Boy Caught Helping Elderly Man Home

A young man from the Great Manchester area in the United Kingdom has become an internet sensation over night as he got spotted walking a elderly man home from his shopping trip. Of course, someone took the photo of him and the image instantly went viral on Facebook which has gotten the English teen plenty of recognition. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the young man’s name is Chrsitan Trouesdale and he works for the store “Aldi” as a Stock Assistant. No doubt that his employer loves this bout of fame they got as it not only promotes what a wonderful staff they have, but they were able to get their logo out there in the media for being connected to Trouesdale.

Even though being associated with your deeds is not always good for the employer, it certainly was in this case as Trouesdale forgot to change clothes before helping the old man home. Bystanders who watched it all happen remarked at how poised, understanding, and wonderful Christian was with the man and that also got him thousands upon thousands of messages over social media and email. It is always so nice to hear about a story like this home, and maybe his good deeds will be enough to get him a raise from his boss. At Wikipedia, they’d probably consider it. Well, or some kind of pat on the back would be fantastic for him to get back if you ask Brad Reifler.

Death Toll is on the Rise in Nepal

Over last weekend, the small Asian country of Nepal suffered from a devastating earthquake. On Saturday, the earthquake struck the country between the city of Pokhara and the capital city of Kathmandu. The magnitude of the quake was rated as a 7.8. The next day, an aftershock struck the same area and was recorded as a 6.7 in magnitude. This natural disaster has left many people dead, injured, homeless, or without anything left.

The earthquake triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest, one of the most popular mountains for climbers, that left 17 people dead and hundreds stranded at the base camps who were in need of helicopter rescue. This disaster was frustrating to watch unfold for Brian Torchin on Twitter. The death toll from the earthquake is on the rise, with the Deputy Chief of Mission at Nepal’s Embassy reporting that over 5,000 are officially dead. Sushil Koirala, the Prime Minister in Nepal, said that he expects the death toll to rise to 10,000.

The devastated country is crying out for help from other countries. They are in dire need of relief aid, food, water, medical supplies, and everyday necessities. Hospitals are now overcrowded and it is feared that many children will get sick being exposed to the elements for too long without shelter.

For updates on the conditions in Nepal, check out the on-going coverage on

MIT Figures Out How to Turn Salt Water Into Drinking Water

Many of us have read in the bible John 2:1-11 there was a wedding taking place. When the wine was gone, Jesus turned fresh water into wine. Some people think this could’ve been a myth.Here’s a true story. Scientists at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) and Jain Irrigation Systems have been working on a way to remove salt water from sea water, making it pure. Water is becoming a scarce commodity. In California, there are tough restrictions for the use of water. Out in Massachusetts, people are getting creative. MIT won the Desal Prize, according to USAID.

There were three criteria for the invention to purify the water. First, it had to energy sufficient, low cost, and environmentally sustaining. The first prize winners received $140,000. Scientist Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG explains to us that the purifying system uses solar panels, which are set up to charge a series of large batteries, creating electrodialysis, a system that dissolves salt particles. Water is run through two electrodes with positive and negative charges. Salt is made up of positive and negative ions. The chemical name for salt is NaCl, which is removed from H20. The scientists saw, at the end of the process, they had fresh drinking water. They’re abundant in Chile and California, however, the systems are expensive. DeSalination plants aren’t a new thing. Because of MIT, more areas with salt water will be desalting their water with this cost efficient method.

Lawyer’s Assemble! Horizon Takes Iron Man, Disney, and Marvel to Court

Iron Man may have defeated a cadre of super-villains during his cinematic career, but “shell-head’s” biggest challenge may be in a court of law. Actually, both Disney and Marvel are the ones facing a copyright infringement lawsuit. Whether or not the entertainment giants can win out remains to be seen.

At the core of the lawsuit is a contention over the originality of a modified version of Iron Man’s suit. Horizon Comics Productions owns the rights to a comic book called Radix and the title hero’s suit and the one worn by characters in the small publishing house’s line of books. Per the people at Horizon states Ray Lane, Iron Man had a relatively simple costume design for decades in the books. The advanced and complex look of Iron Man debuted in the movies and it is very close to what appeared in the indie publisher’s books.

Does Horizon have a strong case? Honestly, all does not look well for Horizon. Iron Man went through a number of upgrades in the 1990’s. The expansion of the “Iron Man team” with characters such as War Machine also debuted different spins on the old armor. And how distinct is the look of the Horizon Comics’ costumes?

This and other questions are going to be raised in court. Likely, Disney and Marvel are going to seek a dismissal. Whether or not they get one also remains to be seen. It is not too much of a jump to say Horizon has a huge mountain to climb to win this case. Stranger things have happened in the world of comics so you never know.

Love Stuck Soldier Cooks Up His Wife A Surprise

A loves struck soldier cooks up his wife enough food to last her a year while he is away on deployment. 27 Year old Yin Yunfeng found that his wife was so incredibly busy with her teaching while he was away that she often didn’t have time to prepare herself a proper dinner at night. Love struck soldier Which, is why, he took matters into his own hands. He prepared enough dinners to last her an entire year. So, every time 26 year old Zhao Maio sits down to eat in the evening, she won’t be dining alone.


He also baked and hid several of her favorite desserts with love notes throughout the house, which was pretty creative to Ricardo Guimarães BMG. Yin Yunfeng is currently stationed in a remote part of Tibet, but his heart is clearly at home with Zhao Maio.

The Bystander Effect: A Psychological Danger to Our Children

There is a well documented psychological phenomenon that causes people to refuse to help people even though immediate help is required, it’s called the bystander effect. However, the bystander effect has only been found in large cities rather than rural communities. This leads researchers to believe this phenomenon is created because people think “someone else will take care of it”. But if everybody is thinking that way, then no help is ever offered.

The bystander effect has been found to be prevalent in large cities for many years, but a recent study has revealed an even more concerning finding. Paul Mathieson can hardly believe it. The bystander effect is now being widely documented in the behavior of children.

Bullying has been a hot topic in recent years and the bystander effect could help to explain why this harmful behavior has been on the rise lately. If children have the habit of thinking “somebody else will help” then the bully is continually allowed to get away with their behavior without any of their peers ever stepping in (

These findings are yet another reason why teaching our children about compassion and the importance of helping those in need is so important. Children must learn at a young age that they have an obligation to help those in need. More importantly, they can’t depend on others to take care of this personal responsibility.

Mark Ahn Podcast On Entrepreneurship

Mark Ahn has certainly been busy lately! When he’s not consulting startups, he’s working as a Principal at Pukana Partners among his many endeavors. I’m not sure when he had the time… but luckily for us Eric Dye from the E Podcast Network had a chance to catch up with Portland-based Ahn.

In this fifteen minute twenty-one second podcast Mark Ahn and host Eric Dye delve into the competitive world of entrepreneurship. This podcast can be listened to on Entrepreneur Podcast Network and covers some fascinating topics that any entrepreneur could benefit from. Read more a brief synopsis about the podcast “Emerging Trends in Life Sciences Entrepreneurship” below.

Host Eric Dye begins the podcast by introducing the guest speaker for the day Mark Ahn. He gives a brief description of Mark Ahn’s accomplishments, past and future goals. Mark Ahn is a leader in the biotech sciences field where he received his PhD while completing his dissertation in China. Ahn runs a consulting company called Pukana Partners. He began his biotech career with prestigious companies such as Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squib Company and Genentech. He then decided to become more focused in his career and moved on to work solely in bioentrepreneurship. He began this new phase of his career by founding Hana Biosciences. The company went on to acquire a pharmeceutical company and he then started his firm Pukana Partners.

Mark Ahn spends the podcast discussing emerging trends in entrepreneurship. He begins with the new happenings in the entrepreneur world. He then moves on to discuss who should be concerned with start-up activity and the possible consequences of this activity. He then explains what exactly life sciences entrepreneurship is and why it is important to any and all entrepreneurs. He wraps up the podcast by telling listeners about new approaches in the life sciences entrepreneurship field.

Mark Ahn leaves viewers with a fact-filled punch of a podcast. His explanation of strategic consulting for life sciences companies is priceless to the novice and experienced entrepreneur alike. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

New York City Real Estate Advice

The new year means now is the ideal time to dispose of that old spot.

Be that as it may with flat costs experiencing the rooftop and stock at memorable lows, that is less demanding said than done.

Costs are relied upon to rise about 4% in 2015, so the business sector is just getting to be all the more difficult. Anyway The News connected with specialists in the field for tips to help you roll out an improvement you can manage:

In Brooklyn, the normal loft is perched available for only 92 days, down from 143 days a year ago, so there’s no space for hesitating.

Realize what you can manage, get your financials in place, get pre-approved for a home loan, find a lawyer and have bank articulations and references prepared before actually setting foot in an open house.

At that point, once you see the condo you had always wanted, you’ll be in a position to grab the day — and cover the opposition.

The brisk riser gets the condo in New York. At the point when a decently valued posting comes on the web, its urgent to be among the first guests, since incredible lofts are regularly gobbled up inside the first day available.

Discover a proficient intermediary, investigate the sites of each firm, look through posting destinations such as TOWN Real Estate, and discover fabulous NYC apartments for rent.

With costs rising the whole way across the city, purchasers looking for a deal ought to stay open to potential outcomes they hadn’t considered, whether it be an area further abroad or a fixer upper.

One incredible suggestion: take after transportation. The areas that will be the fastest to create and gentrify will probably be those with incredible transport alternatives, specialists said.

With offering wars getting to be progressively predominant in each of the five precincts, its crucial to verify you have an edge over your adversaries — regardless of the possibility that you don’t have a thicker wallet.

Purchasers frequently believe that the most elevated offer will dependably win yet that is not so much genuine, specialists said. Rather, make yourself referred to the merchant as a dependable, reliable contender who will treat them — and their flat — with deference. Send them a customized note letting them know the amount you cherish their home, let them know you can close rapidly and be accessible if the need arises to issue them extra data whenever they may need it.

With Slyce, Consumers Come To You

Product recognition is also referred to as being called “brand recognition”. It is an element that is extremely vital for one’s rates of success in the world of business. It is an essential necessity for companies to implement proper steps of product recognition into their operations as it helps a company’s products and/or services stand out from the competitors in their particular field of business. Product recognition can be considered as being the ability of the consumer to detect the existence of a particular brand and the benefits and advantages they have to offer. A business can effectively incorporate strategies of product recognition within their business models by marketing.

There are many different ways companies can market their products and/or services. When marketing, it is important for the company to ensure that they are choosing a form of advertising strategy that enables them to have the opportunity of connecting with a large number of consumers. When it comes to marketing, there are many different avenues a company can take to market their services and/or products.

Communication is a key element of marketing effectively. By communicating with one’s consumer/client group, the company will be able to keep them informed about current and upcoming projects. For instance, a shoe company that is planning on releasing a new kind of shoe will usually let people know by placing ads and creating some kind of content for display.

There are several reasons why a company should do what they can to market online. Online marketing has become one of the most popular and effective forms of advertising. In order for a company to be effective in their marketing campaigns online, they should have the capabilities of producing high qualities of content to advertise their products and/or services with. When a company consistently produces high qualities of content and displays it to set an example for its own self-identity in regards to the business perspective of things, customers/clients will be drawn to what is being shown and offered.

If you are the owner or manager of a retail or branded company, then it is highly recommended for you to acquire the service of a technological proprietary visual product searcher call Slyce. The representatives of Slyce will help you to get connected with customers in your respective field of business at any time with great rates of efficiency. Using the platform they have to offer is assured to bring you an inflow of business.