Why Outsourcing Your Online Marketing May Be A Good Idea

The term “small business owner” encompasses so many different things all in that one umbrella term. It is obviously a term that means someone who owns and operates their own business, but there are plenty of other hats that one has to put on when they are trying to make their business work. One of the things that they have to handle is their online marketing. However, a recent article from The Huffington Post suggests that perhaps it is a good idea to outsource some of that work.

The Time Factor

Consider the value of your time. Do you really need to be spending it on working on making that online marketing pitch just right? If you are really talented at marketing and enjoy the work, then perhaps it is worth it to you. However, many who run their own businesses do not necessarily have the skills or the time to dedicate to getting the marketing to work. That is perfectly acceptable, they can certainly outsource that work to someone who does.

Outsourcing Is Getting Better

At some points in time outsourcing certain types of work may not have been the best idea. The outsourcing providers were really not up to par and they could not produce what customers expect. That is changing rapidly though. Now, there are better trained and more able people working for outsourcing companies. They know what customers expect, and they are there to help provide those services. It is no surprise then that more businesses should look at this as an opportunity.

Put It On Auto-Pilot

The final reason to move to outsourcing online marketing is because you can set it and forget it. There is no reason for you to have to check in with the progress of the work every day or even every month. As long as there are no major bumps in the road, you can probably let it essentially run itself.

A successful online marketing program will keep you busy with all of the new customers it reels in. A less successful one may show no results at all, and then you will know that you need to check in with what is happening. However, for the most part the companies that work these programs are very good at what they do. It is a winning situation for everyone involved.

Rules for young and industrious entrepreneurs in Panama

In Panama, finding self-worth, success and adventure is much easier than people think. For youngsters who want to move to paradise and start personal businesses, these eight rules will come in handy by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa;

1. Identify your niche in the market. This niche should be in line with your skill set, field experience and most importantly passion. You should ignore the individuals who try and discourage you since they are mostly jealous about your ingenuity. Heavy research into the market will help you strategize.

2. Master the art of mobility. A good business should be built on a model of never being there. The easiest and low maintenance businesses on withknown.com are the ones that continue operating while you are sleeping. Coming up with a good idea without implementing is a common occurrence, do not be in that group.

3. Look for a perfect match. There are so many potential business partners, a trustworthy one with a strong work ethic should be the ideal one. Use of gut instincts helps in settling for a better match. The joining of forces will lead to doubling of accomplishments as you can rely on each other’s strengths.

4. It is a common misconception that a good GPA and a remarkable CV is the stepping stone to being a good entrepreneur like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Excellent performance will help in your business but that does not lock out the others. Most of the high-profile billionaires dropped out of school and that did not stop them from being successful.

5. Making it in life requires no shortcuts. Read a lot on your industry; sign up for blog lines and RSS feeds to be delivered to your email. Set your goals with a specific timeline and always ensure that you reward yourself when you achieve them.

6. Minimize the starting cost. Electricity bill, rent and the internet should be split amongst other startup businesses. Sharing an office and a secretary frees up a lot of funds. You should stay away from businesses that require large capital investments.

7. Failing to plan adequately is the same as planning to fail. Planning on how you will stay ahead of your competitors and always coming up with innovative ways to tap the current market will help you to never go obsolete.

8. Being a good student of the game. Finding a good mentor will accelerate your learning curve as well as steering you past the common mistakes.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Panama-based successful business man who is originally from Venezuela. He is privileged to be the treasurer, director and president of five different companies in Panama. He has been at the forefront of mentoring young leaders for the betterment of tomorrow. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a prominent member of the Panama business community.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: http://playacommunity.com/panama-articles/coronado-community/331-blank-67596435.html

Stephen P Murray Former CEO of CCMP Capital

On March 12, 2016 Stephen “Steve” P. Murray passed away in his Stamford, Connecticut home. He is survived by his wife and four sons.

Early Career

Stephen Murray started his financial career with a degree in economics from Boston College in 1984, and he continued on with his education by earning a Master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School.

Immediately after graduating from Boston College he applied and was accepted to the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

This led to a full time position at the firm which was purchased by Chemical Bank in 1991. His experience with Chemical Venture Partners was a great stepping stone to leading the buyout business at JP Morgan Partners.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://xrepublic.net/2014/09/11/stephen-murray-the-great-investor-and-deal-maker-for-ccmp-capital/

CCMP Capital CEO

17 years after graduating from Columbia, Murray co-founded CCMP Capital and was named CEO a year later. The firm was a spinoff from JP Morgan and Murray continued his work in buyouts and growth equity.

Along with running his new venture, Stephen Murray served on the board of several notable companies such as Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe and Pinnacle Foods.


In February of 2016, Murray left CCMP Capital citing undisclosed health issues. This incident followed a 60 day leave of absence in January of the same year. Greg Brenneman took over as CEO as the result of multiple key-man clauses on the fund.


Murray was especially passionate about supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, a non-profit which grants wishes to terminally ill children by providing trips or other adventures.

He also gave back to his alma maters Boston College and Columbia Business School. The Stamford Museum in Connecticut where Murray resided also benefitted from his generosity.

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CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Biography of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is very popular when it comes to finance. He is a leader and executive in the finance world. He is the President of Trucept, Incorporated. The amount of leadership experience he has is astounding.He has worked as a manager in many companies. One company that he has been a leader for in the past is the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

In his early life he had a very technical background. That is why he is so good at building businesses. He went to James Watt Technical College and he recieved a Bachelor’s Degree. But he didn’t stop there. After recieving his Bachelors , Brian went to Stafford University and got a Masters Degree.His educational background prepared him to be successful in the world of Finance.

He has a long history of working in Business and accomplishing a lot. He used to work as a manager for IBM. After that, he directed Engineering for QMS. At QMS, he was managing over 100 people. He was a sales manager for Adaptec. Brian always tried to move higher and higher up the ladder of success in the business and finance world. After working for various companies as a manager, he created his own company and called it Bezier Systems.

Brian has specialties and a approach like no other. His mind is very creative, and that makes him stand out from his other workmates. He combines his technical genius with his power of being an architect. Add that to his specialties that include mergers and acquisitions, and you have a person that is bound for success.

Just because Brian is such a leader in the business and finance world does not mean he is all work and no play. He is a family man who loves golfing and spending time with his family. He also likes going on boating trips.Trucept Incorporated is where you can find Brian now. He is currently the President of Trucept Incorporated. Trucept is all about bringing solutions to companies.

For example, if your company needs help when it comes to their payroll Trucept can help manage their payroll.They can also help manage a company’s human resource administration and employee benefits. Trucept can help manage a company, so the business can just focus on its business and let Trucept handle everything else. They are good at assisting companies that need help, plans, and suggestions.

They can also provide staffing solutions, help with taxes, and they can help a business with their human resources documents.It is important to have good risk management if you want to start and maintain a successful business. Trucept can help you do that.Brian Bonar is not only the President, he is the Chairman of the Board at Trucept Incorporated. Take a look at his MG2 profile here.


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Educational Opportunities To Save Are Available Online Now

How often do parents get stuck in debt trying to help their children finance their education? The same thing happens to students with tons of student loan debt. This affects their credit and takes up a lot of their money after college. Fortunately, College Savings Bank is there to help. They offer their customers over 549+ college saving programs. In a recent PRN News article NexBank a Dallas based bank has acquired College Savings Bank for an undisclosed amount of money. However, College Savings Bank will still continue to operate under their same name. Discover how easy it is for you to save for college with NexBank.

NexBank has been proudly serving the Dallas area for over 50 years, but is one of the fastest growing online banking institutions in the industry. They do more than just keep your money sitting. NexBank offers interest bearing accounts that help you earn money when it’s sitting. In fact, NexBank is FDIC insured for customer protection. Their top priority is your customer service satisfaction. Have access to your money any time you want from many compatible devices including your tablet. You’ll never have to worry about being excluded from free service options as a new member.

Once you register for an account you will have immediate access to your account. Don’t let other people be able to have access to your money before you do. Take back your financial freedom with options offered by NexBank. You’ll be glad you did and save money for college.

NexBank Acquires College Savings Bank

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Find Out The Reasons Digital Advertiser Should Demand Transparency

Digital advertising industry is one of the worlds with opaqueness right from the early days of ad networks. As ad networks are the intermediaries between the publishers and advertisers, they are in a position to be largely non-transparent resulting into extremely high margins and limited reporting to either the publisher or advertiser. However, ad networks facilitate the execution of large scale advertising and enabling advertisers to reach a large audience in different locations.

Since ad networks lacked transparency, everything changed with the advent of the programmatic advertising. There was a breakthrough in dividing the buy-side technology and sell-side technology. Although this division was assumed by many to be useful for transparency purposes, the word “transparency” and the way ad networks use it means visibility. However, which part of the advertising is made visible? The following are some forms of transparency advertisers can demand.

Advertisers can demand inventory availability from their ad networks. This problem was somehow solved by the introduction of the real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic advertising. However, although it is possible to view the exact domains where your ad is running, there are still many platforms that do not provide such information.

The second thing advertisers can demand is targeting data from third parties using platforms like the demand-side platform (DSP). The problem is that it does not provide lots of transparency. While there are other tools advertisers may use to access targeting data, it means an extra burden of cost and time than would rather be if marketers could provide the data.

The other bit of transparency which the advertisers deserve is where their ads are shown. Unfortunately, there are many tech companies which pretend to be DSPs but do not provide performance reporting to their clients. It is part of providing a detailed level of visibility. It should be made available in real-time if possible because there is no reason in 2016 why a company may not be able to provide the data. It is also important for advertisers to know their ad budget, especially what is paid to the vendors and the media. Whether the advertiser is dealing with DSP or ad network, it is a vital aspect of transparency.

The Midas Legacy And Life Fulfillment

Update 8/29/2016 — Want to experience how The Midas Legacy provides smart ideas for everyday success? Check out one of the latest blog posts Steal this secret of the Rich Man.



The Midas Legacy deserves a lot of recognition for the wide range of services that it offers people. For one thing, it helps people achieve life fulfillment. It doesn’t matter what goals they are pursuing. The Midas Legacy takes the time to offer advice and provide resources that will help them achieve their goals. They will also provide options on the different methods to for their fulfillment. Among the goals they are helping people achieve is becoming an overall better person. This is actually quite a general goal in nature. However, Midas is willing to help people achieve that. It doesn’t matter what the client defines as a better person.

They are also willing to offer advice to clients on improving their own lives and their mental well being on themidaslegacy.com. Among the things they would recommend doing is helping others. When someone helps others, it usually makes him feel better about himself. One thing that can help improve one’s won self image is the idea that he is contributing. If he is bringing value to people, he is going to want to do more of that so that he can continue to feel better about himself. This will also give him the confidence and the encouragement to pursue other goals.

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The experts at The Midas Legacy has experienced these benefits themselves. They know how it feels to know that a person is doing much better because of them. This is why they encourage helping others for life fulfillment, improvement of self worth, spiritual fulfillment and other goals. After all, people need people. If they are doing nothing to contribute to the well being of one another, they are less likely to find joy.

The Midas Legacy is one agency that should not only be trusted, but sought after for advice on various aspects of life. People who have received help from Midas have walked away feeling whole. They have learned the value of helping others. For one thing, pretty much many aspects of life centers around helping others. For instance, starting a business or even working a job comes down to helping others.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy: http://themidaslegacy.com/contact/

Improved Communication and Interaction Between Teacher and Parent

When you think about how parents and teachers communicate you often think about the meetings that occur quarterly called the parent/teacher conference where the parents actually get the opportunity to talk with the teacher face to face about how their child is doing in school and the teacher gets the opportunity to go over the child’s grades and areas needing improvement. While these conferences will still more than likely occur, there is a new way for parents and teachers to communicate where they do not have to wait on this quarterly meeting to share information. ClassDojo is an app that is changing the way parents and teachers communicate and helps enhance the education of the child in this regard.

When using the ClassDojo app teachers are able to share photos and videos of the child during the day as the child is interacting with other students while doing class work or projects and even share adventures such as field trips or other events that occur during the school day. The parents are able to see their child at school like they have never been able to before with this app. Teachers and parents are also able to text each other privately by using this app which further opens the door to communication between them and helps create a communication platform like they have never had before.

The ClassDojo app also features a calendar of events as a way that teachers and administrators are able to post important upcoming events for parents to know about and try to attend. This feature is very important and helps parents feel confident that they won’t miss something in the future.

Now in approximately two-thirds of school across the United States, the ClassDojo app is rapidly being placed in schools as a way of creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. Schools are taking advantage of all this app features in order to create open communication lines between parents and teachers and administration staff. No longer do parents feel that they are in the dark about the child’s education and no longer do teachers feel that the parents are as involved. This helps them both to interact for the child’s best interest which only creates a more positive learning environment for the child.

ClassDojo is certainly changing things for the good and all classrooms can benefit from its use on a regular basis to improve the education of the student.

Nizan Guanaes and His Achievements

Advertising and marketing have played a critical role in reaching out to existing and potential customers. It has served a crucial purpose in the business world by letting sellers compete effectively with each other to get buyer’s attention. With an ineffective marketing campaign, customers do not get to know your products and services, resulting in great losses for your business or company. Marketing your products and services effectively heightens the sales of your venture hence boosting its profits.


With today’s stiff competition in the market, companies ought to know their competitors and plan well on how to curb competition. Admen, on the other hand, need to commit themselves to quality and constant improvement to catch up with the rapidly changing technology. Nizan Guanaes is a perfect example of marketer whose projects are renowned and successful. Mr. Guanaes is the founder and chairperson of ABC group, a principle national capital company in the Brazilian advertising market. The ABC Company comprises of 18 firms in the entertainment, content, and advertising sectors and specialized marketing services. Nizan Guanaes is one of the most successful admen both in Latin America and the entire world.


Before founding ABC, Nizan Guanaes was the president and founding partner of Africa Propaganda. Africa Propaganda is an advertising firm with an exclusive framework and a notable and unique positioning. As an astute marketer, Guanaes led the company to its record growth making it the seventh largest in Brazil. He also worked for iG – Internet Group of Brazil as its president from 2000 to 2002. At iG, Mr. Guanaes created the innovative free-of-charge internet portal in Brazil. He also transformed the company from a startup venture worth $20 million to a market leader worth $150 million.


Besides advertising and marketing, Nizan dedicates most his free time to social causes, entrepreneurship and the preservation of Brazil’s cultural heritage. Mr. Guanaes has been a key participant in the establishment of Together for Girls, a worldwide collaboration that addresses sexual violence against girls and women.


Thor Halvorssen Leads the Fight Against Tyranny

In Matt Labash’s article Troublemaker for Tyrants, he explores the life and works of Thor Halvorssen, the human rights activist and founder of the Human Rights Foundation.

Thor is no newcomer to the battles for human rights. His Grandfather, who helped to shield Norway’s merchant fleet from the Nazis by bringing it to Venezuela during the second world war. And Thor’s mother was shot while participating in an anti-Che Guevara protest. With a family background so overflowing with anti-oppression zeal it’s no wonder that Thor spends as much time as possible with dissidents who are willing to stand up to tyranny.

However, the battle to show authoritarian governments for what they really are can’t be won solely with a microphone from a safe distance. Sometimes someone has to jump into the thick of things to bring out the truth, and Thor isn’t one to shy away from doing his part. In fact, he was beaten by Vietnamese security forces after interviewing the patriarch of a banned church in Vietnam.

The HRF has made a practice of only choosing the largest opponents on the field. Unlike other advocacy groups which often concern themselves with issues within the United States, the HRF tries to let other organizations worry about the smaller evils and instead focus their efforts on places like Cuba which is still holding 114 persons as political prisoners.

Thor Halvorssen is also a film maker and has produced several films in his battle to expose tyranny. For Thor and the Human Rights Foundation, political inclinations aren’t an issue.

The HRF isn’t alone in their fight. With the help of Thor’s charisma, the organization continues to attract notable donors like Peter Thiel, the co-founder of Paypal and Sergey Brin of Google. He’s shown his dedication to his cause by appointing people like Garry Kasparov, an outspoken protester to Russia’s President Putin.

Unlike other human rights organizations that may commit their resources towards small or trendy domestic issues, Thor and his HRF makes it their mission to focus on correcting only the biggest injustices worldwide and they have the track record to prove it.

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