The Dorchester Collection The Finest In Luxury Hotels

The Dorchester Collection is an international luxury hotel chain that has a collection of ten luxury five star hotels that we own and manage. We pride ourselves on offering our guest impeccable hospitality. We are also proud to be the winners of the Investors in People “Company of the Year” award and four HR Excellence Awards, which included the much sought after Gold Award. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is something we always strive for. All of our hotels reflect their area’s cultures whether it be in the USA or Europe.

Here is a little bit of history on our company. The Dorchester Collection is owned by the Dorchester Group Limited, formerly know as the Audley Group. It was established in 2006 for the purpose of managing some of the world’s must luxurious hotels located in Europe and the United States. The original Dorchester Hotel was bought by the Sultan of Brunei in 1987. He also bought the Beverly Hills Hotel at the same time. In 1991 he turned over ownership of both hotels to the Brunei Investment Agency. In 1996 the Audley Group, which is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency, was created. Their job was to manage the hotels.

The hotels in our collection are known worldwide for their reputations for offering the best in good service, good living and elegance. Here are the hotels that we have the honor of owning and managing. Of course there is the Dorchester Hotel. It was bought in 1987 and is located in London, England. The Beverly Hills Hotel, also purchased in 1987 is located in Beverly Hills, CA. Then we have Le Meurice, located in Paris, France and purchased in 1997. Another hotel located in Paris and bought in 1997, is the Plaza Athénée. The Hotel Principe di Savoia was bought in 2003 and is located in Milan, Italy. In 2008, the Hotel Bel-Air, located in Los Angeles, CA, was acquired. After closing down for two years to have some renovations done, it re-opened for business in 2011. Le Richemond is the oldest hotel in Geneva, Switzerland. It was purchased in 2011. Another hotel purchase that was made in 2011 was the purchase of 45 Park Lane, located in London, England. This hotel only has 45 rooms making it the smallest hotel of the collection. Coworth Park was also purchased in 2011. It is located in Ascot, Berkshire, England. Last, but surely not least is the Hotel Eden acquired in 2013 and located in Rome, Italy.

The luxury, charm and style of the Dorchester Collection has made it’s hotels the places people want to stay when they’re looking for comfort and elegance.

Industrial Safety Is a Big Concern in Developing Nations

It seems a year never goes by where you don’t hear news of some workplace tragedy or accident in a poor developing nation. Just recently, a collapse of a cement factory in Bangladesh killed 5 and injured over 30 other workers. This is not the first time Bangladesh has had a run-in with deadly industrial accidents. In 2013, approximately 1,000 workers died after a factory building collapsed. Developing nations cannot always afford all the safety equipment and regulations that more prosperous nations can. What’s more, they also have an increased chance of corrupt governments where businesses get around the rules, and workers are the ones who have to eventually pay the price.

Linked In makes it seem easy to take feeling safe on the job for granted in America. However, we had our own bloody history in the United States with a lack of building and worker safety that gradually improved over the past century and more. The 100th anniversary was marked just a few years ago of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in Manhattan. This was one of the deadliest workplace disasters in U.S. History with 146 people killed. It, and other smaller tragedies, spurred on reforms and improvements in city fire ordinances and safety rules and codes to bring us the safe urban centers that we sometimes forget were not always so safe. While accidents do still happen, with the explosion and leaking of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform being a recent example, they are fortunately minimized today compared to earlier times in our country.