Andrew Rolfe: Bringing Expertise and Independence to Ubuntu Fund

Non-governmental organizations engaged in charitable activities faces operational challenges especially in their relations with powerful individual and organization benefactors. Most of these donors restrict the activities their funds can be used to finance. Additionally, others insist on having representatives on the board of directors of the organizations. Other organizations have restrictions on the funding duration, insisting that the non-profits must apply for the grants on a yearly basis.

Restricting the activities these non-profits can finance with donor funds poses serious operational challenges these charitable organizations. This is because it leaves some vital aspects of their operations underfunded while others overly funded. This conflict of interest is also manifested when donors insist on having representatives on the board of directors of the non-profits they are supporting. While some of their expertise like that of its chairman, Andrew Rolfe, can be used to drive the non-profits forward, it can create leadership tensions due to differences in priorities. Moreover, yearly grant application and limitations usually disrupt the running of operations in these non-profits as some of them need continuous flow of funds to run. Despite these challenges, some non-profits such as Ubuntu Fund are increasingly pushing to operate independently of their donors. Founded by Jacob Lief, Ubuntu Fund under the chairmanship of Andrew Rolfe is revolutionizing how non-profits operate by only accepting funds from donors who will allow for independence when it comes to decision making.


Independence-Driven Success

Under the leadership of Andrew Rolfe as the chairman, Ubuntu Fund has adopted a new operational strategy dubbed the “Ubuntu model”. The model is beneficiary-driven and seeks to develop plans that are customized to meet the specific needs of these beneficiaries. Operating primarily within the Greater Port Elizabeth Area in South Africa, the non-profit is committed towards offering educational support for vulnerable children in the region. This includes sponsoring them through primary and college education with the view of helping them develop socially and economically.

Additionally, the organization is committed towards providing quality health services to the beneficiaries of its efforts especially those suffering from diseases such as HIV/AIDS. By remodeling its operations, Ubuntu Fund aims at positively using the expertise of its board of directors some of whom are seasoned executives in different fields. For example, Andrew Rolfe is a seasoned and well-educated executive who has long history of managing several companies and projects.


How White Shark Media Leverages Consumer Complaints

***UPDATE*** April 20th, 2017White Shark Media has a new Crunchbase profile, allowing them to display recent news and reviews. Follow the link below to learn more about their past success and ongoing achievements.


As for any firm dealing with tens of thousands of customers, it is bound to receive some complaints in some of their areas of operation. White Shark Media is among the leading digital marketing firms in the world, and with the higher number of clients they deal with, some complaints will always arise.

According to, White Shark Media takes a proactive approach to finding solutions to their customers’ problems. Lately, the firm implemented a new system, which counters the complaints they receive.

Among the main complaints the company received, was with their clients feeling as if they were losing touch with their advertising campaign. In the past, White Shark Media utilized some reporting systems, which were not adequate for small businesses to review their AdWords’ performance.

For the company to counter such failures, White Shark Media created a more elaborate reporting system, which sends reports to clients regularly. The new reporting systems allow small business owners to review the usage of their advert budgets. With this knowledge, the firm’s clients have the edge over their rivals.

According to Glassdoor, some of the clients expressed their dissatisfaction with their communication with the customer care. To stop such complaints, White Shark Media regularly schedules meetings, which allows customers to make inquiries as well as get necessary info about their campaigns.

Additionally, there are direct lines to each client representative in the case a customer has an urgent matter, which requires immediate attention.

Many clients felt as though their old accounts for AdWords were outperforming the new optimized accounts. In an effort to combat this, White Shark Media incorporated expertly trained supervisors to spearhead every campaign.

This is a significant way of ensuring that every advertising campaign bounds and leaps in an efficient manner.

Clients also felt that they were at times matched with customer representatives who were not in line with their specific goals and needs.

White Shark now boasts of professional and experienced senior consultants who will be useful in helping pair up clients with the right representatives depending on the needs of each customer. Clients can contact these representatives at any time during the campaign if they need to change customer agents.

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Betsy and the couple to change education

Elisabeth Dee “Betsy” DeVos is one of the most prominent figures in the American politics and was recently chosen by President Trump to be the Education Secretary in the American government. She has a bright past of fighting to change the American education system for years which has earned her the right to be nominated for such a spot in the White House. Coming from a very wealthy family, Betsy DeVos never stopped pursuing a philanthropical way of living, doing donations and charitable work to develop schools without the vision of profit. By leading campaigns and organizations, Betsy has already done a lot for the American history and the path its educational system is taking, and she didn’t do it all alone. Betsy DeVos and Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr. are one of the most philanthropical couples in recent spotlights. Through their organization which they founded together, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, they have been able to make history together. Follow Betsy DeVos on

Betsy Devos is also aligned with many other foundations and groups that support noble causes like the American Federation for Children and the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program. Her husband runs the West Michigan Aviation Academy where he was able to put in practice his interests in teaching aviation. The couple’s causes do not stay limited to education but also cover an urge for justice and a better political system as well. She has nominated as chairman of the Michigan Republican Party four times already. From 1992 to 1998, she was also part of the Republican National Committee. Her biggest achievements, however, came as the chairman of AFC – American Federation for Children. There, she was able to lead the fight against the United States’ current education system, which she considers “broken” because many kids from poorer families don’t have the chance to study in schools with an education of higher quality.

The couple’s focus on helping their country achieve a better education came when they visited a school named Potter’s House Christian School when they were younger. There, they met kids whose parents were giving a large chunk of their income to allow their children to remain in that school, even if that meant that they wouldn’t have money for other essential things later. They wouldn’t transfer their children to a public school without the feeling that their kids were safe even if that meant a small relief. This reality broke their heart as they kept going back to that school to see how it was doing. The facts forced them to make the decision of helping the education become an essential topic in politics that needs to be changed with urgency. By providing the power of choice for many families until now, She already succeeded. Check this article from New York Post.

Tammy Mazzocco, An Example of Real Estate Success

Tammy Mazzocco is a respected licensed realtor in central Ohio. Tammy got her start in real estate, while working as a secretary at The Edwards Realty Company. Under the direction of Mike Zelnik, Tammy worked with 9 agents at the commercial real estate firm. Following this experience, Tammy spent 7 years at Scotland Yard Condominiums and became a licensed agent in 1995. Tammy Mazzocco credits Ken Cook, a general manger of Scotland Yard, for his encouragement in the early stages of her career. She chose to make real estate her full-time career in 1999.


Tammy Mazzocco enjoys engaging in light exercise and meditation to jump start her day. She enjoys breaking down her goals into smaller achievable milestones. Tammy seeks to ask herself regularly, what goals can she tackle on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Despite admitting to being a little on the shy side, Tammy actively seeks to be outgoing and make face-to-face connections. It is a lot better to net a client with a personal face-to-face interaction. You want to see your client as you answer their questions, and always be on time. Tammy values being focused and in the present moment, when she is engaging clients and working to meet their real estate needs.


Tammy has learned the power of not being afraid of failure, and not taking oneself too seriously. Tammy Mazzocco has dedicated over two decades, to developing her success in real estate. She stays motivated by setting small achievable milestones, and remembers to focus on her clients. By taking care of the client, and assessing a client’s finances and budget, real estate success surely follows.

To learn more about Tammy Mazzocco, check out her social media pages on Facebook and twitter.

Tammy Mazzocco  agent profile:

PodcastOne CEO Announces Release Of A New Paranormal Series

Podcasts are digital audio files that are available on the internet. They can then be downloaded to a computer or mobile device. They are available as a series, with new episodes being received automatically by subscribers.

Podcast One is America’s greatest advertiser supported podcast network. Norman Pattiz is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the group.

The podcast network hosts a range of popular podcasts. Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Jericho, Barstool Sports and the Forbes are among some of the favorite podcasts hosted on the PodcastOne network.


Mr. Pattiz recently announced a new podcast dubbed Beyond the Darkness. The podcast that is the latest under famous wrestler Chris Jericho’s podcast network will explore the mysticism- events beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. The series will challenge one’s understanding of phenomena such as ghosts, angels, demons, aliens and so much more and it will feature entertaining and comprehensive conversations with renowned researchers. Dave Schrader who is an author and radio host and Tim Dennis who is both a radio host and producer will be the hosts of the series where new episodes will be published weekly on, the PodcastOne app, and iTunes.


Speaking during the announcement, Mr. Pattiz hailed Chris Jericho as an indispensable gem to the PodcastOne network. He also commended Chris for proving everybody right that the Jericho Network collection would eventually diversify to other shows beyond wrestling. Mr. Pattiz was full of praises for the much Chris Jericho has delivered and said he was a little creeped out by Chris’ latest podcast, Beyond the Darkness.


About Norman Pattiz


Apart from being the founder of PodcastOne network, Norman Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One. Under his stewardship, Westwood One became America’s most extensive radio network offering services spanning the entertainment, news, sports and other broadcasting programs.


In 2010, Pattiz also founded the Courtside Entertainment Group which is based in Los Angeles. The company is the radio home of high-profile personalities and produces and finances quality programming across a variety of platforms.

Mr. Pattiz has been active in the national broadcasting scene and was appointed to serve on the Broadcasting Board of the United States in 2000 by President Clinton. He was named to the same board by President Bush in 2002. Apart from being active in broadcasting, Mr. Pattiz who is the 2009 National Radio Hall of Fame inductee is also the Chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. Mr. Pattiz has also received the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.





Follow Norman on LinkedIn and @norman_pattiz

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Antony Toma Shares The Secrets Behind The Prosperity Of Nine9

Anthony Toma developed the idea of Nine9 while he was still a grocer. While looking for a catering business to add to his entrepreneurial portfolio, he bumped into an acting and modeling venture, located in Orlando, Florida. After purchasing the franchise, it was prosperous at first, boasting of over twenty outlets across the country. However, the success was short-lived. The failure did not deter Toma, as he used the knowledge acquired to start another venture, which later became Nine9 Talent Agency  .

Toma kicks off his day by dropping his children at school. He then listens to inspirational stuff, after which he goes on to answer emails and any other work related issues. To keep up with changing trends, Anthony regularly checks up his social media. As part of his routine, he ensures that he has an updated to-do list at every moment. Also, he consistently meets with his firm’s executives to maintain high operation standards at the company. Nine9 Offices .

While formulating new ideas, Anthony usually notes them down. He then goes through them to ascertain if there are any loopholes. Toma consequently presents the ideas to his corporate team, whom he asks to identify the weaknesses in his concepts. If any flaws come up, they are ironed out before the philosophy is brought to fruition. Click Here to read Blogs

As an entrepreneur, listening has proven invaluable to Anthony. By hearing others out, business people can establish useful business strategies. Moreover, Toma sees failure in business as a sign of progress. Reiterating that failing does not make an individual a failure, Toma encourages entrepreneurs to learn from mistakes.

Anthony recommends the use of the Entrepreneurial Operating System, a software that has assisted his firm in implement multiple successful strategies. Additionally, he endorsed the use of social media platforms as means of product promotion.

About Nine9

Nine9 is an acting and modeling enterprise that established in 2003. The reason behind its inauguration was the fact that 99% of models lack agents, hence the name. The company provides the models with tools and training necessary to carry out their jobs. Nine9 at LinkedIn .

Since its inception, the firm has recruited numerous aspiring models. For this reason, it is one of the most prosperous institutions of its kind in America. for more.



Never Ever Google These Things


In the more than 20 years Google has been around, people seem to Google just about everything on the planet. Did you know there are know there care some thing you should never Google? Some of the things you should never Google are sex offenders, photographs of people who died horrible deaths after the fact, websites like Meatspin that show gay men having sex. Speaking of men having sex, you want to stay away from that shows three elderly men in bed having sex. You want to stay away from Kids in a Sandbox because they are not just playing with shovels and pails with sand. All things never to Google.


Mostly it us safe to say do not Google anything that has to do with any kind of sex. Stay away people who have committed horrific crimes and definitely do not Google bodies involved in horrid accidents, stay away from child abuse websites. Just about anything else is fine.  So don’t forget, the internet isn’t all Marvel sex fan art, there’s some even more disturbing stuff out there.

Yanni Hufnagel Found A Way To Top Of College Basketball

Where there is a will, there is a way. Yanni Hufnagel did not need to be told this. Growing up in the Jewish suburb of Scarsdale, New York, a young Yanni Hufnagel was under a lot of pressure to get a conventionally successful job. But it was his love for basketball that determined his path in life.

His basketball playing days ended early. He was unable to make his own high school varsity basketball team. To continue to pursue a life with the game but he loves, Yanni Hufnagel had to get creative.

That’s why he took an unpaid internship with the New Jersey Nets while attending Cornell University. He would wash used player jerseys for most of the year, but all of that unpaid work gave him invaluable experience in the board room. He was able to attend the New Jersey Nets draft strategy sessions. This gave him a love of assembling basketball teams.

According to CBS Sports, Hufnagel quickly moved to Oklahoma where he became a graduate assistant for the Sooners. He was able to coordinate all on-campus recruiting visits while helping the team with basketball practices. His recruiting skills were quickly recognized by head coach Jim Capel. Capel shopped his graduate assistant around until he landed him in assistant coaching job at Harvard University.

Harvard is where Yanni Hufnagel really got to show off. His energy, enthusiasm for the game and his salesmanship allowed him to recruit the best basketball team in Harvard’s history. During his four years at the Ivy League school, the Crimson Tide went 79-24, won a school record 26 games in 2011, and was nationally ranked for the very first time.

Yanni Hufnagel has worked as an assistant coach for Villanova, UC Berkeley and the University of Nevada at Reno since his days at Harvard. He continues to compile impressive recruiting classes.

Instagram: @yhufnagel

Interesting Insights From The Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is one of the places that could provide enlightenment for anyone that is willing to search for it. It has a lot of information to offer for people that are looking for ways to be happier. For one thing, a lot of people are looking for ways that they can be happier so that they can live more productive lives. However, a lot of people are bogged down with stress. As a result, they need a relief. This type of relief could only come from spiritual guidance and fulfillment. This type of fulfillment can be found in the lessons offered by The Kabbalah Centre.

One can even look at the articles that are presented by the website of The Kabbalah Centre. There are a lot of articles that talk about happiness and pushing towards this goal. The key to finding happiness is relying on the light of the creator. When one is not focused on the light of the creator, then there will be a lot of stress and fearful circumstances. However, when one focuses on the creator, then he will find joy. The Kabbalah Centre is filled with plenty of more advice when it comes to related topics.

Among the pieces of information that The Kabbalah Centre offers is the type of people one is supposed to associate with in order to find some kind of fulfillment and live a more productive life not just for oneself, but for others. One of the most important points to life is to live in a way so that one is able to make improvements for himself and the people that are closest to him. He can also set an example for his family to follow as he continues to learn the valuable lessons presented to him from The Kabbalah Centre.

Equities First Holdings Swims Against the Tide in The Prevailing Market Trends

With the first changing global economy, banks and other lending institutions are increasingly reviewing their lending policies, most of them reducing the borrowing options for borrowers. In other cases, banks are opting to add more clauses to their lending policies, adding more loan qualification requirements and raising the interest rates. These banks aim at keeping conventional credit-based loans in check. Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) is, however, appearing to be swimming against the tide. The global lending firm introduced a lending option for its clients where they can use stock as loan collateral for a three years period. Consequently, EFH has in the recent past tightened its grip on margin loans and stock-based loans. According to the man behind this clever move, CEO Al Christy, stock-based loans will go a long way in assisting individuals in need of working capital and who do not meet the threshold for credit-based loans.

Benefits Associated With Stock-based Loans

Using stock as collateral has many advantages on the borrower’s side. Stock-based loans have a relatively higher LTV ratio of about 50 to 75 percent compared to that of margin loans which range between 10 and 50 percent. Secondly, unlike in margin loans where the borrower is required to specify the purpose for which the loan is intended, stock-based loans gives the borrower the freedom to use the loan for any purpose of their choice. Thirdly, if the stock value depreciates during a down-market, the pledged collateral is not affected. Additionally, with borrower’s shares used as loan collateral, investment risks involved during a down-market are minimal. Read More

About Equities First Holdings

EFH specializes in offering alternative shareholder financing solutions. Through their nine subsidiary offices, the firm gives capital to their clients against publicly traded stock around the world. BusinessWire News For EFH.

For the past 15 years, EFH has helped many people to achieve their goals, having done over 650 transactions. The firm is mostly respected for its honesty in their loan recovery process and their high LTV ratios.

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