White Shark Media: Anything Can Be Marketed

When one says that one could profit from doing anything, it is true. All one needs to do is be able to market it well. It does not matter what the activity is. It could be something as simple as reading a book or playing a game. All one needs to do is market it well. The best way to market a product comes in just a few steps. One has to find an audience for his product. Then he has to come up with a campaign that could influence the audience into buying the product or service that is being offered. This is actually a really hard part for some users.


Fortunately, there is a company that can take care of the marketing for users. This company is called White Shark Media. White Shark Media is really good at offering advertising services for its clients. Many clients that have hired the company have experienced greater conversions. Not only have their AdWords campaigns attracted more users, but they have also convinced more people to buy the products that are being offered. Therefore, White Shark Media has increased the success of the clients that have came to them for their services.


White Shark Media is very effective in not only increasing the sales of their clients, but also building good relationships with their clients. For one thing, the clients also trust White Shark Media. They are willing to work with the clients in ways that will get them to calm down. The clients are kept in the loop of what is going on with their own businesses. That way, they can know what needs to be done in order to increase the sales of their company. With knowledge comes even greater success and confidence when it comes to business procedures. This is why White Shark Media is a company that is worth consulting for advertising services.

CCMP Capital’s growth and the Stephen Murray’s contribution

CCMP capital did not start this year as well as they expected. The man at the helm of the company for a long time, Stephen Murray; resigned and then passed away months later. Stephen was aged 52 at the time when he passed away. However, before becoming the CEO at the company, he had been serving in many other junior positions on nypost.com, a service that spanned close to three decades. The fact that he left at such a young age does not mean that he did not achieve as much as other business leaders.

Born in 1952, Murray was raised in Massachusetts and attended the Boston College. Here, he studied economics. By 1984, he had graduated from the college and was a holder of a bachelor’s degree in economics. For his MBA, he decided to attend Columbia University. Stephen is one of the leaders that were there even before what is currently known as CCMP Capital acquired its name. The year between 1987 and 2007 were spent developing his career and climbing the ladder. He achieved the appointment to be CEO in 2007. His passions included entrepreneurship, leadership in business and philanthropy. The time he started his journey at CCMP, he was a mere private equity investor. He also sat on the board of several companies including Crestcom International and Octagon Credit investors.

For close to 3 decades, the man worked with CCMP Capital and watched it as it grew from a few hundred dollars net worth to over $16 billion in equity. The core values that Murray always emphasized when he was at the helm are working together as a team and making plans that are solid bout the needed economic growth strategies.

Murray will be definitely remembered for the role that he has been playing at CCMP Capital. However, he will also be greatly missed because of his efforts to give back to the community. For instance, he has been working with the make a wish foundation, a charity that helps children that are from poor backgrounds achieve college education. His track record as the guy to approach when you have problems with the way your business was Murray. He knows how to streamline the work force and make them complete and functional entities. It is therefore safe to say that the success that he has left behind is an indication that he was ready to eve do greater and better things for the company had he continued at the helm.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa Guide on Buying Real Estate Property in Panama

Panama is a country with the best tropical climate, sandy beaches, and beautiful landscapes. The country’s residents are fun loving and show hospitality to everyone around. Therefore, most people look forward to acquiring a residential property in the Panama. Buying property in the country without the help of Property Management Company is a bit challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa gives some insights how to buy real estate property and earn a lot on income on investing in Panama.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa urges buyers to purchase a property below the market value especially if they are taking out a mortgage. This ensures that if the value fluctuates, the amount acquired from the tenants is enough to cover the mortgage and bring some profits. Consult with the real estate brokers to understand the value of the property before making a purchase. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the Panama real estate Laws to know more information on buying property in the country on Twitter. In case you want a rental property for the tenants, check for the accessibility and availability of private and public services, for example, a swimming pool, gym or a parking area. Ensure that the tenants use their names to pay the services to avoid any eventualities or price fluctuations.

Before buying a rental property, choose the right neighborhood depending on the target population and the amount of income you have for the investment says Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Real Estate property in Panama City is expensive and has high demand than on the islands and mountains. Run an inspection on the construction of the house before purchasing through the help of a licensing housing inspector. Consider the number of rooms that the house has rather than calculating the size using square footage. Finally, after the purchase, if you live far away from Panama, hire a company or a person to help in the administration of the property.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan native living in Panama. While visiting Panama, Figueroa enjoyed the serene environment and the kindness of the people and decided to become a permanent citizen of the country. He started working with several businesses, and he is currently the Treasurer, Director, and President of five different companies in Panama. As a member of the Panama business community, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa helps grow different start-ups and improves the financial conditions in Panama. He also mentors the youth leaders in the community into starting their businesses.

A Tribute To The Midas Legacy

Midas Legacy is a research company. The word Midas is drawn from King Midas. He is the King, who had who had the unique ability to turn everything he touched into gold. The Midas Legacy draws lessons from the King. If you want to be successful, look no further. The term success is broad. Isn’t it amazing that Midas Legacy does not limit itself to day to day success? They cover different areas; Money management, personal development, Entrepreneurship and early retirement.

To make success tangible, the institution makes resources available. The Midas Code book and guides in different disciplines such as self-made finance, real estate and business. Experts in these fields are successful in their fields. Jim Samson is a world renowned famous expert in matter real estate and entrepreneurship. Sean Bower is a journalist with links to business journalism. He brings his background in journalism with his expertise in finance to the table. Marke Edwards is a health expert. He focuses on natural medicine. He champions the cause of herbal and natural cures.

The strong sense of mission of the organization is planted in each new member from day one. As an organization, Midas does not only take from society. They have built a legacy of giving back to the community. The Florida Sherriff Association has recognized these contributions. Members represented by one of the experts picked up the Gold Business Member. The contributions to the police department have come a long way to making facilities available to the force.

The Give Hope Foundation is the brainchild of Midas Legacy. Just like the name suggests they give beaten member of the community a second chance at life. This is a not for profit organization. The foundation targets child cancer patients in the Central Florida area. Families in the area have a reason to smile as they are now nourished by the continuous support by the Midas Legacy.

The generosity does not end there’s Jude’s Hospital is yet another outreach by the Midas group. The Beneficiaries’ are children cancer patients and ones with catastrophic diseases. The wounded warrior project is another installment to the community. Here war soldiers who were injured in the line of battle were honored. Victims of September 11 terrorist attacks have benefited the most.

The Midas Legacy has reached out to victims of animal cruelty. The organization believes not only in Human rights but also in animal rights. In collaboration with the American Society for the Prevention of animal cruelty, the Midas Legacy works to make sure residents take good care of their pets. Offenders are arrested and charged in a court of law.

Don Ressler Has Another Hit With JustFab

In order to have a successful business, you need a business partner that can be trusted and someone in which the communication is effortless. That is the case with Don Ressler and his business partner Adam Goldenberg. They started working together when Adam was only 19, but like all of his start-ups, Don saw something special in him. He knew they could work together and produce brilliant results. He saw a great young mind and those can be sometimes hard to find in today’s world. However, as soon as he met him, Don Ressler knew they had to get working on projects together. He knew the two of them could produce something special.

Right now, they have produced JustFab, which is a woman’s clothing line that for the low, low cost of $39.95 a month sends out handbags, shoes, and accessories to its customers on Pando. One of the truly unique things about this is they have made it to where it is catered specifically to each individual customer. When it comes to style, everyone has a different view on it and how it should be worn on them. For example, something might look great on one person, but it is not the right fit for someone else.

The most remarkable thing about this is the fact that two men have created a fashion company. This shows that fashion is truly for everyone. It all comes down to the idea and bringing in the right people. Again, Don Ressler knows how to bring in the right people and the people that are going to go the extra mile and truly believe in the product. If they do not believe in the product, they should not be a part of the company. Everyone has to buy in and everyone has to believe in it. With that, there is passion and the passion is there for both the CEO’s in Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler and for the customers.

As of right now, the customers can’t wait to get their hands on this every single month. Whenever it comes in the mail, they do not know what is going to await them or what is around the corner. It is an exciting feeling and something to truly look forward to and they are encouraged to share their photos and their goodies on all of their social media networks. Don Ressler really has something going with JustFab.

Equities First Brings Innovation To The World Of Lending

The lending industry hasn’t had an easy time adjusting to the financial crises and political upheavals across the world. The aftermath has resulted in conditions leaving many simply unable to qualify for a loan due to low credit ratings, lack of employment, and other problems that affect the ability of an individual to borrow money. Amidst these problems some lending firms have turned to innovation in order to find ways to help borrowers who may not find the convention borrowing model caters to them. Among these innovators is the lending firm Equities First Holdings.


Founded in 2002, the firm has focused on a new approach towards collateral to provide low interest rate loans to its clientele. At Equities First borrowers may use stocks and bonds as collateral to secure their loans. This offers investors a way to use their assets to acquire funding when it’s needed. These stock secured loans are offered as an alternative to the margin loans that are generally more common. When lenders give out margin loans they general require that applicants qualify for the loans. The financial history of the applicant is scrutinized and tested against certain criteria. With the loans given out by Equities First there is no need for this process. The stocks used as collateral allow Equities First to provide loans without any concerns over the potential issues of trust that often come up during situations like these.


The success of Equities First speaks volumes about their approach to the lending process. The lender has billions in assets and operates in countries throughout the world. Financial hardships often force people to come up with creative ways to solve their problems. The problems seen across the world have made conditions difficult for borrowers. Equities First Holdings has discovered a way to get borrowers the help they need no matter what their circumstances are.


For more information please visit  http://www.equitiesfirst.com/

Josh Verne: How to Find Your Path and Excel in Life and Business

There are many paths to business and life success. However, no matter the path you choose to take, you have to get out of your way. Josh Verne can teach you how to do just that and find the success you want.

Josh Verne is a family man and an accomplished entrepreneur. Despite starting from an underdog’s position, he has started, grown, and sold numerous businesses in his over 20 years of entrepreneurship.

Josh Verne is currently the CEO of Flocku.com, a college covered website that teaches students about life in a millennial-friendly language. In a recent interview with Andrew Ferebee, Josh gave nuggets of wisdom on how everyone can succeed in life and business. His advice draws on the lessons he has learned as a young boxer, entrepreneur, and family man. Here is a summary of the lessons.

1. Be a Leader Not a Boss

Josh started his first business when he was nine and learned how to be a leader and not a boss when he was 19. Since then, he has always craved to be a leader to the thousands of employees who have worked for him over the years.

Leaders earn respect by putting their people before themselves. They then use the earned respect to accomplish mutually set and agreed on goals. Conversely, bosses rely on their titles to achieve goals, they demand respect and only do what suits them.

2. Every Deal Should be a Win-Win

You should always endeavor to offer value to all parties involved in your deals. Your business should benefit you, your employees, your clients, and the society you operate in. Never agree to deals or follow plans of action that are win-lose. Your staff will feel valued, and they will take good care of your customers. Happy employees and satisfied clients are the recipe for success.

3. Speak Less, Listen More

A boxing partner reminded Josh Verne that people have two ears and a single mouth for a reason. Speaking less and listening more gives power to your words, and makes you seem authoritative.

4. Find Some Balance

Life is multi-faceted. Money, health, relationships and personal growth are all important ingredients to a happy life. Don’t neglect any aspect of your life.

5. Follow Your Passion

Josh left boxing when he realized he was not committed to the sport. He advises people to find what they’re passionate about and look for ways to monetize those passions. Find something you’re passionate about, and you won’t have a problem skipping parties or working odd hours.

6. Work According to How You’re Wired

People are wired differently. For instance, some people love risks, and others are risk-averse. Understand yourself and work along with your strengths.

Stephen Murray: Financial Legend

Earlier this year Stephen Murray resigned as president and CEO of CCMP Capital. The New York-based equity firm is one of the most recognizable firms in the state. It has raised $3.6 billion for its latest fund. It took the company only five months to raise such success. Stephen Murray was one of the two men the SEC filings listed as the CCMP executives responsible for that fund. The other executive was a chairman named Greg Brenneman. Murray was also one of the five people CCMP listed as control persons of Form ADV.

Stephen Murray had been working with CCMP for decades. He’d been there since 1999; back then the company was known as Chase Capital Partners. The company would later become JPMorgan Partners and Murray continued to stay with them even after they become independent in 2006 on Crunchbase. Murray has worked with many different companies as partners and shared seats with most. To name a view currently still holding board seats: Crestcom International, Inforgroup Inc., and among many others. Many have tried speculating the reason for Murray’s departure from the company, but the reason was kept a secret.

We now know the cause of his early retirement was due to health problems. As strong of a man as Stephen Murray was, in the end, his health problems won out. Just recently, the longtime equity executive passed away at the tender age of 52. Stephen Murray health-related issues were not made public so that he and those close to him could have some privacy while dealing with those issues. He is a man that the financial industry will not soon forget. He had worked in the industry since 1989, spending most of his career with CCMP, but he did work for other companies before them. At one point or another, the firms Murray worked for became the largest private equity firm in the world. Murray didn’t become CEO until 2007 after JPMorgan became independent.

Greg Brenneman, someone close to Murray and his current successor as president and CEO, released a statement saying how saddened he and the rest of the company were to hear that Stephen had passed away. He represented the company while conveying his deepest condolences to Stephen’s family; assuring them that many thoughts and prayers were going out to them. He admitted how important Stephen was and what immeasurable knowledge he often offered.

Leading Food Processing Company’s Global Growth

OSI is a privately held food processing company operating 60 facilities in 17 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. It was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky at Oak Park as a family meat market. As at 2016, its employees were 20,000 being led by Sheldon Lavin as the company’s CEO. It manufactures and supplies value-added proteins like sausages, fish, and bacon, chicken and beef patties to retailers and food service industries. With its headquarters in Aurora Illinois, OSI Group has spread its wings and is currently among the top food processing companies globally. It has received awards for safety risks, management and environmental sustainability and management.

Currently, it is expanding its operations in China, and two new facilities are being put up on top of the eight that are currently in operation. OSI Group has worked in China for over 20 years, growing and expanding equally with the dynamic Chinese economy. In September 2015, it announced its two major projects which involved the plant in Henan province and the creation of DAOSI. DAOSI entailed an agreement between OSI Group and DOYOO Group in Zhoukou on foodworks.pl. It has supplied several food chains in China like Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Starbucks and Pizza Hut. Its target in China is to be the leading chicken and poultry products supplier in the market.

Last year it announced the launch of seven production plants all over the world. In Geneva, there was a new facility that produces private- labeled and branded frozen foods. The facility was attached to Millard, a company that repairs and distributes refrigeration services. In Balbona, it managed to add production line with a higher capacity as well as an increase in its cold room storage area. It made OSI Group to record an annual increment in its chicken production by 22,000 tons.

For safety measures, it has managed to acquire machines with X-rays for detection of foreign materials during food processing. It has been at the forefront in monitoring the plant growth and evaluation of agricultural supplies. It enables OSI Group to ensure the plants are fresh
and are grown under the required conditions. According to McDonald OSI Group’s president, the company also interacts with its customers and ensures that client’s recommendations are put into practice to make production company better.

OSI Group’s recent Merger Acquisition
In August 2016, it announced the acquisition of a private Dutch company that produces meat products known as Baho Food. OSIO sells its products to more than 18 countries in Europe. It has got five daughter companies known as Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life and Henri van de Bilt. Its plants are located in Germany and Netherlands. The merger acquisition will put OSI Group in a better business position in Europe as well as enable it to meet the changing customer demands. The managing director of Baho is hopeful and believes this will help them achieve their goals of delivering satisfactory products to their clients.

The Midas Legacy Delivers

When it comes to wealth management, there are a lot of companies out there that like to make promises. Whether they actually come through with it or not, that is a completely different story. Nine times out of ten, they are just that: talk. They do not deliver and someone finds themselves in a bad situation. It is because the company they are working for does not have their best interests in mind. The company is only interested in themselves and how they can profit off the money this individual has worked their whole lives to achieve.

That is why when it comes to companies, they do not make them any better than The Midas Legacy. They deliver, time after time, and they truly care for their customers. They know how to talk to people, interact with them, treat them, and get to know them. They know customer service is also an important part of their job. They need their customers to feel comfortable and feel like they are working with a company that is completely legit and will not let them down in any shape or form. They have the experience and they have the experts that have the best possible advice.

One must remember that this is not the type of situation where there is one singular answer that works for everyone. Each person has different things they hope to get out of their life. That is a good thing! It is great when people want something more and they do not strictly want to sit still and do nothing. That does lead to any sort of happiness, whatsoever. It leads to being too content and too comfortable. Sometimes it is a good thing for someone to break out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Retirement is something a lot of people are looking forward to, as they have put in the time, perhaps missed many important events, and worked their tails off. Now, all of the money they have saved, put away, and earned, they want it to go to good use. They don’t want it to go to waste. There is a delicate balance between having fun while retired while also having enough to last someone for the rest of their lives. The Midas Legacy helps others balance their money and get everything they can out of it for the present and for the future.

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