Felipe Montoro Jens Assesses The Infrastructure Of Brazil

Government agencies across Brazil have recently been reporting the need to invest heavily in the infrastructure of the nation as areas including basic water sanitation have not seen major upgrades in a number of years. Public sector investment specialist Felipe Montoro Jens has recently been examining the benefits that can be had from the announcement of significant concessions made to private sector companies making the decision to become involved in the water sanitation process.


Both Felipe Monotoro Jens and Edison Carlos of Trata Brasil believe major benefits can be obtained for the public when private sector experts become involved in the development of basic water sanitation technology. In Brazil, the number of private water companies taking part in sanitation projects is low with around 90 percent of waste water programs operated by power companies and a further 70 percent by state owned companies. Water losses remain high in many regions as a lack of investment has allowed limited levels of new technology to be used in many areas, but a dedicated list of concessions should make a major difference in the view of Felipe Montoro Jens.


A leading infrastructure specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens has developed a strong career that sees him able to provide his skills in various areas including financial and planning sectors. The global recognition of the work completed by the financial expert has seen him take up positions with world renowned organizations, such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Enron.


The graduate of the Thunderbird School of Global Management has recently developed his own career as a public speaker at events, such as the World Economic Forum where he discussed the benefits of bringing major corporations to South American countries.


Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck Fights for Client Rights

Karl Heideck works to protects his client's rights
Protect your rights, contact Karl Heideck today.

UPDATED May 25th, 2017 – Karl Heideck recently shared his thoughts on the recent lawsuit brought about by the City of Philadelphia against Wells Fargo, read more over at the phillypurge.com.

The U.S. judicial system is complex. This particularly is the case when it comes to civil litigation, lawsuits in both state and federal courts. Due to the complexity of civil cases, it is imperative that a party to a lawsuit have access to the professional services of a litigation attorney.

Oftentimes, a litigation attorney actually begins preparing for a career in the courtroom while still in law school. He or she will focus on courses like civil procedure and litigation practice as a prelude to embarking on a career as a litigator.

Once in practice, a litigation attorney is also able to enhance his or her career through specialized training and continuing legal education courses. This is an ongoing process that permits a litigator the ability to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to trial practice.

In the final analysis, experience matters when it comes to an effective litigator. At the heart of garnering experience is actual time spent in a courtroom.

Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck Fight for Your Rights
Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck Fight for Your Rights

Since graduating from law school in the past decade, Karl Heideck has garnered a reputation as a solid litigation attorney. There are a number of reasons why Heideck has laid the foundation to be considered a capable litigator.

One reason why Heideck garners high marks as a litigator comes from his depth of experience in the field. He has represented a wide array of different types of clients, including many involved in very complex lawsuits.

Heideck also has a varied legal background which enhances his abilities as a litigator. For example, he is involved in mediation, including commercial mediation.

His educational background is also one of the reasons why Heideck has become a highly regarded litigation attorney. Heideck graduated from Temple University in 2009, earning his law degree. Before attending Temple University, Heideck received a BA from Swarthmore College in English and literature, with a concentration in letters.

Read Karl Heideck’s blog to learn more about his life as a litigator in Jenkintown, PA.

Andrew Rocklage the Entrepreneur, a Force to Reckon with In the Boston Business Landscape

With entrepreneurship being the hallmark of many economies, it is vital to understand how to run businesses if not setting up in the first place. Entrepreneurship can be challenging even if it may seem easy. That is why Andrew Rocklage is celebrated for his outstanding performance in founding Sky Zone Trampoline, an amusement park located in Boston, Massachusetts. The alumnus of Suffolk University majored in law in the same city. Before graduating with law, Andrew Rocklage attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.




He majored in science and the management of sports. This was his specialty throughout the Management School of Isenberg. Even with sufficient knowledge in law from campus, Andrew has not been the world’s typical attorney. His experience and expertise in business set him apart. For young business prospects, Andrew is an excellent role model who explored talent and passion for executing business in different fields.




As a business proprietor at his age, Andrew has demonstrated the strength that comes with possessing an in-depth understanding of the business environment in Boston. Through this understanding, he has been able to open an enterprise that has not only won a large client base but also, provided excellent customer care for services. Andrew’s way of handling Sky Zone Trampoline explains the importance of branding to business. He has packaged his business in an exquisite and portfolio that commands respect from users. To win the hearts of clients at Trampoline, Andrew Rocklage has ensured to recruit the right team for his business.




As the chief executive officer, his decision on who should serve clients matters a lot. This is because he does not run the business on the owner to client basis. He has put people in charge of executing the ideas he brings to life. The people who serve clients on his behalf have been trained to offer excellent and satisfactory services to promote return customers and referrals. Andrew Rocklage screens the team before hiring. This strategy helps him in making the right call when he interviews and lastly, absorbs his team into management. According to client reviews, the team on the ground at Sky Zone Trampoline is supportive.





With the passion of continuing to develop talent and creating job opportunities for his colleagues, Andrew continues to pose as a force to reckon with in the entrepreneurial landscape of Boston. To the world, he is an excellent service provider of fun and recreational activates. To business prospects, he is the ideal man to look up to. To students, Andrew poses as the career executive and entrepreneur to admire and emulate. Aside from working at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, he is a member of the corporate counsel of Biopharmaceuticals. He combines knowledge and technology to innovative creation. This trait has seen him succeed in business. He employs his knowledge in law to make smart decisions in business.



Ubuntu Fund and the Role of Andrew Rolfe on Funds with no Strings Attached

Ubuntu Fund and the Role of Andrew Rolfe on Funds with no Strings Attached

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a non-profit organization that Andrew Rolfe helps to run. It was founded by Jacob Lief to provide health and educational support to orphans, the poor people in society, and vulnerable children of the Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape Province. Most non-profits receive donations with numerous stipulations on them on how the money should be spent, the programs it should be spent on, others want to be involved in the running of the program, and many other strings attached. This has led the Ubuntu Fund organization to turn down offers that have restrictions on them.


The Ubuntu Model includes building a sustainable institution that invests in people based in the community. It focuses on the quality and not the quantity of the donations. Andrew Rolfe is involved in ensuring that Ubuntu Fund receives nonrestricted donations. They would rather raise smaller sums of money and change more lives. They are now resolving to work with children at the individual level. They aim at providing the impoverished children with education, health and medical assistance, shelter, clothing, and other arising needs. Charitable organizations need enough money to run their programs. The programs include staff training, IT support, and whatever else they need to help advance their cause. Many non-profits have hit deadlines on conflicts arising between the organizations and donors. Many people advise cohesive agreements before receiving the funds. Most of them are now saying no to restricted donations.


Ubuntu board of directors comprises of prominent business and civil society leaders from South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the board of directors at Ubuntu Fund. His mission is to help people. He has offered generous, continued, and no strings attached support to the Ubuntu Fund. Andrew Rolfe has personally donated a hundred thousand dollars to the Ubuntu Education Fund. He has a very close working relationship with Jacob Lief on the Ubuntu Model. The model received criticism at first, but more non-profits are embracing it.




Greg Secker is someone who can be described using many terms because of success that he has achieved. He has excelled in entrepreneurship, trading, and international speaking and also he is also active in philanthropic undertakings. Greg has been able to achieve great success while in the city and because of such success, he decided to inspire others to achieve the same success because his desire is to see people excel in what they are doing.

He has decided to dedicated part of his time to travel throughout the world teaching people the best skills so that they can be productive and live healthy lives after making use of their qualifications. He teaches them how to become productive by using Forex Trade skills to make easy and quick money. For over a decade, Greg Secker has helped more than 200, 000 people to acquire income through trade in the market regarding currency.

He can show people the secret of making money.

They are ways that are proven, and they have worked for many people. Those who have followed his teachings and used the strategies have acquired money. He has managed to urge people to take actions immediately and invest so that they can create wealth without taking long.


The world is currently facing tough times regarding finances. However, with skilled people like Greg Secker, things have changed for different individuals who were experiencing hard times trying to earn some income. Many have found their financial freedom by working closely with Greg and following his footsteps. He shows budding entrepreneurs to how they can utilize just thirty minutes in a day and earn money which can sustain their lives.


Apart from teaching people how to earn an income,Greg Secker is also working to ensure that the world becomes a better place.He started an organization which is non-profitable called The Greg Secker Foundation.The foundation works to make sure people around the world can improve their lives in a positive manner. The organization has also established a partnership with youth programs to help in developing various sectors.They are focused in areas such as real leadership, sustainable development and teaching people proper life skills.

Goettl Air Conditioning: The Real Deal

When it comes to companies, customers know what is going on and they know what the real deal is as they have many resources out there that allow them to find out what a company is about and what their motives are. Because of this, it is up to the companies to be as real as possible with their customers. They need to come across as organic and authentic. They can’t come across as fake, phony, or like someone is bothering them. They need to have engaging personalities and they need it to be real. People can smell it and sense it when it is fake.

That is something that Ken Goodrich will not stand for at Goettl Air Conditioning. He is the real deal after all and this is a man that wears his heart on his sleeve. It is hard not to admire that about the man. When he speaks, people stand up, they listen, and they take it to heart. They know they are speaking with a man that really, truly cares. It is a feeling and feelings can’t be faked. He is a man of results and he believes in getting results at every possible turn.

Goettl Air Conditioning specializes in many things such as repairs, maintenance, and installation. They like to be a jack of all trades, so to speak. The more they can offer the customers, the better off the company and the customers will be. One can never know or guess what kind of problem might be around the corner for a company. That is why it is important to stay ahead of the curve instead of falling behind or getting lost in the shuffle. That has never been a problem for Goettl Air Conditioning under Ken Goodrich and it never will be because of his passion.


How to Take Advantage of Slow Online Business

If you have a business or company, you know that things aren’t going strong all of the time. There will inevitably be slow times in your business, and that’s okay. Everyone who owns a business experiences this. With that being said, you shouldn’t just stop doing anything to help your business along when it slows down. There are some definite things that you can do during this time that will help you in the future when things pick back up again.

First, start networking. You need to get in touch with others who are interested in your business or who work in the same business as you. These may be people that you knew in high school or college, or they may be people that you’ve worked with in the past, or they may be people that you have only heard about. There’s no harm in reaching out to them to see if they are interested in connecting with you on a business level.

Next, you can do some marketing. Naturally, as the business owner, you know how important social media and advertising are in general. But it can be difficult to keep up with these things when business is at its busiest. That means that it’s a great thing to work on when business slows down. Start uploading more to social media and connecting with your current or future clients and customers. You might improve the look of your website or consider starting up a discount program or sale to entice more clients and customers to buy your products or services.

Finally, if you have been run into the ground with busyness lately and this is your first respite in a long time, take a break. Taking a much deserved break when you need it can actually help your business grow because it will give you time to incubate some new ideas and get away from the hustle and bustle for a while.

Felipe Montoro Jens and Edison Carlos Air their Views on Concessions Generated by the BNDES Program

The Brazilian government unveiled that it would undertake concessions via a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. This announcement elicited reactions from various parties such as Felipe Montoro Jens and Edison Carlos, the president of Trata Brasil. Edison Carlos cited in an interview that he believed the services offered would undergo enhancements in terms of resource, structural and management areas. On the other hand, Felipe raised the issue on the reduction of waste levels.


According to Edison, 90% of Brazil’s basic sanitation is done by public power whereby 70% state organizations serve 70% of the users. He also said that the existence of the private initiative was not a sufficient excuse to exclude the public since the two types of management can operate better if they complement each other. Additionally, Edison reiterated that government entities boast of vital experience, which can prove useful through collaboration with other firms.


Edison pointed out the importance of maintaining clear goals when drafting contracts, especially when it comes to partnerships that involve concessions. He emphasized the importance of inspections by government agencies, especially in areas where the services will be offered.


A Closer Look at Felipe Montoro Jens


Throughout his career, Felipe Montoro Jens has proven to be one of the most brilliant corporate executives in Brazil. Over the years, he has worked for numerous companies such as Terna S.p.A ( Enel Group S.p.A.) not only in the structured finance area but also in project development. Furthermore, Felipe Montoro Jens has served PricewaterhouseCoopers in the consulting and auditing areas, as well as Enron in the global structured finance area.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a proud alumnus of the Fundao Getito Vargas, where he attained his degree in business administration. He also holds a postgraduate degree in international management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. During the 2011 World Economic Forum on Latin America in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Felipe served as a guest speaker.

The Love for Kabbalah

The desire for spiritual guidance is strong among millions of people, all over the world. Many people seek a venue to express themselves and know that a bigger power is watching over them. The feeling of spiritual completeness is a great feeling and many people seek to have this feeling all of their lives. There are countless religions that many people look to for answers. One of these is an extension of a bigger religion that is followed all over the world. Many people may have heard of Kabbalah from celebrities and Hollywood gossip websites but Kabbalah is so much more than a celebrity fantasy. With that said, many celebrities in Hollywood seem very fascinated with Kabbalah. Kabbalah is known as a Jewish mysticism that people have been practicing for centuries. Many people high up in the faith believe that Kabbalah is too complex for the average individual to learn in a few years. They believe that it takes several years of training in the faith to really get it completely. In recent years, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars seem very interested in Kabbalah.

The proclaimed “Queen of Pop” Madonna has been the poster child for Hollywood’s fascination with Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Centre. Madonna has come out in the public to profess her love for the mysticism and she has been seen wearing the red yarn bracelet, which Kabbalah has made famous. Learn more how preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing The red yarn bracelet signifies their dedication to the faith. Other celebrities like Paris Hilton have been seen at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by Philip Berg and his wife. Together, they have created a safe space in California where people can go for teachings and guidance. You may have a watch at Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube

The Kabbalah Centre employs teachers from all walks of life to teach their classes. People from all over the world can take classes online with the Kabbalah Centre.

Is The Car Market Ready For Carvana?

Carvana is an online business that reflects a solid online marketing concept. The site deals with buying and selling cars. Although the need to purchase vehicles is embodied by millions of customers, the number of online hubs for buying and selling cars is hardly crowded.

Maybe the reason it is not crowded is because the interest level in this type of business model is low. Carvana has suffered a huge loss after debuting as an IPO. Carvana lost a massive 26% of its stock value on its very first day. The IPO opened at $15 per share and ended up being worth only $11.10 when the trading day closed. Yes, this is only the first day but it was a pretty bad first day.

Carvana’s concept is relatively simple. Buyers can purchase a used vehicle online without ever having to go to a lot or dealing with sales personnel. Better yet, Carvana promotes door-to-door delivery. The car is dropped off at the buyer’s residence. The buyer also gains a week worth of test driving to make sure he/she is happy with the purchase.

The cars are not junkers either. Rental fleets comprise a significant number of vehicles, which indicates they have low mileage and are in good shape.

Sellers also get a nice benefit from the business concept. Simply listing the vehicle online removes a number of unwanted or cumbersome steps.

A brutal first day on a public stock exchange does not automatically mean Carvana is doomed to failure, but there is something about Carvana that may undermine its prognosis for success. People to like to check out a car in person before making a buy. Ordering a book online is no-risk. Buying a car online, well, this is a little trickier. Carvana may not be able to overcome this hurdle.

Image is Everything