U.S. Business Mogul Bruce Levenson Helping Tomorrow’s Youths Build A Future

Bruce Levenson’s journey with the Atlanta Hawks has come to an end increasing his net worth by substantial amount. Billionaire investment funds and equity management specialist Antony Ressler bought the top-earning NBA team for an estimated $850 million according to media reports. Bruce and partnering co-founder Michael Gearon Jr. combined efforts with Atlanta Hawks key investors to make the sale a success. NBA products generate substantial profit these days and Levenson is without regret. It’s rumored that he gained 27% extra profit since his bankers commissioned to sell the team set the price extremely higher given the market climate.

Levenson has had measurable success in business throughout his career. Alongside business partner Ed Peskowitz, he co-founded the publishing industry empire UCG (United-Communications-Group) in 1977. The company has since led enormous global expansions and product updates. Earlier this year he sought a buyer for his long-standing investment the professional NBA team Atlanta Hawks. He decided to auction the prosperous NBA team and products for sale back in September last year. Levenson is a key decision in UCG operations and business transactions. This includes acquisitions, mergers, and other development efforts.

Incorporated as a wholly private business, UCG specializes in a variety of products and publishing services. UCG service portfolio includes telecommunications, mortgage banking, news/analysis, technology, health care, data and energy solutions. The company’s GasBuddy app has been creating a buzz in the automotive industry as well. The app assists drivers to discover nearby gas stations that charge the lowest fuel rates. Bruce’s journey is only beginning. Bruce served the world-renowned Publishing house Washington Star in an earlier life. It wasn’t until 2004, Levenson secured ownership of celebrated NBA team Atlanta Hawks along with the prominent Philips Arena.

The young, vibrant business-minded professional undertook managerial roles at prominent U.S. companies, including TechTarget where he held a director position. Levenson held a seat on NEPA (Newsletter-and-Electronic-Publishers-Association) board-of-directors for a fairly reasonable term. As a philanthropist, he’s helped the future generations of youngsters in underdeveloped communities and immobilized by poverty to avail invaluable resources to better education. He’s organized and pursued notable projects as the world-renowned “I-Have-A-Dream-Foundation) president during his term. Bruce served the Washington chapter and he’s still committed to making a positive impact on tomorrow’s children.

Levenson earned received a BA degree from Washington University and a law degree from American University. He has multiple affiliations with several other philanthropic projects for organizations such as the Seeds-of-Peace, the world-renowned SEED foundation, BBYO, Birthright Israel, and others. His contributions to the U.S.-Holocaust museum and ” Bringing-the-Lessons-Home youth program has gone unnoticed. With his mother-in-law being a Holocaust survivor, her story was his source of inspiration. Now 65, Levenson shares his home with wife Karen and his three sons. With homes in Potomac and Atlanta, he leads a comfortable life with his family.

How Faith In A Company Affects Overall Financial Health

According to successful businessman Kenneth Griffin, typically, when dealing with stocks, the higher the profit margin inches up the scale, the healthier the company is. This has not proven true for the Apple Corporation. In the last quarter the principal owner has stated that Apple has seen its largest and most promising profit level. Although, when looking at the company in terms of the health of its stocks, it is falling rapidly.

How can the company show so much profits in terms of earnings, and still not gain strength in the market? There are a number of speculations as to why this may be the case. Earnings, which dictate the level of profits the company makes, are far different than the confidence level of investors.

The loss in stock strength in the market would be attributed to the investors. Apple has not been too much into sharing how some of their recent innovations have been doing in terms of sales. In particular the wearable technology of the Apple watch is in question.

Company front men have stated tat they do not feel now is a good time to reveal the approval or success of the Apple Watch for it would give away insider secrets and harm the standing of that faction of the company. This has not been well received by investors who want specifics in order to decide whether this is a sector that they truly want to sink their funds into.

Many investors feel that the silence from the Apple ranks is solely to cover up failures. These failures are why confidence in Apple has fallen off and the stocks have been dropping. They can obviously the product to make profits, but they need to work on confidence levels.

I Helped My Friend Make The Switch To Beneful Brand Foods

I don’t mean to judge, but I don’t understand why some pet owners don’t take the health of their pet seriously. I have a friend that has been feeding her dog a store brand dog food for years, and her pet has been sluggish, sick, and unhealthy a lot of the time. She absolutely refused to believe that it was the dog food making her pet sick, and I recently decided to examine the food that she was feeding her dog. After looking at the dog food, I saw that the ingredients were nothing but a joke. I couldn’t point out one real food that was in the bag of dog food.

I only buy Beneful dog foods because I know that the ingredients are real, and it’s perfectly balanced for nutrition, just for my dog. I suggested to my friend that she should try Beneful for her dog, but her only excuse was that her dog has no problem with the dog food she has been feeding him for years. When my friend said she was leaving town for a few weeks, she asked me if I would watch her dog. I told her I had no problem watching her pet, and I decided to do a little experiment.

When I got my friend’s dog, he was so lazy that he didn’t even want to walk around. My friend left me a bag of her store brand dog food, and I put it to the side, and I chose not to feed the food to her dog at all. Instead, I took my own money, and I bought an extra bag of Beneful, so both my dog and her dog could have Beneful. After a few days of her dog eating Beneful, I started to see a bit of a difference.

I noticed that her dog would run to his bowl when it came time to eat. After a few more days, he wasn’t as lazy as before, and he began to run around with the other dog. A week had passed, and he was more energetic than before. After three weeks, you would never know that this was the same dog, and he no longer would throw up like he used to when he was with his owner. When my friend came back for her pet, I told her that I fed him Beneful, and she couldn’t believe how much better her dog looked and behaved. Needless to say, she now has chosen to only feed her dog Beneful!

Challenging and Exciting – Squaw Valley delivers thrills

One of the most popular places for skiers to visit in the US is the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, California. The resort offers such breathtaking and exciting slopes that close to 600,000 people show up to ski there each year. It is the second largest ski resort located near Lake Tahoe, and it’s size means Squaw Valley is large enough to offer a variety of experiences. Thirty six hundred acres of great ski runs and 30 chairlifts means there is definitely something for everyone.

Squaw Valley was the site of the World Cup in 1969 featuring four technical events. The slalom and giant slalom for both men and women were held at the resort. In 1960 Squaw Valley hosted the Winter Olympics. That year introduced the first televised games and millions of people got to see first hand the beauty of the location of the games. People were impressed with Squaw Valley, it’s ability to host such a big crowd successfully, and everything the site had to offer. 

There is no lack of entertainment at the resort and facilities include a swimming pool, dining, disk golf and roller skating. Popular summer events in Squaw Valley include a gathering of writers, concerts and wine and beer events. Lovers of music also enjoy several musical events.

Andy Wirth serves as the current President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is the resort’s parent company. Wirth has 25 years’ experience in the hotel and resort industry. After a skydiving accident in 2013 he almost lost his life but survived. Andy Wirth has been awarded the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, the Steamboat Springs business Leader of the Year Award and the HSMAI Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales and Marketing. He was also named 2014 Citizen of the year by Disabled Sports USA.

Vijay Eswaran: An Inspired and Inspiring Man

Vijay Eswaran is a go-getter highly successful businessman who considers making the world a better place as his highest priority. In the 1998, he co-founded and is Executive Chairman of the IQ Group of Companies. His company has achieved tremendous financial success in e-commerce with financial strategies of retail and direct sales. For Vijay Eswaran, financial success is the beginning of bringing spirituality, justice and prosperity to world. In this effort, he has created the Vijayaratnam Foundation.

Vijay Eswaran has an interest in what makes a business icon, and what are such a person’s personal characteristics? He looks to giants in the business world and spiritual realm for inspiration. It sets Vigay Eswaran apart in that he looks to the great leaders of our times for guidance in business practices. For example, the founder of Wal-Mart, Sam Walton, is a great inspiration to Vigay Eswaran. Not only was Sam Walton an amazing success, and he made a great deal of money, but Sam Walton was a patron of University of the Ozarks as well. Vigay was able to have conversation with Sam Walton, which has had a great impact on Vigay Eswaran goals and life’s journey.

There is a journey to success. Vigay Eswaran talks about the path to success that includes failure. Apparently, it is better to experience failure before becoming successful. Success comes as an uneasy trek through failure and success. Success is more than just wanting it. Success includes developing plans that are thoughtful, and then you must perseverance through the implementing of the plans. Perseverance is critical, because the path to success includes failure, and it is necessary to modify plans and persist in your efforts. If you can learn patience, then you can do anything. According to Vigay Eswaran, success comes when you have the strength to persist and be patient. While you are being patient, there are times when your business plans lead to a situation that is ambiguous. More than any other time, it is necessary for you to be patient while waiting for the ambiguity to resolve.

According to Vigay Eswaran, there are 7 steps to making effective decisions: 1. Decisions evolve out of new and old information and are a constantly evolving process; 2. The goal of decision making is to improve your analytical and strategic skills; 3. Only, when you make make the final decision, will you know that your first decision took you in the right direction; 4. Delaying decision making is toxic to success. 5. You must be intuitive; 6. Good decision are a process of projection, preparation and planning; and 7. Decisions are forever evolving as are lines drawn in the sand.

Reading and listening to Vigay Eswaran is inspirational. His thoughtfulness is directly relevant to leading a successful life. He provides the knowledge to achieve in the business world as well as providing the spiritual guidance to make yourself a better person. Sit down and read his books, listen to his talks and bring his thoughts, feeling and spirituality into your life.

QNet: Start Your Own Business


There are millions of people all over the world that are drawn to starting their own business for a variety of different reasons. Not only are people starting to want to take control of their lives, but starting a business also offers an opportunity to learn a variety of different skills as well. At the end of the day, learning how to start and run a business is something that takes time and effort. The start up costs of running a business tend to scare many people away from ever getting off the ground. However, there are many different ways to run a business, and QNet offers a unique way in which to earn a living.

How Does it Work

QNet is a site where people can sign up and start to buy and sell products in which to earn a profit. There are many different types of products that people can sell all around the world. Not only can people make money off selling products, but they can also make money selling subscriptions through QNet. In this way, QNet is also a multi level marketing service that people can take advantage of over the long term. If a person get a large contingent of people signed up that are willing to go out and sign up more people, over time they will continue to grow this stream of income quickly. This is one of the many reasons that so many others have had success with QNet over the years.

Is It Worth It

Many people wonder aloud whether it is worth it to go through the trouble and buying and selling products and trying to get other people signed up for their products and services. At the end of the day, QNet is about taking control of your future and running your own business the way you want to. Multiple streams of income are always great to have. Understanding how a business works and why it is so important are ways that people can escape the rat race. Many people have been able to quit their day job and focus solely on their QNet business. Finally, it is great to be able to sell products and services to people that need them all over the world.

Final Thoughts

Overall, QNet is a great opportunity for people that want to take control of their lives and start their own business. Not only does this offer a unique opportunity to learn how to start a business, but you can start making money immediately as well. Check it out today and if it is something that sounds appealing to you, start it up with QNet.

Strong Emerging Market

The Brazilian market is the 10th largest in the world. Brazil also has a very robust middle class, a President that was re-elected earlier this year, so there is a stable political climate, and this democratic country is loaded with natural resources. Investors like Zeca Oliveira understand that there are few reasons not to invest in the Brazilian stock market, but many people do not know where to begin. There are domestic plays, like exchange traded funds (ETF) that trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), or there are American Depository Receipts (ADR) where each receipt represents a certain number of shares that trade on the Brazilian exchange. There are also a number of Brazilian stocks which trade directly on the NYSE and Over-the-Counter (OTC) markets in the US. There is ample opportunity to invest in Brazil from the United States, without having to exchange currency, or find a broker there. That being said, there is hardly any reason why every investor would not want to invest at least some funds in this thriving market.

Currently there are over 50 Brazilian stocks that trade in the United States in the form of ADRs. There is a host of industries in this basket of ADRs, from banking to real estate, to consumer staples and utilities. Buying ETFs or ADRs could well be the easiest way for domestic investors to cash in on the largest economy in South America. This country is often times regarded as a being one of the most promising plays amongst emerging markets, and developing a strategy for investing in this market is smart. Brazil also has a fairly sophisticated security exchange system called the BM&F Bovespa. The Bovespa has over 450 firms listed, and all trading takes place at Bovespa using Megabolsa, an order-driven electronic trading platform. The second largest exchange in Brazil is the Rio De Janeiro Stock Exchange, which is where currencies and government bonds are trades.

Zeca Oliveira knows that Brazil is a stable country as it is very much in a league of its own relative to its oil reserves. They are a self-sustaining country with ample amounts of this necessary commodity making their position in the global economy quite secure. They are also not resting on this oil as a means of testing how deep those wells go, but rather are also on the forefront of developing alternative energy sources. This country’s economy is marked by growth and there is money to be made here. It won’t always be this way, so finding ways to invest now might likely be considered fairly good timing.

A Good Look At The Big Shot That Is James Dondero

When you start on a topic touching on financial circles in the US and the shrewdest people around, you will notice that the name of James Dondero keeps popping up, and you want to know why. This guy is has started and drove to success one of the largest players in the financial market, real estate and stock exchange in the United States. So, who is this James Dondero?

When it comes to high level management in corporate institutions, James Dondero on linkedin is an icon with many lessons to offer any one who want to achieve success in his line of business. James Dondero studies in the University of Virginia and earned his Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Accounting and Finance). He is also both a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certifies Managerial Accountant. It is worth noting that Mr. Dondero has excellence in all his career qualifications as well the actual practice of his academic knowledge, and that can be proved with so much evidence.

Mr. James Dondero worked for the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life in the position of a Chief Investment Officer from 1989 to 1993. This man is widely skilled. His great expertise spans a wide range of fields, which include leveraged bank loans, stocks, bonds, derivatives, market debts, common stocks and real estate. Mr. James Dondero is great expert in all that.

In 1993, James Dondero, together with Mark Okada, founded Highland Capital Management. In the preceding years, he developed his career immensely and built a very impressive reputation, and reaped from it. This man’s good job saw him enter a deal with American Express for which he managed fixed income funds worth over $1 billion between 1985 and 1989. He later founded NexPoint Advisor, LLC.

Currently, Mr.Dondero is the president of NexPoint and also chairs the Board of Directors of NextBank which is an affiliate of NexPoint. He owns a majority stake in NexBank. The three companies: NexPoint Advisors, NexBank and Highland Capital Management are also known as the “Company,” and are all affiliated to NexPoint Real Estate Advisors which serves as the chief financial advisor for the Company. The Company (also known as the NexPoint Residential Trust, NXRT) is a listed trader in the New York Stock Exchange and is currently in a drive to purchase smaller and strategically-located properties in cities and suburbs.

James Dondero also works with NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund as the Portfolio Manager. This man has managed and developed his Company to the great extent that it now, as of march 2015, manages over $21 billion worth of assets. His achievements do not end there. James Dondero has been very instrumental in the introduction of various new classes of credit assets.

With a 30 year experience, Mr.James Dondero is the acting president of the Company.

Understand the World of Finance Better With Brian Bonar

The ability understand how finances work has become increasingly important in recent decades. Many people can expect to live long enough to retire as the average life span has vastly increased in many areas of the world. Women now face a vastly reduced risk of dying in childbirth while men can expect to have a longer time in the workforce and then retirement for at least several years. Given such changes, proper money management has become more important than ever in today’s world. An understanding of all aspects of financial markets is now highly important as people must make decades of important choices about their potential savings and where they choose to invest such funds in order to help them finance a retirement that may last for many more years than previously anticipated. 

Investment advice has also become increasingly important in today’s world. Successful fiscal leadership allows people to be able to invest confidently with the knowledge that they are doing all that they can in order to reduce their risks and help grow any capital they have accumulated over the course of their working lives. Understanding the world of finance is imperative for those who wish to be able to provide not only for their own retirement but for other fiscal goals as well such as paying for a child’s education and purchasing a first home. Skilled fiscal advice and leadership can help any investor make sure that their hard earned cash will both beat inflation and provide for them when they need to tap into it. 

This is why companies and people turn to skilled businessmen such as Brian Bonar (MG2 Link). Bonar is a United Kingdom educated economic leader who has spent years in the field of international business. His work has helped him expand many new companies into various markets around the world. Dr. Bonar is currently based in American city San Diego where he heads Trucept, a company that helps provide businesses with all kinds of important services such as access to skilled temporary labor, employee benefits that help companies provide for the needs of those they have hired and payroll services to make sure that all company employees and any outside vendors are paid correctly and on time. 

Working with fiscal experts such as Dr. Bonar can be an excellent way to fully understand all aspects of the financial markets and how one can use them as effectively as possible. This kind of understanding can help any given investor meet all of their planned short term and long term financial goals. Companies that hire such skilled people can also expect to flourish as they are able to meet the needs of their customers very effectively.

The Talented and Amazing Susan McGalla

The Well-rounded Business Women
Susan McGalla is an amazing and well-rounded business woman. She is talented and gracious in every way. It takes talent to be an executive consultant. She is the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. She is also the former chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. This is an extraordinary business history. Ms. McGalla had began her career at Joseph Horne Company. Her area was marketing and management. This was from 1986 to 1994. At the American Eagle, she had worked as a divisional merchandise buyer. She was a buyer for women’s clothing. When she was the president of American Eagle, she was the overseer of the launch of that companies 77lids and aerie brands. Impressive and amazing are two words that will sum up this well-rounded business woman.

Raised in Liverpool
Susan McGalla had been raised in East Liverpool, Ohio. She came from a family of herself and her two brothers. Her dad was a community football coach. She did obtain her bachelor’s degree in marketing and business. This was at Mount Union College. She is still serving on the college Board of Advisors at this time. She is married to a wealth manager. This is Stephan McGalla.

A Private Consultant
When Susan McGalla left American Eagle, this occurred in January 2009. She continued to prove to be an amazing and talented individual. This was when she became a private consultant. She consulted for the financial and retail investment industry. She had been appointed to the Board of Directors. This was for HFF Incorporated. This is a company that offers and provides services for real estate. It was July 2012 when Ms. McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting. She became the director of Strategic Planning and Growth. This was for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Rooney Family are the owners of this football team.

A Leader
Ms. McGalla is an exceptional leader. She offers fourteen years of experience in leadership roles. She is well-known for her contributions for profit growth. She greatly contributes to industry-leading revenue. She is responsible for portfolio expansion. This would be from one brand to four brands.

Above Average
Susan McGalla is an above average individual in every way. She offers her remarkable skills and talents everywhere. She is highly competent. She is indeed a well-rounded business woman who proves to be amazing in many ways.

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