Love Stuck Soldier Cooks Up His Wife A Surprise

A loves struck soldier cooks up his wife enough food to last her a year while he is away on deployment. 27 Year old Yin Yunfeng found that his wife was so incredibly busy with her teaching while he was away that she often didn’t have time to prepare herself a proper dinner at night. Love struck soldier Which, is why, he took matters into his own hands. He prepared enough dinners to last her an entire year. So, every time 26 year old Zhao Maio sits down to eat in the evening, she won’t be dining alone. They are only able to see each other once a year, made this touching gesture hoping to help lighten her load at home.


He also baked and hid several of her favorite desserts with love notes throughout the house, which was pretty creative to Ricardo Guimarães BMG. Yin Yunfeng is currently stationed in a remote part of Tibet, but his heart is clearly at home with Zhao Maio.

The Bystander Effect: A Psychological Danger to Our Children

There is a well documented psychological phenomenon that causes people to refuse to help people even though immediate help is required, it’s called the bystander effect. However, the bystander effect has only been found in large cities rather than rural communities. This leads researchers to believe this phenomenon is created because people think “someone else will take care of it”. But if everybody is thinking that way, then no help is ever offered.

The bystander effect has been found to be prevalent in large cities for many years, but a recent study has revealed an even more concerning finding. Paul Mathieson can hardly believe it. The bystander effect is now being widely documented in the behavior of children.

Bullying has been a hot topic in recent years and the bystander effect could help to explain why this harmful behavior has been on the rise lately. If children have the habit of thinking “somebody else will help” then the bully is continually allowed to get away with their behavior without any of their peers ever stepping in (

These findings are yet another reason why teaching our children about compassion and the importance of helping those in need is so important. Children must learn at a young age that they have an obligation to help those in need. More importantly, they can’t depend on others to take care of this personal responsibility.

Mark Ahn Podcast On Entrepreneurship

Mark Ahn has certainly been busy lately! When he’s not consulting startups, he’s working as a Principal at Pukana Partners among his many endeavors. I’m not sure when he had the time… but luckily for us Eric Dye from the E Podcast Network had a chance to catch up with Portland-based Ahn.

In this fifteen minute twenty-one second podcast Mark Ahn and host Eric Dye delve into the competitive world of entrepreneurship. This podcast can be listened to on Entrepreneur Podcast Network and covers some fascinating topics that any entrepreneur could benefit from. Read more a brief synopsis about the podcast “Emerging Trends in Life Sciences Entrepreneurship” below.

Host Eric Dye begins the podcast by introducing the guest speaker for the day Mark Ahn. He gives a brief description of Mark Ahn’s accomplishments, past and future goals. Mark Ahn is a leader in the biotech sciences field where he received his PhD while completing his dissertation in China. Ahn runs a consulting company called Pukana Partners. He began his biotech career with prestigious companies such as Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squib Company and Genentech. He then decided to become more focused in his career and moved on to work solely in bioentrepreneurship. He began this new phase of his career by founding Hana Biosciences. The company went on to acquire a pharmeceutical company and he then started his firm Pukana Partners.

Mark Ahn spends the podcast discussing emerging trends in entrepreneurship. He begins with the new happenings in the entrepreneur world. He then moves on to discuss who should be concerned with start-up activity and the possible consequences of this activity. He then explains what exactly life sciences entrepreneurship is and why it is important to any and all entrepreneurs. He wraps up the podcast by telling listeners about new approaches in the life sciences entrepreneurship field.

Mark Ahn leaves viewers with a fact-filled punch of a podcast. His explanation of strategic consulting for life sciences companies is priceless to the novice and experienced entrepreneur alike. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

New York City Real Estate Advice

The new year means now is the ideal time to dispose of that old spot.

Be that as it may with flat costs experiencing the rooftop and stock at memorable lows, that is less demanding said than done.

Costs are relied upon to rise about 4% in 2015, so the business sector is just getting to be all the more difficult. Anyway The News connected with specialists in the field for tips to help you roll out an improvement you can manage:

In Brooklyn, the normal loft is perched available for only 92 days, down from 143 days a year ago, so there’s no space for hesitating.

Realize what you can manage, get your financials in place, get pre-approved for a home loan, find a lawyer and have bank articulations and references prepared before actually setting foot in an open house.

At that point, once you see the condo you had always wanted, you’ll be in a position to grab the day — and cover the opposition.

The brisk riser gets the condo in New York. At the point when a decently valued posting comes on the web, its urgent to be among the first guests, since incredible lofts are regularly gobbled up inside the first day available.

Discover a proficient intermediary, investigate the sites of each firm, look through posting destinations such as TOWN Real Estate, and discover fabulous NYC apartments for rent.

With costs rising the whole way across the city, purchasers looking for a deal ought to stay open to potential outcomes they hadn’t considered, whether it be an area further abroad or a fixer upper.

One incredible suggestion: take after transportation. The areas that will be the fastest to create and gentrify will probably be those with incredible transport alternatives, specialists said.

With offering wars getting to be progressively predominant in each of the five precincts, its crucial to verify you have an edge over your adversaries — regardless of the possibility that you don’t have a thicker wallet.

Purchasers frequently believe that the most elevated offer will dependably win yet that is not so much genuine, specialists said. Rather, make yourself referred to the merchant as a dependable, reliable contender who will treat them — and their flat — with deference. Send them a customized note letting them know the amount you cherish their home, let them know you can close rapidly and be accessible if the need arises to issue them extra data whenever they may need it.

With Slyce, Consumers Come To You

Product recognition is also referred to as being called “brand recognition”. It is an element that is extremely vital for one’s rates of success in the world of business. It is an essential necessity for companies to implement proper steps of product recognition into their operations as it helps a company’s products and/or services stand out from the competitors in their particular field of business. Product recognition can be considered as being the ability of the consumer to detect the existence of a particular brand and the benefits and advantages they have to offer. A business can effectively incorporate strategies of product recognition within their business models by marketing.

There are many different ways companies can market their products and/or services. When marketing, it is important for the company to ensure that they are choosing a form of advertising strategy that enables them to have the opportunity of connecting with a large number of consumers. When it comes to marketing, there are many different avenues a company can take to market their services and/or products.

Communication is a key element of marketing effectively. By communicating with one’s consumer/client group, the company will be able to keep them informed about current and upcoming projects. For instance, a shoe company that is planning on releasing a new kind of shoe will usually let people know by placing ads and creating some kind of content for display.

There are several reasons why a company should do what they can to market online. Online marketing has become one of the most popular and effective forms of advertising. In order for a company to be effective in their marketing campaigns online, they should have the capabilities of producing high qualities of content to advertise their products and/or services with. When a company consistently produces high qualities of content and displays it to set an example for its own self-identity in regards to the business perspective of things, customers/clients will be drawn to what is being shown and offered.

If you are the owner or manager of a retail or branded company, then it is highly recommended for you to acquire the service of a technological proprietary visual product searcher call Slyce. The representatives of Slyce will help you to get connected with customers in your respective field of business at any time with great rates of efficiency. Using the platform they have to offer is assured to bring you an inflow of business.

The Dorchester Collection The Finest In Luxury Hotels

The Dorchester Collection is an international luxury hotel chain that has a collection of ten luxury five star hotels that we own and manage. We pride ourselves on offering our guest impeccable hospitality. We are also proud to be the winners of the Investors in People “Company of the Year” award and four HR Excellence Awards, which included the much sought after Gold Award. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is something we always strive for. All of our hotels reflect their area’s cultures whether it be in the USA or Europe.

Here is a little bit of history on our company. The Dorchester Collection is owned by the Dorchester Group Limited, formerly know as the Audley Group. It was established in 2006 for the purpose of managing some of the world’s must luxurious hotels located in Europe and the United States. The original Dorchester Hotel was bought by the Sultan of Brunei in 1987. He also bought the Beverly Hills Hotel at the same time. In 1991 he turned over ownership of both hotels to the Brunei Investment Agency. In 1996 the Audley Group, which is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency, was created. Their job was to manage the hotels.

The hotels in our collection are known worldwide for their reputations for offering the best in good service, good living and elegance. Here are the hotels that we have the honor of owning and managing. Of course there is the Dorchester Hotel. It was bought in 1987 and is located in London, England. The Beverly Hills Hotel, also purchased in 1987 is located in Beverly Hills, CA. Then we have Le Meurice, located in Paris, France and purchased in 1997. Another hotel located in Paris and bought in 1997, is the Plaza Athénée. The Hotel Principe di Savoia was bought in 2003 and is located in Milan, Italy. In 2008, the Hotel Bel-Air, located in Los Angeles, CA, was acquired. After closing down for two years to have some renovations done, it re-opened for business in 2011. Le Richemond is the oldest hotel in Geneva, Switzerland. It was purchased in 2011. Another hotel purchase that was made in 2011 was the purchase of 45 Park Lane, located in London, England. This hotel only has 45 rooms making it the smallest hotel of the collection. Coworth Park was also purchased in 2011. It is located in Ascot, Berkshire, England. Last, but surely not least is the Hotel Eden acquired in 2013 and located in Rome, Italy.

The luxury, charm and style of the Dorchester Collection has made it’s hotels the places people want to stay when they’re looking for comfort and elegance.

Industrial Safety Is a Big Concern in Developing Nations

It seems a year never goes by where you don’t hear news of some workplace tragedy or accident in a poor developing nation. Just recently, a collapse of a cement factory in Bangladesh killed 5 and injured over 30 other workers. This is not the first time Bangladesh has had a run-in with deadly industrial accidents. In 2013, approximately 1,000 workers died after a factory building collapsed. Developing nations cannot always afford all the safety equipment and regulations that more prosperous nations can. What’s more, they also have an increased chance of corrupt governments where businesses get around the rules, and workers are the ones who have to eventually pay the price.

Linked In makes it seem easy to take feeling safe on the job for granted in America. However, we had our own bloody history in the United States with a lack of building and worker safety that gradually improved over the past century and more. The 100th anniversary was marked just a few years ago of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in Manhattan. This was one of the deadliest workplace disasters in U.S. History with 146 people killed. It, and other smaller tragedies, spurred on reforms and improvements in city fire ordinances and safety rules and codes to bring us the safe urban centers that we sometimes forget were not always so safe. While accidents do still happen, with the explosion and leaking of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform being a recent example, they are fortunately minimized today compared to earlier times in our country.

The Antique Wine Company Anticipating More Record Breaking Sales

Founded in 1982 in London by Stephen Williams, the Antique Wine Company started in London and is available in over 70 countries. This fine wine company hosts some of the most splendid fine wine tasting events. It is also well known for it’s elaborate, decadent collection of wines with over 10,000 exotic wines in its cellars. The Antique Wine Company has had the most valuable wine sales in history, and since it is currently undergoing new changes in its leadership sales records may be broken again.

Most Valuable Wines
Of their collection the Antique Wine Company has sold some of the most valuable wines in history. Namely, it has a record breaking sale of a white wine called Chateau d’Yquem that sold for 75,000 pounds ($115,930). The wine was bottled in 1811. The fabulous white wine is on display in a restaurant owned by the buyer and he has plans to drink it someday.

Other sales from the AWC include a series of antique wines that were sold as an entire lot which the purchaser paid approximately $1.5 million.

New Leadership
In August of 2014 Stuart Young was assigned as the Antique Wine Company’s Sales Director. He will lead a team of approximately seven other individuals that will deal with direct sales in Asia and the United States. Stuart had an interesting career before joining the Antique Wine Company. He worked in the United States and in call centers prior to implementing his own training techniques for sales development. Upon meeting with the founder of the Antique Wine Company, Stephen decided to bring his knowledge to the forefront of wine sales by working directly with one of the world’s top wine companies.

Jean-Philippe Guillot has ten years of experience in fine wines and leads the Antique Wine Company’s sales in the Philippines and Asia. He and Stephen Young will work in tandem. With almost half of the company’s wine sales originating in Asia, this powerhouse sales team anticipates results as fine as the wine they sell.

Winning Wines
With previous sales that are record breaking it is hard to imagine how the Antique Wine Company can expand its territory much further. With new leadership in the sales department in crucial areas there may be enormous, potentially ground breaking sales results in the near future of the Antique Wine Company.

A Significant Pharmaceutical Company Acquisition: Valeant Purchases Salix

The large Canadian company Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. announced jointly with Salix Pharmaceuticals, a Raleigh, North Carolina based company, that Valeant will purchase Salix during a cash transaction. Including debt acquisition, the purchase will cost $14.6 billion dollars. Valeant expects to complete the transaction in the second quarter of 2015, provided that regulatory agencies approve.

Valeant has developed a reputation as a company that invests in purchasing smaller drug manufacturing firms which produce products that have already gone through the expensive research and development phase of testing. Last year, the Canadian firm attempted unsuccessfully to buy Allergen, Inc, the manufacturer of Botox. Paul Mathieson knows that Its latest acquisition, Salix Pharmaceuticals, manufactures Xifaxan, a medication widely used by patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Earlier this year, Salix rejected an expression of interest in purchasing it by Endo International, Plc. A British pharmaceutical firm called Shire Plc. was also reportedly preparing to submit an offer to purchase Salix Pharmaceuticals, but Valeant Pharmaceuticals presented a successful offer first.

Bruce Levenson – A Successful Businessman with a Philanthropic Heart

Bruce Levenson, a successful American businessman, was born in Washington, D.C and grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He graduated with a law degree from American University’s law school.

He started his career early while still in studying law in American University, by writing for American Star as a journalist. He also founded the United Communications Group from his apartment room. The newsletter named Oil Express under the UCG focused on developments in the oil industry. UCG acquired more newsletters spanning various topics such as health-care, mortgage banking, energy and such. Along with successful newsletters, he also owns a smart-phone application, GasBuddy, that helps people find low gas prices.

Levenson, a successful American businessman, is also the NBA team owner. He also co-owns Atlanta Hawks LLC. Always a sports lover he also runs Atlanta Hawks basketball team, Phillips arena and have served on the NBA Board of Governor as Hawks governor since 2004. Among other achievements, He is also a founding member of TechTarget which is a technology media company that provides online content for websites as well as IT brand advertising.

Along with being busy with his hands in so many businesses, he does not forget his philanthropic duties towards citizens. He actively participates in the Hoop Dreams Foundation and the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. He has served as president of Washington chapter of I Have a Dream Foundation. Which is a foundation that heps low-income households send their kids for higher education. He also donates to the SEED Foundation, U.S. Holocaust Museum and Seeds of Peace. He funds U.S. Holocaust Museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program which is a program to teach students the history of Holocaust and also trains them to be tour guides for the museum. He and his wife donated for the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland.