The Antique Wine Company Anticipating More Record Breaking Sales

Founded in 1982 in London by Stephen Williams, the Antique Wine Company started in London and is available in over 70 countries. This fine wine company hosts some of the most splendid fine wine tasting events. It is also well known for it’s elaborate, decadent collection of wines with over 10,000 exotic wines in its cellars. The Antique Wine Company has had the most valuable wine sales in history, and since it is currently undergoing new changes in its leadership sales records may be broken again.

Most Valuable Wines
Of their collection the Antique Wine Company has sold some of the most valuable wines in history. Namely, it has a record breaking sale of a white wine called Chateau d’Yquem that sold for 75,000 pounds ($115,930). The wine was bottled in 1811. The fabulous white wine is on display in a restaurant owned by the buyer and he has plans to drink it someday.

Other sales from the AWC include a series of antique wines that were sold as an entire lot which the purchaser paid approximately $1.5 million.

New Leadership
In August of 2014 Stuart Young was assigned as the Antique Wine Company’s Sales Director. He will lead a team of approximately seven other individuals that will deal with direct sales in Asia and the United States. Stuart had an interesting career before joining the Antique Wine Company. He worked in the United States and in call centers prior to implementing his own training techniques for sales development. Upon meeting with the founder of the Antique Wine Company, Stephen decided to bring his knowledge to the forefront of wine sales by working directly with one of the world’s top wine companies.

Jean-Philippe Guillot has ten years of experience in fine wines and leads the Antique Wine Company’s sales in the Philippines and Asia. He and Stephen Young will work in tandem. With almost half of the company’s wine sales originating in Asia, this powerhouse sales team anticipates results as fine as the wine they sell.

Winning Wines
With previous sales that are record breaking it is hard to imagine how the Antique Wine Company can expand its territory much further. With new leadership in the sales department in crucial areas there may be enormous, potentially ground breaking sales results in the near future of the Antique Wine Company.

A Significant Pharmaceutical Company Acquisition: Valeant Purchases Salix

The large Canadian company Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. announced jointly with Salix Pharmaceuticals, a Raleigh, North Carolina based company, that Valeant will purchase Salix during a cash transaction. Including debt acquisition, the purchase will cost $14.6 billion dollars. Valeant expects to complete the transaction in the second quarter of 2015, provided that regulatory agencies approve.

Valeant has developed a reputation as a company that invests in purchasing smaller drug manufacturing firms which produce products that have already gone through the expensive research and development phase of testing. Last year, the Canadian firm attempted unsuccessfully to buy Allergen, Inc, the manufacturer of Botox. Paul Mathieson knows that Its latest acquisition, Salix Pharmaceuticals, manufactures Xifaxan, a medication widely used by patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Earlier this year, Salix rejected an expression of interest in purchasing it by Endo International, Plc. A British pharmaceutical firm called Shire Plc. was also reportedly preparing to submit an offer to purchase Salix Pharmaceuticals, but Valeant Pharmaceuticals presented a successful offer first.

Bruce Levenson – A Successful Businessman with a Philanthropic Heart

Bruce Levenson, a successful American businessman, was born in Washington, D.C and grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He graduated with a law degree from American University’s law school.

He started his career early while still in studying law in American University, by writing for American Star as a journalist. He also founded the United Communications Group from his apartment room. The newsletter named Oil Express under the UCG focused on developments in the oil industry. UCG acquired more newsletters spanning various topics such as health-care, mortgage banking, energy and such. Along with successful newsletters, he also owns a smart-phone application, GasBuddy, that helps people find low gas prices.

Levenson, a successful American businessman, is also the NBA team owner. He also co-owns Atlanta Hawks LLC. Always a sports lover he also runs Atlanta Hawks basketball team, Phillips arena and have served on the NBA Board of Governor as Hawks governor since 2004. Among other achievements, He is also a founding member of TechTarget which is a technology media company that provides online content for websites as well as IT brand advertising.

Along with being busy with his hands in so many businesses, he does not forget his philanthropic duties towards citizens. He actively participates in the Hoop Dreams Foundation and the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. He has served as president of Washington chapter of I Have a Dream Foundation. Which is a foundation that heps low-income households send their kids for higher education. He also donates to the SEED Foundation, U.S. Holocaust Museum and Seeds of Peace. He funds U.S. Holocaust Museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program which is a program to teach students the history of Holocaust and also trains them to be tour guides for the museum. He and his wife donated for the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

Wallstreet CEO Declines $2.2 Million Bonus


Honesty is one of the most important virtues in life, particularly in the workplace. One man proved just how honest he is when he turned down the bonus of a lifetime: Richard Handler, one of Wallstreet’s top CEOs, declined a $2.2 million dollar raise in a demonstration of humility and modesty that is almost unheard of in one of the world’s most ruthless job industries.

The move comes after an identical one made recently by CEO Richard Holley, who rejected a potential bonus of $2 million said PR Newswire. Many, like Susan McGalla,  have argued that it means little that these men turned down such large bonuses given that they probably didn’t deserve them to begin with, but excluding the matter of politics, it is a rare occurrence indeed when individuals who have dedicated their lives to finances openly turn down such a large sum. Of course, it could also be said that for men like Handler and Holley who earn more than $400 million annually, a bonus like this is what $25 would seem like to the average Joe. Regardless, the recent act in declining this money, given the fact that the performance from both companies has been less than what is considered acceptable by Wallstreet standards, is still one worthy of acknowledgement.

BRL Trust: The Future of Investing

Whether you are a large business or an individual looking to invest in international investment firms, BRL Trust is one of the best options out there. It is located an Brazil and while it does open up the market to potential investors wanting to bring their money to South America, there are also other options associated with the company. It really is a one stop shop for what an investor might be looking for. So, if you fit into this category or you are just curious about BRL Trust, all of this information is helpful as it points out the different variations of investment assistance the company provides and why it is better than the other competition.

For starters, the company provides asset management. Different individuals and businesses are going to want different levels of asset management. Some companies may want full control over their assets and the financial company to just manage it and make particular moves whenever it is instructed. Other individuals and businesses want the investment company to make all of the moves for them and to simply go after certain attributes or to look for profits in specific sectors. Regardless of the kind of management the individual such as yourself or a company wants, BRL Trust can provide this sort of help no matter what.

Outside of asset management, the company works with fiduciary services. These are extremely reliable and offers investors with all sorts of options for investing their money. The Brazil market is one of the largest financial markets in the world (not to mention it is the largest in South America). With all of the different investment potential in the continent and around the world, BRL Trust can assist a company or individual investor such as yourself in investing in international stocks, precious metals, international real estate and other elements that are not always available inside of the United States. This way, a company or other investor is able to expand upon their available assets that they might not be able to work with inside of the country.

Controlling and Custody of Funds is a valuable option. Sometimes funds are not to be directly touched as it may be inherited by someone who is not old enough to make their own financial decisions, so instead the person providing the financial attributes instead leaves the custody of the funds to BRL Trust until the other person is able to take control of the funds.

Retail Giant Staples Responds to President’s Criticism Over Cutting Worker Hours


The retail giant Staples has responded harshly to what they call an attack on the company made by President Barack Obama recently during an interview. The president had criticized the company for restricting the number of hours its part time employees could work. He added that the company could very well afford to take care of its workers without having to cut hours or wages. The president said that the company should not reduce its part time employees to under 30 hours to avoid having to offer them health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care is set to take effect this year. The law states that employers must offer employees who work 30 or more hours a week health insurance. A recent report released by BuzzFeed and shared on has shown that Staples has begun implementing a strict policy of having its part time employees work no more than 25 hours per week. I had to see for myself after my coworker Brad Reifler was talking about it.Some part time employees at Staples say this cut, has reduced wages by up to hundreds of dollars each month for some workers and has hit home hard.

One Staples store posted that “Recent changes in the workplace require a strong stance on the number of hours part time employees can work, and that failure to abide by the new rules could result in termination.” Still a Staples spokesperson insists that the new measures to restrict the number of hours worked by part time employees is not a response to the new health care law, but a company policy that has existed for decades.

The 3 Big Strategies for Success in India as a Direct Sales Company

Breaking into India is difficult no matter the business structuring or the industry the business is involved in. Qnet is a direct sales marketing company, or an MLM. This distinction is relatively new for Indians, and it will be a fresh innovation for its well over one billion citizens.

Perhaps it is this business adoption that is making it difficult for Qnet to break into India. The company is planning to bring their business from Hong Kong to India in the next year. Before this, they have outlined a detailed organizational plan for making their presence large in this incredible country.

The strategy has three major prongs, detailed below.

The first is the brevity and depth of the products. They include luxury goods as well as weight management, home care, energy conservation, and nutrition. Each of these industries are varied and deep in their own right. Coming together, it represents a fully realized range of products.

The next major strategy is a little more exclusive to India. The company is looking to niche their products by going even deeper than before. The idea is to offer products that, almost literally, cannot be found anywhere else. It was a strategy designed for the Indian market. Zaheer Merchant, Director of Corporate Affairs, offers some insight into this strategy in a recent interview about Qnet as it pertains to its growth in India. He said, [we are] choosing products that added value and making a difference to the lives of our customers. Since then, the overreaching product criterion has been ‘life enhancement’.

The last major strategy for the Indian marketplace is to continuously add new products. The company is doing market research in the region to expand their offering palette. This focus is on an energy conservation and vegetarian philosophy. It is understood that these principles are important in Indian culture, and this is something Qnet is taking very seriously as they earn respect and success in the country with one billion citizens.

These three major strategies will continue to evolve and expand as India is tackled. Qnet is navigating restrictive government policies and powerful competitors to make their mark on the last economic frontier.

Made In ‘The U. S.’ Giving ‘Made In China A Run It’s Money


China Companies Moving Production To U.S. To Meet Made IN U.S. Demand At Home

There’s no doubt that the government of China wants to limit their people’s exposure to the American political system. But that doesn’t mean the people of China don’t want to buy products that are made in the United States. The proof is the $12 billion direct investment China made in the U.S. last year. It seems Chinese factories want to produce products made in the states because of the high demand for retail products in the Chinese market reported Economia.IG.Com .

New Chinese factories in the states are generating new jobs here, and that’s a good thing thinks Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. The Chinese are helping the U.S. kick start its manufacturing industry in certain product categories. One new Chinese factory can mean over 2,000 new jobs by the year 2020.

Investing in America is nothing new. Japan set the trend in motion back in the 80s. The Japanese were able to evade the duty paid on imported goods. The Chinese also want to avoid paying duties. But they also want to buy existing manufacturing facilities and rework them. Other Chinese companies are building new factories, and that means millions of dollars are are being injected into the U.S. economy.

Jonathan Veitch and Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch, an instrumental part of the academic world, was born in 1959 and raised in Los Angeles, CA. During his early years, he attended Loyola High School, followed by and undergraduate degree from Stanford and a doctorate from Harvard specializing in History of American Civilization. After college, Veitch became a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin before accepting the position of Dean over the Eugene Lang College New School for Liberal Arts located in the Greenwich area of New York City. In 2009, Veitch became president of the Occidental College in Los Angeles. Occidental Coolege, known for its alumni including President Barack Obama as well as its liberal arts and science programs, was founded over 125 years ago.

Shortly after taking office, Veitch began several projects designed to strengthen the college’s future, stretching over a period of 20 years. These included construction and/or remodeling of the Samuelson Alumni Center, Swan Hall, Johnson Hall, the McKinon Family Center for Politics and Global Affairs and the Johnson Student Center.

Veitch also started many projects and changes for the college including utilizing solar technology, which accounts for 11% of the electrical usage, and community projects. One such program is the Neighborhood Partnership which helps 3500 local students raining from grades 7-12 by proving tutors for coursework and college preparation. There are many other programs which help provide nutrition to middle school students, leases the demand on transportation, and assists farms and farmers.

Veitch also strongly believes in bridging the historical with the modern. One way to do this, Veitch discoverd was to have students research an area, such as Manzanar, followed by a visit to the area. This helps students understand and relate better to the land, culture and history. Veitch has many long term plans to continue the Occidental College’s positive progress through the years.