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Problems arise in every business. How they are handled determines how well the business will do with loyal clients and new clients as well. After all, if customer service is lousy and complaints are ignored, customers will find another business to deal with.

No business wants to be known as a business that ignores customer complaints. The best businesses will not only listen to the complaints. They will implement ideas and strategies to fix the complaints and limit future complaints.

White Shark Media has experienced their fair share of complaints from dissatisfied customers. Complaints ranged from not being able to get in touch with a contact person to being given a contact person that did not know them or their business. It was a frustrating situation for the customers.

White Shark Media knew that to keep customers satisfied, they must be heard and problems must be fixed. By assigning each client a contact person with knowledge of their needs they were able to cut down on the number of dissatisfied customers. They also implemented a monthly meeting so that clients could review problems or questions with their contact person.

By fixing the communication problems, White Shark Media was able to keep loyal customers happy. When customers are satisfied they tell others. Word of mouth is a powerful way to build a business…or to sink one. By making sure the people were happy, White Shark Media actually built their business.

Complaints are hard for a business. Sometimes they are very frustrating. Everyone wants to be patted on the back and told that they did a good job. There are some simple steps every business can use to make sure they get fewer complaints.

The first step is to listen carefully to your customers. Even if the problem can’t be easily fixed, being aware of it will help. You can assure your clients that you are working on a solution.

Next, try to solve the problem. If a customer is complaining about call back times- fix it. Make it a priority to return calls. If they are unhappy with the contact person, find someone else that can answer their questions.

Lastly, get feedback. Ask if the problem was solved to their satisfaction. Feedback will allow you to see what you did right and where you could improve. With these easy steps you will get fewer complaints and happier clients.

Dog Food Should Be Carefully Considered

Most people that own a pet or two care deeply about them and count them as family. And, when that is true, then those that own pets should make sure that they are giving their pets the right kind of nutrition to help them to live long lives. They will want to make sure that the dogs that they own are staying strong and healthy by eating Beneful. And the one thing that they can be doing every day to make sure that that is true of their dogs is to purchase a good brand of dog food for them.

Some pet owners might not believe that the food that they are feeding to their dog is all that important, and that is why many dogs have become unhealthy and live too short of lives. Too many pet owners pick up dog food from brands that just do not care about what they are putting into their food. They purchase dog food from brands that are all about earning money over keeping dogs healthy, and that is not a good thing. Pet owners who truly care about their pets and meeting their needs need to start feeding them the right kind of food. They need to make sure that they are doing what is right for them in regard to that, and then they’ll be able to know that they’re doing all that they can to keep them living long lives.

Beneful is one company that knows how to keep dogs healthy. It has taken it on as its goal to deliver dog food to dog owners that is nutritious and made with simple ingredients. When dog owners watch an advertisement by Beneful that claims this they can know that it is true. They may even begin to notice a change in their dog once he starts eating the food from this brand. He might become more lively and happy because of how much healthier this brand is than most other kinds of dog food.

It is very important that every dog owner that cares about their pet does what is right for him, and that means that they should be picking up only the best brand of dog food each time that they go to the store. The food that their dog is consuming every day plays a big role in his overall health, and if they want him to live a long and healthy life, then they are going to need to be taking their dog food purchases more seriously. They’ll have to consider things and make sure that they are purchasing from the right brand, so that their dog can go on to live the kind of life that they want for him.

Kyle Bass: Successful Career Overshadowed By Frantic Investments

Kyle Bass is a very successful businessman who founded Hayman Capital Management in 2006. He made his fortune by effectively foreseeing the 2008 mortgage crisis. For some time, he has been seen as a whiz. Eyewitnesses hopped to the conclusion that Bass was some sort of unstoppable genius.

But as time went on Kyle Bass has made some awful decisions.In addition to making awful business decisions, he’s made bad partnerships and alliances. He sees Argentina as a good country to invest in,so he has become a partner and big supporter of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. But, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has done nothing but make Argentina economy worse . She is rich, but very corrupt.

Jim McTague is an Editor of a well-known magazine. He believes “Bass has had a troubling time of it as of late…..suddenly, the previous illuminator can’t get anything right.” While it’s hard “to know precisely how Bass’ trusts are getting along in light of the fact that he keeps his reserve’s real execution measurements near the vest,” news reports say he “lost some place around 30% in 2014, the mirror inverse of the business’ best-performing support investments administrators.”

McTague cites a late article in which Bass himself confessed to having had “an intense year.” “It’s decent to win constantly,” Bass said. “When you are not winning and other people is, it makes life troublesome.”

Bass, reports McTague, declines to discuss his and Spangenberg’s shabby patent ploy. Then, the most recent news from Capitol Hill is that bills activated by Bass’ exercises have effectively cleared both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, with administrators trusting that before the current month’s over a law will be on the books that “cut[s] the legs from under this specific Bass technique.”

The short time he had in the financial industry spotlight has been crowded by his bad decisions lately.In 2014 , Kyle lost a whopping 30% of his investments.

Today Kyle’s mind is mostly on 2 things : oil, and Argentina.What plans in the future will he concoct? Time will only tell.

Coffee Loverss Can’t Get Enough Organo Gold Coffee and Bernardo Chua Tells Us Why

Bernardo Chua, friends call him “Bernie”, laughs when people assume he is from Columbia or Brazil. “I know my name sounds more Spanish than it does Chinese but you can see my birth record, I was definitely born in the Philippians.” His name may sound Spanish and his looks are definitely Chinese, however, after you meet Bernardo Chua, you swear you just met an alien. This 5’6 foot man is so enthusiast and happy about life, you can’t help but feel like he wants to sit crossed legged on the ground with you and talk about life. Bernie has been known to chat about family and recipes for hours at business meetings. His business partner and co founder of Organo Gold says “Before every meeting I have to give Bernie his anti happy, sit still pills so he can remain focused on business. But Bernie is just naturally a great guy and when he asks about your family, he really means it.”

On his Facebook, Bernie had one thing in common with his current partner Shane Morand and that was their love for motivational speakers such as Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins and Jim Rohn. “I grew up listening to these men and was so impressed with their ethical business practices and that they had such heart for people. Shane and I both agree that when we are no longer helping or loving what we do we will quit and drink Mai Tai’s on the beach.” Organo Gold is a gourmet coffee company that is sold all over the world and is currently being served in the finest restaurants and hotels, coffee houses and world famous bakeries. “People do not want to drink a cup of coffee. They want every sip on a drink that reminds them of their favorite memory or favorite taste and they want to escape. After countless taste tests we have made a coffee that is not just remarkably delicious, it takes you away to your happy place.”

The Remarkable Life Of Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a renowned Brazilian businessman. He is the son of politician Paulo Flavio. Born in 1961, Flavio was raised in Brazil and attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in Sao Paulo where he completed his undergraduate in mechanical engineering. Flavio went to the popular New York University where he studied about administration. After graduation, he worked briefly as a professor at the university.

He met and married his wife Jacqueline de Lourdes Torres Coutinho while still in New York. In 1987, they moved to Brazil and joined Eucatex. He first worked in the company’s trade sector before moving to the industrial area where he served until 1996. Flavio was invited to the Eucatex Group Executives by his uncle who was the President of Eucatex at the time. In his position as a Group Executive member, Flavio managed to introduce the use of technology in the management structure of Eucatex. Flavio introduced new ideas that enhanced operational efficiency at the company leading to his election as the company’s president in 1997.

Eucatex was established in 1951. The corporation is regarded as the first environmentally conscious company. The company produces panels and ceiling tiles by using Eucalyptus, as its raw material. Eucatex also uses soft wood fibers as part of their raw materials. The company produces hard boards, soft boards, furniture, varnishes, paints, ceiling panels and tiles.

The corporation’s management made a decision to preserve natural resources using their corporate responsibility arm. Eucatex has bought large tracts of land where they are involved in reforestation projects. Through the reforestation projects, the company is able to meet the growing demand for different furniture products. Flavio has helped the firm start a recycling plant in Salto City. The recycling plant recycles wood waste. Eucatex uses bio gas as its source of fuel. The use of bio gas has served to increase the rate of production.

Flavio is known for being philanthropic. He contributes to community development projects and environmental causes. Recently, he participated in the Idio Carli hospital fundraising drive whose aim was to buy better equipment to improve the health care services. Besides, Flavio is a family man who has a daughter and two sons. His eldest son is an administration student at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. His second child is a chemical engineering graduate in London. His last born child is still a high school student who has dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer in the near future.

Why Financial Knowledge Is Good In Investment

Many different countries depend highly in financial institutions for financial support. This has led to increased economic development among many countries across the world. The financial field has attracted a large number of people who have invested with the aim of capitalizing on the profit outcome. This has led to development of different types of financial firms in the recent years. Brad Reifler is one of the leading financial personalities in the world. He graduated with a degree in economics and political science from the Bowdoin College in the United States of America. After completing his education, he joined the financial world and established the Reifler Trading Corporation in the year 1982. This was his depute into the financial world and subsequently scaled the company to reach greater heights in the field of finance. He later moved to Pali Capital which he started and developed successfully. During his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer, the company developed into a multinational company raising the profit standards to an estimated amount of over 200 million dollars. This was one of the biggest achievements of Brad Reifler during his long period at the helm of leadership.

His immense experience in the financial world made him move through many companies with success. He is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer at Forefront Income Trust. This is a financial firm that helps middle class Americans invest in businesses that were only meant for the first class elite. Through this initiative, people can invest with reduced collateral until the investment reaches 8%. This is when the company starts collecting dividends. The company is leading the way in corporate social responsibility initiative where it donates 3% of its earnings from the investment to the veterans and the military families. He has developed and spearheaded the company to be among the most notable company in the United States of America. He has continued to serve on various financial advisory boards and is one of the most sought after financial personality by many investors aiming to earn a living through finance.

The Role of Technology in the Workplace

Marc Sparks has proven success time and time again alongside with failure and the knowledge of what works and does not work within a business. As an entrepreneur who has developed over sixty start-up companies since the 1970s and the founder of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm, Sparks can provide some valuable insight into major and minor problems that most individuals face in the workplace as well as viable solutions.

In the article “Mark Sparks: Let’s Meet, but First Unplug and Tune In”, posted during summer 2013 in Marc Sparks: On Work, it depicts a typical picture seen in today’s technology driven age. Sparks tells a story of a young man who came in to interview for a job at one of his companies who appeared business desirable in most aspects, yet midway through the interview the unthinkable happened. Not only did his cell phone ring, but he made the choice to take the call and ultimately determined his career fate that day. Needless to say, Sparks dismissed the recent college graduate on the mere fact that he considered his phone call a higher priority than providing the interviewer undivided attention.

This is a relatively common theme to see in today’s workforce. Individuals are glued to their phones instead of focusing on tasks at hand but Sparks has a solution. He keeps a small basket on a table located just outside his office with the purpose of having individuals who come in for a meeting place their phone in it to ensure their full attention is given during their time together. He divulges into the reasoning behind this decision, simply stating that when he holds a meeting with someone, it is on his time so attention must be focused on the topics at hand. Sparks compares the irritation that incurs when individuals constantly check their phone during a meeting as equivalent to someone sneezing in his face.

Not only does Sparks discuss cell phone use in the blog, but he expands his technology rule to laptops as well viewing open computers as a wall between the individual and whoever they are trying to have a discussion with. Additionally, many people tend to hide behind laptops during meetings instead of becoming an active participant in the topic. Making an excellent point, Sparks generalizes this concept to all aspects of life, stating that the same respect should be applied in any scenario and not just in the workplace.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog

Adam Sender– The Man that Makes the Art World Move

Adam Sender is a name that is known all around the world of art collecting because of his natural ability to choose art that resonates with people that think like him. One could say that investing in art is much more fulfilling and easier than investing on the stock market because of the lack of due diligence needed to make an effective choice. In the art world, due diligence does not exist and it shouldn’t. If you’d like a piece of art then you invest in that piece of art, while being in the world of stock investing, you must look into a company that you are interested in and invest hundreds of hours of time into choosing winning stocks. Sometimes the companies that you didn’t invest in fail to an enormous degree while the companies that passed your due diligence tests do not fare as well. This is the disheartening part of Wall Street investing that keeps most of people away from buying and selling shares of companies.

Art has a tendency to move and persuade people and is not governed by facts and figures as much as it is ruled by pure, carnal intuition. A lot of times, when people love a piece of art, they feel as if they cannot invest in this art because it may lose its resale value. It has not been endorsed by someone with a credible name and so the people who want to invest in this art feel as if they can’t. It takes the right type of intelligence to form a beautifully crafted and large collection that keeps spectators amazed at each turn, and Adam Sender is one art collector that has mastered that craft.

This is where Adam Sender saves the day. He invests in art that he is passionate about regardless what other people think or feel. By attaching his name to the art that he purchases, he essentially brands the art worthy of notice by people who have always loved a particular piece of art or artist, and could never admit it without someone as brave as Adam Sender to take the responsibility for them by endorsing it with his good name. Once these pieces of art reach a significant social status, tons of investors are willing to pay millions of dollars to get their hands on these beautiful pieces that people consider investments, when really they are simply purchasing them because they are in love with the pieces themselves. Critics claim that one thing that has made Sender so successful in his collections is that he assesses the artwork on the whole and looks past what the image might be trying to say.

People have essentially voted Adam Sender to be the governor of art world, whether he asked for it or not because he is confident enough to gravitate towards the pieces that he enjoys the most, regardless what other people feel about it. This is why he has gained the reputation that he has of being one of the world’s greatest investors. His status stems directly from of his unwavering desire to put great art on a pedestal.

There are very few investors that have the confidence that Adam Sender has to go outside of the box and invest in artwork that drive his passion. Adam just happens to be one of the few unique individuals that could care less about people’s opinions and more about the art and how it makes them feel. It is pretty amazing to most, including me how a simple endorsement from Adam Sender can completely change the course of an artist’s life, therefore changing the entire course of history.

Vijay Eswaran; Malaysian Great

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the co-founders and current executive chairperson of the Hong Kong-based QI group of companies. The QI group, formed in 1998, is an e-commerce centered corporation with diverse business activities such as retail and direct sales, seminar management, training, telecommunications, teaching, property expansion, lifestyle and leisure, and logistics. The company has offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, but its presence extends to over 30 countries. Dr. Eswaran is also a motivational speaker who lectures around the world on various topics ranging from spirituality to commercial. He has lectured at leading universities, business and leadership forums e.g. the global economic forum as well as the Commonwealth business forums. Dr. Eswaran is also a prolific author, widely known for his book, In the sphere of silence, a book about management that has been welcomed worldwide in many countries and various languages. Some other books by him include, on the wings of thought, 18 stepping stones, and, in the thinking zone. All these books have been published through Dr. Eswaran’s publishing company, RYTHM. Besides, Vijay Eswaran is a notable contributor to newspapers in Malaysia and Sri Lanka through newspaper columns.
(LinkedIn.com profile)

Born in the Malaysian state of Penang on October 7, 1960, Vijay Eswaran scaled the heights of education, culminating in earning a socio-economic degree from the prestigious London School of Economics. He also received professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the UK before relocating to Southern Illinois state university where he received a master’s degree in business administration. Vijay Eswaran also was discussed by Entrepreneur.com.

While living in the United States, Vijay Eswaran worked as a part-timer for touchpad manufacturer Synaptics, where he majored in multilevel marketing. Previously, Mr. Eswaran served as chairperson of the Council of the Quest International University of Malaysia. Currently, he is also part of the advisory board of the Global business council and corporate Malaysia roundtable. He is as well a member of the Business Council for sustainability and responsibility Malaysia and Singapore compact. Back in February 2013, Mr. Eswaran was listed number 25 in Malaysia’s 50 richest people by Forbes Asia.

As a philanthropist, Vijay Eswaran has devoted himself to educating, inspiring, and working to create a brighter future for those in need. He uses his RYTHM Foundation, QI Group’s Social outreach body to achieve this. The RHYTHM foundation’s emphasis is on four main areas: education, community improvement, arts and culture, and the environment. The RYTHM Foundation offered $30,000 for UNICEF’s water and sanitation program in flood-hit districts of Bihar.
His Vijayaratnam Foundation for children with special needs also runs the Taarana School in Malaysia since 2011. All these acts of philanthropy have made Mr. Eswaran receive several awards such as the new universal Indian award for charity and business excellence at the global Indian business conference in New York. He has also been named one of the 48 heroes of philanthropy by Forbes Asia, a fete he achieved way back in 2001.

Is It Worth It To Hire A Home Cleaning Service?

Do you have a slightly dirty home? Do you wish your home was just a bit cleaner? Sometimes, you can do the job yourself and handle all the work without any help. Maybe all you need is the help of a child or friend to help get rid of the dust in your home and you’ll be fine. However, there are times when you don’t need just anybody to clean the house. Some people recommend hiring a professional cleaning company, but in your case, it may not be within your budget to pay for this kind of service. Whether you’re getting ready for a party or you just want a cleaner home, find out here if you should hire a cleaning company.

Is It Worth It To Hire A Home Cleaning Service?

In some ways, it can be very worthwhile for those of you with bigger homes and no time to clean your house. If you’re looking for a way to have a clean home but you don’t want to put in the work, then hiring a professional is worth the investment. The problem is that some people will hire these people for a very minor problem, so if your home isn’t too dirty and you just need to put in a bit of work, then maybe it could be best for you in the long run to do it yourself. However, if you don’t have the time and there is way too much to clean, then going for a professional service is worth the investment.

Finding Cleaning People

Some people head straight to the local Craigslist ads, but that may not be the greatest idea if you want somebody reliable. It can be more worth your time to have a set of professionals who have their own company or is in some kind of affiliation with a bigger company.

Use Handy To Find Reliable Cleaners

Handy is an app that makes it super easy to find some amazing people to clean your home. Handy is now being considered the Uber for home cleaning services. There are thousands of people in their cleaning department that you can hire today, and this can make it so easy to get a professional set of cleaners to clean your home.

They had a simple setup that makes it easy to have a set of cleaning professionals arrive right to your home without any problems. You can call on their list of cleaners to provide you with all services you need. There are some people who strictly use Handy for all their cleaning needs on slate.com. They have high expectations for their cleaning staff, so you can be sure they’re top quality cleaners.

Having your home cleaned can take some time for you if you don’t have the exact patience to go through everything in your home. When you decide to invest your money in the right places and find a great home cleaner, you can call on them to do the cleaning for you every once in awhile.

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