Families Benefiting from Securus Technologies

Securus is one of the best prison communication systems currently on the market and I have had nothing but great success using it for my own personal needs. Because of the fact that one of my loved ones is in the prison system, it has been nothing but difficult to keep in touch with them through traditional means. I then been discovered Securus by pure accident and then I began to use it each and every day. Because of my own experience using this amazing company and their services, I can continually recommend it to people who are interested in making use of it and being able to have better contact with their prison loved one.


In fact, Securus has also recently launched a multi-state campaign across the country to raise awareness of the benefits that come from video visitation. It talks about how people can have a greater connection with their loved ones and close the gap that was once there when it comes to not being able to see your loved one face to face because you just cannot make a trip to the prison where it is not convenient for you and your loved ones. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you begin to use Securus for what it is meant to be used for and this is why a lot of people are using this company as well.


My own experience using this great company has been something that allows me to tell other people about it and it also enables me to tell people my own experience using the services that are being talked about now a days. It is a great company to utilize and I feel like it can totally changed the lives of prison families all across the country as well.


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An Innovative Business Idea to Eliminate Electronic Waste

The Director of a think tank in Australia, Veena Sahajwalla, recently proposed a new business idea which might help eliminate the world’s growing mounds of electronic waste. She has suggested establishing small “microfactories” in every local community to recycle and reclaim the waste from mobile phones and other high tech electronic gadgets. Microfactories might provide a way to enjoy a more sustainable future.


Today, a bevy of high tech designers create mobile technology intended for short term uses. Manufacturers expect consumers will eventually discard their products and buy new, upgraded models. This strategy has resulted in waste disposal issues in many places. Some of the components of modern computer devices include highly toxic materials. Additionally, the demand for new raw materials to support expanding technology needs has resulted in a significant increase in mining around the world. Devising a way to reclaim raw materials from e-waste might benefit the environment significantly while helping to keep manufacturing costs low.


Veena Sahajwalla acknowledges the concept of a microfactory represents a comparatively new paradigm. Implementing this type of local recycling facility would eliminate the need to ship vast quantities of toxic waste long distances. At the present time, landfills send a high percentage of electronic waste to southeastern China, a region which has suffered soaring pollution rates partly as a result. She envisions the waste reclamation process coinciding with local manufacturing facilities so materials could be reused quickly with minimally damaging impacts on the environment. Garbage drones could extract certain materials for smelting.


The Benefits Of Using A Cleansing Conditioner

For those looking to simplify their hair care routines and strip back the chemicals they put in their hair during each wash, look no further than the cleansing conditioner. This relatively new hair care hybrid does the work of several products in one, and utilizes ingredients that are free of damaging chemicals such as sulfates and artificial fragrances, which cause dry and damaged hair over time.

Cleansing conditioners are highly beneficial for your hair because they give your hair a break from the damage caused by constant shampooing. Name-brand drug store shampoos typically contains harsh detergents which strip the natural oils from your hair, leaving it feeling dry, dull, damaged and frizzy. With a cleansing conditioner, you can clean and condition your hair without worrying about subjecting your precious locks to ingredients which will be unhealthy for your hair in the long run.

The most popular cleansing conditioner on the market right now is WEN hair care’s  5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner, which was created by Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean (@CHAZDEAN). This product contains all natural ingredients which quickly, safely and effectively heal your hair from years of chemical abuse. Using only organic botanical extracts and completely natural moisturizers, WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner will transform your hair after only one use. Hair that was dry, tangled and damaged will appear shiny, healthy and voluminous literally overnight.

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WEN By Chaz’s 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner takes the place of ordinary shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner, so that this product not only rescues your hair but saves you significant cash. This product is completely free of allergens, sulfates and artificial fragrances which leave hair unhealthy and unattractive. It’s time to switch to a cleansing conditioner and rescue your hair from years of damage.

Cone Marshall Defends New Zealand Policy on Tax


Cone Marshall Limited is a privately held New Zealand law firm. The company has employed over 50 employees with the highest number being attorneys. The lawyers in this firm have specialized in trust and trustee services. The firm has worked with families across the globe and has acted as their legal advisors. The firm assists its clients by establishing trusts, partnerships, and companies. It also provides wealth planning services to its customers. Additionally, the company goes ahead to offer its services to lawyers, banks, and institutions based outside New Zealand with the aim of helping them advise and serve their clients better. Due to the exchange of information, the firm has come up with several strategies that ensure confidentiality is maintained and protected by lawyer-client privilege.


Karen Marshall works for Cone Marshall Limited as a principle Executive. She went to University of Otago, New Zealand and graduated with an undergraduate degree in law. She has 10 years of experience in commercial litigation acquired from a London based Law firm. It was until the year 2005 when she landed a job at cone Marshall limited. A year later, she was promoted and given the role of Principal Executive. She has acted as an advisor to two statutory trustee companies. She has also represented and advised Trustees on claims from beneficiaries. Besides advising, she has experience in trust management practices. At cone Marshall, she acts as an advisor. However, her roles have been extended to that of acting Director of a Trust Company.


In the year 2012, an article was posted on social media with the intention of evoking the notion that New Zealand was a tax haven country. Mr. Cone addressed the issue by saying that the nation was among the chartered members of the Gold Standard for Transparency. The Gold Standard Transparency is a group of countries that ensures the flow of information between countries and authorities is achieved in matters regarding Tax. He also said that the increase and growth of foreign trusts in New Zealand were as a result of the favorable environment provided by the government. The judiciary and its specialized structure created a positive reputation for the country. Consequently, individual’s felts safer placing their assets in New Zealand.


He also highlighted that New Zealand had several international agreements meant to foster international trade. The agreements were also a way of curbing fraud cases. Additionally, it has signed transparency agreements with over 20 nations. These agreements allow for the exchange of tax information upon request.


He further insisted that New Zealand trusts were solely for asset protection.

Top UK Vintners that are Redefining the International Wine Market

The UK wine industry, which comprises of an ever- rising number of vineyards, is among the most powerful and dynamic across the globe. It is valued at €17.3 billion, supports nearly 270,000 jobs, and contributes a record €8.6 billion to the public funds on an annual basis. Most UK vintners focus on producing high-quality wines that address the preferences of wine enthusiast. Special attention to quality is also a strategy employed many winemakers to survive in the competitive industry.

  1. The Vintners’ Company

The origin of Vintners’ Company is deeply steeped in the history of London City, import, regulation, and wine trade. It obtained its first official charter in 1363 and a new charter back in 1973. With its initiatives in trade, philanthropic, social, and educational interests, the firm still plays a vital role in the wine industry of the UK. The charter of 1973 enabled the company to form the Wine Standards Board, which was responsible for enforcing some of the E.U. Wine Laws. Apart from spearheading the setting up of both Institute of Masters of Wine plus the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, the Vintners’ Company dedicates a percentage of its resources to enhancing wine education.

  1. Merchant Vintners Company

It is one of the most influential UK vintners and wine group in the UK. It started its official operation in 1965. Currently, it specializes in helping family-owned wine producers to venture into the large market. Interested vintners must have an experience of not less than three years in the wine industry to join the group. The head offices of the company are headquartered in London.

  1. Capital Vintners

This winemaking giant opened its doors back in 2005. It is among the most accomplished UK vintners. It produces and markets over 6500 types of wines, which are stored in Surrey-based EHD Locke King Vaults and London-based Vine International. They obtain their wines from Burgundy, Napa Valley, Cotes-de-Rhone, Super Tuscan, Champagne, and Bordeaux.

  1. Farr Vintners

It began operating in 1978. A group of immigrants hailing from Hong Kong founded it. Farr is among the largest wine merchants headquartered in Britain. Their selling policy revolves around quick turnover and trading products at lower profit margins. They obtain wines from their primary partner, Bordeaux wines and sell them. This Jupiter Driver-based merchant also sells wines obtained from global wine producers such as Italy, Australia, California, New Zealand, and Spain.

  1. Camel Valley

Bob Lindo (an ex-RAF pilot) and his fiancée, Annie, founded this vineyard in 1989. The firm has earned high-profile awards and acknowledgments for producing high quality and internationally loved wines. During the International Wine Challenge, Cornwall Brut 2010 won a gold gong while the Pinor Nor Brut 2010 secured gold during the Decanter World Wine Awards held in 2012. It produces white, rose, and red wines.

  1. Highbury Vintners

This independent wine merchant has scooped numerous awards due to its excellence in wine marketing. During the Decanter Wine Retailer, Highbury bagged the Small Independent Wine Merchant. The firm leverages its independence to offer a broad spectrum of smooth and refreshing wines.

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Why Advertisers Can’t Reach Young Millennials

Third party ad blocking extensions are making it tough for online marketers to reach their target audience. Opera is the only major browser to have a built-in ad-blocking feature, although Brave, the new Android web browser is launching a new, updated version of their ad-blocking browser that is more user-friendly.


Google, a company that made more than $15 billion in advertising revenue in the first quarter of 2015, will not consider building an ad-blocking component in Chrome any time soon. Nevertheless, third party ad-blocking extensions are widely available; two-thirds of 18-24 year-old millennials use ad blockers, while only 15 percent of the population uses an ad-blocking tool.


Google’s answer to it’s users employing ad-blocking software was to help found the Coalition for Better Ads, which encourages advertisers to limit ads that disrupt the user experience. For mobile users, Google is limiting the advertisements shown, such as pop-ups, that encourage users to look for ad-blocking extensions. Ads, especially those that are delivered by Javascript, can eat up a major portion of the viewer’s monthly bandwidth allotment.


Individual sites are beginning to block users who employ ad-blockers; individuals who want to view the site are asked to pay a small monthly fee for ad-free access. Naturally, there are already adblocker-blockers that trick publishers into believing the user does not utilize ad-blocking software, allowing the user to view the website when they would otherwise be denied access.


IAP WorldWide Services Inc. In a nutshell

IAP stands for Ingenuity and Purpose and from their name description, IAP walks its talk on start.cortera.com. They provide problem solutions resourcefully and effectively through creativity and innovations, – a direct reflection on their name.

In ensuring effective work and delivery, IAP Worldwide Services uses their global network of integrated capabilities, a resource that guarantees accomplishment of US Government mission in dynamic environments.

For over 65 years of existence and operation, IAP Worldwide Sevices has become the world’s leading international services company providing Government services, expeditionary infrastructure, power solutions, Aviation and Engineering solutions, It and communications services for both the US government and International Commercial clients.

For the government, IAP Worldwide Services offers expeditionary services, logistics and supply chain management, aviation operations and maintenance services, network and communication, emergency response and infrastructure services.

Recently, it was selected by the US Navy to provide them support services. The Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contact II (GCSMAC II) which is valued at up to $900 million is an indefinite-quantity/ indefinite delivery contact offered by Naval Facilities Engineering Command ,Pacific ,pearl harbor in Hawaii. The contract completion is expected by September 2014

Doug Kitani, IAP Worldwide Services CEO in a statement relating to the US Navy contract said the company is proud to continue serving its customers during their demanding challenges by providing them ingenious solutions.

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Also, the Vice President for Global Support Services- the company mandated to operate the program- Rich Nohmer acknowledges their current support for NAVFAC and their IAP-ECC team will continue with their provisions for the Navy.

The contact will include provision of facility support, humanitarian efforts, military actions and incumbent breaks service on all locations worldwide that are in support of US efforts.

In handling such contracts, IAP Worldwide Services brings together skilled expertise and knowledgeable labor force. They seek capable individuals in almost all fields in the industry including program mangers, finance executives, engineering, logistics, construction, operations management, general management to list a number to handle the projects. Their employees are problem solvers with high levels of commitment to the missions assigned and they provide empowerment and resources to their employees that enable them perform effectively and safely, with this they rank as the best employers worldwide.

AIP has its branches in Washington DC, Maryland, Florida, and Middle East and in the UK. These offices as a whole manage to provide reliable services to over 110 locations in over 27 countries.

AIP job offers are usually advertised on their website under careers or you can follow them via their LinkedIn account where you will get more insight about the company and any career opportunities advertised.

Three Traits That Help Leading Brands Drive Innovation

Executives need to work extra hard to ensure that their brand stands out as the best in the market. A 2015 research conducted by PwC traced the success of over 6,700 brands around the world that have been in existence for almost 16 years. The study revealed that consumers expect renowned brands to have a crucial role in shaping their existence.


Leader brand executives understand that a culture of development can make their brands innovative and more visionary and trustworthy. To create such a culture, organizations must do away with traditional thinking and prioritize some cross-functional abilities that directly support the company’s objectives.


Leading brands have similar traits that help them drive innovation in the company:


1) Leverage customer knowledge – Leading brands take a wide approach to innovation as well as obtain crucial data from customers, employees, suppliers and other companies.


2) Embrace technology – These organizations create cultures of excellence by constantly seeking opportunities to automate the business. They analyze different emerging technologies and determine how to use them to improve their business.


3) Focus on innovation initiatives – Leading brands use structured processes to make informed decisions about new products and other company strategies. Marketing executives, for instance, can brainstorm potential successful concepts with internal experts, associates, and consumers. The company can then focus its innovation strategies on a few new concepts. This can boost sales since a company can produce new products that match with the latest trends.



Stephen Murray Is Gone Too Soon

After successfully raising $3.6 billion in a round of funding in February 2015, Stephen Murray resigned as the CEO of CCMP Capital. He cited health reasons for his departure. Stephen was instrumental at CCMP. He was on file as the company’s executive with the SEC and one of 5 key people on the Form ADV. Stephen was also removed from CCMP Capital’s website at that time. No one was certain what went wrong with him. One month later, he was dead.

Stephen Murray was highly accomplished in his industry. Regarded as one of the nation’s foremost experts, he sat on the advisory board for companies such as Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Crestcom International, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Infogroup Inc., and Jetro JMDH Holdings. He began his career by working at Manufacturer Hanover Corporation as a credit analyst trainee. Stephen Murray had great ambitions. He would eventually get to the top of the company that he entered at the ground floor by becoming its CEO. After completing his master’s degree, Stephen rejoined MH Equity in a lower management position. The company would be acquired by Chemical Venture Partners. In the End, it would be in the hands of JP Morgan Partners. All the while, Stephen was there. Murray excelled at deal making and inspiring others to unleash their potential.

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Stephen’s former colleagues say he is sorely missed. He was a great leader and friend to those he worked with. Stephen was more than a financial visionary. He brought out the best in the people who knew him because he was a role model. Stephen encouraged his employees and friends to give back to their communities. He was personally active in the Make-A-Wish Foundation in New York City and Boston. He served on its board as vice chairman. He donated precious time that he could have spent making more money to this charity because he believed in helping other people. Stephen was also a beloved family man.

Stephen Murray has left behind his beloved wife Tami and 4 sons. He and Tami met at Boston College when they were both studying as undergraduates. It was the beginning of a 29 year marriage that made them both extremely happy. Stephen was a heroic figure to his children who remember him fondly. He is survived by 3 siblings and his parents who have felt the tragic loss no parent ever wishes to experience. Stephen Murray made the world a better place, and he is missed.

IAP Worldwide’s Logistics and Technical Support Is Top Notch

IAP Worldwide is one of the leading logistics companies in the country today, and they are capable of operating all over the world in some of the most remote locations. Ingenuity and Purpose is focused on their mission, and never miss the chance to be professional and reliable for their many clients. When first starting out, the company was primarily a logistics support company, but today they have since expanded greatly on their services, both in scale and performance. IAP Worldwide’s professional services have even netted them several contracts with government agencies, including the US Government and US Army. Not only are these contracts extremely valuable, amounting to hundreds of millions in revenue, but they are testament to IAP Worldwide’s premium services.

Throughout their long history, dating back to 1953, more than 6 decades ago, IAP Worldwide has gone through several changes as a company. The company has gone through a few restructuring, and have become all the better for it, vastly improving on their services each time. In their early days, IAP also put a lot of support into spacecraft on Facebook and launches out of Cape Canaveral, Florida, more than 2000 in fact. This become a big foundation to the overall rise in the company’s reputation.

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Once IAP Worldwide landed their contracts with the United States Government is when they really started picking up business, as during that time they were supplying the military on Hoovers over in the Middle East with generators, and today they supply more than 175,000 troops for the armed forces. They currently stand as one of the largest supporters for the United States Military and will remain their long into the future.

Today, IAP Worldwide offers their services to any and all in need, this includes both individuals and businesses, regardless of being public or private. Along with their top notch logistics solutions, IAP continues to expand on their services to this day, which includes things such as engineering, transportation, disaster relief, aircraft repair, and more. With more than 1,600 dedicated individuals as part of the company’s team, IAP Worldwide services can provide support to customers all around the globe in hundreds of locations.

More information about IAP Worldwide: https://www.iapws.com/

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