The Leading Coffee Companies in the Market

For the longest time, coffee has been part of people’s culture . With a great demand for coffee products, several companies have left a mark in terms of providing high quality coffee products. They have been able to cater for the almost all demands from coffee lovers with operations across the globe.

One such company is Organo Gold. The coffee company was established in 2008 by health blogger Bernardo Chua and has operations in more than 39 countries with over 1 million distributors across the world. Through Bernardo Chua’s experience of multi level marketing, the well reviewed coffee company continues to enjoy strong global operations. Organo Gold’s coffee is unique because it contains ganoderma, which is derived from a mushroom that is a well respected herb in ancient Chinese medicine. According to Shi Jean Lee, a renowned doctor for the Ming Reign, the long term use of ganoderma assures long life and builds a healthy body.

The Organo Gold founder commonly referred to as Bernie by those who know him, was born in the Philippines and has worked for many years in multi level marketing. Initially, he worked at Gano Excel first in the Philippines before expanding the company to the western world. He is well known due to his leadership skills that played a key role in growing Gano Excel. He left the company in 2008 to establish Organo Gold and has made the gourmet coffee company a successful network marketing corporation. He is a recipient of Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal. Bernado Chua serves as the CEO of the Vancouver, British Columbia based company that not only offers coffee that tastes excellent but also makes people to feel good, and has just expanded into Turkey.

The second coffee company is Starbucks. The coffee company was established in 1971 by three individuals Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl. It offers pure quality and excellent coffee in addition to delicious beverages. Starbucks has over 21,000 shops across the world. The coffee company endeavors to make their venture environment friendly. It composes coffee and utilizes recycled paper in addition to using ingredients that are environment friendly in producing its extraordinary coffee.

Costa Coffee is the other great coffee company. It is one of the fastest growing coffee chains across the world. It is also the biggest coffee firm in the United Kingdom. Costa Coffee is the second biggest coffee chain in the world with over 3,000 branches. The distinctive feature about the company is its hospitality. It is for this reason that Costa Coffee is not under the food and beverage industry but rather under the hospitality industry.

BMG Sponsors Marcelo Melo As Newest Athlete Under The Stewardship Of Ricardo Guimaraes

Recently, BMG bank announced a new sponsorship for tennis player Marcelo Melo, after signing a commercial agreement with the sportsman.
According to the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) world ranking; Marcelo Melo occupies the number one position in dual sport. Ricardo Guimaraes says that BMG bank’s logo will be exhibited on the sleeves of Marcelo Melo’s game uniform, training gear and other materials. The athlete said that the signed contract would assist him in preparing for the next Olympic Games that will take place next year in Rio de Janeiro.
Marcelo Melo noted that the help from the sponsorship was important for it enabled him and his partner, Ivan Dodig, to be double champions at the Master 1000 Paris. The bank wants to augment their projects so that they can win more titles and prepare well for the upcoming sporting event in the world.
The partnership that was signed in early November comes with a wealth of value. Ricardo said that the investment was worthy, as Marcelo Melo arrived in Brazil amid celebrations after conquering another tournament. This time round, he carried the doubles championship trophy that he won together with his partner, Ivan Dodig, in the 1000 Master of Paris. It was the Brazilian’s fourth uninterrupted win.
This year alone, Marcelo Melo has won in the Tokyo and Vienna championships, ATP’s 500 Acapulco, as well as Rolando Garros and Master 1000 Shanghai. BMG bank embraces the tradition of valuing sport and talents in the state of Minas Gerais. It also sponsors various categories in Brazil especially the visibility and prominence of sportspeople on the international stage. Ricardo Guimaraes points out that it is imperative to support athletes that are committed, dedicated, and disciplined. According to Ricardo Guimaraes, Marcelo Melo has displayed excellent abilities thus deserving the opportunity.
Ricardo Guimaraes is the president and owner of BMG bank. He has played an active role in the management of the company for more than 30 years. BMG was established in 1930. Ricardo Guimaraes is a top financial analyst not only in Brazil but also across the world. In 2004, Ricarrdo received the Grand Collar of the Legislative Merit award. He has been supportive of all sports besides being a successful businessman. Ricardo Guimaraes also values sports promotion especially sponsoring professional athletes in enhancing their careers. In 2010, he established the Ricardo Soccer BR1, which is an investment fund that deals with football athletes. BMG continues to register impressive consumer base besides enhancing its profitability margins.

Freedom and Its Price

Yeonmi Park is a young North Korean woman who wrote about her escape from her home land. She is a human rights activist and an author. Defecting from North Korea to China in 2007, she writes about her incredible journey. With such detail and emotion, her journey becomes your journey as you read this unimaginable story. Her book was published on September 29, 2015.

Born on October 4 1993 in North Korea, Parks came from a well connected family. Her father was a civil servant and her mother was a nurse for the North Korean army. She also had an older sister. When the economy collapsed in the 1990’s, her father was caught smuggling on the black market. Sentenced to work in a labor camp, her family was cast out of their former life style. With no work and no food, the decision was made to try to defect. When her father was released, the date was set. Her older sister left before the rest of the family and they lost touch with her. Her father became sick and stayed behind, but would follow when he was healthy enough to make the journey. With help from human traffickers, Park and her mother made it to China. Here they were forced into the trade that had helped them escape. After two years, Park and her mother made it to Mongolia. They were later reunited with her older sister. Then they were aloud to travel to South Korea where they still live. Her father did recover enough to make the trip to China, but was diagnosed with colon cancer and died in China.

The story isn’t a pretty story. It is a story that needs to be told. This amazing young woman tells her story in a riveting fashion and makes your heart leap and yell in victory for the chance they took to be free.

Kyle Bass: Does He Know The Future?

Controversial hedge fund manager Kyle Bass hit the financial scene running in 2008. He successfully predicted America’s sub-prime lending crisis. This was the crisis that American politics was responsible for, but that was blamed on lending organizations Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Bass saw that they were lending to constituencies who wouldn’t be able to pay back what they had borrowed. Naturally, this would create a bubble that would burst. And burst it did.

Later, Bass predicted a similar bubble-burst in Japan that resulted in the government meting out packages of stimulus to its citizens. Currently Bass has his eyes on China, and believes within the next several years their own bubble will burst; this time because the country has been making loans which exceed its GDP.

But Bass isn’t only concerned with the economic markets of first-world countries; he’s also got some strong opinions about pharmaceutical agencies. A great example is Clovis Oncology. Recently Clovis Oncology’s stock plummeted seventy percent, before jumping right back up to within two points of where it was before the drop. Bass called the stock market’s reaction “overly punitive”, and pointed out that there was a great variety of potential yet resting with Clovis. He also pointed out that the reason for the stock-market drop is slightly spurious; but to understand his reasoning will take several moments.

Firstly, Clovis Oncology had a stock drop because the FDA found their clinical trials were not representative of their latest drug’s effectiveness in cancer treatment. But according to Bass, even if the obvious inference to number-fudging is true, Clovis isn’t the only pharmaceutical organization to employ such techniques. Bass notes that AstraZeneca used Asian patients for clinical trials on a treatment that was already known to work better for ethnic Asians than Caucasians to whom the drug was being marketed.

So when Kyle Bass refuses to withdraw all support from Clovis Oncology, it is indicative that he’s either got good reason to believe the organization will yet be successful, or that he’s got something up his sleeve. A point toward the former would be Ruca, Clovis’ as-yet unavailable pharmaceutical. Bass believes Ruca will be very successful; or that at least it has exceptional potential.

But again, UsefulStooges was first to show that Kyle Bass has shady ties. One example would be Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Kirchner is a socialist from Argentina, and while Kyle Bass is himself an Argentine, that’s no definite excuse for his affiliation with Cristina.

Bass currently is a hedge-fund manager, and is based out of Texas. Whether or not he knows the future is certainly debatable. What is certain either way is that he’s managed to profit from ups and downs in the markets, and shows no sign of slowing soon.

Investing Sensibly In An Uncertain World With US Money Reserve

It seems like every day the economic news gets worse. The debt ceiling is through the roof and stocks that seemed recession proof are feeling the aftershocks of the recent economic downturn. In this age of empty paper promises, it’s wise to invest in a product you can hold in your hand. Buying gold, silver and platinum coins and bullion is a wise hedge against inflation. It is critical; however, that you only buy precious metals from a leader in the market, where you can get advice from experts on what products are right for you.

US Money Reserve has a variety of beautiful and silver coins to choose from.
The US Mint American Eagle Gold Coin is the most popular coin on the market. Backed by the US Government for content, weight, and purity, this lovely legal tender coin is a must have item for any coin enthusiast. The American Eagle Coin also comes in a 1oz. silver variety. US Money reserve also offers a money-saving deal where a collector can purchase a value “Monster Box” of 500 American Eagle Silver Coins. This beautiful box of American Eagle Silver Coins would also be great as a gift to a special child or grandchild, to start them on the road to smart investing.

In addition to US made coins, US Money Reserve sells the beautiful 1oz. gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin, produced by the Royal Canadian mint, the 1 oz. Gold South African Krugerrand, and the 1 oz. Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin. These exquisite coins are an excellent addition to any collector’s treasure chest.

US Money Reserve also offers gleaming bars of gold bullion, ranging in weight from 1oz. to 10oz. bars, as well as an incomparably valuable 1 kilo gold bar.
For investors new to the precious metal market, US Money Reserve has experts on hand to answer your question and guide you in the purchasing process. Started by veterans in the gold market, US Money reserve only employs the best gold experts, numismatists and rare coin dealers to make sure you get the most value for your dollar, as attested by their many satisfied clients.

The Companay provides informative news on the current gold and silver prices, as well as important economic news from around the world that shows why buying precious metals is a smart move for any investor. Contact US Money Reserve today and get a free consultation from its experts.

Learn All about Brian Bonar

The Finance sector is constantly changing with the emergence of new products and services in the market. This article will look to offer an opportunity for its readers to learn all they will need to know about Brian Bonar, a finance professional. Bonar is a successful finance executive who has also become so popular in the world of finance. He has great leadership qualities from his leadership positions he has held in various companies such as Financial Corporation. He is also the leader of Trucept Incorporated.

Bonar’s success is traced from his technical background. He has been marked by building structures in business that don’t fail but rather gives tremendous results. He went to James Watt Technical College where he graduated with bachelors in Technical Engineering. He also holds a master in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

Bonar has a business history that is marked by accomplishments. He has worked as a manager in procurement for IBM, before becoming the Director of Engineering for QMS. At his position as a director, he supervised over 100 people. Later he became a Sales manager for Adaptec. After gaining enough exposure and experience, he launched a company of his own known as Bezier Systems. He also worked for other companies prior to encountering a bigger success at Dalrada Financial Services. It is at Dalrada that Bonar was profoundly honored and recognized as a helpful and fantabulous colleague. Mainly, Bonar specializes in acquisitions and mergers. His approach to life is very personable and creative through his technical skills as an engineer and creative ability as an architect.

Brian’s exceptional skills in Managerial position and his creativity can be found in Trucept Incorporated. His skills have been extremely important especially due to the nature of services Trucept offers. Trucept assists offering solutions to small and medium-sized companies by finishing some tasks for them. First they assist in managing payroll. They also help these companies handle their staff benefits as well as human resource administration. Trucept offers other businesses an opportunity to focus on other aspects of their businesses and leave Trucept to manage the rest.

Bonar’s genius nature is very evident especially in helping Trucept come up with plans and ideas while at the same time observing the distinct qualities and work environment of each business. Through this ideas, Trucept can to offer staffing solutions both temporary and in the long term. Other services that Trucept offers are such as constituting benefits packages, facilitating companies deal with their payroll and taxes requirements and risk management which are very crucial for the success of every business.

Marcio Alaor BMG

Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor is one of the top executives of BMG bank. With Marcio Alaor as vice president and director of the bank, BMG has been able to firmly establish itself as a leading financial institution in Brazil. The bank has existed for nearly a century and has provided people with a number of services that make financial management very beneficial. With BMG bank people can take advantage of a number of services which include investments, loans, credit cards, deposits and insurance. As a result, anyone looking to get well rounded financial services from a financial institution will be able to with ease from BMG Bank.

One of the more beneficial financial services offered by BMG bank is loans. With loans many people can get the financing they need in order to complete the purchase of things such as real estate and vehicles. Since these two items are quite expensive, individuals will often need assistance from the bank to acquire things such as these. Fortunately for consumers, the bank offers very generous terms along with low interest rates in order to make homes and vehicles very affordable. By getting loans, people will have not only money they need in order to purchase these high priced items but also the ability to improve their quality of life with better homes to live in and better vehicles to drive.

Another service offered by BMG bank is credit cards. With credit cards, individuals will have a certain amount of funds available to make purchases as well as give themselves a form of short term financing. Using credit cards is both ideal for emergency situations as well as the ability to make purchases on a more convenient basis. If anyone gets into a situation where they need money right away and don’t have funds available, a credit card will enable them to make the financial transaction with no difficulty. When people are looking to make a purchase and don’t feel like spending their cash, they can use a credit card to pay for any consumer goods or meals with ease.

Individuals looking to bank with BMG can also take advantage of investment and insurance services. Investment services give individuals the opportunity to put their money in securities which grow their savings as well as provide them with income. This will allow them to establish financial security. Using insurance provides them protection for their home, business and other property.

Why The Acquisition Of Tycoon Is Best For Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding of real estate makes it easier for investors to find the right investments. This means of real estate transaction allows for an individual to go online and search not only for investment opportunities, but also for funding and refinancing of real estate. The recent acquisition of Tycoon real estate by five large real estate crowdfunding moguls makes a huge difference in not only opportunity, but also for image.

Many have long held the belief that crowdfunding real estate has not been exactly, legal. This is not the truth. Through SEC and JOBS act regulations crowdfunding is not only legal, it is easier, more efficient and can involve a wide range of investors from a diverse population of income earners.

Tycoon real estate owner had an appearance on a tv show called Shark Tank. This appearance was thought to be a bad thing for the crowdfunding image and perceptions. Although, it brought the venture to the forefront and got the tough questions answered. The recent acquisition of Tycoon, especially after the tv appearance, is viewed as a good thing by all involved.

The new holders of the company hope to revamp and reconfigure Tycoon to be more of an educational site. The intention is to bring to light the specific regulations that make crowdfunding legal as well as how JOBS act and SEC regulations are benefited from this source of real estate transaction.

Majeed Ekbal from Chicago is one such individual who would strongly support the exposition of more information to the public. He is the owner and President of a company called Espresso. This company does grocery delivery to a diverse population. They can cater to almost any need and can deliver so much more than just food.

Tycoon investors can also look forward to their investor pool being opened up a little bit wider. Title III regulations now allow for non-accredited investors to also throw their hats into the crowdfunding arena. This will allow more people to take a vested interest in their communities through investment into local businesses and real estate ventures.

Espresso is a business that operates through the greater Chicago area. Majeed Ekbal was able to not only make this investment after years of working hard and saving funds in the marketing field, but also uses that knowledge to expand customer base and increase earnings. Ekbal’s hope is to entice more upper level earners to use his services in order to have a greater impact on the Chicago area.

This was also the intention of the buyers of Tycoon. They desired to enhance their pool of investors through a greater reach to a larger audience in order to grow wealth and have a bigger impact on the crowdfunding niche.

Real Estate Coaching In Today’s Market, With Real Estate Mavericks

There’s no question that the real estate environment has changed greatly. Today’s real estate professionals are working in a post economic meltdown environment, all of which came about after the big real estate bubble burst in 2007-2008. After that, the reality of working in real estate changed greatly, and only those professionals with true market knowledge and expertise were able to stay in the game.

All of this means that the approach to the profession has changed greatly, and those realtors who really want to do well are developing skills in new ways. One of the key elements to success in the current market is to hone those skills through coaching.

The Major Impact of Coaching on The Current Real Estate Culture

Today many realtors starting out are highly advised to enroll in coaching groups as a way to heighten their skills. Coaching also makes real estate professionals accountable to their coaches, which is a process that is showing amazing results. There’s really no debate about it, those realtors who commit to coaching do better than those who don’t. So what does it all involve?

The Coaching Process

One approach is to develop “Mastermind” groups with twelve people in each group. These groups assign group partners, so each realtor must have accountability and a weekly check in with their partner to show their progress in growing their business.

Beyond the value that a weekly check in brings, these groups of realtors also share their ideas about what’s going on in the market and they answer each other’s questions about the realities of their business. Ultimately, people in these coaching groups bond in a major way and they also experience great success as sales people. All of this is greatly valuable in today’s very competitive real estate market. People who succeed ultimately stay and make a lasting career of real estate, which is very good for the business as a whole.

Real Estate Mavericks

One of the up and coming coaching companies working today is at The coaching strategies provided by this company are dynamic and thought provoking. The theory expounded by the Real Estate Mavericks is that using outworn ideas doesn’t work in the current real estate landscape.

The Real Estate Mavericks offer a series of coaching courses that teach innovative strategies like how to “Make every agent your listing agent” and a “29 Day Fast Sale Plan.”

Yes, some of these coaching ideas are edgy, but they are created with the idea of shaking things up and getting realtors excited about what they do and and really succeeding at it. The results are in and the approach to coaching taught by the Real Estate Mavericks is bringing in the business, so why not check out their website today?

James Dondero: Equity and Credit Manager Extraordinaire

Highland Capital Management has over two decades of experience in the financial world. The industry giant currently manages billions of dollars in assets. It specializes in developing alternative equity and credit solutions to maximize clients’ returns. The company pioneered Collateralized Loan Obligations at a time when the market was recovering from the credit and loan crisis as well as the Drexel Burnham bankruptcy. James Dondero initiated the CLOs and they worked on the principle of combining fixed income portfolios, bank loans and securitization into one mix.

Jim asserts that Highland Capital created its first CLO in1996 at a period were the market was served by only a few mutual fund investors and non-bank entities. At this time, all bank loans were held to maturity by only banking institutions. To date the company boasts of 40 CLOs and other structured vehicles.

The company focuses on managing portfolios of alternative investments with low risks and good returns. These include hedge funds, distressed equity funds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds. Due to its due diligence in serving all its clients as well as its pioneering and creative products, the company has won many awards and accolades including the Lipper Award in 2014 for offering floating rate opportunities and the 2015 best CLO award by CreditFlux. One of its affiliate hedge fund, Long/Short Healthcare Fund, was awarded the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance award. The fund outperformed its peers in the industry.

In October 2015, Jim appointed Terry Jones as president of the firm’s institutional products. With a 25-year experience in financial services, he will be instrumental in minimizing and mitigating investment risks by improving the firm’s management structure. He is also expected to drive up the firm’s institutional sales.

James Dondero is the current president of Highland Capital Management. He graduated with highest honors with a double major in Finance and Accounting from Virginia University McIntire School of Commerce. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant. He is also a designated Chartered Financial Analyst.

Jim is a philanthropic enthusiast and supports a number of initiatives in different sectors such as education and healthcare. He serves on several company boards and chairs the CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare and NexBank boards.

Originally posted on The Charlotte Observer:

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