patient safety, and stresses what he calls the ” Three ‘E”s,” which are expertise, experience and exceptional results. He adheres to these standards in his own practice, where he makes himself available to his patients on a daily basis. Aside from taking on routine cases of plastic surgery such as rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, Dr. Rohrich also specializes in more complex procedures, including secondary and corrective work.


Dr. Rohrich’s skill and dedication have led to numerous honors and awards, as well as widespread media recognition. He has made appearances on CNN and the Today Show, and has been featured in publications such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He is also in high demand as a global public speaker. His reputation as a great educator has made him highly sought after by various institutions around the world, to provide guidance to the next generation of medical professionals.


Dr. Rod Rohrich has established himself as one of the most trusted professionals in the field of plastic surgery. His experience, accomplishments and dedication to his patients show that he is a leading authority on cosmetic procedures both simple and complex. Find more about Dr. Rod Rohrich on his Facebook page. 

Direct Selling Company QNet

Formed in 1998, QNet is a leading direct selling company in Asia. It has presence in 100 countries in North Africa, Middle East, West and East Africa and has recently set up shop in Russia and Europe. Its products are classified into 9 categories. They range from skin care products to jewelry and watches. Each Qnet product aims to improve the quality of life and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Qnet currently manufactures its products in more than a dozen countries across the world. Recently, it made a shift in the type of products that it offers. Instead of just focusing on lifestyle, they are now turning to products that enhance life. That is the reason for the expansion of products in sectors such as education, health and air purification.

QNet is set to shift most of its manufacturing bases, which are spread across the world, to India. Despite the fact that the company has been having some challenges in the country, they have seen it wise to consolidate all their manufacturing activities there. Qnet is already producing some of the products including energy drinks and watches in India. The move will give the company a cost benefit of 8 % to 12%.

QNet is also giving innovative Indians a platform to showcase their ideas. Any Indian with anything unique to offer to the market will be given a sale platform. The product has to pass all the quality tests to be considered. This is according to the company’s CEO, Vijay Eswaran.

The direct selling industry in India is facing a lot of challenges. QNet attributes this to the lack of proper legislation to govern the industry. 

QNet is welcoming the new pledge by the government to amend the laws governing the industry. This will, among other things, make a distinction between genuine direct selling companies and fraudulent pyramid schemes that only rip customers off.

QNet recently partnered with former Barclays Premier League champions, Manchester City. The partnership presents a lot of opportunities for both entities. QNet now becomes Manchester City’s direct selling partner. It will also have access to the club’s money-can’t buy experiences, which they can offer as rewards to loyal customers.